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Interesting fact, Persephone is pronounced Purr-seh(like the se in sex)-phone-eee I was talking to my Greek friend's great-grandfather who used to teach about Greek mythology and he said it is pronounced this way. It's why people often pronounce purr-seph-own or purr-seph-err-knee; it's a combination of both but when the stories spread to the east and west, because of accents, the pronunciation was off.

purr (like a cat) seh (like se-x) phone (like lady gaga) eee (like bee)

Honestly, though, the best part of teaching Greek mythology is that soft ‘huh’ coming from behind you as you’re finishing up a diagram of the gods and the relationships they have between them.

“Is something wrong?” you ask, turning around while you try, and fail, to clean white chalk off your fingers.

“It’s just,” the boy says, and then he blushes a bit, because people taking Latin are usually good and shy and the last thing they want is to get into a fight with a teacher. “Those two characters here - aren’t they both men?”

And okay, at this point everybody’s paying attention except the resident class child - that one girl who still has to use four different colours for everything she writes and will get upset if you point out she should only use black or blue when filling in exams. So, yeah, you look at the boy, and then at everybody else, and then you turn back, pretend to check.

“Yes, they are,” you say, frowning, as if you never had to answer that question before.

“So why is there a double line between them?”

“Because they were in a relationship at some point. Double lines are for sex, remember? Single lines are kids and parents, and double lines are lovers.”

Someone giggles. The two kids whose parents bring them along to weird art exhibitions - the ones who’ve grown up hearing frank political discussions and the occasional dirty joke - are now looking collected and a bit smug. The others are losing it, and fast - they look at the board, as if only just noticing the thing, and then at you.

“So, they were like, gay?” someone else asks, and it’s always a girl asking this question, because 'gay’ is just something boys aged 14 and a half never use - a Voldemort word, something that’s on your lips today and on everybody else’s tomorrow.

And this, of course, is the moment you’ve been waiting for - what the lesson was actually about. You wouldn’t plan a lesson around that, but you will mention the subject if it comes up, and so you start talking, about all of it - about sexual orientation being a cultural construct, about the Greek language not even having a term for 'gay’ and 'straight’, about warriors falling in love with each other and neglecting their teenage wives, about the fact our society is still coming to terms with something people have known in their hearts for millennia - that there’s no choosing and no free will, not about this. About how the most important thing is to respect yourself and each other, and the rest doesn’t matter all that much.

Statistically, in every class there’s a kid who’s struggling with this. Maybe two. Here things are not as bad as they could be, but it’s still hard, especially when you’re fourteen and you think you may be the only one and you don’t want to be different and how the hell can you even have a conversation about these things, with anyone?

And sometimes when you talk about these things - and dedicated teachers will find a way to include this speech somehow, because you never know who might need an ally, and who might need to hear it said out loud - teachers who love their kids will mention the issue when discussing Michelangelo and Leonardo and Shakespeare and the Iliad - sometimes you see exactly who these kids are. Sometimes you see them looking at you, wide-eyed and fearful and yet full to the brim with that Go on look that’s so endearing on any kind of student. And sometimes all you see is their floppy hair, because they will keep scribbling in their notebooks and pretending like this is uninteresting and embarrassing and Oh my God, but the tips of their ears are getting red, and you find yourself hoping they’ll get a hug today, because they really need it.


| Make me choose → | JOHN KEATS  or  & PERCY SHELLEY|

“Where is Keats now? I am anxiously expecting him in Italy where I shall take care to bestow every possible attention on him. I consider his a most valuable life, & I am deeply interested in his safety. I intend to be the physician both of his body & his soul, to keep the one warm & to teach the other Greek & Spanish. I am aware indeed that I am nourishing a rival who will far surpass me and this is an additional motive & will be an added pleasure.” -  Percy Bysshe Shelley letter to Marianne Hunt on 29 October 1820.


W H A T  D O  W E  K N O W  O F  T H E  S U N ?;  a fanmix for a southern gothic greek mythology au

it’s only the railroad track that reminds this town that they aren’t alone in this world, but i don’t think it would make much of a difference. the tracks split this town, right down main street, but there’s a bridge that runs overhead of the tracks, so i guess that makes up for it. there’s a smell here that i never knew before, the kind that sticks to your skin and blackens your lungs, it’s something of gunpowder, dirt, and dust, but it’s the blood you’ll remember. i first knew it when i walked out of the diner at the corner of athens and thebes. there’s a hole right in the bricks by the doorway. i heard that’s where zeus right missed his daddy’s head with his pistol, and as the story goes, he doesn’t miss twice, and from the quiet of that man’s eyes, i’ll believe it to my grave. the building next to the diner is where icarus fell, though everyone but his own kin says it was a jump, no one was surprised, that boy has been burning long before i knew him. town ends with the woods, hades’s property, but most avoid it because the trees are the same color as gravestones, vines and all. In fact, the only time people go in there is to see hecate, mostly it’s teary eyed women praying for all sorts of things, sometimes it’s for their husband’s love, sometimes for a life to be brought back to ‘em, only demeter went along that way for something new. we all know what happens down that way by the smoke that gathers above the trees and the upturned graves, but it’s best to just say nothing at all, just like everything ‘round here. people here don’t care about the rest of the world, and, hell, i don’t blame 'em when it’s their own blood they need to worry about.  [listen]

