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I love this collection of sigils, but it is annoying difficult to read and impossible to search, so I typed it up as best I could. This was mostly for personal reference and I’m not terribly familiar with demons so there’s probably a few mistakes, but if anyone wants it, knock yourself out. As far as I know, the source on this is totally forgotten, but if someone knows it, please feel free to add it on!

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ABYSS: Lord of Chaos 
ACIEL: The God Burner 
ADATIEL: Walks the Earth 
ADNACHIEL: The Hunter Demon 
AGIEL: Lord of Calamity 
AMBRIEL: The Changer 
AMNIXIEL: Demon of the Lines 
ANAEL: Demon of Lust 
APADIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Musician 
ARATRON: Demon of Sorrow 
ARIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Historian 
AVACHIEL: The Inquisitor 
AZERVIEL: Demon of Defeat 
BABALEL: Second Demon of War 
BARBIEL: Lord of Ancients 
BARCHIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Mechanic 
BEFAFES: First Demon of War 
BLISDON: The Quick One 
BORNOGO: Lord of Power 
BRORGES: Arch-demon of Woe 
BUTMONO: Demon of Greed 
CAMAEL: The Destroyer 
CASSIEL: Lord of All Conspirators 
CASSRIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Poet 
CHENOR: The Wish Granter 
DAGON: The Great Fish 
DECARAB: The Beautiful 
DIGIN: The Disordered 
ELIM: Lord of Attrition
EKSUSHA: The God Eyed

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EOLIGOS: Visible and Invisible 
FERUG: The Rusting One 
FOCALOR: The Demon That Drowns Men 
FORCAS: Teaches Logic and the Secrets of Plants and Gems 
FURTUR (FURFUR?): Demon of Storms 
GAMIGIN: The Horse Lord 
GARN: The King Tempter 
GRACHIEL: Arch-demon of the Dying Times 
HAGITH: Demon of Jealousy 
HAGONEL: Lord Under Grachiel 
HAMALIEL: Lord of Obsessions 
HANAEL: The Adversarial 
HISMAEL: The Acquirer 
IPOS: Knows Things To Come and Past 
JOCHMUS: The First Savior of Hell 
LAHAD: The Devil’s Voice 
LESIFUGES: Brings Riches and Shortens Life 
LUCIFER: The Morning Star 
MALCHIDAEL: Demon of Impatience 
MALPHAS: The Tower Builder 
MARBUEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Architect 
MARCHOSIAS: Gives and In Battles A Demon Bound (?)
MEEOD: The Life Restorer 
MEPHISTOPH: Lord of the Host 
MICZARIEL: The Warrioress 
MURIEL: Great Demon of UCS (?)
NABERIUS: Lord of Cunning 
NESTORATS: The Fire Master 
NYSROG: Lord of The House of Princes 
OCH: The Sun Speaker 
OPHIEL: Lord Messenger and God Teacher 
ORIAS: Of Hell’s Electorate Astronomer 
OZGIN: Demon of Madness 
PAIMON: Master of Infernal Ceremonies 
PARNIEL: First Lord Under Veguaniel 

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PHALEG: Demon of Discontent 
PSOHDON: The Inconsistent 
RONOVE: The Knowledge Staff 
RAUYM: Demon of Filth 
SABNAC: Demon of Poisons 
SAKATH: Second Lord Under Veguaniel 
SALEOS: Of Hell’s Electorate Panderer 
SCHETALIM: The Polygod 
STYGAL: Brings Death 
SULUTH: The Great Robber 
SURGAT: Who Opens All Locks 
SYTRI: Lord of Luxury 
TARTHANAC: Lord of Goldiron 
TEPHROS: The Ashwaker and Fever Curer 
UPHIR: Of Hell’s Electorate Physician 
VABAM: Who Tells True of Hidden Treasure 
VALAC: Lord of Snakes 
VEGUANIEL: Archdemon of Fortune 
VEPAR: The Water Master
VETIS: The Life Promiser 
ZABLAH: Of Hell’s Electorate Lawyer 
ZAGAM: Lord of Forgery 
ZURIEL: The Stone Master 
ZEPAR: Deforms the Unborn 

so i was thinking about another modern au where the greek gods have had to adapt to modern society and so they’ve picked up mortal jobs and hobbies and interests and i got really into it.

