teaching cpr

Nya Try's to Teach CPR, The Thrilling Conclusion!
  • Nya: *facepalms* Yeah, you didn't maintain one hundred beats per minute, and an ambulance never showed up because no one called 911. So, you lost him.
  • Zane: Ok, he is dead. Anyone know what to do next? Anyone? Lloyd?
  • Lloyd: I have no idea.
  • Zane: Anyone else?
  • Skylor: We bury him?
  • Zane: Wrong. We check for an organ donor card. If he has one, there are only minutes to harvest!
  • Ronin: He has no wallet, I checked.
  • Kai: He's an organ donor.
  • Zane: He is!?
  • Kai: Yeah!
  • Zane: Then get me a styrofoam bucket, *pulls a knife from out of no where* here we go!
  • Everyone: *flips out as Zane stabs the dummy's chest!*
  • Nya: Oh God, what are you doing?
  • Zane: Searching for the organs. *his hand fishing around inside the dummy* Where is the heart?........The precious heart.......
  • Wu: I'm not feeling so well, I need to sit down.
  • Lloyd: *pulls out a chair for Wu* Are you OK?
  • Zane: *turns around making Hannibal Lector sounds, now wearing the dummy's face on his face, causing everyone to freak out again*
  • Nya: This is the last time I try to teach you people anything.