teaching his son to drum

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I hope you dont mind me asking for another of your creativity - how about cute, fluffyness Ben as a daddy? The thought of him as a dad just makes my heart melt <3

@starless-skyox of course I don’t mind! Ben as a father absolutely makes my heart melt as well! 

Ben would be the kind of husband and father that while you were pregnant, took jobs that were close to home so he could make every pre-natal appointment and accompany you to Lamaze class and pregnancy yoga, wanting to keep an watchful eye on you and your unborn child. He’d have his car already pre-packed a week or two before you were due to make sure that all is in place so that when you go into labor, he doesn’t freak out and forget anything important. Coincidentally, he’d forget to take the car seat out of the box and would spend thirty minutes before your expected to check out of the hospital installing it in the car, giving you a cheeky grin when you’re rolled out to find him getting assistance from one of the nurses. 

 Once the baby was born he’d be eager to help you with diaper changing and feeding in the middle of the night, even if it means just rubbing your back while you breast feed. He’d want to be able to experience every moment with you. 

When he was away on jobs its would kill him, but he’d face time every night to read to his kids and wish them good night. If there were nights he couldn’t be there, he’d make pre-recorded videos you could share with them so they wouldn’t feel like he was abandoning them. It’d be very important that they know that he was devoted to them. 

He’d want a daughter so after having a son, he’d be eager to try for a girl just with the hope of getting her. She’d totally be daddy’s little girl and he’d equally want to expose them to all the things he was passionate about - tennis, the theater, music and nature.

When he is home in between jobs, he’d build forts out of blankets in the living room and chase them around, coming up with fantastical stories that the kids would build up on. He’d take them to school every morning and eagerly pick them up afterwards, knowing how much it would help and not wanting to get to know the parents and teachers at the schools they attend. 

He’d teach them how to make pancakes in the morning, and you’d walk down to a kitchen full of flour and them giggling, stirring the mix together. He’d turn to you with a big smile on his face and though you’d want to be angry with him, you wouldn’t be able to hold back your smile and laugh along with them as you join them on the fun. 

His daughter would want to dress him up and do makeup, and he’d happily let her paint his nails while his son would want for him to teach him the drums. He’d make sure that they both would pursued whatever they were passionate about, being their biggest cheerleader.

In short, best freaking dad ever.


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Ryder had been spending as much time with the twins as he possibly could before he left to start shooting his show. That day was one of the many he spent teaching his son to play drums. Which turned into a lot of just hitting them. He at least learned to not throw the drumsticks at his sister, which oddly took a while.