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Anti hypocrisy when it comes to Kylo Ren and Anakin Skywalker

Things Kylo Ren has done

  • Has been groomed and manipulated by Snoke ever since he was in Leia’s womb
  • Staved off the dark side until he was in his 20′s
  • His parents’ did not provide him with the love and nurture he needed, was given to Luke even though the teachings and life of the Jedi are not healthy mentally and emotionally when it comes to young children
  • Snoke manipulated him into believing he was his only real friend
  • Betrayed Luke
  • led the assault on the village  Tuanul, killed  Lor San Tekka and interrogated Poe Dameron
  • Captured Rey, attempted to interrogate her and she used the force against him
  • was against the destruction of the Hosnian system, and wasn’t present on Starkiller Base for it. That was all Hux and Snoke.
  • Felt like the light and dark sides of the force was tearing him apart and strongly thought that killing his father would help, it did not. Killing him made him weaker
  • Fought Finn and Rey. Lost the fight against Rey and in the novelization Snoke is in Rey’s head telling him to kill Kylo Ren. 
  • Mostly likely conflicted now and feels compassion for Rey. Redemption likely. He has only done a few bad things but he would seek forgiveness after his turn to the light


Things Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader has done

  • Killed a village full of Tusken Raiders, not just the warriors of the tribe, but defenseless women and children
  • Clone Wars episode  Voyage of Temptation. Murdered an Assassin in unarmed, in the back and in cold blood
  • CW episode  Kidnapped. His rage against the slavers
  • CW episode  Brain Invaders. Force choked a hostage for information
  • CW episode  Ghost of Mortis. Temporarily turns to the dark side
  • CW episodes.  Deception/Friends and Enemies/Crisis on Naboo . Gave in to anger when he thought Obi-Wan was dead under Jedi deception
  • CW episode. The Wrong Jedi. Almost killed Asajj Ventress when she was innocent in Ahsoka’s framing. Used anger and force choked Barris. 
  • CW episode  The Rise of Clovis. Almost killed Senator Clovis and things went bad with Padme
  • Killed an unarmed Dooku
  • Helped Palpatine kill Mace Windu
  • Killed younglings
  • Betrayed and murdered the Jedi in Order 66
  • Killed the unarmed Separatist Leaders who wanted peace
  • Force choked his pregnant wife until she passed out
  • Massacred the rebels who were bringing the Death Star plans to Leia
  • Held his daughter down and forced her to watch her planet and everyone she loved die
  • Tortured his daughter until she “screamed and shook” and thought she “would die just from the pain alone”
  • Killed his best friend and son’s mentor in front of him
  • Made Lando betray Han
  • Tortured Han for sick pleasure
  • Froze Han in carbonite and had him delivered to Jabba just so he could see if Luke could survive
  • Broke the deal with Lando and ordered that Leia be delivered to his ship
  • Cut his son’s hand off and almost killed him
  • Responsible for numerous war crimes in the name of the Empire
  • Threatened to turn Leia after Luke wouldn’t fight him
  • Did redeem himself, but as Leia said in Legends  “Maybe Vader had died heroically, but ten minutes of contrition did not make up for years of atrocities.

Antis:haha look at how extra Anakin is, how dare Kylo ruin Anakin’s legacy!!!

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SURE, I mean if you say it for the cegan stuff, sure, but please don’t let me go to jail JUST because of that, I want it to be taken into account that I ALSO shipped Edward (the dude is a 100 years old) and Bella in Twilight when I was 14, and that I was kinda into Daenerys Targaryen and Drogo’s (canonical) relationship, like most people who watched GoT, despite the fact that she’s like 15, canonically (don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you that the actress is, painfully, obviously, NOT 15).

Tell the judge I support NECROPHILIA as well, please? They always overlook that, ug, tell them I watched In the Flesh (the protagonist is a zombie) and I ship the main canonical ships (I won’t spoil it for you, in case you haven’t seen it, it’s a beautiful series, I recommend it 100%, bonus: there’s no pedophilia and it would give you something to do other than harass people on the internet :D), MOST IMPORTANTLY I ALSO SUPPORT CANNIBALS (Jesus I almost forgot that one) because, you know, I love NBC Hannibal, and I read fanfics, obviously if my neighbor turned out to be a cannibal I’d testify to defend him, for sure, hell, I would ask him for dinner.

