teaching aid

after Breath of the Wild

I don’t know, just some stuff about what would happen after defeating Calamity Ganon + If the spirits of the king and the champions stuck around to oversee the rebuilding of Hyrule/train their successors


  • First thing Sidon did when he saw Mipha is start crying and try to jump-hug her (he was a lot smaller last time they actually saw one another…) 
  • He ended up going right through her though
  • but it’s alright because now that Mipha’s spirit is free, she can visit her dad and make sure the rest of the domain is in good shape!
  • She cried when she saw the statue of her. in fact, there was a lot of crying from everyone because they just really missed her, but it’s good now because she’s more or less back.
  • She spent days in the throne room with her father, just catching up with all that’s happened in the time that’s passed. Luckily, the domain remained decently similar, and many of her old companions were still there to see her return.
  • After agreeing that Sidon should take her place as the Zora champion, She’s started teaching him how to pilot Vah Rutah, and he’s learning exceptionally fast. She’s really proud of him
  • She’s also teaching him some first aid. it’s no Mipha’s Grace but he’s got the basics down!
  • Sidon is honestly thrilled to be following in his sister’s footseps, but naturally he still has doubts and anxieties about the future. In times where he needs comforting, Mipha is always there to listen to his worries and guide him towards becoming a great king some day
  • whenever Link and Zelda visit, the whole domain throws a lovely party and feast to welcome them (there may or may not be some arguments over who gets to sit next to link)
  • The whole domain just really feels like the loving and wonderful place it once was. Mipha spends a lot of her time with Vah Ruta, just like she used to, only now with much more company. Sidon is quite the enthusiastic learner after all
  • Even though she’s happy to be back, Mipha seems to be the only one of the champions who has acknowledged and accepted the fact that she’s going to have to pass on eventually; her people can’t rely on her forever. She finds comfort in the fact that she’ll at least have said goodbye and prepared them for when that day comes


  • As soon as he got back he immediately went to find Yunobo; he may or may not have given the poor boy quite the scare
  • but Yunobo is still thrilled to meet his ancestor! 
  • honestly he’s actually a little afraid that Daruk will be dissapointed in him for not being big, strong, and courageous, even though he isn’t as much of a wimp as he used to be
  • Daruk is actually overjoyed to find him and the rest of the gorons in such good shape, and he certainly couldn’t be more proud of his great great (?) grandson for all that he’s done to help
  • Daruk doesn’t want the others to know he’s back just yet, though. it’s gotta be a surprise at just the right moment, he says.
  • Yunobo really wants to spill the beans, but he doesn’t because Daruk is having a lot of fun appearing to the village children in secret and telling them cool stories about himself
  • In turn these kids went blabbing to the adults about “how they saw the great Daruk in person”, and of course they had to tell the children that that can’t be true because Daruk isn’t here anymore
  • it’s around here that Daruk rides Vah Rudania down the mountain and shows up with all the glory he can muster. For him I think it’s go big or go home
  • Obviously he chooses Yunobo to take the role of champion in his place
  • Yunobo learns to pilot Rudania a bit faster than Daruk did, and he manages to become even more confident with his success
  • Daruk praises him as the pride of the gorons for becoming so strong and brave, but also remaining soft and nice
  • Everyone still uses him as a canonball though
  • Daruk just spends his time joyfully regaling the whole village and all passing travelers with stories passed down through the gorons for ages. He’s also the best person to go to if you need a really motivating pep-talk.


  • None of the Rito actually know he’s back, because so far he’s been chilling in Vah Medoh and basking in his glory
  • He realized he needs someone to shower him in compliments carry on his legacy, so he picked Teba, thinking he was the most suitable choice
  • of course, since Teba wants to be a great Rito warrior he would never deny the offer of training, and from the great Revali of all people!
  • Teba quickly finds himself… surprised that the old stories he was told growing up forgot to mention the fact Revali is kind of… well, a jerk.
  • He’s finding it harder and harder to believe this boisterous guy training him to pilot a DIVINE BEAST was actually a well respected warrior, let alone his hero and inspiration basically
  • but he can’t deny the training has really paid off; his archery skills have never been this good and he’s never flown so smoothly.
  • and he might not say it explicitly, but Revali is really proud and he really starts to see Teba as his apprentice
  • the only other’s in the tribe who know about Revali’s spirit are Saki and Tulin. but there’s been rumours going around the village that if you look hard enough into the night sky, you can see a ghostly figure pulling off some admittedly cool tricks
  • Revali isn’t the absolute best with children, but he’s taken a liking to Tulin and helps train him when Teba can’t. Tulin started calling him “uncle” and honestly Teba is afraid he’s lost his son’s favour
  • Link and the princess stop by on occasion to check up on things and provide maintenance to Medoh, Revali still tries to one-up link every time (and fails every time)
  • at this point, Kass is also back home with his family and has started writing songs of his own. when he has the chance, Revali swoops down to listen to the music. he found most of the songs are about the hero of legend, which actually irritated him a bit, but he was beyond delighted to find Kass has written a whole song dedicated to him and his accomplishments. no he’s not crying, there’s just dust in his eye ok


  • man Urbosa is happy to be back. she was worried sick about her people, how could she not be? But now she’s gotta pay visit to the new chief and make sure everything’s running smoothly
  • Now that she’s face to face with Riju, she can really see just how young she is. Urbosa is honestly upset someone who is barely just a teenager got forced into a position of power, and by losing her mother no less. She’s seen similar happen with Zelda, and she’d hoped she wouldn’t have to see it again.
  • anyway, she struts in Riju’s room as cool as ever. Riju is, understandably, in awe
  • Urbosa takes it upon herself to see that Riju gets the proper upbringing she deserves to grow up to become a good chief
  • She doesn’t want to stress her with the whole “becoming the new champion” thing until she’s older and can handle something like that, but Riju has been begging to start learning more about Vah Naboris. Urbosa can’t quite say no, so slowly she’s been teaching her about the divine beast’s history and how it works; she’ll save the actual piloting work for another time.
  • Every day Riju becomes stronger and more confident as a chief, and it shows! the whole town is very proud of this recent development, but they can’t help but wonder how she managed such progress all of a sudden
  • Urbosa makes sure Riju gets her break time too, though. Riju was embarrassed at first about her sand seal plushie collection and what Urbosa would think about it, but she was actually delighted in her interest for the animals. long story short, now they spend their time together talking about seals and making bad puns
  • Urbosa gives really good sand seal surfing advice too; she knew how to ride the dunes better than anyone in her day
  • on the side, Bularia is afraid she’s being replaced, but can’t be too mad because this is Urbosa we’re talking about here. Her fears are put to rest once the champion actually approaches her just to tell her she’s doing a great job, and that she’s thankful for her service. (she cried)

quick bonus:

