Uppishman, Uppish

n. adj. A person who meets humor at their expense with sullen face. Someone who “cannot take a joke” and sulks.

Example: “Please don’t invite him to the poker game. He is an uppishman and cannot laugh at himself.” or perhaps “If you scroll the comments on Youtube, you’re bound to find a few uppish fools.”

@floweryfandomnerd here it is!!!!!! Sorry, I chose my own line from gotlines.com but changed it slightly to fit Elam’s character a bit more ^^;

So? What do you think of smooth talker Elam? (^▽≦)~♥ I think he’s kinda dashing LOL

Haven’t drawn in like 2 weeks but glad to see I still have it in me!


Teaching Myself to Draw: September 23, 2017

Sketches are done for the all the hairstyles for the hair style meme! I’m not positive I’ll stick with the post-trespasser one, but at least I have an idea for all of them. I still need to sketch the outfits, but once those are done I can get to actual painting.

other paladins: “I don’t use poison because that’s dishonorable and also cruel.”

Paladin Mordred: “I don’t use poison because it’s cruel to watch someone’s body betrays them and also poisons work too slowly while my mailed fist in their face works a lot faster.” >:(

based off of @agentmarymargaretskitz ‘s moodboard; thank you!!

verse: that’ll teach you to mess with a nuclear physicist

On Earth 72, things have been going haywire for years. In 1973, a man named Wade Eiling rose to power on account of a weak presidential figure. Richard Nixon had been giving his speech on Watergate, which many people were enraged by, when, on live television, a bullet went straight through his head.

After the assassination of the president, many more quiet killings took place. It was so quiet, in fact, that when Eiling appeared on the television, there was no one left at the White House besides a few of his cronies, and no one knew what happened. He made a rather charming speech; so much so that many people could forget about the mysterious disappearance of the vice president and cabinet. Eiling claimed to be related to Nixon, and claimed that they had the man who had murdered him in custody.

Martin, then 23 and beginning to student teach, knew something was off. Though the ex-war general seemed to be charming on television, Martin couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

Martin had gotten married to his professor’s niece in 1982, and they had been wary about having children. Clarissa felt the same unease that Martin did; half of the country was against Eiling, and half was for him, claiming he was much better than Nixon. Eventually, their desire to have a child grew more than their unease. To their surprise, in 1987, Clarissa gave birth to twins; Ronald and Lillian.

Meanwhile, taxes had been rising steadily. People who couldn’t pay them were thrown out of their houses, and killed. It was rapid and increasing chaos, and it was only a matter of time before the Steins would be next; with Martin’s waning teacher salary, and Clarissa’s books not selling, things weren’t looking good. 

They fled their home with Lily and Ronnie, and found refuge with a kind woman and her husband, James, who was in Eiling’s army. It was obvious that James didn’t believe in the new ‘president’ and his policies, but it was the only way he could keep the taxes paid for his pregnant wife.

Years later, a month after their son, Jefferson, was born, James was killed in battle. The six of them quickly fled the home to live underground with others who were unable to pay taxes, but wanted to protect their family. Martin rallied them together; they would not stand for this. The city in flames, gunshots heard every few minutes? This was supposed to be America!

They became known as the rebels, and together they learned to fight, shoot guns, and protect themselves against the army Eiling had created. Most could fly, and shoot fire, which meant that everyone at their base had to be careful when they went out. Jax, Lily, and Ronnie learned how to defend themselves, and though they never really had a childhood, they weren’t the only young ones among the rebels, and often played when they could, and almost never complained.

Martin was given the title of their leader, and Clarissa, along with Jax’s mother, were nurses for the wounded. Ronnie, Jax, and Lily joined the ranks along their father, and, during one fight in 2015, one of Eiling’s men knocked Ronnie out and shot him in the heart. 

Martin, Jax, and Lily had quickly taken Ronnie back to the base, but they had been too late. They had as proper a funeral as they could, but that day, something had snapped inside of Martin. It was like half of himself had been ripped out. And so, he fought harder, and made sure he wouldn’t ever lose another kid.