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I’ve given up hope, but in my head I dream about Dorne all the fucking time and this is what I see:

  • Dorne with water gardens and bustling marketplaces and blood-orange groves.
  •  Elia Martell, (Deepika Padukone) sitting beneath a fragrant lemon tree and sharing secret smiles with a noticeably relaxed and happy Arthur Dayne (Santiago Cabrera) and being more than something to pity and remember with manly angst.
  • Rhaenys (Sara Arjun) cuddling Balerion the Black Fluffy Dread, while Ashara (Merve Boluğur)brushes out her hair, safe and happy in a place where nobody will refuse to adore her because she “smells Dornish”.
  • Little Nymeria Sand trying to babysit Aegon.
  • Oberyn (Oh Pedro my Pedro) teaching baby Arianne (Harshaali Malhotra) how to swim in the water gardens
  • Arianne Martell (Katrina Kaif) now grown up and amazingly beautiful, becomes Princess of Dorne in a ceremony attended by ALL HER FAMILY, ALIVE. Oh, and she also has a relationship with Arys Oakheart (Tom Felton?) anyway, because let’s be real, they were one of the hottest, most sexually charged relationships that D&D chose to omit for cringey sex scenes involving a character who was supposed to have been 8 of age in the canon.
  • Unidentified Princess of Dorne has a name and that name is BAMF. 
  • Ellaria Sand (oh Indira Varma, thou were wasted on the show)being a peace-loving, sensible woman and she and Oberyn are a power couple. THE power couple. She doesn’t actually, believe it or not, like killing little girls.
  • The Sand-Snakes are the *eight!eight!* awesome sheroes of the book, and have so much more to offer than useless boob shots and atrocious dialogues. Also, they all look significantly different.
  • Dorne being an amazing, varied, pluralistic kingdom legions ahead in mindset and coolnes than the rest of Westeros no matter what D&D sell me.

Headcanon: It had become a habit for Kara to talk with their child in her first language; the night she sang her favorite lullaby she caught a sleepy Lena smiling sweetly at her and blushed furiously much to Lena’s delight. The following weeks when their baby got restless at any ungodly hour, Lena would place Kara’s hand on her stomach and ask her to sing that same lullaby. The baby would calm down immediately.

Superbaby headcanons 3/


Sibling AU

“You’re determined to protect this pure-hearted being with all your heart!”

Frisk tries desperately to early instill in Papyrus the sense of safety & cautiousness around strangers. Sadly, it ends in a loving & warm hug.

Inspired by a video of a young mother trying to teach her daughter about the danger of strangers. It was very cute and I think Papy would act the same as the daughter had! :-D


                                             HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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I finally started watching YOI with my housemates and @luftballons99‘s nb!Yuri headcanon was like a fucking trumpet in my brain the whole time

when your otp isn’t really a rarepair but also when you search for them on ao3 you mostly get fics when they’re the side pairing.