  • The king is back too and he made things right with Zelda. he’s super proud of his daughter, and this time he doesn’t make the mistake of not telling her.
  • since she’s normally out and about with Link, trying to assess the damage and start the repairs on the kingdom, He hangs around what’s left of the castle until they return
  • Now that the whole apocalypse thing isn’t in the way, he finally has the chance to properly teach Zelda about running a kingdom
  • Zelda managed to recreate a bond with her father, and she put his advice to good use when restoring Hyrule to it’s former glory
Is this my familiar?

this is a post dedicated to strictly working with domestic familiars (an animal familiar that lives with you), and is geared towards people who think that might have found theirs. this a response to the multiple asks about familiars i have received recently. this is one of a few posts about them to come 

First off what is a domestic familiar? 

The domestic Familiar is an animal that stays with the Witch, it is an animal that you have a strong connection with, Both psychically and magically. They may offer guidance, teachings aid in magical working and form a deep connection with us for the remainder of their natural lifespan. 

I have a cat can i make them be my familiar? 

Just because you own an animal doesn’t automatically make it a domestic Familiar, so don’t start thinking that you can suddenly force your beloved pet cat into some form of magickal service for you. The animal must choose you and want to work with you of its own free will.

if you start to preform a ritual and the animal suddenly leaves, let it go. it doesn’t want to participate. if the animal only remains becuase you force it to, it is not your domestic familiar. nor will it ever be most likely. 

I want a familiar how do i get one? 

as mentioned above you cant simply force an animal into being your familiar. but when you are ready your familiar will find you. it might take awhile, and keep in mind that is not something you need, many modern witches have beloved amazing pets in their lives who are not familiars. having/not having one doesn’t make you any more or less of a witch.   

But if you are determined to find one you can, it just takes time. they could be in your life already and you might not even know it, or they could be at a shelter, an adoption agency, a pet store, the stray that hangs out all the time, ect ect  as long as an animal is willing/wants to work with you it can become your familiar. 

if you do not have an animal in you life that acts as your familiar, give it some serious thought before you go out and get one. after all an animal is a life, they require, food, proper housing, possibly medical care ect ect. you have to make sure that you can meet all the requirements that they will need to happy live and thrive in your home.  They will find you when the time is right and you are ready. 

“So i have become a witch recently and my cat has been acting strange and touches my altar does this mean they are my familiar?” 

before you go and assume that this animal is your familiar you should maybe ask yourself some of these question. 

  • Why are they doing this, is it a normal behavior for them?
  • if its a new animal could they just be getting used to you?
  • What reasons could they be performing this behavior? 
  • what reasons could be making them attracted to my work (curious, new smells or sounds)
  • How uncommon is this behavior for the animal overall as a species?
  • How persistent are they in showing this new behavior or interest?
  • Is the animal okay medically (did they start any new medications)? 
  • How long does this behavior continue?
  • do they show signs of wanting to work with me?
  • am i ready for this?
  • Is this safe for them?

This concludes the beginning of my familiar posts, there will be more to come in the future, Next is Familiar safety. If you have any questions feel free to ask me
- honeycoyote -

So let’s do a brief thought experiment type thing about American college tuition. I’ve heard more than one person tout the “I worked during the summer so I could pay for school” idea, and I find that hella interesting.
So let’s say you worked eight weeks (June 1-Aug 1) at minimum wage, 25 hours a week. “Why 25 hours a week,” you ask, “when full-time is 40 hours a week?” For one thing, I don’t think it’s fair to ask an 18 year old to graduate high school and immediately begin working full time at a minimum wage job in order to pursue an education to (presumably) avoid working full time at a minimum wage job. For another, it’s actually pretty fucking difficult to get full time hours at a minimum wage, entry level job — full time means benefits, so nearly all places would rather keep you just under the full time cut off. But I’ll run this math with both 25 hours, the reasonable projection, and 40 hours, the insane workaholic idealistic projection.

8 weeks x $7.25 x 25 hours = $1,450
8 weeks x $7.25 x 40 hours = $2,320

If our theory is that a high school graduate should be able to work over the summer and make enough to pay for college the next year, college should cost no more than $2,320 per year. That includes tuition, books, and class fees — I’ll give room and board a pass because I don’t think that’s a feasible adjustment to make at this point. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, PEOPLE. FOR A YEAR.

There are 168 hours in a week. If you worked literally all of those hours, which is obviously impossible both physically and financially, you would make $1,218. In a summer, you would make between $9.744 and $12,180 WHICH IS STILL. AT MANY SCHOOLS. LESS THAN A YEAR’S TUITION.

This is impossible. Just for comparison, LSU, my darling state university subsidized by the state which accepts state scholarships like TOPS, charges in-state residents about $8,700 a year in tuition and fees. Out of state residents pay $26,476 — again, only in tuition and fees, not books or living space or food (or parking, or the dozen other ways a university charges you money). Housing and food are an estimated $10,000 more per year.

I’ve been out of college for several years now, and I don’t regret having gone. I test exceptionally well, and my bachelor’s degree cost me no money; I actually made money off of scholarships and federal grants. Grad school brought in some student loans, but still, I am extremely fortunate in this country, and I know that. But my youngest sister is sixteen, and my stepsister has two children. College tuition and the incredibly fucked up market that is the American educational system don’t stop mattering when you graduate, or when I do. This is unacceptable, and it has to change.