hermes is a late night comedian, since that’s the way that most information is transmitted nowadays, and he still gets to poke fun at his siblings.

poseidon is a high powered eco lawyer. he works on high profile cases along the lines of the bp oil spill. he has beach-side houses all over the world and enjoys thrill-seeking outdoor activities like cliff jumping and cave diving. 

hades teaches high school english, along the lines of the dead poets society. he lives near his school and brings his dog to school every day. he loves teaching british literature like shakespeare and john donne. his wife comes to visit him and they eat lunch together every day in his office, which always has flowers in it. 

apollo works as a librarian at a university, and he moonlights as a slam poet. he teaches archery at the local YMCA and stays in on weekends with a mug of tea and a good book or movie.

vesta makes ceramics professionally. she feels most at home among the wheels and glazes and kilns of her workshop. there are always candles lit in her apartment that don’t seem to go out. she loves hosting dinner parties for her friends, who are her true family. 

dionysus works as a bartender. he owns a vineyard on the side but lets other people handle the corporate side of things. his favorite part of acting mortal is getting to know the people who come to his bar and connecting with them. he never forgets a face and he has a wall of pictures of his favorite customers behind the bar.

athena teaches middle school social studies/history because she’s discovered that she really enjoys working with children. at this age she can impart wisdom upon them and teach them logic and reason before they are too swayed by the opinions of the world.

zeus is a con artist and art thief. he never stays in a city for more than a week, but he has someone new in his bed every night. he frequents casinos and clubs and owns a villa out in California which is filled with more famous works of art than he ought to have.

hera is a very bitter and sarcastic wedding planer, like james marsden in 27 dresses minus the journalism bit. she is most famous among celebrity circles for having just the right “touch” when it comes to decor and menu planning and floral arrangements. she charges a ton but can work magic, from short-term planning to getting the bride’s wishes just right. she doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage but it has bought her summer homes in hawaii and costa rica so she’ll sell the idealized vision.

aphrodite runs several dating sites like eharmony and okcupid, but also some like ashley madison that facilitate affairs because she rules more over the sexual side of things than the love side, despite her image to the former. she loves rap and hip hop and takes kick-boxing classes and always looks like she has makeup on. she anonymously supports planned parenthood because she wants to support safe sex and allow people to find the information and resources they need. 

artemis owns a climbing gym and leads outdoor climbing adventures for her clients and also her buddies. she has tons of tattoos and piercings and a secret love for pop punk music like fob and p!atd. on the weekends, she runs lgbtqia+ support groups for children and teens in her neighborhood, and always lets them climb for free in her gym.

hephaestus owns a tattoo parlor and has a reputation for the most lifelike tattoos that always seem to be exactly what someone had in mind, as if he magically could see their thoughts. he’s a total teddybear and has a penchant for classical music and teaches at-risk children in his city how to repair bikes and cars on the weekends.

Quick guide to Ace Attorney rivals
  • Miles Edgeworth: hates defense attorneys... at first
  • Franziska von Karma: hates foolish defense attorneys
  • Godot: hates defense attorneys named Phoenix Wright
  • Klavier Gavin: hates defense attorneys who don't flirt back
  • Simon Blackquill: doesn't hate defense attorneys but likes the screams they make
  • Nahyuta Sahdmadhi: really REALLY hates defense attorneys like it's fuckin unhealthy how much
  • Zacharias Barnham: hates it when defense attorneys have to teach him what "logic" is
  • Shi-Long Lang: hates... prosecutors?
  • Justine Courtney: hates Detective Gumshoe
  • Sebastian Debeste: just really needs a hug

It’s exactly as tiring as you think it would be to feel all this,
And I am drained and worn out and lost, and so small,
Too small to traverse all possible roads until I find one that leads me back home.
I have been strong and let my feet grow so rough while walking,
And now I am here with sore bare skin and I don’t want to be strong any longer.
I want to hand you the steering wheel so I can go to sleep somewhere far away;
Hold the camera for me for a while and zoom out,
Pull back on this shot until the details become small enough to swallow.
Tell me how to be logical,
Teach me how to play chess or solve a Rubik’s cube,
Ask me a question that can be answered using deductive reasoning.
I know I have dragged you through hell with me for so long but
Sometimes I imagine you have willingly walked beside me,
Just over the borderline.

