183 of 365
What if you fall out of love because you’re done with learning from that person, he or she crossed your path to teach you something and when he/she has done it. You fall out of love. What if the person you never fall out of love from, is the love of your life, your soulmate that is teaching you something new everyday - So you can never fall out of love.

“I’m teaching violin to an 11 year old boy named Josh. Usually when he’s practicing he’ll stop and apologize when he messes up but the other day he messed up and just stayed focused on what he was doing and started again. That was a gift to me, I was so happy. He’s taught me a new appreciation of other people and a desire to understand everyone’s backstory and what they’re going through.”

If you feel inspired to help kids get music lessons go to: http://igg.me/at/LessonsforLife/x/10190483

Instead of looking the other way while hatred takes root in young hearts and minds, why not try this: Plant the seeds of empathy. Teach the young to feel the heartbeats of races and cultures other than their own. Replace any possible fear of the unknown, with knowledge of the knowable. Teach them the ways in which we humans are more alike than we are different. Teach them that the most important common denominator is the human heart. Start with a book.