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Prompt; Sportacus gets a large cut on his arm from saving that darn kitten from the tree and robbie takes care of him.

“And what,” Robbie asked, “are you all doing?”

Sportacus, Stingy, Trixie, and Ziggy all looked up at him. Trixie was wrapping a thick white gaze all around Sportacus’ right arm. Stingy had a plastic toy stethoscope around his ears and the other end pressed against the wrong side of Sportacus’ chest. Ziggy was coloring on the gaze.

“I’m showing Sportacus that already know how to do first aid,” Trixie explained, “He’s hurt and I’m fixing him.”

“And I’m making sure his heart is still beating. We don’t want to lose him,” Stingy said.

“I’m coloring on his bandages to make him feel better!” Ziggy declared, waving a red marker at Robbie.

Sportacus didn’t say anything. He just smiled up at Robbie in a ‘What can you do’ sort of way.

Robbie sat beside them all, “How is he hurt?”

“He scratched his arm on the tree,” Trixie said.


“Here.” She traced a line over the gaze on his lower arm with her finger, just below his inner elbow.

“So you’re… covering his whole arm?”

“It was my idea,” Stingy said, “We need to be extra careful.”

Sportacus snickered. Robbie rolled his eyes.

“Alright, take that stuff off. I’ll show you first aid.”

Trixie undid the bandages. Robbie had been expecting the cut to be much smaller than her description, as children had a way of blowing things out of proportion.

What he saw was worse.

“You got this from a tree?!” He cried, taking Sportacus’ wrist and examining the cut.

Sportacus shrugged, “It’s just a cut. Doesn’t really hurt.”

The ‘cut’ was a long gash starting from his elbow and ending a inch or so from his wrist. Robbie glared at the kids.

“Have you cleaned it?”

Ziggy frowned, “Well… no.”

“He got cut on a tree. You need to clean cuts like that!”

“I knew that!” Stingy declared.

“Then go get some disinfectant!” Robbie snapped. All three kids jumped up and raced away. Robbie shook his head. When he turned back to Sportacus, he found the elf smiling again.

“What are you so happy about?” Robbie grumbled, “You could have lost your arm with all the help they were.”

“Thank you for teaching them first aid,” Sportacus explained, “That was my goal.”

“I wasn’t helping them.”

His smiling grew impossibly brighter,  “Then thank you for helping me.”

Robbie blushed and looked away.

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Imagine an Adaption of The Princess Bride with the Star Wars cast. OT or PT, what would the roles be and how would adapt it?

Okay, well obviously Anakin is the slave boy / man in black / Dread Sith Lord Vader. (But not the real Lord Vader. Anakin took the title from the man who supposedly killed him, but who in fact took him on as an apprentice; his name was really Dooku. He himself had inherited the title from the previous Lord Vader, who was not the real Lord Vader either. His name was Sifo-Dyas. The real Lord Vader had been retired thirty years and living like a king on Nar Shaddaa. It was the name, Dooku explained, that was important for inspiring the necessary fear. No one would surrender to the Dread Sith Lord Ani.)

Padmé is the simple peasant girl Palpatine picked to be Queen of Naboo. Originally, he planned to have her murdered on her coronation and the Trade Federation blamed for it, thus sparking the war that would bring him to power. But when that fails, he has to regroup and finally decides it’s going to be so much more moving when he has her killed not as an innocent victim but as a martyr.

Nute Gunray has been secretly hired by Palpatine to murder Padmé and start a war (a prestigious line of work, with a long and glorious tradition). He in turn has hired two mercenaries to help him with the task: the former Jedi padawan turned drunken soldier of fortune Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the prospector and prize fighter Dexter Jettster.*

Obi-Wan saw his Jedi master murdered by a mysterious tattooed Sith Lord when he was still a padawan. Now, Obi-Wan loved his master, and so naturally he challenged his murderer to a duel. He failed, but the Sith let him live, and now he has dedicated his life to revenge…and left the Jedi Order to seek it. He’s been searching for the tattooed Sith ever since.

Dex is honestly in this gig for the money, but he’s forever annoying Nute with his horrible dad jokes and puns, and in spite of himself he’s basically adopted Obi-Wan. The guy clearly needs someone to look after him.

Maul is the tattooed Sith Obi-Wan is searching for. He’s been working as Palpatine’s lieutenant all this time. His assistant Ventress keeps his Pit of Despair running smoothly.

Barriss is the Jedi healer who used to work for the Republic, until the Republic’s stinking Chancellor fired her (and all the other Jedi), and thank you so much for bringing up such a painful subject.

Ahsoka is not a witch, she’s her wife, but after what Barriss just said, she’s not even sure she wants to be that anymore.

Yoda is a very impressive clergyman indeed. Because of reasons.


A few choice scenes:

Anakin learning fencing and the Force and anything else people will teach him while playing aide to Dooku’s Dread Sith Lord Vader.

“Good night, Anakin. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”


Obi-Wan helping Anakin scale a cliff so that they can have a proper duel. “I see you’re a Sith Lord,” he says. “You don’t by any chance have tattoos on your face?”

“Do you always begin conversations this way?”

Obi-Wan tells his story, after which Anakin graciously removes his mask to show that his face is tattoo-free. And then they fight. It’s all very cordial.


“Why are you wearing a mask?” Dex asks. “Were you burned by lava or something?”

“Oh no, it’s just they’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”


Anakin and Nute Gunray have a battle of wits.

“But Sarlaac venom is from Tatooine, and Tatooine, as everyone knows, is entirely peopled with criminals, who are used to not being trusted as you are not trusted by me, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you.”


Padmé and Anakin escape to Tatooine (it’s definitely Tatooine), where they attempt to hide out from Palpatine.

“What are the three dangers of Tatooine? One, the lightning sand. No problem. Two, the sarlaac pits. There’s a growling sound that precedes those, so we can avoid them easily…”

“Anakin, what about the WROUSes?”

“Womp rats of unusual size? I don’t think they exist.”

A fight with several womp rats immediately follows.