The class project

Morality is an English teacher everyone likes because he teaches all the extra classes the other English teachers won’t. Thes include British Literature, Creative Writing, Intro to Speech and Communication, and the others that are also not required. He is super fun and usually lets students have a say in what they do for class. They choose the books from an approved list for British Literature. Creative Writing is mostly free writing after some fundamental lessons in the beginning. And the kids choose their speech types and topics for Intro to Speech.

Logic teaches AP Psychology, Sociology, World History, and Intro to Sign Language. Students like Logan because he takes late assignments for full credit until the end of each semester. He put this rule in place because in his first year teaching one kid gave him work that was two months late despite a strict late policy. The essays were so well written Logan had to check for plagiarism, the short answers were flawless. Logan realised some kids just need a lot of time so he got rid of deadlines. This didn’t help some students though so Logan devoted a lot of after school time to tutoring students.

Roman excelled in Creative Writing. He was ecstatic when the class project was assigned. Everyone else seemed to be taking the class to get out of English 10. All 23 of them had to make a found poem together. After class the other kids asked Roman if there was any way they could get him to do their three lines for the poem. Roman was confused. “We’re supposed to work together. Once we pick a theme it’ll be a piece of cake. You guys want me to do all sixty nine sentences?”

Anxiety said, “We’ll help you study for the World History final.”

“And AP Psych.” Roman negotiated. His classmates agreed. After school that day the kids pushed cafeteria tables together so they could work. Six of them made a color coded AP Psychology study guide for Roman while four of them made note cards. Another six students made a World History study guide in outline format while five kids made a T chart for vocabulary words. They figured the contrast from the other study guide would help him keep the information separate. Anxiety found three lines for the poem and handed them to Roman with sources attached. He always wanted to work alone.

As all the students were gathered in the cafeteria Morality and Logic saw them from the upper level of the school. Morality said “I knew they could work together. You said the group was too big.”

Logan smirked “I was right. Roman seems to be the only one working on your assignment. The rest have Psychology or World History books open.” His smirk faltered and his voice lowered. “They’re skipping your assignment to work on my classes? These kids do well in my classes. The only one I could see needing to work on my classes is Roman.”

Morality said “Oh my. This is great!” The kids heard him and looked up. Morality gave them a thumbs up and ran to his classroom.

Logan was surprised and followed after Morality. “Why is this great? Isn’t it cheating?”

Morality said “Well, technically it is. But it is a small poetry assignment. It was supposed to be a team work exercise, its extra credit anyway. And while they may be working in sections they’re still working together. They were helping Roman with your classes.”

Logan caught on. “So they had to coordinate the work to make sure all the vital information was included… They all used their individual skills to help the whole group. Genius!”

After the study materials were made and given to Roman most of the kids left. Anxiety stayed behind to quiz him with the note cards. When Roman needed a study break he read the poem to Anxiety. It was not so subtly about their two most shippable teachers. Anxiety’s lines were the very beginning. They walked upstairs to Morality’s classroom to turn in the assignment and saw the teachers looking at each other with heart eyes. Anxiety couldn’t help but knock on the door. Logan took three steps back from Morality and compulsively adjusted his tie and pushed up his glasses. Roman stifled a giggle as he handed the poem to his Creative Writing teacher. “May I read it aloud?” Morality asked as nicely as possible.

“Sure.” Roman agreed shooting Logan a nervous glance.

By the end of the poem Morality and Logan were both blushing, Roman felt like a third wheel, and Anxiety was having a field day over the extreme second-hand feelings. Morality looked at Logan for a solid minute before going to his desk, getting a red marker, and writing “A+” at the top. Logan had to adjust his tie again as Morality slowly pinned the poem to his board. Roman and Anxiety hastily left the room. As soon as they were out in the hallway they burst into laughter.

