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Werewolf Boyfriend (Harun)

I was commissioned by @liala-lavellan for a werewolf story with an established couple. This story takes place in the same town as Adam and my other werewolves. Adam also makes a cameo.

   Several years ago you had moved to a new town in order to help take care of your grandmother. Not long after you started noticing strange things about the peaceful little community. It wasn’t exactly something that you could put your finger on at first. In fact, it wasn’t until dead animals started appearing on your neighbor’s lawn that you had any evidence to your claims.

   Your grandmother reassured you that what was going on at the neighbor’s house was normal. It was nothing to get flustered about. But when a giant dead, bear was slumped over right outside your bathroom window, it didn’t feel normal at all.

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Teacher Kenny’s Code Club

In five months’ time, kids will learn how to make their own website with Tumblr, their own pixel characters with ASEPRITE, their own sound FX and electronic music with FL Studio, and their own videogames, animations and digital stories using Scratch.

Ages: 7+


i’m trying to teach myself to animate on Clip Studio Paint but learning is harrrrdd


civilian/ morning classes outfit

{PART 20} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by sugaglos

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. Jackson & Jinyoung)

Genre: Sad, Angst, Fluff

Summary; It’s been 10 years since your accident and the night you made the decision to give Jaebum the chance to show he can be trusted again. Where are GOT7 now? More importantly, what has happened to you?


I update this series every Sunday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 19} {Part 20} {Part 21: Final Chapter}

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MX as old men/grandpas according to my group chat!!


Same warm eye smile, except now he has cute little wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and mouth.

The grandpa with seemingly endless amounts of candy in his pockets.

As he gives his grandkids candy he whispers “shhhh don’t tell your mom”

She catches him anyways and he just gives her this cute blank expression and she just walks over and gives her dad a fake sigh and kisses his forehead.

She can’t possibly stay mad at him when he’s just so adorable. Even as an adult she still sees him as her hero.

Gives her a kiss back on the head and just says “love you darlin” and then gets back down on the floor to play with his grandbabies.

His daughter watches while leaning on the door frame and smiles lovingly as she watches her kids play with her dad the same way she used to.

Still just as strong as ever so he gives the kids horseback rides and swings them around like helicopters. And he helps them fly like superheroes even though to them he is already Superman.

All the kids scream “higher grandpa, lift me higher” and he just laughs and complies, never tiring.

He has a cute gravely old man chuckle that runs deep and rumbles in his chest.

He’s always warm and the grandkids love to just snuggle with him.

Always invites the other MX members over for bbq’s.

Owns a boxing studio.


The grandpa who begins every story with “Back in my day”.

Still full of lectures.

“You young kids have it so much easier than we did”.

Opened a chain of successful restaurants after retiring.


The grandpa who is always asleep in his recliner.

Steals his grandkids food. The kids turn their attention from their plate for a minute and all of sudden its in Hyungwon’s mouth.

“Grandpa!” the kids shout exasperated.

“WHAT?” he says around a mouth full of one of their sweets.

Does his fake scolding thing when the kids tease him or try to play.

The kids think its the funniest thing and they always end up in uncontrollable giggle fits on the floor.

Hyungwon thinks this is the cutest shit in the world and has to hide his smile and act mad when the kids look at him.

Always down to supervise nap time.

Constantly find him passed out in his recliner with the kids tucked into his sides.

Always falls asleep with the tv on, but as soon as you turn it off he wakes up and say “Hey! I was watching that” and then falls back asleep.


The grandpa who exaggerates every story he tells his grandkids.

His grandkids would eat up every word and he’d be so engaging, doing sound effects and telling the stories with his whole body.

Opened his own art gallery where he also showcases Kihyun’s photographs.

Teaches a kids art class during the week in the art studio above his gallery.


Just dropped his 59th mixtape.

Teaches the other member’s grandkids and the neighborhood kids to rap.

“You guys know how to milly rock? Here let me show you”

Becomes a well known legend and still gets invited to perform at all the music shows like Psy.

Helps underground rappers get started in the business.


The rambunctious old man who is always up to shenanigans.

Teaches the neighborhood kids how to gamble using candy, but he cheats so he can have all the candy.

Fakes being senile when the parents catch him.


The softest old man ever.

Big time music producer now wit his own label.

Known as the most loved CEO and his artists are known to have the best treatment.