Padmé makes a bargain with Palpatine to save Anakin’s life. At this point she hasn’t realized quite how awful Palpatine is, but even so, she’s already planning how she’s going to get out of this.

Unfortunately, Palpatine wastes no time at all, and Anakin is turned over to Maul to be tortured. There’s dismemberment involved. When Obi-Wan and Dex find him, he’s a mangled, limbless husk, and very definitely dead.


Or…maybe only mostly dead.

Obi-Wan tries several stories to convince Barriss to help. She finds each of these stories increasingly ludicrous.

“He’s the Chosen One, destined to bring balance to the Force!”

Barriss just stares at him. “Boy are you a rotten liar,” she says.

“I need him to help avenge my master, murdered these twenty years!”

Barriss is even less impressed by this, but she takes a look, and unfortunately for her, Ahsoka won’t give her any peace until she’s brought Anakin back. It takes a lot of doing. Not so much miracle pills as the miracle of modern cybernetics, but hey, it amounts to the same thing in the end.

Besides, Obi-Wan’s promised that if Barriss saves Anakin, Palpatine suffers humiliations galore, and that is definitely a noble cause.


Meanwhile Padmé has a crisis of conscience and goes barging into Palpatine’s office one night.

“It comes to this: I love democracy. I always have. If you tell me I must be your puppet Queen, please believe I will be leading a revolution by morning.”


Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Dex break into the Naboo palace by means of a cunning plan involving a hover sled, Ventress’ lightsabers, and a fog machine they found in Maul’s torture pit. (Look, Maul is absolutely the dramatic type who owns a fog machine. Don’t blame me. That’s just science.)

Rescuing Padmé proves to be the most difficult part of the whole plan, mainly because Padmé has already rescued herself, and finding her is a bit difficult. And then Obi-Wan catches sight of Maul the tattooed Sith, and he’s off on his quest for vengeance.

Meanwhile Anakin still can’t walk that well on his new legs and ends up having to bluff his way through a fight with Palpatine.** Or at least, to keep Palpatine occupied just long enough for Padmé to take him down with a stun blast.

(Anakin really wanted to kill him, but Padmé insists Palpatine has to stand trial. Anakin isn’t convinced; at least, not until she points out that Palpatine living a long life alone in prison with his failures would make a much more satisfying revenge.)


“Hello. My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi. You killed my master. Prepare to die.”


And of course, for maximum irony, this story ends with Obi-Wan becoming the new Dread Sith Lord Vader.


* Okay, okay. I realize Dex as Fezzik is a stretch. But everyone else fits so perfectly and there’s really no one in the PT era who fits for Fezzik. I considered Chewie, but he doesn’t have a connection with Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan apparently has no friends outside of Anakin and Dex. :( So.

** So I wanted to make a joke about “to the pain,” only I realized that what happens to Anakin in canon basically is “to the pain,” which…kinda destroys the humor tbh.

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clexa prompt: Lexa asks Abby for Clarke's hand, grounder version

So, I haven’t done a Clexa prompt it forever and a day. Let alone from Abby’s perspective. So, stream of consciousness, no beta. All my mistakes, and I’m sure there are a bunch, are my own.

At some point you realize you’ll never know the Commander of the Thirteen Clans well—it isn’t a particularly surprising realization, nor is it upsetting. She appears from the mist that always lingers at the forests edge once a year with her entourage of warriors and merchants—carts upon carts of all manner of goods on her annual pilgrimage through the clans. As the thirteenth clan Arkadia is always last, just before the young leader turns her sights back on the capital. You’ve learned to take all their mysticism with a grain or three of salt—to not roll your eyes at the legends, and not sigh too hard at the exclamations;

“On her shoulders alone, Heda shepherds in the land’s fertility!”

You’ve developed an unquestionable respect for the young leader—distant in the ways leadership can often be. There’s official meetings and absent nods—there’s the kind of things that let you know the Commander has no desire to step on toes, even if she had enough authority to stomp on them.

You’re content to have your daughter back most of the year—when she isn’t travelling to Polis for her ambassadorial duties. She’s flourished in way so few from the Ark have—embraced the ground, embraced the weight of it all. The Delinquents—a term they seem to have taken ownership of—set themselves apart from the later arrivals—those extra days sitting in their bones like land mines. Something in the dark around their eyes—the quick flicker toward the forest when they hear a Trigedakru screamer bolting through the underbrush.

You’re comfortable.

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It would be amazing if you would do "Thing you said when I was in pain" (23) for KuroMahi? For the minific thing. I would be grateful thank you!

KuroMahi {23: Things You Said When I Was in Pain}

“Kuro, you need to be gentler.” Mahiru whined and tried to pull away but Kuro’s hand kept him in place. His fingers lightly brushed his bare skin and Kuro kissed his forehead apologetically. While his touch was hesitant, his eyes were steady as he watched Mahiru’s expression. He didn’t want to hurt him so he searched his face for any sign of pain. After a moment, Mahiru relaxed and leaned towards him with a sigh.

“Tell me if it hurts. This is my first time doing something like this.” Kuro admitted with a small blush and Mahiru couldn’t stop the small giggle that escaped him. He was surprised but smiled softly since it was surprisingly endearing. Mahiru took his hand and guided it to his shoulder. He shivered slightly as Kuro ran his cold hand down his arm. “Is this alright?”

“Yeah.” Mahiru nodded. He knew how strong Kuro was but his hands were tender and attentive now. Knowing how much Kuro cared about him melted his heart. He touched him as if he were glass and he was afraid to hurt him so Mahiru reassured him softly. “It always hurt at first but it gets better so just go on. I trust you, Kuro, and I’m ready. You can never hurt me.”

“I love you, Mahiru.” His hand moved again and pressed closer to him. Mahiru whimpered slightly and tried to control his breathing as he felt a slight pain. Kuro stroked his cheek to distract him from the pain. When he pulled away, he took out a strip of cloth and looked hesitantly to Mahiru. “Can I?”

“Kuro, you were the one that insisted we do this so why are you hesitating? You’re just treating my wound and disinfecting it is the most painful part. Hurry up and bandage my arm already.” Mahiru sighed, exasperated. “I know you were alone for a long time but you’ve really never treated someone’s wound before?”

