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Enjoy some joker dad headcanons.


Joker dad headcanons (ledger):

-In all honesty this child wasn’t planned.

-Like you guys never had the idea of having children.

-When he finds out about the pregnancy he’s so mad at himself. Always thinking about how reckless he was, how stupid he was to let this happen.

-When he finally accepts it, which takes him a while to, he’s less bitter around you.

-Opens up more than he has, but still super strict and harsh around his goons.

-It’s like someone flicked the reality switch on and opened his eyes.

-If he wasn’t somewhat protective before, he’s even more so now. Like you can’t even breathe without him right there.

-He keeps you close to him at all times, unless he’s out destroying Gotham, then he keeps you home locked in a room like its Fort Knox.

-Likes running his hand along your belly and feel how much you’ve grown. He feels like everything became real to him when he does. Makes him feel a little less crazy.

-Always sleeps with you closes to the wall and furthest from the door. He’s not risking your safety if his place gets raided. You’re now his #1 priority.

-The more your stomach swells the more anxious he gets. And the more anxious he gets, the more he wants to kill. Right now he’s gone through 3 of his men because he can’t handle his emotions.

-Like be prepared to be constantly on the move, he’s not willing to risk anything.

-He’s probably kidnapped a doctor to make sure you’re always taken care of.

-When the due date gets close, he’s scared even if he doesn’t show it. He knows that there’s a possibility you may not make it through the birthing process, and he’s not willing to lose something he’s opened up to yet.

-When you finally give birth, he’s super elated to actually see the child you’ve brought into the world, not just any child, his heir to the throne.

-This child will be taught how to run his type of business. It’s probably going to be the only world they know.

-When they get old enough, he’ll teach them how to properly kill someone, how to properly shoot a gun and how to rob a bank without getting caught.

-Even if it’s against your will, he takes the child on his lower end of the tier heists, just so they get the feel of it.

-Tbh even though he didn’t like the thought of a child in the first place, it’s made him feel whole again.

-This child will be treated so well, they’ll have a life the joker would’ve dreamed of having.

-Though he’s not stable, he tries so damn hard to keep it away from his kid. He’s seen it when he was younger, so why should his kid have to.

-Still treats you like a queen.

I was really excited to go to disneyland so I drew the bride and groom from the haunted mansion and it took the entire week oops

(seriously though someone teach me how to make a decent gif)

also: i know i haven’t gotten like any requests done, this + disneyland was p much the cause of it. I should be able to finish them soon, but in the meantime keep sending them in (like seriously I love any and all requests)

Angels and Mistletoe

Title: Angels and Mistletoe

Characters: Castiel, Gabriel, Y/N (no pairing)

Word Count: 985

Warnings: Fluff!!

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this one! ;) It was requested by @hair-dye-or-nawh (btw I broke your request up into two different fics. It was easier to do it that way <3) This is from my Christmas Drabble list, which you can find HERE! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

As you shut the bunker door behind Sam and Dean, you exhaled heavily.  Not having them around during the holiday season was a bummer.  Even if Dean was a bit of a Grinch, he was still a pleasure to have around.  Then again you knew you had angels watching over you; you were never truly alone.

You turned on your heels to walk back down the stairs.  Once you turned around you saw two angels staring at you.  “Cas, Gabriel, what are you guys doing here?  You just missed Sam and Dean,” you pointed behind you, confused by their presence.  It wasn’t uncommon for angels to come around when they were gone, but it wasn’t common for them to visit you either.

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when your romantic companion drank up all the Nuka-Cola and you tryna decide if you should blow them up in their sleep

Sole Survivor - Fallout 4
Cosplayer: Bree The V. @breethev
Shot by: Tyler McMinniman for @nerdcaliber

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Happy Birthday to the man with the plan. We may not get to see your fro as often as we used to, but you’re still as important and lovable as you were three years ago. I think it’s safe to say we all love Princess Fro Fro and hope it’s been a great birthday.