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Everyday activities in Spanish

If i miss some, please tell me. Added a small example.

Wake up - Despertar - Yo despierto muy temprano.

Make the bed - Hacer la cama - Siempre hago mi cama al despertar.

Brush teeth - Cepillar dientes - Debes cepillar tus dientes todos los dias.

Get dressed - Vestirse - ¡Mejor me visto rapido!

Wash face - Lavar cara - Lavate la cara, aun tienes lagañas. (That “sand” in your eyes)

Ask bless - Pedir la bendicion - Mi mamá se molesta si no le pido la bendicion en la mañana .

Make breakfast - Hacer el desayuno - Los sabados te toca a ti hacer el desayuno.

Eat breakfast - Desayunar - Es mejor desayunar en familia .

Go to school/work - Ir a la escuela/el trabajo - Debo apresurarme en ir a la escuela/el trabajo.

Drive - Conducir - Mi padre conduce muy lento.

Go home - Ir a casa - Mamá, ya quiero irme a casa.

Feed the dog/cat - Dar de comer al perro/gato - Al llegar a casa le doy de comer al gato.

Make dinner- Hacer el almuerzo -  Mi mamá debe ya de estar haciendo el almuerzo.

Eat dinner - Almorzar - Adoro almorzar macarrones con queso.

Put the table - Poner la mesa - Mis hermanos y yo ponemos la mesa.

Wash dishes - Lavar platos - Mi hermana debe lavar los platos hoy.

Do homework - Hacer tarea - No puedo hacer tarea con tan poca luz.

Take a nap - Tomar una siesta - No hay nada mas saludable que tomar una buena siesta.

Eat snack - Merendar/comer un bocadillo - Es media noche, un momento perfecto para merendar/comer un bocadillo.

Work out - Ejercitarse - Me ejercito tres veces a la semana.

Check social network - Revisar red social - Siempre estoy revisando facebook en mi celular.

Chat - Mensajear/Chatear - He estado chateando con una chica nueva.

Go to sleep - Ir a dormir - Necesito descansar, ya me voy a dormir.

Credence survives and is eventually adopted by Tina and Newt. The rest of his life is spent in love surrounded by friends and parents who love him, actively teaching him how to control his magical abilities and forever supportive.

Credence grows up, meets a girl, and eventually becomes a father to a boy named Rolf. Rolf visits his grandma and grandpa almost every other weekend, and reads through all the books in the library. He’s an insistent little boy and begs to hear his grandparents global stories.

Rolf grows up, travels the world, meets a girl also traveling the world, and eventually becomes a father to twin boys, Lysander and Lorcan.

Credence takes them to visit their great-grandparents in 2014 when Luna goes to the 427th Quidditch World Cup, and the stories begin again starting with a young wizard visiting New York for the first time.

Apparently “I’m teaching capacity on Tuesday” is not really an adequate explanation for the 2.5 kg of coloured rice drying on the dining table.

…I see whatever Buddha I wish in whatever world in whatever direction. I see whatever Buddha I wish to see in whatever time in whatever abode involved in whatever past practice, whatever Buddha I wish to see in whatever miraculous performances, in whatever teaching activity: and yet the buddhas do not come here, nor do I go there. Without discerning any coming from anywhere on the part of the buddhas, without discerning any going on the part of my own body, knowing the buddhas as like a dream, knowing my own mind as dream-like thought, knowing the buddhas as like a reflection, knowing my own mind as like a vessel of clear water, knowing the buddhas as like magically produced forms, knowing my mind as like magic, knowing the nature of voices of the buddhas as like reverberation of the sound of echoes in the mountains, knowing my own mind as like an echo, I realize, I am mindful, that all the enlightenment principles of bodhisattvas are based on one’s own mind, that all their purification of buddha-lands, all enlightening practices, all development and guidance of sentient beings, all undertaking of the vows of bodhisattvas, all attainment to the ocean of omniscience, roaming in the inconceivable liberation of bodhisattvas, attainment of the enlightenment of buddhas, spiritual communion with the cosmos, and knowledge of the subtle communion of all ages, all are based on one’s mind.“

Avatamsaka Sutra - 1196

Note on the image: Four Armed Avalokiteshvara mandala.

The invalidating environment contributes to emotion dysregulation by failing to teach the child to label and modulate arousal, to tolerate distress, or to trust his or her own emotional responses as valid interpretations of events. It also actively teaches the child to invalidate his or her own experiences by making it necessary for the child to scan the environment for cues about how to act and feel.
—  Marsha M. Linehan, DBT Skills Training Manual, Second Edition, p.8


  • The first night after they find Annabeth Thalia starts having an early midlife crisis while Annabeth’s sleeping.  “LUKE I’M A CHILD I’M NOT READY TO BE A MOM” “Thalia relax she’s just-” Thalia interrupts him to moan “I’VE PEAKED SO YOUNG” Luke rolls his eyes.  How did he end up with two problem children at the age of fourteen.  Poor Luke.