“Well, I’m sorry that I’m not a natural housewife like you.” Kuro pouted and wrapped his arm as best as he could with the bandage. In their fight with Touma, Mahiru was hurt but Kuro didn’t trust the C3 with his Eve no matter how small the wound was. He said that he would treat his wound himself and took Mahiru back to their room. “You always take care of me when I’m hurt so I want to help you too. I’m doing my best here.”

“I know,” Mahiru’s voice softened and gently cupped his face when he finished bandaging his arm. “Thank you, Kuro. I guess I should teach you first aid in case this happens again.”

“Get your head out of the gutter,” the troll yelled as she paved the way to said gutter xD but after the kuromahi angst requests I’ve been given, I just had to have fun with one.

[Send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a mini fic] 

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Is it possible for someone to stitch themselves up and avoid infection without access to medical supplies? I have a character who is frequently in fights and has to get stitches, but can't get them from a medical professional, so she does them herself.

Hey! This is definitely doable, although your character would have to have a pretty high capacity for pain, because stitches hurt like the ending of worlds without anesthetic.

However, I’m going to put a big, screamy disclaimer right here:


This is not a blog to teach you first aid, this is a blog about people doing stupid things like this in fiction.

Also, consider that the arms are the most common places to get injured and require stitches, and it’s almost impossible for one hand to help suture their own arm, so in cases like this she may need a friend to get the job done.

If she’s going to do this on the regular, I’d suggest having in her background that she purchased a wound care textbook secondhand at some point. (For the purposes of this blog I bought one for $12 on Amazon; it’s definitely doable).

Your character will need access to actual physical suture material (you can buy “training kits” on eBay or choose that she uses something like fishing line); some gloves; some antiseptic like iodine, peroxide, or (OUCH) rubbing alcohol; and the steel nerves of the gods.

Again, though, this is going to help the most in areas on or close to the trunk or legs, where she can use both hands effectively.

Goodnight, and, good luck.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Congratulations @yourtropegirl!!! A little later than I wanted tonight - I had unexpected company after work. “So I have run out of plot bunnies but I have song fic requests galore. So could I have Georgia on My Mind with Bones pretty please!!!”

Word Count: 1721

Author’s Note: As soon as I received this prompt, I saw a siren singing in a nightclub. Had to be done. Bones would totally be sucker for a husky voice singing in the medbay, don’t even try to convince me otherwise. I took liberties with the phrasing of the song, and cut the last verse because it was the same as the previous one. I hope you like it, @yourtropegirl!

The piano started before you stepped onto the stage, just as it did at the beginning of every set, in order to build tension. You checked your teeth in the mirror to make sure there was no trace of the red lipstick you wore before fluffing your hair one last time. With a saucy wink at your reflection, you heard your cue, and strode out to the microphone, tracing the gloved fingers of one hand across the stem of the device, and leaning into open your mouth. You couldn’t see much other than the front row in the darkened lounge, but the front row was packed with the silhouettes of your regulars. And a table with two men you were almost certain you’d never seen before, who were deep in a heated debate about something you could almost make out over the din of the band.

Georgia, Georgia, the whole night through. Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind.” You always started the song low and breathy, a trick you’d learned at the Starfleet Academy when you were a teaching aide. The quieter you were, when you started to speak, the more people had to focus to hear you. Coupled with the sultry quality that made men and women all over the planet come to hear you sing, your stage presence kept the lounge busy and profitable. Not bad for a Starfleet deserter. It was a great gig. But you missed home, not that you could ever go back. As a result, at least once a week you started a set with the song. You winked at Big Jack, one of the lounge’s regulars. He was a tiny little Andorian who was able to keep the rest of the crowd laughing between sets, which was better than having them rowdy. And he claimed it was the price he was willing to pay in order to hear your voice night after night.

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Patent US3393279 - Nervous system excitation device


In the method of the present invention, a response is initiated in the nervous system of a mammal by disposing at least a portion of that nervous system within a field of electromagnetic waves of a radio frequency above the aural range. In a preferred embodiment of this invention, the field to which the nervous system is exposed is a field containing modulated electromagnetic waves of a particular radio frequency to which the individual nervous system is selectively responsive. In a particularly preferred embodiment of this invention, at least a portion of the nervous system of a person is exposed to audio modulated electromagnetic waves having a radio frequency such that the person experiences the sensation of hearing, substantially free of distortion, the information which is conveyed by the audio modulation.

The present invention may be used as a hearing aid, as an aid to teaching speech to a person who was born deaf, as a means of communicating with persons in locations in which the noise level is high, as a device by which a person can listen to an audio signal that cannot be heard by others, etc.

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I'm the anon who asked for prompts 15 and 16 and honestly if you want to do sfw or nsfw I wouldn't mind either way haha

Gah, I’m so sorry that this took so long, anon! I just really want to do these requests as best as I can (like I don’t wanna give you smut if you don’t ask for it). Anyway, this is smutty guys so it’s under the cut

Oikawa doesn’t know why that kid bothered him as much as he did. He knows he is smarter. He knows he is more handsome. He knows he is better. So why did this inferior brat bother him so damn much? It probably has to do with you and the way you smile at that kid. “Oh, I’m just his teaching aide for Calculus, Tooru. You shouldn’t feel so threatened. Oikawa definitely doesn’t feel threatened (the thought was laughable), and he isn’t one to lose confidence in himself so easily. But that brat is an intrusion, sticking himself where he doesn’t belong, taking things that don’t belong to him. Like your smile. Those are Oikawa’s and his alone.

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Is this my fault?

words: 2021
spencer reid x reader
criminal minds 

a/n if you want part 2, message me.

