teaching graffiti

“Guzma why are you in my office again–”


“Did you graffiti the ‘S’ symbol on the side of the school for the second time this week Guzma–”

oh my god nanu will fucking DIE put him in that position, just fukin do it. Good idea. Teachers come to him with problems and he just sighs because most of them can be fixed without his help. Also he… Oh my god does he have like themed calendars and a “Hang in the, baby!” kitten poster on the wall. Now I’ve never watched this show but from the top of my head I know he’s this:

Salty winter adult post-graduation headcanons:

Bitty works as an apprentice baker in the bakery of a large grocery store until he begins to loathe the smell of yeast.  He realizes that monetizing his passion is the surest way of killing it, and quits.  Jack supports him while he goes for career counselling.  After that he bakes as a hobby and his new coworkers all love his pie.

Lardo becomes a sales associate at Michaels and takes over teaching the painting courses.  She loathes plugging a cash register, but lives for helping people reconnect with their creativity.  After a few years a local community arts centre hires her for two nights a week to teach graffiti and watercolour painting to underprivileged teenagers.