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Is it possible for someone to stitch themselves up and avoid infection without access to medical supplies? I have a character who is frequently in fights and has to get stitches, but can't get them from a medical professional, so she does them herself.

Hey! This is definitely doable, although your character would have to have a pretty high capacity for pain, because stitches hurt like the ending of worlds without anesthetic.

However, I’m going to put a big, screamy disclaimer right here:


This is not a blog to teach you first aid, this is a blog about people doing stupid things like this in fiction.

Also, consider that the arms are the most common places to get injured and require stitches, and it’s almost impossible for one hand to help suture their own arm, so in cases like this she may need a friend to get the job done.

If she’s going to do this on the regular, I’d suggest having in her background that she purchased a wound care textbook secondhand at some point. (For the purposes of this blog I bought one for $12 on Amazon; it’s definitely doable).

Your character will need access to actual physical suture material (you can buy “training kits” on eBay or choose that she uses something like fishing line); some gloves; some antiseptic like iodine, peroxide, or (OUCH) rubbing alcohol; and the steel nerves of the gods.

Again, though, this is going to help the most in areas on or close to the trunk or legs, where she can use both hands effectively.

Goodnight, and, good luck.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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How possible is it to make saline solution with water, table salt, baking soda, etc, for injecting to combat dehydration (from extreme flu with vomiting and diarrhea in an isolated and under-supplied location) and what if any side effects might arise from a wrong balance/type of ingredients, since the maker is clever and creative but has zero medical knowledge beyond boy scout first aid. I'm also really hoping that a basketball inflation needle can be made to work for an IV within fanfic reason.

Brace yourself. This might not be the answer you’re hoping for…

Someone who was really, really well trained medically (and not just medically, but specifically trained in improvised/disaster/low-resource medicine as well) might be able to do this if they were desperate.

Unfortunately, and this is coming from a guy who teaches advanced/improvised first aid to Boy Scouts, your character would definitely not be able to do this. There’s just a lot of information he’d be lacking that he might not even know he needs:

He would have to, off the top of his head, know the recipe for Normal (isotonic, or body-normal) Saline. It is 9g of table salt to 1 liter of water. That’s not super general knowledge.

He would also need a way to measure it that precisely, and sterilize it without further concentrating it. Too much salt and the character could go into heart failure when the high salt concentration in the blood caused fluid from other tissues to get pulled into the blood stream and cause “volume overload” (this was a way-too-fast explanation of it, but look up hypotonic/isotonic/hypertonic IV fluid therapy for more). Too little, and the water in the blood would leak out into the tissues, which would make the dehydration functionally worse (even though water is in the body, it can’t be used if it’s not in the blood vessels).

And that’s not even getting into the knowledge he would have to have to improvise (and sterilize) an IV setup. He’d need something to hold the fluid (like a sterilized glass bottle), and somehow attach it to a (sterilized) tube of some sort, and attach that tube to the (sterilized) basketball pump needle.

And then there’s the needle. IVs, as most people have seen them today, have no metal in them. They are simply tiny plastic tubes (catheters) that sit inside the vein, allowing easy access for fluids or medications. Outside the body, there is a short length of tube filled with saline (called a “saline lock”), which is capped at the end to keep the blood from coming out. They are placed with a small needle that breaks the skin, but the needle is removed as soon as the catheter is in the right place. 

Now, it’s not easy to place an IV- it takes training at least at the level of an RN or paramedic. Your character wouldn’t have learned it in a first aid class. Using a basketball pump needle (I’m assuming it would have been sharpened??) would be particularly difficult, because a pump needle is on par with some of the largest-bore IV catheters, and if the patient so much as moved, the sharp part could rip the vein and ruin the IV access. Placing one in a dehydrated person would also be particularly difficult, even for someone who was trained to do it.

Fortunately, there are other ways to rehydrate someone that are easier/safer:

Oral rehydration is always, always best. Your character can use something like pedialyte or make their own using salt, water, and fruit juice. Since the character in question is puking/has diarrhea (which takes a lot of potassium out of the body), something with potassium (like a salt substitute) would also be helpful in this mix.

If they’re unconscious (or nearly unconscious), though, giving something by mouth is out of the question. If you have to tip it into their mouth and they cough, that is aspiration and could kill them.

If your character is a super genius and the only thing they can’t figure out from the above is how to insert the needle into the vein (which I wouldn’t do anyway because of the risk of ripping up the vein), they can run IV fluids very slowly into a person’s fat (on their stomach or thigh) instead (subcutaneous rehydration). This is safer because there are no veins involved, but slow- less than 60ml/hour, and the needle has to be re-inserted every two hours in a different place. The body slowly absorbs the fluid from the fat, which slowly rehydrates them. When they are awake, they should start drinking small amounts of pedialyte as soon as possible.