“I don’t want you to go” I whine, snuggling up to my boyfriend Spencer.
“I have to get back to this case” Spence mumbles against my skin, giving me goosemumps.
“You know we’ve only been asleep 3 hours?” I groan looking at my phone. Just as i’m about to set it down it rings showing the hospital calling. I huff and answer it.
“Hello Dr. y/l/n speaking” I say sweetly smacking Spencer on the arm when he laughs loudly. “seriously?” I groan. Spence then hushes up and sits up stroking my back and kissing my bare shoulder. “Laura I just got off a 36 hour shift and I have class in 6 hours” I grit. I look at Spence and he raises his eyebrows shaking his head, I look at him guiltily. “I’ll be there in 20” I mumble and hang up the phone. Spence takes a hold of my waist pulling my back into him so I’m resting between his legs, he pecks the side of my head and wraps his strong arms around my shoulders.
“you shouldn’t have done that babe” he sighs. “you’re so tired, you barely slept the last time you were home” He adds.
“I know” I sigh. “but lives need saving, Dr Reid” I say hopping up and holding my hands out to him to lift him up. He rolls his eyes but places his hands on my hips, shifting to the edge of the bed so I’m standing in between his legs.
“we need a break” he sighs resting his head on my stomach. His hands sneak around to my butt only clothed by my underwear and his shirt as I was too tired to change into pajamas when I got home from the the hospital. I peck his forehead and ruffle his hair. He squeezes my butt before patting it signalling for me to move. I do and start to get dressed in my scrubs. He changes quickly and we leave the house, locking it.
I drop Spencer off at the BAU, kissing him goodbye before leaving for the hospital. I enter and try to smile to people I pass. The receptionist smiles at me sympathetically after seeing me only hours ago at the end of my overtime. I roll my eyes playfully and she laughs.  I get on with my work until a flood of people come in followed by JJ and Morgan. I run straight to them.
“what’s going on?” I ask them frantically looking at all the burnt bodies.
“bomb” JJ sighs. I nod.
“why are you here?” I say hoping it doesn’t sound rude.
“Hotch wants us to check if a patient made it, Luke Robinson?” Morgan asks. I don’t even have to check my files before replying.
“yeah he just got out of surgery, I done it myself” I say.
“can we speak to him? he may be a whitness” JJ pleads. I look away thinking.
“He’s 5 years old” I whisper. They look at me pleadingly. “fine, he’s a bit woozy but he’s fine, just please be gentle, you have his parents permission?” I ask and they nod. “go ahead, room 7” I sigh.
“thanks prettygirl” Morgan says pecking my head as he walks past. I grin for a second before getting back to work. About two hours pass by and I start packing up, ready to go back to school. You see, once a week I teach first aid in a school. The kids really actually enjoy it and it gives me credit in work.  I have about an hour to get there while the kids are on lunch so I stop at a take out restaurant and pick up enough for Spence and his team, If I know them at all they haven’t ate all day.
I enter the BAU and smile at the security guard ‘dave’ and he smiles back.
“Hey y/n, those all for you?” he smirks pointing at the stack of boxes filled with various foods, I laugh.
“yeah, new diet” I wink walking throught the doors. He laughs.
“have a nice day” I yell behind me. The action seems to grab the attention of the entire room. Rossi, who is closest to me , takes half of the boxes out of my hands, he pecks my forehead.
“eating for two there y/n?” He teases. I’m about to reply but someone beats me to it.
“not yet Rossi, soon” Spencer smirks pulling me close. The team gather around quickly with the smell of food making it’s way around the room.
“watch out there y/n this one looks innocent but he’s a profiler, he’ll trick you” Morgan teases and we all laugh except Spencer who doesn’t understand.
“not that it’s not great to see you but why are you here?” Hotch asks. Then I remember.
“oh, I brought food, I’m sure you all haven’t ate all day, maybe a few days” I say looking at them and they all bow their heads guiltily.
“Y/N” I hear a squeal and the boxes are taken out of my hands just in time for me to be tackled by a hug by my favorite tech analyst.
“hey garcia” I giggle. We all make our way to the round table room and they talk about the case while eating. I stand up and look at the board. I move towards it, seemingly going unnoticed until they ask me a question and I’m not in my chair. They look around until they find me staring at the map.
“Babe?” Spencer asks confused. He comes up behind me and rests his hand on my hip, I have my arms crossed and I lean into him. The team are silent. “babe, what is it?” he asks again.
“you said the bombs are random? you can’t find a geographical profile?” I rush and they nod.
“why?” Hotch asks. I pick up the red marker pen sitting on the table and look at Hotch for reassurance. He nods.
“well what if it’s like this. ” I say and join the dots, creating a messy heart shape. The team stare at me in awe. I shrug.
“Reid did you make her in a lab or something?” Rossi jokes and I giggle. I check my watch and curse. I excuse myself to the bathroom to change out of my scrubs and into a more school appropriate outfit. A pretty dress and heels.
“I need to go, I’ll see you guys later” I mumble grabbing my bag and giving Spencer a kiss. He squeezes my butt, obviously admiring the dress. I blush when the team all smirk and cough. Spence blushes too, not used to having so much PDA. I leave the building, getting in my car and heading to school.
I step into my classroom and greet the students. I feel and eery feeling settle in my stomach but i ignore it and diagnose it as lack of sleep. I start teaching the kids when a little girl called 'Lily’ asks to go the toilet so of course I let her. I leave the kids to an activity when the feeling gets worse and it’s confirmed when I smell a burning. I excuse myself and go across the corridor to ask a teacher what’s happening. I open the door to the chemistry lab and I’m blown back. The entire room is on fire and I panic. I quickly rush to my feet and press the fire alarm and start yelling.
“It’s a real fire” and banging on all the unopened doors. The teacher I was covering rushes her class outside with my help. I get halfway outside making sure all the students are with me. I see the police and two large SUVS, the BAU step out of it and I’m walking towards them when a feeling of dread washes over me. Lily. I sprint back in to the building that’s on fire. The smoke equally blinding me and clogging my throat. I stumble towards the bathroom avoiding falling rubble. I start yelling “LILY” trying to find her, or even coax her out of the bathroom.
I then hear her start shouting back “y/n” and loud sobs.
“come out sweetie, I’m here” I yell tugging on the door. All of a sudden there’s strong grip on my arm, it’s Spencer.
“you need to leave” he yells. I shake my head.
“the doors jammed, Lily’s stuck in there, I’m not leaving her” I yell back. He looks at me enraged.
“there’s a bomb in the basement.” He pleads. I shake my head pushing on the door. I still can’t get it open. I look at Spence and he moves me away.
“Lily step back for me sweetie, I’m going to get you out!” Spencer yells. I hear her little feet shuffling and he brings his foot up and kicks the door open. I look at him in awe but recover quickly.
“come on Lily we need to go” he yells. I pick her up and we start running. A beam falls behind us that knocks us off our feet. Spencer stands up pulling me to my feet, Lily sobbing in my arms. We run outside and hear a giant blast behind us. We fall to the floor and I fall in a way that won’t hurt Lily. All I can hear is the ringing in my ears as I sit up. I set Lily next to me and crawl over to where I see Spencer lying on the floor. He starts lifting himself up and looks around to find me, he spots me instantly and pulls me to his chest. We’re both on our knees on the floor hugging. I sob into his chest.
“I’m sorry Spence” I whisper. He’s shaking violently.
“I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost you” he sobs. He pulls my head away from his chest, his hands still shaking and kisses me passionately. He pushes all his feeling into the kiss and we pull away when we hear Morgan yelling. I cradle Lily into my chest and shakily stand up with the help of Spence.
“that’s my friends let me past” Morgan yells and they let him through. He reaches us and takes Lily out of my arms passing her to a policeman. He then grabs the back of my head and pulls it to his chest hugging me.
“you’re crazy, pretty girl” he chuckles, I giggle and pull away hugging the rest of the team and being escorted away to an ambulance, even with my protest that I’m fine. Spence and I are both checked out and are ruled fine, slight ear drum rupture but it will heal quickly.
By then the crowd had lessened. Children taken home by their parents but the crowd is now made up of policemen, paramedics, bomb squad and reporters. I’m wrapped in a blanket, barefooted after losing my heels somewhere in the hurry and cuddled into Spencers arms which are also covered in a blanket. We start making our way to the SUV with the rest of team. I hear lot’s of shouts like 'y/n can you do an interview’ 'how did you know’ 'what was it like being in a burning building’. I ignore the reporters calls and climb in the back of the car. I snuggle into Spence putting my legs over one of his legs. We press our foreheads together and Morgan and Rossi jump in the front, they hiss looking at us.
“please, keep the mushy stuff for later” Rossi calls teasinly looking in the rear view mirror.
“they’re like horny teenagers” Morgan mutters.
“excuse me we just nearly died, and you don’t see us complaining when you’re with savanah” I retaliate, Morgan laughs loudly and I smile. I turn towards Spencer and he’s staring at me with a loving smile.
“hey goofball you need to focus on your team not me, you still haven’t caught the bomber” I giggle but then get serious. “have you got any leads” I question.
“well, actually” Morgan says looking at Rossi.

