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There is a box of photos of the DA.

They begin at it’s first meeting in the Hog’s Head, with Harry looking regal as he explains its purpose, Hermione watching Harry as if to see if he’ll say her words, or his own, and  Ron glaring daggers at anyone who looks about to say something rude in the face of the stoic child soldier talking. 

There are photos of meetings, with Neville falling backwards onto pillows, Luna delighted over her first patronus, Harry looking at his students’ progress and looking older than a fifteen year old has any right to. 

There are photos of the six DA students in the hospital wing after their night in the Department of Mysteries, beat up and bloody, Ron and Neville hosting new scars, Hermione journaling frantically and trying to figure out what it all means, Ginny’s hand on Harry’s back as he mourns Sirius. 

There are photos of Neville’s recommencement speech, rousing students from all four houses and telling them the importance of defending themselves, photos of Luna sitting with a group of second years and explaining why they aren’t learning this in class anymore, photos of Ginny demonstrating a Shield Charm so perfect it sparkles in the stale air of the Room of Requirement. 

There are photos documenting student injuries, tiny cursive underneath explaining the circumstance of every Crutiatus Curse. 

There are photos of fourth year Hufflepuffs perfecting the Sectrumsempra curse on a Room of Requirement dummy, looking angry but proud. 

There are photos of the Battle itself, of Death Eaters falling and students sobbing against walls, of teachers rallying their students like troops and siblings choosing sides. 

The photos stop with one of Antonin Dolhov, with green light shooting towards the boy holding the camera. 

Neville keeps all of Colin’s photos in his office. On the days where he wonders why he’s teaching at all, he pulls them out to watch the student’s side of the Second Wizarding War. 

And he remembers. 

Death Eaters run when Pomona Sprout goes to war.

Pomona Sprout, head of Hufflepuff House seems to not get the credit she deserves in her willingness to do what is right even when the choice seems doomed to failure. Also she was all for the students staying and fighting to defend their school and their friends.

When McGonagall, Flitwick, and Sprout were fighting off Snape and McGonagall is rallying the teachers to start prepping the school for siege:

Flitwick: “You realize, of course, that nothing we do will be able to keep out You-Know-Who indefinitely?”

Sprout: “But we can hold him up.”
(“But we can delay him.” was given to McGonagall in the film)

McGonagall: “Thank you, Pomona.”

*and between the two witches there passed a grim look of understanding* - ch. 30

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I don’t have kids, but finding out one of my child’s teachers attended a Trump rally and marched with Neo-Nazis....eh, that would do something to me.

I’d be like Ma from Room when she wakes up and spots Old Nick glaring at Jack and starts screaming hysterically.

“Get away from him! Don’t look at him with your filthy eyes! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Stop forcing kids with sensory issues into loud events and places!! If you’re a teacher or something and a kid walks up to you in a loud situation (i.e. a pep rally they were forced into going through) and says “hey can I leave I’m having a sensory overload” or something like that LET THEM LEAVE! It’s not that hard!

pep rallies with peter parker would include;

writers block hey. take this while i figure out how words work. idk how ur pep rallies work but i based this off of one i went to.
warnings: nm, just cursing and cuteness
tags: @kaliforniacoastalteens

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Ryan was unsuccesfully trying to lose his added winter weight, ever since he relaxed his diet and regime around mid autumn when he decided to give winter sports a miss and focus on his studies instead. 6 months of studying on his butt and a newly picked up and bad snacking habit combined with a lack of exercise had led to a significant impact on his fitness and physique, particularly around his waist and chest which had gotten increasingly flabby until he had made an effort to ignore the change in his body and had stopped weighing himself after the first 5 pounds. He had always been such a slim guy he didn’t know how to deal with it, he stopped going shirtless anywhere and wore baggier clothes to hide the soft layer of fat accumulating so when he came to his first gym of the new year, really his first exercise since slacking off he was going to have to face to facts and give a bit of a shock to his jock buddies who haven’t noticed the slight filling in of his cheeks. Ryan shyly shuffled into a toilet to change trying to hide his bare torso and snapped on his elastic shorts and gym top, noticing to his embarrassment that it was skin tight and hugged his body. Blushing he held his stomach in and went with the rest of his peers to start class. He managed to put the thought to the back of his mind and no one mentioned anything. He struggled to keep up in the first segment of the class but just commented that he needed to get back into it. Thats when the teacher announced running rallies and he panicked, to tell teams apart they had to wear a colour off their shorts and had to take of shirts to see it. He realised the results of his over indulgence was going to visible to his friends. He blushed and took of his shirt trying to avoid eye contact. He didn’t have to wait long for a response. One of his best friends, who of course still had a tanned and firm six pack was quick to comment about his weight gain and give a bit of a jiggle. This of course led everyone to notice and Ryan gave up sucking in and let all 20 pounds of blubber sit out. Ryan examined his body looking down, his belly formed a small crescent which obscured his pants but still revealed most of his feet, his sides has become lovehandles especially with the tight shorts and he jiggled slightly with every moment. What had happened to his near perfect washboard tummy? To his embrassment he was forced to run laps with the class still shirtless and be lapped by guys who used to be around his speed. He even got poked in the gut or slapped on his more sizable rear by a few. Eventually out of breath he leant over and wheeze which caused his gut to roll up and crinkle which made his moan in annoyance. He half heatedly finished and hit the showers where most of the boys were already getting ready. Feeling intimidated for the first time in years about his body he tried to ignore his belly. He had to answer a few questions about his weight while showering, where it had all come from (crap food and sitting on his arse), how much (he lied and said about 10 pounds) and whether he needed new clothes (which his lied about as well. Clad only in his boxers a few of his friends grinned mischievously and indicated to the wrestling teams scale in the corner. They knew he normally weighted 130 and knew he was lying about his weight. Ryan tried to back out of it but someone grabbed him around his fleshy middle and forced him up towards the scale. Ryan resigned himself to face the facts and was curious as to how much he had actually put on. He placed his feet on the scale and watched the numbers fly past 130 before settling on 155. His stomach clenched in shock and the hysterical laughter began behind him. He quickly jumped off but it didn’t stop anyone from seeing. 25 pounds, no wonder he was that slow and and big but he couldn’t believe it. He rolled his eyes as a few people shook his flabby gut as he tried to get to his bag. No chance of escaping to the toilet to get changed he knew he would have to force on his clothes here, and if this morning was anything to by he was going to have a hard time.