Nasogastric rehydration, or rehydration through a tube in the nose that goes into the stomach, is a good option because the fluid does not need to be sterile. Inserting a tube into someone’s stomach, in my opinion, is slightly more straightforward than placing an IV. However, there is a big chance, especially for someone who wouldn’t know how to check for placement, is that the end of the tube is actually in the person’s lungs. Running fluid into those will kill the person (he could have learned how to manage an NG when a family member had an NG tube, but this might be a stretch).

Finally, proctoclysis, or rehydration through the rectum, is also a viable but not particularly fanfic-friendly option. Unfortunately it is probably the easiest to place and also doesn’t need to be sterile. Don’t use the pump needle for this, though. Use just the tubing.


Iserson, K. V. (2016). Improvised medicine: providing care in extreme environments. New York: McGraw Hill Education.

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Living with Sherlock and John (girl pov)

  • Finding heads, fingers, hearts, toes - every body part - in the fridge or in the kitchen sink; anywhere.
  • Sherlock playing violin at ungodly hours
  • Sherlock would get bored and would start wrecking the house for fun
  • Having Sherlock teach you how to deduce people
  • Gossiping about the boys with Mrs Hudson
  • John teaching you first aid because ‘living with Sherlock requires a lot of running and sometimes, it hurts’
  • The boys taking you on cases with them
  • Sherlock not minding when you steal his shirts
  • John getting flustered when he sees you kicking about in only one of Sherlock’s shirts
  • Having them both be extremely protective over you
  • John taking you for coffee
  • Seeing Sherlock’s softer, more human side

how much fun would this be omg

First thing they teach us in first aid and cpr is not to leave piles of clothes on the floor so we don’t create a heat dome for scorpions to come to….what does my sister do? Leave her clothes on the laundry room floor.

What came out at me when I picked it up??


A Beauchene or exploded skull is produced as an anatomical study and used primarily as a teaching aid. They are difficult and costly to produce. These skulls were named for their mid-1800’s creator Claude Beauchene. 

Teacher's Pet /closed AU

It was Benedict’s first day as a teacher’s aid and to say he was nervous was an understatement. He was duel majoring with teaching in religion and history so the plan was do the teaching aid portion with religion and then student teach history next semester. Hopefully graduation would follow but that was way too far ahead to think about. He arrived early, since it was his first day and all and set off to find the right room. He was supposed to be assisting a Mr. Seabury. It didn’t take him too long to find it and he knocked softly before opening the door slightly and poking his head in. “Hello? Mr. Seabury?”


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What are the hobbies and interests of Gang 3?

Oh ho this was fun! 😀

Damian: I mean a lot of his time is now taken up with studying medicine, cause it’s pretty full on! He’s in a parkour group at uni, and he uses that as his de-stress activity a lot! He’s really interested in mental health and is a “peer educator” for a charity and volunteers teaching mental health first aid. 

Cain: So like Eden, Cain is quite committed to his faith, so he does a lot with the CU - he runs a house group once a week (generally at his flat). He likes cycling - although he’s less confident in the cities because of the traffic than he is out in the countryside. Cain’s also very artistic - he likes designing tattoos. He also recently discovered metal engraving and that’s his new thing that he’s delving into. 

Jenna: Okay so practically all of Jenna’s free time is taken up with her designing and/or making costumes - she loves it! She hand sews stuff and accessorizing things. Other than that she’s really into fantasy books! 

Jesse: He’s a gamer, as part of his course but he also loves it too! He is a skateboarder - and he is very good, like he competes nationally and is part of a skateboarding meet. He’s teaching himself the guitar after he bought himself a cheap one at a charity shop, he’s not that great, but he’s got a couple of chords under his belt. 

Zara: She’s a cadet. She keeps fit - goes to the gym quite a lot! Basically everything Zara does is in the aim for her going into the army! She’s also into old movies, like she obsessively collects them. 

Aleksander: He plays the clarinet (and the bassoon a little), and he likes playing in orchestras. He does get really immersed in music and literature (he’s not really able to do really active things cause it can set off his CVS). He writes poetry. He’s definitely the sort to curl up with a good book and a cuppa! 