@brotherhoodofsteelofficial pointed out that we need more stuff about Danse being friends with the other companions so here are some headcanons!   

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Direct Translation

I wrote this yesterday, but work was hell so I never got around to posting it last night. -.- 

I don’t own pjo,hoo, or toa 

Nico sat cross legged on the floor in the space between the sofa and coffee table using the couches cushions as a back rest. “Okay, once again.” He gave pointing at Will. “Good morning.”

“Digior–NO I mean Buongiorno.” Will groaned from the end of the coffee table, he looked over to Nico who was covering his mouth with his hand, biting at his lips. “What.”

“You were gonna say Digiorno.” Nico was smirking.

“Shut. Up.” Will sighed rubbing his eyes. “This is hard.” He reached out and grabbed his mug of coffee and took a drink of it.

“English is harder,” Nico warned poking a hand into a bag of chips, “Here. Try this.” Nico pulled out a piece of notebook paper and passed it over to Will after tossing a few chips into his mouth. He watched his boyfriend with a smug expression as he tried to read the Italian message written in Nico’s quick chicken scratch like writing.

After five minutes, Will sighed defeated. “Okay I give up.” He thrust it back at Nico. “Read it or translate it to me.” He demanded, Nico only raised his eyebrows. “What?” Will paused. “You’re not going to.”


“Why not!?” Will complained, dramatically pouting. “I thought you loved me.”

“I do,” Nico stood grabbing his and Will’s empty coffee cup, “More than you know, but that you need to translate yourself.” The native Italian walked away grinning and began washing the dishes, knowing Will was behind him rereading the letter again and again.

A month later Will was still struggling with the letter, between classes and his internship it was hard to find time to sit down and try figuring out the game his boyfriend had been playing with him.

Nico walked into the apartment, it was one of Will’s rare days off and he was sitting on the couch the letter out. “Are you still having trouble?” Nico asked dropping his coat and bag to the floor. Grinning smugly.

“Yes.” Will sighed. “Basic language skills tell me the last line is a question. I just admittedly haven’t looked beyond that. I’m a busy doctor you know. A busy doctor that has a lot of trouble with learning languages.”

“Will…the first word is your name.”

Nico could see Will’s ears turn pink. “As I said busy doctor.” Will pointed out.


“Shut up,” The blond reached behind and tugged at Nico’s shirt, “translate it for me? Please?” They kissed and Nico hopped over the back of the couch.

“Fine,” He took the note and set it aside taking Will’s hand, “but I need a teaching aid.” Nico shifted and reached into his pocket and held something in his hand. “Well, hold out your hand.” slowly Will’s bronze hand reached out and Nico dropped a simple gold band into his hand. “This is the direct translation.”


“Will, will you…frick it was easier with the damn letter.” Nico’s face blossomed into bright red as the weight of the words he wanted to say suddenly hit him. 

“Are you proposing to me…like right now?”

“Actually technically I tried to a month ago, but the ‘busy doctor-slash-intern’ hasn’t tried translated my heartfelt proposal.” Nico said picking the letter up. “So would you want to annoy me for the rest of my life?” Will lunged forward, tackling his Fiance into the couch with a ‘yes’ loud enough to make Nico worry the neighbors would call the cops.

