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Starting at the seed

I decided document my growth as a Montessorian through writing here, as a way of being able record my knowledge, observations, and thoughts as I learn the philosophy and gather experiences. 

I began volunteering at  Montessori school Fall Semester of my Sophomore year of college after the subject being reintroduced to my attention through both my child development class and sociology class. I really connected with the mission of the school to connect children with nature, themselves, and others. As Maria Montessori says, “All works of love are works of peace.” By loving children and giving them the independence with a guiding hand when needed, we are able to show them how to treat others, the environment, and importantly, themselves. I believe that by beginning at a young age, we will grow happier, healthier, and smarter people with a respect for the world. I also believe that Montessori aims to meet the children’s physical and mental developmental needs. The concept of following the child really emphasizes a respect for the knowledge that children already have, that adults sometimes interrupt. 

And so from here, I ask myself….What would Maria Do? 

The shape and structure of the human brain is shown in this wax model. At the upper end of the central nervous system, the model also shows the brain’s connection to the spinal cord. This object would have been used as a teaching aid. Such models were an important part of anatomy teaching due to the lack of real bodies available for dissection.

Find and use this image on Wellcome Images.

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