Also runs a community center for wayward youth where he teaches them about music and dance and helps them channel their sadness and anger into art.

Then once a month at the senior center they have a talent show and all the now old age Monbebe gather to watch MX perform their songs and they still go all out. The end

Post-War Deamus Headcanon

Dean and Seamus confessed their love for each other immediately after the battle of Hogwarts. They wanted to stay up all day talking, but were exhausted and ended up heading to the dorm and falling asleep cuddling on Dean’s bed. Harry found them like that after he was done talking to Dumbledore’s portrait and thought “About damn time,” before climbing into his own bed and sleeping. 

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Apologies for the somewhat radio silence, but I started a new job and I’ve been a little too tired to draw. However! I work in a ceramics studio teaching art to adults with developmental disabilities, so I’ve gotten the chance to play around with ceramics a bit!

I tried some slipcasting today with iron oxide. I attempted to add some blue and green engobe so I could play with marbling, but I accidentally waited too long and it got too dry. After I take the bowl out of the mold tomorrow, I’m gonna try some more sgraffito designs.

(Note: This is the part 2 of the interview. To read part 1, click here.)

Tracey LaGuerre is a second year student at CalArts’ Character Animation Program. If that wasn’t a big enough achievement, she received the 2016 Women in Animation Student Award, the 2015 AIGA World Studio Student Award, AND is currently teaching Art Education programs in low income communities though the CalArts Community Outreach Program.

So what is it like to attend the LEGENDARY CalArts, and what advice does LaGuerre have for others hoping to get in? Let’s let Tracey explain in the second and final part of our interview… 

Life at CalArts

The Disney Elite: What does a typical day at CalArts entail?

Tracey LaGuerre: I wake up, go to class. In-between classes I do homework, then I go to sleep. It’s hard to stay productive, so I make to-do lists to keep me sane.

The Disney Elite: What advice would you give a student about to enter CalArts for the very first time?

Tracey LaGuerre: This is a great community. You’re gonna meet amazing people and eat lots of free pizza, but at the end of the day your journey is what you make it. Don’t waste your time with self doubt. (Easier said then done, I know, but it’s so worth the effort!)

I think the assignments we get for homework all kind of pile up, and it feels like an overflow of knowledge. Sometimes I feel like I’m not getting ‘it’ and it’s really frustrating. Then I wake up one day and start noticing what mistakes I’m making, and I use the notes from class to fix those mistakes. You get better when you see your own flaws and know how to correct them. It means you learned something. Or I talk to a friend. It’s great to have art friends. That is something I definitely wish I had growing up.

The Disney Elite: Were there any aspects of animation that took you by surprise?

Tracey LaGuerre: How simple things can be! The less complicated you make things, the clearer you get your point across. I call it the K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid. Nothing is worse than trying too hard to be epic and making a mess, then seeing someone else come along with a clear, simple idea that is really polished. Simple doesn’t mean less, either. It just means getting to the point and clarity.

The Disney Elite: At this moment in your life, what is your dream job in animation?

Tracey LaGuerre: I’d love to have a show or go into CG Technical Direction. I still wanna work at Pixar. Animation kinda lets you taste the rainbow. You can try lots of things ‘til you find a niche.

Giving Back + Words of Wisdom

The Disney Elite: You’ve worked with community outreach programs in L.A.’s inner cities, you’re an active member of the Black Student Union, AND you’re attempting to provide access to basic art education to young artists through your YouTube channel. That’s not only one helluva a run-on sentence, it’s an AMAZING example of altruism. Can you explain this powerful urge to give back, and why doing so is so important to you? 

Tracey LaGuerre: I remember what it feels like to wander though the dark when you’re trying to reach your goals. Life kinda sucks, but it doesn’t have to. We can all make it suck less by how we chose to live. We affect the world with our choices every day. Giving back is my way of helping anyone on the same journey as me. I’ve made expensive mistakes, but someone can benefit from my journey.

The Disney Elite: What words of wisdom can you share with our readers hoping to make art their life?

Tracey LaGuerre: Be generous, and if you want to see something happen, go out and do it. ‘Do it yourself’ is the best advice I’ve ever gotten. It works every time.

