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Being kind to the "bad kids?"

I am not kind to my students because I have no backbone. I don’t compromise with them because I’m scared they won’t like me. I don’t visit them at lunch because I want to be the “cool teacher.”

I am strategic. I pick my battles. Yet I am firm and consistent. My goal is to come out of a student-teacher interaction with the students feeling motivated and cared for. I couldn’t care less if they like me. I just know that a kid who feels valued and cared for works harder.

I refuse to yell at a class or a kid for misbehaving or making a mistake. Yelling and getting angry is easy. Loving is incredibly hard. Hard consequences can come with love attached to them and the lessons learned will be no less powerful.

Don’t you dare mistake my kindness for weakness.

So, last night, I was attempting to help Mini Cap with his homework.

And like-

It’s so fucking frustrating.

Not Mini, it’s not his fault.

But the math. Oh my god. I wanted to punch someone in the fucking throat.

So when I was in school, they taught us how to divide fractions but inverting one, multiplying straight across, and reducing if we have to. Easy, simple, fast.

This fucking bullshit that he came home with last night…

Oh my god.

I just-

I couldn’t help him. I youtube’d that shit, I googled, I asked my sister who has been a K-8 teacher for the past TWENTY TWO YEARS, my own mother who taught for thirty two years, and they couldn’t help me. I emailed the teacher, I looked through his notes (which are really her notes that she photocopied and they keep in their binders) and no. Like, nothing is working.

It’s so fucking pointless! The way these kids are taught how to do shit with arrays and fifteen different steps and four different methods it just confuses the fuck out of everyone involved and it’s like…

I don’t know. I can’t explain it but they were supposed to divide 2/3 by ¼ and use this box method (???) and then reduce and after an hour and a half of looking for this fucking method, I gave up. I threw our notes up in the air and turned to Mini (who was in tears at this point out of sheer frustration) and said, “You know what? Fuck it. Fuck all this shit. Fucking forget it. Just invert one of the fractions, multiply straight across, there’s your answer.”

And he looked so betrayed.  

“That’s it?” He asked, looking at me. “No boxes, no shading, no counting?”

“That’s it.” I said and gave him a fraction calculator. “Check it.”

And he did. And he was right.

Guys, he put his head down on his desk and fucking cried.

I have never in all my life hated school more than I did last night.

we were debating in lit today abt why women r often expected to change their last names once they marry a man + whether this was ethical or not nd when it was my turn to talk i mentioned smth abt how misogyny nd the idea that men r the providers nd big wigs of the house definitely has a lot to do w it

nd ok so this other kid almost immediately said smth like “uh actually misogyny doesn’t exist bc men can change their names too!!!!!! thats dumb its not just women who do that!!!!! also i wld change my name if my wife wanted so ur wrong” nd so i was like “wow u’d change ur name……. sexism has been abolished it doesnt exist i cant wait until the mayor gives u keys to the city for ur grand accomplishment let’s give him a round of applause” nd everybdy in the class started clapping sarcastically it was the best thing

tomatoes-are-also-fruit  asked:

Heienfowndk i just remembered that I'm going to high school and I'm going to be a freshman ahhhhhh I don't know what to do or what clubs to join or if I'll make friends or what ahhhhhhhhhhhhhHHhhhHhHhHh

Alfred: I know things are blurry at the moment, but when it’s your chance to finally decide right there and then, choose the choice you think is best. If you think you can survive doing that certain thing for the whole school year then choose that club! 

  Stay calm! High school is super new for you but in a month or so, you’ll get used to it. Don’t worry :)!

  And you should totally make friends. If you want to have a memorable high school experience then go for it! You don’t know how much they’d shine your gloomy days. 

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