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does mei ever take care of/interact with the kids?

Mei’s pretty busy with lots of scientist and saving-the-world stuff, but she does have a soft spot for kids since, like, they’re one of the reasons she wants to protect the environment so much. When she does hang out with the kids it’s usually when she can kind of multitask between doing her work and teaching kids about the environment. A lot of the kids really love her snow and ice technology, but she’s also fiercely proud of her apiaries and loves showing her bees to the kids.


So many of you have asked over the months what exactly is my ‘condition’ and what is ‘wrong with me’ and instead of addressing you all individually, I’ll do it here.

And I’ll try to tell this long, complicated story in the shortest way possible.

On December 30th, I will have been suffering from an un-diagnosed, unknown illness for four years. This illness leaves me bed-ridden for at least a week each time. From this condition I have been to the emergency department approximately 17 times in the last 2 and a bit years. And it sucks. It’s not fun. It’s painful.

Basically I have a 24/7 headache (and I literally mean a headache every second, of everyday). I go to sleep with one and wake up with one. This has been the case for three years. At times, they get worse. A lot worse. I loose control over my legs, my speech becomes slurred and this is when I go to the hospital. This mostly happens when I am at school and I need to be rushed by an ambulance. The pain is so crippling that I’m not able to walk. I pass out and cry/scream on the floor, writhing in absolute agony. But, that’s not all.

I also have 24/7 nausea and dizziness. This is probably the worst bit about all of this. I can’t do anything without wanting to throw up. I get dizzy walking from class to class and just general stuff like laying down. From this I have lost almost all of my appetite. I struggle eating a salad without feeling full, bloated and ready to vomit. I am weak, iron defiant (as well as MANY other things), too thin according to some and really just useless.

Another thing, I have 24/7 painful ringing/noise/buzzing inside my ears. And it gets so painful that it makes me cry. As I am writing this, I just hear buzzing. And it’s annoying but most importantly, it makes my headaches worse. Especially when all I need is silence.

And another symptoms is insomnia. I haven’t had a full sleep in over 3 and a half years. I can’t sleep until 2ish in the morning, I wake up 4-8 times during the night (from pain) and I struggle getting up because I’ve only had 2 hours (on a good night) sleep.

Also I have been diagnosed with general anxiety (which if you met me, you would agree with) which means I have panic attacks and tight pains in my chest where I struggle to breath most of the time, but that can’t be fixed medically. Only time and practice will do anything.

I have had countless MRI’s and CT scans and numerous tests and swabs. I had sinusitis surgery last year (they found it whilst conducting some scans) but that did nothing. I was so hopeful.

I have missed more than 50% of my classes (and I love school and learning so this is heartbreaking for me). I have had to stop doing some of my favourite things like sport and family camping trips and outings with friends because I am in so much pain. I cry myself to sleep a lot of the nights because I can’t take it.

But looking at me, you would never know any of this. That my life is a constant battle against myself. From struggling for so many years, there are days where I just want to give up. You can only take so much pain for so long. There are days where I want to shut myself of from everyone. There are days where I couldn’t take it anymore.

But that’s where Taylor comes in.

I have loved her and her music since 2007. And her songs like ‘Change’, ‘Clean’, ‘Mean’, ‘A Place In This World’, ‘Tired Together With A Smile’, ‘Innocent’, ‘The Lucky One’, ‘Sweeter Than Fiction’, ‘Fifteen’ and ‘Fearless’ have gotten me through the past 4 years. Without her music, I don’t know if I would still be here (or be sane). She inspired me to be myself. She inspired me to see my illness as being unique “If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change” but also “I’ll never change, but I’ll never stay the same”.

I am now a straight A (with an occasional B) student and volunteer for many charities, organisations, groups, etc for all different types of things (elderly, children, animals, less fortunate, etc). From volunteering for the past 3 years I have won the Young Volunteer of the year 2014, The mayoral youth award 2013, The Julia Gillard all areas of academics 2011, runners up for young achiever of the year 2013 and Finalist for young victorian of the year (2015). I have participated in a public speaking competition where I had to give a five minutes speech (I chose youth suicide) and a 2 minute impromptu speech, and won! My short stories have been published 13 times in a national writing competition called Write4Fun. I was on commercial on channel 7 for ‘Kids Teaching Kids’ which is about educating youth of the importance of our environment and waterways. I have also been selected as the year 7, 8, 9 and 10 student leader (and am running for the year 11) which is something I have been trying to achieve since year 3! I have been in the newspaper many times and have done so many more, exciting things but I don’t want this to be to long so I have just pointed out some of my highlights. I honestly can’t thank Taylor enough because without her, I would not be here. I am so looking forward to hearing the ‘clean’ speech live because I need that. I need to hear is from Taylor herself.

If you have read this far than first of all, Thank you! Secondly I am kindly asking if you could help get this to Taylor because I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to thank her in person so if I can’t, I want Taylor to know that I am so grateful that she saved my life.