The Disney Elite: I’m just gonna go ahead and say it, Tracey – YOU ARE EFFING AMAZING. You’re talented, humble, generous and incredibly likable. I have NO DOUBT you will make your mark in animation, and I cannot wait to see what you do. Thanks so very much for taking the time out of your winter vacation to do this interview. I truly believe it will give both hope and guidance to folks pursuing a career in cartoons!

All art and video via Tracey’s tumblr and YouTube channel.

"There's paint on your cheek"

(Modern feysand AU)


Rhysand was only mildly angry. Waiting for his cousin in the car outside “Prythian art studio”, it was raining and he honestly had better things to do. Like get drunk with Cassian and Azriel.

Grunting, he turned off the car and walked in the doors. The art studio was an old warehouse turned into a place for all kinds of art. His cousin, Morrigan or Mor by friends, was a dancer. She and some other friends were the ones that had gotten the idea to start a studio, their goal was to teach younger generation about the beauty of art.

Rhys walked up to the empty front desk and looked at the small map placed flat on the surface. It didn’t surprise him that the desk was empty, who would want to sit in a chair looking at nothing all day? Tracing the path to the dancing studio, Rhys grunted again.

He walked down the beautifully painted walls. The details in each flower, each building, each image painted on the wall was beyond his imagination.

Taking a turn to the right, Rhys noticed two doors, and of course he just forgot which door went where.

Taking his chances, he chose left.

Rhysand stepped into a giant hall, covered with different sized canvas, painted, unfinished, and blank ones. However it was the one that filled an entire wall that drew his attention, from the ceiling; hung a girl. A girl painting tiny details on the huge painting. She hadn’t noticed him before the door closed behind him with a soft ‘click’

The girl turned to him, she was a few meter higher than him, so she yelled: “Can I help you?” The bright blue eyes of the girl shone as her face and entire being was covered in paint.

Rhysand stood dumbly and started until she unhooked a hook from the wire she was hanging from. Rhys was prepared to catch her as it looked like she was about to fall, but gracefully she landed on her feet.

“Hallo? Can I help you?” She asked again.

Rhysand snapped out of her trance and said, “I’m looking for my cousin, Morrigan.”

Just as he said it, the door opened. “Hey, Feyre! Have you seen my-” she stopped when she noticed Rhys. “Hey, Rhys.” Then she ignored him, “my bag, have you seen it?”

Feyre, as the painter girl was named, pointed to the red bag by the chairs.

Rhysand stared at Feyre for a minute before chocking out, “you got paint on your cheek.”

Feyre used a green hand to wipe it away, but the action caused it to spread. “Dang it, Nesta and Elain isn’t going to be happy about this.” She said.

“Feyre, Nesta isn’t going to kill you for having a job.” Mor said as she picked up the bag and looked at Rhys, “anyway, I’m done for the day, Nesta picking you up?”

“Yeah,” there was a hint of sadness in her voice as she turned back to her gorgeous painting, “I’ll close up. I might be here awhile.”

Mor’s eyes narrowed at Feyre, “If I come back here tomorrow to find you either sleeping on the chairs or by those wires, I will force you home for an entire weekend.”

“Fine, just an hour.” Feyre laughed.

Mor took the bait and turned to Rhys, “let’s go.”

Rhys and Mor walked out to the car in silence. They were halfway home when Mor asked,

“What is it, Rhys?”

Rhys bit his lip and stared at the road ahead of them. “Who was that?”

“Feyre, she’s the painting teacher. She’s very nice and cool. Despite having a few difficult months behind her.” Mor said, happy with that her cousin was speaking.

“She seemed a little sad,” he muttered.

“Feyre just came out of abusive relationship, she’s trying to cope.” Mor said, a sad look in her eyes that stated at Rhys. “Feyre is brave and escaped, that’s why she lives with her sisters. Nesta and Elain, I’ve meet them, Nesta is difficult and Elain is just an angel.” Mor laughed.

“She’s a good painter.” Rhys said softly.

A second ticked by before Mor suddenly jolted and screamed with joy, “I see what happened! You just got a crush!”


“I have never heard you complement someone who you haven’t had a crush on, except Cassian and Azriel, but they don’t count.” Mor crossed her arms and smirked, “I’ll tell you what, I’ll be your wingman… Woman… And you give me free rides wherever I want in two months.”

Mor didn’t own a car yet, so she used the gang to drive her places, except Amren. Amren was a dangerous driver apparently.