Murray: Murray’s actually a dancer. His dad wanted him to do karate when he was a kid, but he really wanted to dance. And he’s really good! He helps choreograph with dancesoc, so a lot of his free time is taken up with a dance class of some sort or another. Apart from that his other thing is languages - he likes to try and teach himself new ones… 

Headcanons because WHY NOT

The 100 headcanons

- Raven reyes teaching everyone how to swim because damn right water is basically the same as space, right down to the lack of oxygen

- Clarke and Lincoln holding art classes for anyone who’s interested (I am clincoln brotp trash fight me)

- octavia teaching martial arts and swordplay aka how to be a badass and look hot doing it

-Clarke teaching emergency first aid to the delinquents - and even the adults because THE GROUND IS A DANGEROUS PLACE FOR EVERYONE

-Monty taking people out on nature walks to teach them all about the plants and herbs, what they’re for and which ones will definitely kill you if you eat them

-miller going on every one of monty’s nature walks because I AM MINTY TRASH

-Bellamy teaching the younger kids how to do braids because Octavia always loved braids so obviously he HAD to learn how to braid her hair and once they found out he could all the kids followed him around with hopeful little puppy eyes until he finally threw up his hands and agreed to show them - it turned into a weekly event that everyone found extremely amusing (if not ADORABLE)


• Uagadou School of Magic •

Founded by the Pwenet people in 6th century BC, Uagadou is the most ancient school of magic. Located at the legendary Mountains of the Moon, in Uganda, in what the ancients used to call the Land of God.

The Pwenets were well-versed in Alchemy and Transfiguration, and together with the Egyptians, they created a Temple destined to the study of those subjects and Astronomy. Even these days, those subjects are the ones Uagadou’s students are most skilled in.

It’s the only school to withhold the tradition of teaching with the aid of wands, and while the learning process may bring great difficulties, it’s possible to notice that many of the most powerful wizards and witches of history came from there. If that is to be explained because of being the detainer of the largest student body of all schools of magic, accepting about six hundred students every year, or because of the rigorous teaching, one will never know.

Secrets // Anakin Headcons

Anon requested: Imagine being Obi-Wans daughter. And Anakin’s padawan, but also his secret girlfriend.

-You lived with your aunt and uncle on Naboo for as long as you could remember. Your mother died after you were born in an accident with smugglers, however your father’s identity was never brought up.

-on your 18th birthday however, your guardians revealed to you that your father was a Jedi Master, Obi Wan Kenobi. He and your mother had fallen in love and had you in secret. When she died, Obi Wan couldn’t take care of you so he let your mother’s sister and her husband raise you as their own.

-the news was shocking to say the least. after the information was revealed, you were sent to Coruscant to finally meet your father and he would soon aid in teaching you the ways of the force.

-your first impression of him was different that you has planned in your head. you expected him to be much more distant, but he surprised you by greeting you with a hug.

-the two of you had a connection and you loved him the more and more you got to knew him.

-one day, your father decided to have his old padawan, Anakin, be your master. and you couldn’t deny that you were excited to be his padawan because this Jedi was HANDSOME.

-Anakin and you hit it off immediately. He was very compassionate and kind, making you fall for him that much easier and hiding it from your father that much harder.

-the day Anakin asked you out was nerve racking. of course you said yes, but the thing that concerned you the most was hiding it from your dad. he had kept an eye on you at all times.

-you and Anakin found many ways to see each other in private. at night, you’d sneak out of your room and into his to kiss and cuddle.

-some nights, Anakin and you would be risky and he’d fly you to Alderaan to show you the lush forests and his favorite places in the wood.

-the two of you together was difficult to keep hushed, but you managed.

Were teenagers always this moody and quick to anger? The answer was yes but normal teenagers just got into a fist fight or tweeted angrily online, when these kids got angry they caused damage. Keiko shook her head as she placed a Hello Kitty bandaid to the child’s temple. “You’ll be fine it’s just a scratch.” she sighed and got a lollipop out of her cup and handed it to the teenager. 

“Have the other teachers suggested yoga or meditation to you yet?” Perhaps Keiko should go to the headmistress and suggest that they have a mandatory zen and relaxation class to help people center their minds and bodies. Despite teaching basic first aid as a class the Japanese woman prefered being a nurse though and did not want to teach another class. 

can claire/malcolm actually be a thing though

  • very caring people who just want to help others as much as possible
  • regular people accidentally thrust into a dangerous world of superheroes by dumbass superheroes with little to no self-control
  • both just constantly exasperated at all the drama that goes on with the superpowered idiots they have to take care of
  • can u imagine claire and malcolm running a little hideout for wounded superheroes to go to whenever they need to be patched up by someone who won’t ask questions cause damn i love that thought
  • malcolm asking claire to teach him some first-aid for when jessica stumbles through his door in the middle of the night holding her shoulder and growling that she needs some vodka, damn it, malcolm, get me some vodka or i’m going to punch you in the neck
  • claire asking malcolm to come and talk to matt when he’s being particularly self-destructive because she’s seen how he runs that support group for kilgrave survivors
  • basically the two people who want to help others the most helping each other yes please!!!!!