@taylorswift Thank you for everything. And if any of you are going through something similar than please remember, you are not damaged goods. You are not going no where just because you haven’t gotten their yet. The problem is that I can only believe this once I personally hear it from Taylor.

I love you all. Thank you.

Britney (@redlipsandperfectstorms) xx

P.S The photos above are from after my surgery, some awards nights, from different TS concerts, from my commercial and also to show how ‘normal’ (I guess you could say) that I look. 

How can we preserve the history of games?

About a year ago, I went to a talk featuring the creator of Centipede, Dona Bailey.

She explained how they had tried a bunch of control schemes, and the game just wasn’t fun enough. Then Dona convinced them to use a trackball and it was suddenly far better.

There was a QA session at the end, and I had a question. I asked, with the trackball being such an integral part of Centipede, how could people relive the history of games without the original control schemes being widely available?

Both she and the host had no answer.

This problem is, of course, much larger than Centipede or even arcade games. Emulation is an alright compromise, but there are many games that cannot be emulated effectively. Because of audio/video issues, Mother 3 has an out-of-sync rhythmic battle system. The limitations of our computers and the unwillingness of the industry to aid preservation is hurting our history.

If I were to teach a kid about the history of literature, I could buy all the books, sure, but a normal person would go to the library. With that kind of preservation, you can educate a lot of people quickly and get people interested in a healthy environment.

If I were to teach a kid about the history of video games, I’d be searching Coolroms, or The Pirate Bay for some half-playable roms to play on a keyboard. Or I could go find a specialty game shop, buy hundreds of dollars worth of consoles and a handful of games for each. The second option is ridiculous, and these limitations are making game education impossible without being illegal or the prerequisite of being rich.

Are there any solutions to this? Should we be converting sections of libraries into game museums?

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if i remember correctly you said you were vegetarian/vegan before but went back? why did you go back? sorry if youve answeared this before.

This is  a complicated issue that I still wouldn’t say I have a 100% confident stance on.

My reasons for going veg were primarily health- and environment-related. There is plenty of research out there that demonstrates the health benefits of reduced-meat and vegetarian diets, and plenty of evidence that points toward the world’s current meat production and consumption practices being unsustainable. What I learned about these topics was enough to make the choice for me.

I do think about animal rights as well. I’ve read Peter Singer, I’ve watched factory farming exposés, I’ve meditated on the meaning of suffering… While this would all play a part in my decisions, I personally do not have the same convictions about this issue as I do about the previous two. But I do struggle with it. How does one weigh an animal life against a human life, or against the life of an animal of a different species? Is a net reduction of physical pain really a meaningful thing to aim for? What do we make of animals who prey on other animals?

I do consume animal products now but to say that I “went back” would be an oversimplification. The time I spent as a vegetarian and especially as a vegan had an immense impact on the choices I’ve made to this day, and I still maintain a primarily vegetarian diet in anything I eat at home.

My reasons for opening up to consuming animal products again were:

1. Pragmatism.

While I would like to believe that not eating meat my whole life would save a significant amount of carbon emissions, to really do good on the environment we need to take steps to make change on much bigger levels - legislation, education, culture. Ordering fries and a salad instead of fries and a hamburger is not going to make a huge impact. We need to teach our kids about the environment, make healthy options available (or blatantly unhealthy options not available?), support organic farmers, vote with these issues in mind, etc.

2. Pragmatism, part 2

I used to hope that perhaps my dietary choices would spark meaningful dialogue about the benefits of veg life. While I did experience some people warming to the idea, overwhelmingly it just led to misunderstandings and walls going up. Which leads me to…

3. Gratefulness.

Food is a blessing. A home-cooked meal is a gift. I once heard a vegetarian scoff about a roast chicken (thankfully not at the person who prepared it) “I can’t watch them just eating this carcass.” Kinda not cool.

I don’t impose my beliefs on other people, I don’t believe that eating meat is inherently wrong, and I don’t have any food allergies, so when I’m a guest in your home I don’t take it upon myself to ask you to change anything about how you cook.

If the scrooge-veg attitude were taken to its logical conclusion it wouldn’t be just about animals or not animals - what about the ethics involved in the rest of the meal? What distance were these avocados shipped? Was the woman who picked these coffee beans paid fairly? Does your household have an energy-efficient dishwasher? Just imagine someone asking you if there’s anything you don’t eat and your reply being, “Yes, please don’t use any ingredients that were grown outside of a five-kilometre radius of your home, or on land that could have been more efficiently used for a different crop.”

Now, I have no problem with vegetarians who have chosen to be stricter and let their hosts know. If you’re on a particular diet and you have good reasons for it then I would hope you could communicate it nicely and that it would be respected. That’s just not the place where I am.

4. Culture.

Going along with my last point, this recent Hank Green post pretty much sums up what I’d want to say about this.

As I said. Complicated. But I’m really glad you asked; I think these are important things for everyone to talk about and think about. Please reply/reblog/pm if you want to add anything!