Oh and MURDERERS, please don’t forget that I support MURDERERS because I watch… well they kill people in most series I watch, whatever, pick one. FINALLY, I personally think I should be burned at the stake along with all the other millions of people who enjoyed the (again, canonical) relationships of Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl, Lydia and Jackson in Teen Wolf, Fiona and anyone in Shameless, or Brian Kinney and Justin from Queer as Folk, or [insert any of the other hundreds of possibilities here]. I mean, they are all toxic relationships and everyone knows that ships should be blueprints to teach us what a healthy relationship must be in real life, right? RIGHT?

P.s: if someone was to oppose last minute to my execution, tell them… *whispers in your ear* tell them I read ooc fluff fics about evil characters when I’m sad *gasps in horror*.

P.s2: although I won’t go into detail and name more specific works of fiction, I am pretty sure I also support torture, theft, witchcraft, rape, recreational drug use, bulling, psychopaths, breaking the law in general, the destruction of cities and adultery.

This has been Early Morning Sarcastic Me, thanks for tuning in.


A Pea Dad teaches his Pea son a life lesson

The original plots:

Marble Hornets: Ok, I’m gonna go ahead and find out what happened to my friend!

Tribe Twelve: My cousin/ best friend died and I want to find out what led him to kill himself by watching old footage of when he came to my house 2 years ago!

EveryManHYBRID: Where going to teach you how to live on a healthy life style on a budget!

Dark Harvest00: I think there’s a ghost in my house!

MLAndersen0: So, I was released from a mental hospital after 16 years and now I have to keep a video diary!

Whispered Faith: I think there’s some sort of animal living inside my walls!

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*About that Obese parenting anon* I FUCKING HATE PARENTS WHO DO THAT! Like, sure, maybe you're a nice person and I don't really have anything against them, besides the fact they are ruining their children's life in that sense. Teach your kids to be healthy and respect their bodies. And fuck off with that "It's too expensive and I don't have time."

Right??? It doesn’t take a fortune to buy healthy food and it doesn’t take hours to cook a decent meal. My mom had me when she was 17, she went to college and took me to classes, we were homeless for a couple months and stayed at her friends houses, and we lived in a shitty townhouse with roaches at one point. And ya know what I ate almost every night? Chicken, rice, and broccoli. We neverrrr ate fast food. I adopted that bad habit on my own later on unfortunately. But it is not impossible to help your fuckin children take care of themselves. If ya got money for large blizzards at Dairy Queen, then ya got money for some fruit at home instead

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So you think piper and Jason are gonna split? I'm not saying you're wrong (I think it makes a lot of sense), but could you give me some info/headcanons on when and why it happened?

how about a 13k fic?

but, explanation, here we go.

  • Piper has a lot of issues with her father that would likely result in her being afraid of getting left and afraid of change, because as far as she’s experienced, people changing and pursuing the things they love means they’re going to leave her.
  • Jason definitely does have genuine feelings and attraction for Piper, but those genuine feelings and attraction didn’t have the chance to develop on his own time. In the first few minutes that he’s met her, he has no choice but to evaluate how he feels about dating her because she already thinks they’re together and is hurt when he pulls away.
  • The loss of Leo is going to hit both of them hard, and it makes a lot of sense that the death of the third person in their trio would drive them apart rather than pushing them together.
  • Their entire relationship was formed while they were in active danger and on quests, and it totally makes sense that once there’s some breathing room they wouldn’t really know how to be a couple.
  • Their relationship is rushed, they’re together a month after they’ve met, while all the prophecy and memory loss shit is still going on and they’re both fifteen.
  • They’re both fifteen. They’re going to change, a lot.
  • And I know that life or death situations give them a deeper bond and that it makes sense they’d defy statistics, but the reality is that teens who go through that level of bullshit don’t know how to cope and fall into unhealthy habits and unhealthy relationships
  • Additionally, Piper was grieving their relationship before they even had one, and I don’t think she had the chance to actually fall for Jason as a person, just how the relationship could be and the feelings she had in her fake memories.
  • Like, Piper loved him before they’d even met, think about how bizarre and complicated that makes things? For anyone, not to mention a teenager with no previous relationship experience or anyone in her life to teach her how healthy relationships should work
  • They’re both probably going to have PTSD (or at least some symptoms of it, even if it might not be enough to classify it as a disorder)
  • Not to mention all the Greek/Roman shit that Jason is going to have to work through
  • I really don’t think Jason even knows who he is

They don’t have to break up to deal with this, it’s possible to work through all that together. But since they’re teenagers with no real adult role models who have healthy relationships and it’s unlikely for any couple to be able to do all of that together at the age of fifteen/sixteen, I think it’s unrealistic to say that Jason and Piper would do it.

