teachers hitting students

Warning: Teacher Rant

Guys, I know I talk about teaching on here.  And I enjoy it, I honestly do.  There is much reward and I love my students.  But, there are some days where I just want to walk out of the classroom because I am just that done.  It is between that and losing the certification I don’t have.

I almost went off on an eight year old.  For the sake of this, let’s call them…I don’t know…Drake and Josh.  I had been teaching, not getting anywhere since the students were trying to push the limit since I am still new in comparison and we are a little over a week out from Spring Break.  So, Josh rolls his eyes at Drake.  All of a sudden I hear this gem of a comeback:

“If you roll your eyes, you’re a girl.”

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And it wasn’t something muttered, it was projected for all the other 16 kids to hear, and over me, which is a feat in itself.  When I teach, I am pretty loud.

This is basically his inner self at the moment.

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My inner monologe:

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I was tired, I was done.  I had pulled so many cards for discipline, taken away Recess (against my beliefs entirely, play is important) and just wanted to get done because I hate math and had gotten the hardest and worst standard for my least favorite subject.

So, I wanted to give the whole class a long, riveting discussion about equality and all that jazz. I wanted to laugh at him and basically talk about how stupid that comeback was.  They’re nine, though, and he was not paying attention to me for the man on the moon. So I just settled for “Being a girl is not an insult and will not be tolerated in my class.  Rolling your eyes will not be tolerated, boy or girl.  Because you better be finding something worth it back there.  Now, like I said before I was interrupted with that intelligent remark, one kilogram is equal to 1,000 grams.” 

This is why feminism, Women’s Day, and other examples are needed.  I am in a third grade class in 2017 and it is still acceptable to use females as an insult.  It seems so small, but something I have learned as far as their learning both academically and socially, if the buck doesn’t stop here, it never will.

Bosses shouldn’t hit their employees.
Teachers shouldn’t hit their students.
Coaches shouldn’t hit their players.

Parents and guardians should NOT hit their children. Under any circumstances. There are other ways to educate a human being outside of physical violence and fear.
Do NOT hit to educate.