Okay but think of this:
•Percy and Annabeth purposely making their children’s life’s as amazing as possible.
•Percy and Annabeth going out of their way to find technology to make their children’s normal public schools safe from monsters
•Percy and Annabeth helping their kids with their homework and talking to them and making sure they’re okay at school
•Percy and Annabeth who go to every single one of their children’s school games. Whether it’s a football game or swim meet or a fucking chess completion THEY GO
•Percy and Annabeth taking their kids on trips to museums, to the beach, to DISNEY LAND
•Percy and Annabeth taking their kids to Camp Half Blood for a week or so every summer
•Percy and Annabeth taking their kids to hang with the Graces, and Zhangs and the Underwoods
•Percy and Annabeth personally teaching their children Greek myths and overtime the king them stories about them as children
•Percy and Annabeth teaching their kids ways to fight monsters just in case they ever needed to
•Percy and Annabeth watching their childrwn grow from babies to toddlers to kids to pre teens to teenager OML
•Percy and Annabeth crying as their children one by one trickle out of their house and getting on to their own lives
•Percy and Annabeth just being great supportive parents who want their children to live good lives and not face the same burdens they ever have

whatcha-gonna-do-about-it-huh said to wearepjocrazy: How do you think Percy would be like as a mentor toward younger campers?

*deep breath* Okay hun, let’s get this down right now.

Percy Jackson is known as the child whisperer. 

No one knows how he’s so good with children; he’s just like a magnet made specifically for the youngin’s

Annabeth hypothesizes that it’s the lack of other siblings that brings him closer to the other campers. Percy’s not so sure about that, but he loves the attention.

The one thing he doesn’t do: Teach them sword fighting.

I see so many headcanons where Percy is the instructor for sword-skills, but guys… That was Luke’s job. Percy subconsciously hear’s Luke’s instructions, even 5 years later. His loyalty was broken for the first time, and that person who broke it was Luke. Percy would never, I repeat, never want Luke’s job.

He’ll watch Harley build deadly weapons infused with magically powers *coughcoughtridentcoughcough*, or sit down in the Aphrodite Cabin as a 4 year old girl paints his nails with blue holo and braid his hair. He listens to a child of Dike rant on and on about how ‘Senator So-and-so was totally politically incorrect about this-that’ dispite the fact he’s only 7. Wanna go canoeing? Percy legit says ‘oh no let’s get the surf boards instead’ and teaches them how to surf Jason tags along because Percy drags him into it and teases him for not knowing what to do on a board. He teaches Greek and Roman Mythology lessons and make sure the children understand by having them set up plays to preform for each other the Aphrodite children particularly love the Pyche/Eros one where Percy and Annabeth did ‘Love is an Open Door’. His patience is so comically high around children (just don’t call him seaweed brain).

Just… Percy is a child magnet. He clicks with them from the very beginning and they all love him and just big brother Percy comes out.

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I was wondering what would happen to a demigod born and raised in smaller countries or in Oceanian islands. When they discover their "nature", how are they going to be able to get to New York? Especially if they are poor? And what about the language barrier? Or even if they want to stay in their island despite the danger? What would be their lives? Do you have any headcanon about this? I know it's a lot to ask but I'm really curious ❤️

Yes I do actually! I’m of the belief even if the Gods are ‘tethered’ to Western culture, they still have children all around the world. Within the books the demigods are made to believe that it’s very rare for a child not to make it to camp - but how do we know that’s true? How do we know there aren’t demigods out there just living their lives? Not everyone can afford to make it to CHB, esPECIALLY if they live out of the country.

I would like to think, however, that Chiron has a program for demigods who are poor, funded by the strawberry farms. Where (I must say I don’t know much about VISAS or green cards or anything) he has a program that offers kids to come to CHB, either full-year or during the summers. Of course, there have to be kids that reject this and refuse to go.

And I mean, what is Chiron gonna do if a kid doesn’t wanna go? He can’t force them.

