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New Educhum

Guys, my friend @iamnotyourteacher just made a teaching tumblr blog and ought to be pulled into the community.  He is student teaching at a high school and wants to be a middle school English teacher.

I know I don’t know everyone in the community and will probably forget some of the ones I do; so if I do forget you please reblog or say something! 



















anonymous asked:

HI! I'm a middle school science teacher and just came across your tumblr. It's so nice to know that I'm not alone in this crazy space. Although my tumblr blog is mostly fandom related, I'm curious if there are other fun or useful teaching tumblr blogs you've come across? Would you mind sharing a few? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your comments!

I follow a few:

@deathbyteaching @iwasyourteacher @teachingfeelslike @teaching-everydayisdifferent @theperilsofteaching @thegirlthatteaches @thesecretdiaryofateacher @snowcanteach

- there may be some others that I’m missing - the rest of you can comment below so we can get connected!

#Educhums I am digging…some new, some since the very first day. xx


@actually-willow@adiemtocarpe@ambedu@amberjoyloves@allisonunsupervised@andimtheteacher@anotefromyoursubstitute@ariamuse@autumn-viking@beeps-bravely-through-her-fear @coffee-teach-wine@concerto4art-and-education@dwendog@earlyeducation-education@education-is-my-life@edukaition@elviajedelaesperanza@enhancemymind


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Educhums Secret Santa!

Hello, Educhums!

It is about time to spread some holiday cheer to the people you love. Since you are all, in fact, people I love, I decided to put together a little Secret Santa for us. I set up a Google Form to gather the information and I’ll send out e-mails with everyone’s partner on November 21, 2014. That gives you about two weeks to sign up if you’d like. Hopefully this method works! It is my first time trying out a Google Form.

Here is the link: Educhums Secret Santa!

Last year we did an awesome exchange of baked goods. (teaching-everydayisdifferent is a wonderful baker!) I am leaving that up in the air if anyone would like to organize that separately. I would personally love to join both, but I’m sure there are people out there who may only want to do one.

That being said, this exchange is specifically for cards and small gifts. Costs vary, but I tend to spend around $20 for the gift and $10 for shipping and packaging, give or take! Packages should be shipped by December 13, 2014 (or earlier if possible!) so that they arrive on time.

I’m excited about this! Hope all of you are, too. :]