Anxiety needed to sit down because he laughed until he began to hyperventilate. “Did you see their faces?” He laughed again as Princey mimicked Logan’s face.

Logan walked out a moment later, still in shock a little. “Why are you on the floor?” He inquired.

Anxiety said “I just like to sit on the floor.” He put his hand out and commanded, “Roman help me up!” Roman took Anxiety’s hand and helped him off of the carpet.

Once Anxiety had gotten to his feet Logan said, “The poem was beautiful. Great work.” He didn’t mention the fact they were still holding hands because he could hardly care less. Though he did chuckle lightly as he walked to his own classroom. Anxiety from their hands to Roman’s face.

Roman gasped softly. “Are you uncomfortable with this?” He asked.

But as Roman tried to gently pull away Anxiety held a little bit tighter. He said “Nah this is fine.”

Morality then walked out of his classroom with a satchel full of papers over his shoulders. He locked the door and looked at Roman and Anxiety. “I loved that poem fellas. It made me wish there was a grade higher than an A plus.” He pulled two slips of paper out of his bag. “Here are some bus passes for the 4:30 after school bus.”
They separated their hands to take the passes and sat next to each other on the bus.

As the bus was about to leave the parking lot Anxiety and Princey looked out the window of their seat. They saw Morality kiss Logan on the cheek before getting into his car and driving away. Logan stood there frozen before smiling. Roman rolled down his window to yell “Yeah get some, Teach!” Anxiety laughed, although he was a smidge embarrassed, because Logan was extremely confused.

Roman quickly asked Anxiety if he could kiss him and Anxiety nodded. When Roman actually did it the bus driver shouted “Hey none of that on the bus! The twelve year olds can’t see people making out!” Everyone laughed at the lame and inconvenient rules for public displays of affection, or maybe they were laughing at the expression on Anxiety’s face.

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Harvey. Honey. 

I am not trying to teach you how logic works or anything, but don’t you think that if Mike went to prison so that you wouldn’t be incriminated there is literally no chance in hell that he would ever agree to get you disbarred for a law licence? 

Just saying, man.

Ok, I’m a bit tired of hearing that Sarek and Amanda are bad parents, so let me explain you a couple of things.