I also support the head canon that there are other, smaller camps, in other countries and on other continents. Think about it. What demigods did we meet that weren’t American (apart from Frank)? I support the idea that a lot of countries have camps, or schools, or something that keeps demigods safe, run by older demigods, one’s that originally refused/couldn’t attend CHB. Demigods in other countries who refuse the offer of CHB, or can’t swing it, may get outsourced to one of those, or just go to those flat out.

Through the language barrier … almost all demigods have dyslexia. As Annabeth explained, their brains were meant for Greek not English. I assume this problem would traverse across all languages, probably less so in languages like Russian where the alphabets were originally derived from the Greek alphabet, but it would still be prevalent. Demigods all have a natural talent for understanding/learning Greek, so I think Greek would probably be taught as the immediate language so that everyone could communicate in. Other languages are also known around camp, French and Spanish both are mentioned being spoken around camp in a couple different cabins. English is a really hard language to learn so yeah I think they would probably try and teach Greek.

Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up to Sirius sleeping. I smiled remembering what happened yesterday. We were married! I tickled Sirius’ cheek to wake him up. When his eyes opened, I kissed him softly on the lips.

“Goodmorning my husband..” I said.

“Goodmorning husby.. You look hot.” He smirked.

“You look hotter..” I giggled.

“I miss our son, can we go get him so he can cuddle us?” Sirius said with puppy eyes.

“I was about to say the same thing..” I smiled.

Sirius took the hotel phone and called James’ room so he could bring Teddy to us. Minutes later we heared a knock on the door.


The door opened and Teddy came rushing in, his arms open, ready for a hug. Sirius picked him up from the floor and gave him a big hug.

“Oh my Teddy bear I missed your cuddles!” He chuckled.

“Are you two still naked?” James asked, his hand on his eyes.

“No we’re not you idiot!” Sirius laughed.

“Okay okay. Well, you got your deliver, my job is done, goodbye!” James said, leaving the room with a salute.

“Dadda!” Teddy said, crawling in the sheets so he could hug me.

“Oh c'mere my baby!” I chuckled.

We spent the morning in the big bed, cuddled into eachother. We had breakfast together, looking over the beautiful Parisian city.

“Oh by the way, we have to take the plane tonight..” I said to Sirius.

“Where are you taking me for our honeymoon love?” Sirius smirked.

“I was thinking about.. maybe a beach house in Greece?” I said, smirking too.

Sirius’ mouth just dropped and he was frozen in place.

“Pads?” I asked, laughing.

“We’re not going to Greece..?”

“Actually we are!” I said, laughing even harder.

“You know how big of a Greek mythology geek I am right?” He asked.

“That’s why I chose Greece Honey..” I said.

“I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOUUUU!” He said, jumping in my arms.

“You’re happy?” I asked.

“I’m more than happy! I get to go on a honeymoon with my husband in Greece?! How better could it be?” Sirius said.

After he said that, we both looked at the small Teddy sitting in the giantic bed, alone. He was smiling to us, looking like an angel.

“We can’t leave him behind babe.. look at him..I would miss him way too much.. Look at how cute he is.. Would you mind if we took him with us? Babe just imagine him running around the beach?” Sirius said, pouting a bit.

“Would we be the first "Just Married” couple to take their baby boy on our honeymoon?“

I looked at him and he looked at me. We both looked at Teddy…

"Fuck it! He’s coming with us! We’ll put him in his crib earlier so we can have sex on the beach..” Sirius said.

“Sirius! Would you not say that in front of him!” I laughed.

“He doesn’t even know what it means babe c'mon!” Sirius laughed, kissing my lips lovingly.

“Well we should start packing because we’re leaving soon!” I said, running to the bed and tickling Teddy.

“You leavin?” Teddy said, pouting and looking at us with glossy eyes.

“No baby.. We could never leave you! C'mere my love..” I said, taking him in my arms.

“How would you like to go to Greece? We could talk about Athena and Aphrodite and Homer’s poems? Maybe?” Sirius said, looking at Teddy.

“What?” Teddy laughed.

“Well I need to teach you some Greek mythology my baby!” Sirius laughed.

We packed, said our goodbyes to our family and jumped in the plane heading to Greece.

I’ll write when we get there!

May 21st 1998

Okay but what if there was PBSTeens?

Not PBS, not PBSKids/Go. PBSTeens. And while there are some new shows, what if old ones came back in a new way? Think about it, teenaged Cybersquad is helping you solve Algebra and Geometry, teenaged Wordgirl is teaching a higher vocabulary, Greek and Latin roots, and translating Shakespeare, and Arthur and the gang are going through highschool, facing and overcoming/coping with several of the same problems you are going through.

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Can I request h/c for what it would be like to be Wonder Woman's son? I mean we see a lot about Dianna's daughter, but what if she had instead a son, a male amazonian.