There you have it. I’m half debating taking prompt requests if anyone would be interested or I may just keep this up? I dunno. -shrugs- 

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Living with Sherlock and John (girl pov)

  • Finding heads, fingers, hearts, toes - every body part - in the fridge or in the kitchen sink; anywhere.
  • Sherlock playing violin at ungodly hours
  • Sherlock would get bored and would start wrecking the house for fun
  • Having Sherlock teach you how to deduce people
  • Gossiping about the boys with Mrs Hudson
  • John teaching you first aid because ‘living with Sherlock requires a lot of running and sometimes, it hurts’
  • The boys taking you on cases with them
  • Sherlock not minding when you steal his shirts
  • John getting flustered when he sees you kicking about in only one of Sherlock’s shirts
  • Having them both be extremely protective over you
  • John taking you for coffee
  • Seeing Sherlock’s softer, more human side

how much fun would this be omg

Diana head canons

because it’s been a few weeks and I’m still crying over her. Zero Time Dilemma Spoilers ahead.

-say it with me: nurses are smart. nurses are smart! gotta train like night and day to handing every human body emergency under the sun, coordinate with several patients and doctors, and not kill anyone. Thank your nurses. She made the insta-heal treatment pods with Sigma. She is smart. smart.

-fuckin hates hates hates red roses. her ex would give them to her every valentines, every apology, her birthday, and they’re just so boring!!

-Diana lowkey hating the words ‘i love you’ because that’s how her ex manipulated her into back into an abusive relationship. Sigma knows this and tries to use alternate words and means of affection.

-gets chubbier after the Decision game, because she remembers starving. Sigma doesn’t say shit because he has that ‘must hoard food’ feeling too. They go out a lot, get all different kinds of food together and walk it off in the outdoors. Sigma enjoys cuddling with his squishy gf.

-that half a million from Dcom goes a long way for comfy clothes, food, bath bombs and the like. Ends up being the living embodiment of ‘TREAT YO SELF’ to her coworkers.

-Wants a cruise wedding, but Junpei and Akane gave her a ‘look’ and they just decided on a flight to somewhere beautiful. The honeymoon is on a cruise anyway.

-Snort laughs when she realized she is marrying a future doctor, just not a medical one like all the teachers said to do. Like her mother said she would.

-She hates the sound of gunshots. That’s not a secret. What is a secret, is that in the timelines where she killed Sigma to save Phi, she accessed the Morphogenetic Field, ‘remembering’ timelines where Sigma was alive and telling her about SHIFTing. She killed herself to try and switch places with her other self.

-eventually meets 1904!Phi and hugs her and cries. The old woman doesn’t understand but she pats her back.

-it took her a good few months to see a baby and not die a little on the inside. she had to give birth without anything, dude. Diana is hardcore.

-those blue and pink receiving blankets had to come from somewhere…did Diana and Sigma find them early on, sort of forget them and then WHAM. with the horror that they were supposed to have kids. they were planned to be trapped. for as long as it took to have kids. did Diana worry what would happen to herself and Sigma after? Did Sigma worry what life his kids would lead, with or without him?

-is bffs with Junpei because they both have mysterious esper spouses doing esper things all the time. She teaches him first aid. He teaches her how to fight. They teach each other terrible puns.

-Diana goes to the moon. For like, a week though, because Sigma put his foot down. the week coming back from it was terrible too, because Sigma is a mother hen keeping her from ‘stressing herself’.

-Goes to divorce help groups to give her story, provides snacks and self-care items to the people there. reminds them that there is hope, you are not broken, you can rebuild your life without your ex, you can find happiness after abuse.

but what if ratchet and velocity and first aid and ambulon were all on the lost light at the same time

  • ratchet, ambulon, and first aid teaching velocity how to snark
  • (you can’t be an autobot medic without the snark)
  • ratchet, first aid, and ambulon teach velocity about cybertronian medicine
  • velocity teaches ratchet, first aid, and ambulon about camien medicine
  • ratchet thinking his fearsome reputation will help him keep his medbay in order
  • but ambulon was a medic in the decepticons
  • and first aid and ambulon just came from delphi (y'know, with the djd), where they worked under pharma (y’know, who tried to murder them all)
  • it might have worked on velocity - if she even knew about it
  • ratchet gets no respect
  • first aid and velocity annoying ratchet and ambulon with their cheerfulness
  • first and and velocity being as cheerful as possible just to annoy them more
  • (some mornings, drift comes in and joins them)
  • first aid, ambulon, and velocity getting together in swerve’s after their shifts for drinks
  • first aid, ambulon, and velocity, laughing and talking and commiserating together about life on the lost light in general and medic life in particular
  • (first aid and velocity do most of the talking, but when ambulon talks, they always listen, and the rest of the time, he smiles)
  • junior medic friends velocity, ambulon, and first aid
  • first aid reassuring velocity ‘cause he got knocked back down all the way to nurse and look at him now
  • he’s cmo-in-training
  • (velocity and ambulon reassuring first aid it’s not his fault ratchet hasn’t made him cmo yet)
  • first aid and velocity encouraging ratchet to ask out drift
  • (ratchet bans them from talking about it in the medbay ever again)
  • (they just change their names to ‘wrench’ and ‘slide’ instead)
  • first aid doing ratchet impressions in the medbay to make ambulon and velocity laugh
  • (ratchet walks in on him one day)
  • (first aid spends that evening bemoaning the fact that he’ll never make cmo now while ambulon pats him on the shoulder and velocity tries to convince him to do it again)
  • when ratchet does finally make first aid cmo, velocity and ambulon throw first aid a party
  • well, velocity tells him it was both of them, but ambulon’s standing behind her shuffling his feet and looking a little sheepish, and first aid knows, but it doesn’t matter
  • it’s the thought that counts
  • ambulon and velocity spend the whole party teasing first aid about being their superior now
  • velocity salutes every time he talks to her, and ambulon ends every sentence with a very dry “sir”
  • (later that night, back in their berth, a drowsy ambulon teases first aid about sleeping with his subordinate now)
  • (“shut up and kiss me.” “yes, sir~”)