  • Both Sarek and Amanda decided to raise him following the vulcan teachings. Logic over emotion. Different ideals that cannot be compared or even understood by human standards.
  • We know that Spock’s childhood was horrible. He was bullied by the other kids, he had no friends except for I-chaya. Amanda had to restrain herself to comfort him emotionally because that’s not the vulcan way (I’m sure it was very painful for her). Spock sometimes disappeared and spent hours in the desert because he needed solitude. Once, he even hacked the computers of his classmates for pure vengeance! Yes, a flagrant display of human emotion… but you know what Sarek and Amanda did? they praised his computer skills.
  • When Spock decided to join Starfleet, Amana told him that she was going to support him no matter what he wanted to do. Sarek reacted in a different way. Sarek told him that if he finally joined Starfleet he would be banished from his home. Sarek was trying to scare him because he wanted to protect his son. If Spock went through all that hatred in his childhood, Sarek feared that he was going to suffer the same treatment living among illogical humans. And Vulcans are pacifists, and in Starfleet he was going to hold a gun sooner or later and maybe take someone’s life. I’m not saying that Sarek is the best father, of course not! but he was trying to apply his logic to this situation, because is what he had to do.
  • After all, Spock joined Starfleet, Sarek expelled him from home (he actually thought that Spock was going reconsider it, but he didn’t, so Sarek held firm to his principles) and you know what Amanda did? she abandoned Sarek for a whole year. A year… until Sarek’s father died and T’Pau called Amanda to ask her if she wanted to accompany her husband to the funeral. She finally came back and they never talked about what happened. During that year she lived with her parents and she kept in touch with Spock to make sure he was fine.
  • In journey to Babel we can see that the relationship between Sarek and Spock is very deteriorated but Sarek is in fact proud of him. He can’t admit it, but he is. Spock saves his life, not before putting his duty before his father. And some people are mad at Amanda for how she reacted? Like, his husband was dying (even if she’s human, I’m sure she was feeling it through the bond) and his son refused to help him. Do you really think se wanted to slap him? She wanted to reach the human part of him, she was desperate! After this episode their relationship improved, maybe not a lot, but it’s something. 
  • When Spock died, Amanda told Sarek that Spock must have found a way to transfer his katra to someone, Kirk. Sarek immediately went to Earth and that’s how they knew that Mccoy was the recipient. Later Amanda was put in charge of the re-education of Spock and she never tried to make him suppress his human part. Sarek again tried to keep Spock away from Starfleet (his son was alive and he wouldn’t allow him to risk his life once again). But remember that conversation Sarek and Spock had after Kirk and his crew saved Earth? Sarek admitted that his son chose his own path and, after all, it was a good decision… Spock had good friends and he was feeling fine.
  • Years later, Amanda was dying and Spock went to see her for the last time (Jim and Mccoy accompanied him). Sarek was required to conduct some negotiations, as the vulcan ambassador he had his duties, and those negotiations were really important. The lifes of millions of people were in danger… even if his wife was dying he couldn’t refuse. Finally, Amanda died alone. Spock was there with her but she was in a really bad condition to notice his presence and she tried multiple times to call Sarek. She kind of did it through the bond, but she’s not telepath, she was really sick and Sarek was really far… it was very difficult and for days Sarek believed that he hadn’t been able to say his last goodbye to his beloved wife (Spock also made him believe it… because he was angry with him for abandoning Amanda). And think about it… who also put his duty before his personal life? oh, right, Spock. So he understood that he had to forgive his father, because he did the same once.
  • Sarek married again years later with Perrin. Spock couldn’t accept it (no one was going to replace his mother) and again, their relationship weakened. There are also some other things that affected it (like the cardassian accord, and Spock becoming the vulcan Ambassador to Romulus). But Sarek admitted (when he melded with Picard) that he loved Amanda and Spock. He loved his son. Sarek died of the Bendii syndrome while Spock was in Romulus.

Now try and tell me that Sarek and Amanda were terrible parents… they obviously made their mistakes but so did Spock as a son.

Magical phenomena, however, come under a special sub-class, since they are willed, and their cause is the series of “real” phenomena, called the operations of ceremonial Magic. 

These consist of
(1) Sight.
The circle, square, triangle, vessels, lamps, robes, implements, etc.
(2) Sound.
The invocations.
(3) Smell.
The perfumes.
(4) Taste.
The Sacraments.
(5) Touch.
As under (1).
(6) Mind.

The combination of all these and reflection on their significance.
These unusual impressions (1-5) produce unusual brain-changes; hence their summary (6) is of unusual kind. Its projection back into the apparently phenomenal world is therefore unusual. Herein then consists the reality of the operations and effects of ceremonial magic,(6) and I conceive that the apology is ample, as far as the “effects” refer only to those phenomena which appear to the magician himself, the appearance of the spirit, his conversation, possible shocks from imprudence, and so on, even to ecstasy on the one hand, and death or madness on the other. But can any of the effects described in this our book Goetia be obtained, and if so, can you give a rational explanation of the circumstances? Say you so? I can, and will. The spirits of the Goetia are portions of the human brain. Their seals therefore represent (Mr. Spencer’s projected cube) methods of stimulating or regulating those particular spots (through the eye).

The names of God are vibrations calculated to establish:
( A ) General control of the brain. (Establishment of functions relative to the subtle world.)
( B ) Control over the brain in detail. (Rank or type of the Spirit.)
( C )  Control of one special portion. (Name of the Spirit.)
The perfumes aid this through smell. Usually the perfume will only tend to
control a large area; but there is an attribution of perfumes to letters of the alphabet enabling one, by a Qabalistic formula, to spell out the Spirit’s name. I need not enter into more particular discussion of these points; the intelligent reader can easily fill in what is lacking. 

If, then, I say, with Solomon:
“The Spirit Cimieries teaches logic,” what I mean is:
“Those portions of my brain which subserve the logical faculty way be stimulated and developed by following out the processes called ‘The Invocation of Cimieries.’ “And this is a purely materialistic rational statement; it is independent of any objective hierarchy at all. Philosophy has nothing to say; and Science can only suspend judgment, pending a proper and methodical investigation of the facts alleged. 