Sweets, you are dousing oil on the fire I have for Wonder Woman!! and I absolutely love it!! Still can’t get over Wonder Woman, tbh. Hope this suffices? Enjoy!

  • Being Diana’s son means that you are almost as powerful as your mother. Not only that, your fighting style is also quite similar to Diana too. The only difference is that you don’t use the Lasso of Truth as much whenever you are involved in a fight. You are trained exactly like how Diana had been trained in Themyscira.
  • You grew up listening to a lot of stories about Themyscira from Diana. She tells you the history of how she came to be, of where she came from, of her life’s mission. I see Diana as someone that is very understanding and will always tell you to find who you are by yourself and to look for a purpose in life. Diana will tell you that you don’t necessarily have to follow in her footsteps.
  • You will most likely have your very own crest too - in the form of a belt buckle instead of how Diana wears hers. If you decide to become a superhero. Otherwise, you will still keep Diana’s symbol as a part of your logo for your business card, etcetera.
  • History is definitely your favourite subject! If you choose to become a superhero, your day job is mostly either at the museums where you collect and take care of artifacts or you are a lecturer that teaches Greek History or something related to that.
  • Just like Diana, you also speak a whole lot of languages – Diana makes sure to teach you because knowing several different languages are always an advantage - and this makes you very well liked in your school years. Also does not help the fact that you are extremely good looking too. 
  • Most likely very popular in school too. People like you because of how nice yet firm you are, how smart you are and of course, being handsome is also one of the perks. You have a personality that is a little bit stubborn, responsible and mature too. Once you have set your mind on something, you will never back down from it even when the possibility of it actually successful is very low.
  • Being Wonder Woman’s son would also mean that you would know everyone from the League. This means you get to know Superman – Clark – as well as Batman – Bruce. By proxy, you also know of their apprentices: Jon as well as Damian.
  • The two of them quickly become your best friends. You and Damian would always butt head because of differences in matter of opinions though most of the time, you would always let Damian do as he please because you like taking chances as well.
  • You are probably the oldest amongst them so you always take care of them too. But rather than leading, you like to follow instead, choosing to only lead when it is absolutely necessary. Headcanon: Damian, Jon and you are the new trinity and a force to reckon with. It’s awe-inspiring and a little terrifying to be quite honest.

Not to brag (lol jk I’m totally bragging) but I have the _best_ VBS group ever this year??? Like they’re all so smart and goofy and I taught them how to say “Jesus Christ is victorious” in Greek and when ever they got too rowdy I’d shout “HUDDLE UP!” And they’d gather around me like ducklings and then we’d start chanting “JESUS CHRISTOS NIKA” and a bunch of them even wanted to lead the chant themselves and basically what I’m getting at is my children are bombin💖💖💖

What if disney and rosetta stone…..teamed up together and the disney characters would teach lil kiddos how to speak a different language. Like…belle and the beast teach french, aladdin and jasmine teach an arabic language, hercules and meg can teach greek, rapunzel teaches german (i think her tale is from germany), mulan and mushu teach chinese and lilo and stitch and Nani can teach the Hawaiian language.

How fuckin incredible would that be. Fun for kids and new knowledge on speaking another language.

Imagine Hades agreeing to teach you Greek. 

Every day for one hour he puts you in an immersive environment. He labels things in Greek, speaks only Greek. He’ll narrate what he’s doing. If you aren’t able to spend the hour together, he’ll text in Greek.

Then you try to ask for a kiss but can’t remember the words. So you just ask in English. 

“Can I have a kiss?” You ask, puckering your lips.

Hades looks up from his book with a quiet, “τι?”

Moments like these make you want to learn the language all at once or scream. But if you want to scream during that hour it’s gotta be in Greek

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how can I learn latin without taking classes? I can understand just a few words but not complete phrases or texts, I also cannot enroll into courses or classes because where I live no one teaches either latin or greek. I'm totally in love with latin and I look forward to learn it. What do you recommend me doing?


Basic Grammar

A very basic introduction to Latin

A youtube based latin course

The Latin textbook taught at my college (which includes a few dozen pages of practice sentences with the translations provided after the main body of the textbook. It would be a good idea to contact someone who does know Latin to help you work through parts you don’t understand and correct you on some of your translations.)

Another youtube course part 1 and part 2

A free online course

The Perseus Latin Word Study Tool

Quizlet, which you can use to practice with sets of flashcards that other people have already made.

When you’re first learning, make sure you practice your noun declensions and verb conjugations over and over and over until you can recognize each form by sight and remember how it’s supposed to be used. I like to write out declensions and conjugations on a little dry erase board.

You can probably find quite a few more resources online. Hopefully this helps!