“Can I say no?” He knew his cousin.



The next day Feyre was back painting. Mor was standing under her floating body as she painted the top of her painting.

“You want me to what?” Feyre asked loudly, there was only twenty minutes until their students arrived so she had started a little earlier.

“I asked if you wanted to go out with Rhys.”

“You’re very forward, Mor, you know that?”

Mor laughed and leaned against on of the walls, “I know, it’s better to be straight forward than start small talk. So, what about it?”

“Mor, I don’t even know him.” True, and her life wasn’t as good after what Tamlin had done to her.

“That’s what a date is for, get to know each other. Also, if Rhys even tried to hurt you, I’ll break his legs.” Reassuring, Mor was protective for her best friend, and Mor would break the legs of someone who hurt her friends. She broke Tamlin’s hand.

She had wanted to “sterilize” him, but that was a little too much, even for Feyre.

“I’ll give it a shot.”

Mor’s cry of joy echoed in the room as she left, Feyre didn’t even hear as the girl whispered “This ship will sail whenever it’s the last thing I do…”

okay but imagine Lucas and Maya being all successful and they buy their first apartment and it has two bedrooms and Lucas turns the second bedroom into an art studio for Maya as a surprise and she loves it but then a few years later she gets pregnant with their first baby and she’s willing to give up her art studio to make a nursery but Lucas won’t let her give up her space so instead he buys a bigger apartment and makes her a new art studio AND a baby nursery and then as the years go by more babies are born and Maya teaches them all to paint and stuff in the art studio and wow oh wow I just can’t with the cuteness

The Job At Hand

Steggy positivity week day 2

Prompt: AU/crossover

Summary: If Peggy had known that Steve Rogers was going to cause so many problems, she might not have hired him. Peggy is a high school principal. Steve is a high school teacher.

AO3 link here

If Peggy had known that Steve Rogers was going to cause so many problems, she might not have hired him.

She probably should have seen the too good to be true stamped on his forehead, but she was distracted by the need to fill the position. He was qualified and willing to teach both studio art and Art History up to the AP level. He interviewed well, slightly nervous but competent and earnest. He had excellent references, although they all went something like “he’s a great teacher, he’s on top of things, the kids love him, but he’s had some friction with parents.” She was willing to overlook that, though; she already had to force herself not to fire Dr. Stark every single year after parent-teacher meetings with reminders that he was a significant part of her science department.

The first incident comes up before they’ve even had the back to school picnic. Mr. Rogers assigns a report, and one of the kids picks Rodin, and of course their parents walk in on pictures of The Kiss and not The Thinker, so Peggy has to deal with that on a Monday morning when the coffee maker is broken.

“I’m really sorry about this, Principal Carter,” Mr. Rogers says, sitting forward in the chair across the desk from her, hands sincerely on knees.

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Work in progress in response to @theartassignment #measuringhistories #sonyaclark assignment. 

I teach high school art, and gave all my 2D studio students this assignment as their final studio project. My example is a timeline of all the days that I have been in school. From kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, through highschool, college, grad school, and 9 years of teaching. School has been a part of my life as long as I can remember, and I feel like it is a privilege- as a student and as a teacher. My dad’s mother never went to school. My mother’s mother never graduated high school. My great-grandmother only finished the third grade. 

I am up to the beginning of sophomore year of college. One crocheted stitch for each day. 


Where do teachers go when the 3 p.m. bell rings?

When you’re a kid, you don’t really think they go anywhere. Except home, maybe, to grade papers and plan lessons and think up pop quizzes.

But of course teachers go off and do all sorts of things: They write books and run for office and start businesses and so much more.

Today we begin our new project, The Secret Lives of Teachers, to collect the stories of teachers’ lives after the students leave for the day.

Tell us about the Secret Lives of Teachers – share your own story or tell us about a teacher you know. You can tag your stories on social media with #secretteachers or drop an email to NPREd@npr.org.

Caption: For Mathias “Spider” Schergen, his Secret Life plays out in a one-car garage out back of his house in Southwest Chicago.

He turned it into a studio, a crowded place full of lumber and wood and paint and scrap metal and odd things like shoes and fabric. Stuff that he fashions into art.

Photo credit: Elissa Nadworny/NPR
Illustration credit: LA Johnson/NPR