Unfortunately, we cannot stop there. Solomon promises us that we can (1) obtain information; (2) destroy our enemies; (3) understand the voices of nature; (4) obtain treasure; (5) heal diseases, etc. I have taken these five powers at random; considerations of space forbid me to explain all.
(1) Brings up facts from sub-consciousness.
(2) Here we come to an interesting fact. It is curious to note the contrast between the noble means and the apparently vile ends of magical rituals. The latter are disguises for sublime truths. “To destroy our enemies” is to realize the illusion of duality, to excite compassion.
(Ah! Mr. Waite, the world of Magic is a mirror, wherein who sees muck is muck.) (3) A careful naturalist will understand much from the voices of the animals he has studied long. Even a child knows the difference of a cat’s miauling and purring. The faculty may be greatly developed. (4) Business capacity may be stimulated. (5) Abnormal states of the body may be corrected, and the involved tissues brought back to tone, in obedience to currents started from the brain. So for all other phenomena. There is no effect which is truly and necessarily miraculous. Our Ceremonial Magic fines down, then, to a series of minute, though of course empirical, physiological experiments, and whoso will carry them through intelligently need not fear the result.  I have all the health, and treasure, and logic, I need; I have no time to waste. “There is a lion in the way.” For me these practices are useless; but for the benefit of others less fortunate I give them to the world, together with this explanation of, and apology for, them. I trust that the explanation will enable many students who have hitherto, by a puerile objectivity in their view of the question, obtained no results, to succeed; that the apology may impress upon our scornful men of science that the study of the bacillus should give place to that of the baculum, the little to the great—how great one only realizes when one identifies the wand with the Mahalingam, up which Brahma flew at the rate of 84,000 yojanas a second for 84,000 mahakalpas, down which Vishnu flew at the rate of 84,000 croces of yojanas a second for 84,000 crores of mahakalpas—yet neither reached an end.

But I reach an end.
Boleskine House,
Foyers, N.B.


The Lesser Key of Solomon - Goetia

Compiled and Translated By S.L. “MacGregor” Mathers Editing      Additional Material By Aleister Crowley

red-admiral-lyon  asked:

Do you have any HCs about feral alphas and omegas?

I sure do!

  • All dynamics were at some point considered ‘feral’, and most living during and before the Bronze age are considered truly feral
  • Some argue that all living up until the first global colonisations began should be considered feral, despite the obvious differences that set simply ‘less developed’ societies, such as the Spartans, apart from true ferals
  • In severe cases of neglect and lack of cognitive development, children can be classed as ‘feral’, although very few exist in the world
  • In these feral child cases, it is thought impossible to be able to teach them language, logic, reasoning and a sense of self
  • Feral dynamics tend to have an enhanced sense of smell and are incredibly agile, as they are thought to be ‘less evolved’ that modern dynamics, and therefore rely more on instinct than logic
  • Truly feral ‘packs’ do exist in remote parts of the world, such as on un-touched islands and in rainforests
  • Feral alphas tend to be built taller and more muscular than modern alphas, and have noticeably sharper canines and a much more aggressive and dominant attitude. Feral alphas will resort to wrestling and fighting to determine matters, and most alphas will have many omegas
  • Feral omegas tend to cluster together, and will be bred by the strongest alpha. Omegas are much more protective of themselves, and will not hesitate to attack another alpha if they come too near
  • Feral dynamics will communicate with body language and various, animalistic sounds; whimpering, howling, growling and snarling
  • There is no distinction in genders when it comes to feral dynamics; both male and female alphas are equal in strength and ‘rights’; it is simply the strongest who becomes the leader
  • Feral betas are considered the hunters and the gatherers, they are the fastest and the most agile, and are rarely bred with. However, they help nurse omegas 
  • Ferals don’t tend to bond, because if they did, an alpha could end up having dozens of mating marks on their scent glands
  • In modern society, calling someone ‘feral’ is considered incredibly offensive