I also think it makes an epic story, and it’s my way to compensate for not actually knowing how they got together in the first place.

Slytherin Harry

-Everyone being shocked but mostly accepting

-Harry being terrified bc of all the stories he’s heard but soon realizing they’re just misunderstood

-Harry giving Draco another chance bc he’s just a sweet lil cinnamon bun

-Harry knowing everything about Voldemort within the first week and always getting info from his fellow Slytherins

-Harry already knowing wtf is going down in the Chamber of secrets

-Harry teaching Draco what it’s like to live a healthy, normal life

-Harry, Ron, and Hermione letting Draco join the friend group and they become as close as the Marauders were

-Slytherin pride at an all time high

-D r a r r y

-Slytherins fighting with Harry in the war

-Slytherins not being portrayed as the bad guys

Harry in Slytherin (where he belonged)

My LazyTown Masterpost

6 weeks in the fandom and I’m now having friends and followers asking me about LazyTown like if it’s good or anything. So time for me to go full on fan girl and explain the crap about this show and give out my recommendations!

Here we go!

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With the help of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Stanford University is launching program designed to teach students the basics of choosing groceries, cooking and eating healthy. The Teaching Kitchen @ Stanford also wants to inspire students, get them excited about food, and allow them the opportunity to gain confidence in their cooking.

As Jamie Oliver would say – gorgeous!

Cooking 101: Stanford Adds Healthy Eating Skills To The Curriculum

Photo: Courtesy of Stanford’s Residential and Dining Enterprises

What You Can Learn From Each Sign (Sun, Moon, & Rising)

An Aries will teach you how to lead with confidence. A Taurus will teach you about the beauty of art and how to see anything as art. A Gemini will teach you how to think and make friends quickly. A Cancer will teach you how to properly care for loved ones and that it’s okay to show emotions. A Leo will teach you how to be confident and outgoing. A Virgo will teach you how to stay organized and love to learn. A Libra will teach you to maintain a healthy balance in life. A Scorpio will teach you how to find what you’re passionate about and what to do once you’ve found it. A Sagittarius will teach you how to seek the joy of being alive and see the bright side of every situation. A Capricorn will teach you how to stay driven to complete difficult tasks. An Aquarius will teach you how to give back to your community and fight for what you believe in. A Pisces will teach you to be creative and stay healthy: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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I raised my child vegan, she is 5 now. Shes one of the healthiest kids my doctor has seen. Sometimes in the food court at the mall we walk by the pizza place and she makes me walk faster because she can't stand the smell of the cheese. It's all relative. Its your child, that's not pushing anything. A responsible parent teaches healthy eating and respect for all life.

That last sentence though. Thanks for the message :3

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Senpai, teach me the art of living a healthy life while stanning Kim Jongin

How to live a healthy life survive while stanning Kim Jongin in 6 simple steps:

Step One: Drink lots of water to quench your thirst

Step Two: Keep drinking water until you no longer thirst over Jongin (if water doesn’t work try gatorade or something)

Step Three: If that isn’t working try imagining Jongin in his underwear and that’s bound to make you laugh- oh no wait don’t do that

Step Four: Okay so I accidentally made you thirstier and now you’re thinking about Jongin in his underwear so now you might want to try focusing on the parts of Jongin that aren’t attractive. 

Like…uh his smile for example

nvm his smile is literally perfect *cries*


Wait why are they so prettyyyyy (im hurting myself rn)

Okay uh…try his *spins random wheel of body parts* thighs..(I already know this is gonna be a bad one)

Nope nope nope *spins wheel again* 

How about Kai’s feet

Still turned on? Yeah me too. My god I’m really bad at this.

Step Five: OK So we’ve pretty much concluded that no matter what part of Jongin it is it is still attractive, BUTT *insert picture of Jongin’s lil tushie*

there is still hope for you because we still have Jongin’s derp faces to effectively erase your thirst and leave you facepalming instead!! Hooray for derp faces!!!

Like this one for instance. Oh Jongin…

Or this one … so intense

Or my personal favorite

Step Six: Okay so your thirst should have been quenched by now and you can just go on living your normal unthirsty life while still carrying the knowledge that Jongin exists (how is that even possible) and if you’re still thirsty after looking at ^^^that face then you’re probably fucked like me so good luck with that 

Power couple and proud 💜 Both of us were unhealthy and underweight as kids.
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