  • Annabeth overhears Thalia cursing and starts to use those words herself because HEY new words to learn!!  So Thalia’s like “yo that’s hilarious here’s some more” and actively starts teaching her all these four letter words until Luke flips a shit. “THALIA SHE’S SEVEN YEARS OLD” “Bro she knifed a monster the other day I think she can handle it” Luke has no choice but to sigh.
  • One of them casually calls Annabeth “Annie” once because damn that’s a long friggin name and Annabeth goes completely silent.  And Luke’s like “What’s wrong Annie?” and she just. flips her shit. And it takes an hour to calm her down, and once they finally do she covers her face and mumbles “My stepmom calls me Annie” and they vow to never ever call her that again.
  • For Thalia’s early birthday the three of them somehow manage to get to a few shows at Warped Tour.  But obvs that’s like super public, so monsters smell them and show up.  The three of them have an epic monster battle in the middle of the crowd, but the mortals don’t even fucking notice because hey, weird stuff happens all the time at Warped.  Luke’s pissed at himself for ruining Thalia’s birthday.  Meanwhile Thalia gets to have a battle montage with Green Day playing live in the background.  Its the best birthday of her life.
  • The three of them have a secret handshake and it’s adorable
  • Thalia and Luke are each other’s first kiss because “hey, we don’t really get a normal childhood, let’s just get this milestone over with and see what all the fuss is about, it totally won’t be weird”.  But it is.  It’s so weird.  They can’t look at each other for days without blushing.

Nah, feeding your kids so much crap that they end up with a much higher risk of diabetes at 7, not giving enough of a damn about your kids that you can’t be bothered to get them outside so they can be physically active, teaching/enabling a lifestyle that’ll pretty much guarantee a life of joint pain, bad backs, and higher risks of heart attacks, now that’s child abuse.

Hot Seat

Today for warmup with my two smaller ninensei homerooms I played “hot seat”. I put four seats up by the blackboard facing outwards. I group the kids into four groups, freely works best. I have the kids choose one person to represent them in the hot seat.

Students come up, sit down, and I write down one word on the blackboard. The kids in the hot seat are paying a lot of attention because their groups are allowed to give English clues (no gestures) to try to get the hot seats to say the word in English.

In the first class, the students were shy. I didn’t let them group freely. We did 3 words and they were super freaking awkward with it.

Second class? We did 9 words, and they didn’t want to stop. I wrote the word stop on the board and they were all talking at once, some saying, “Accelerate, aaaaand….” others saying, “Red traffic light means!” And some were like “Hey, you! Oi!” Another girl went “Start,” and then motioned her hands over like I do when I’ve given an opposite.

I used a random noun generator website I found online and got the words

  • sky
  • smile
  • weather
  • night
  • kiwi
  • ticket
  • stop

and others. I loved this activity, but I had to make sure to structure the students in a way where they felt like:

  1. they were having fun with their friends (let them group freely)
  2. there was no pressure (have everyone just call out whenever)
  3. they could guess and be wrong (make mistakes, doesn’t count against you)

For each word they guessed right, they got a point. Once someone guessed right, everyone switched out. Less pressure that way. I really am so glad my JTE was the same for both classes, because when the students of my last class were writing, he and I had a discussion about how good it was that some students were brave and shouted out, but he reassured me that the quiet homeroom was normally EVEN MORE SILENT when I wasn’t around. He was amazed they got through 3 words! Overall, very happy end to the day.

anonymous asked:

accusative & imperfect?

  • accusative: you’ve been accused of a crime. what is it?

Probably, like, attempting to topple the entire industry of academic publishing through some elaborate and only dubiously illegal means. Or jaywalking. My dad worked on the busiest three-lane street in town with long lights on either side of the block, so eventually he gave up on pretending and just spent some time actively teaching my brother and me to jaywalk as safely as possible. (It’s worth noting that this jaywalking occurred directly in front of the RCMP station. The best in Canadian rebellion.)

  • imperfect: what is something you used to do regularly and miss?

FENCING. I started fencing when I was twelve, started coaching when I was fifteen, broke my leg at the knee while fencing when I was sixteen, got back into fencing when I was eighteen, stopped when I moved away at twenty-four, was about to start again when I was twenty-seven, and promptly broke both arms at the elbows and badly smashed up both knees. I think I’m healed up enough now to get back to it, so I just need to settle in somewhere and find a club. I still have the (lovingly repaired after snapping it with a showy toe-hit) first epee I ever owned, with my name scrawled along the inside of the bell in Sharpie, but most of my old equipment has been sitting in a bag and is covered in blood- and rust-stains, so at some point I’ll get all new gear that isn’t half-fitting hand-me-downs obtained from the taller and lankier teens in my club growing up. That’ll be cool.