Our Divine Origin - The Beginning

Before the physical world had come into being, there was only the formless, indestructible impersonal field of Awareness.  This primordial, undifferentiated Source was the self-organizing creative intelligence that is the sole author of this universe.. Existing in a timeless state of perfection (a static, absence of vibration), this unmanifested potential had no understanding of external/internal reference points, concepts or perceivable experiences of change/movement.

Cosmic awareness had an urge to know itself by becoming ‘self-conscious’ through experiencing diversity (through the natural laws). Self-consciousness was the first projection that was reverberated out of itself; a polarized mirror reflection (filtered lens, tool) from which to translate it’s own awareness into the simulated experience of a subject/object split. Consciousness cannot exist without this relative framework of contrast, otherwise it would not be able to compare itself to anything (differentiate one part of the whole from another) to know of it’s own existence.
We are all the individuated, personified expressions of Source Energy that are living within the imagined, dream-like appearances of innumerable forms.  Each individual incarnation of Source (through the modification of a life-form) is a conduit for expressing this timeless expansion of Oneness. Whenever Source desires to know itself as a life-form; it uses the sense organs of apparent autonomous living beings (avatars), it had creatively morphed into (taking on the disguise of forms), in order to learn and experience 'life’ in all the possible ways that it can. We (as consciousness) are how Source experiences itself.Our physical bodies are weak, but necessary conductors for tasting experiences of this physical reality within a linear space-time framework. This is done through the limited parameters of our biological nervous system. This physical reality (experiential universe) gives us the carousel of illusory appearances, belief in scarcity/lack and personal limitations (flavored with a dash of self-forgetfulness).

We, as holographic fractal fragments must not fall under the hypnotic spell of unconsciously masking our true, spiritual essence; losing ourselves in the phenomenal, material world. It is imperative to make a conscious effort in not becoming over- identified, attached or lost in the passing dream of conceptual forms that only exists within the timeless container of consciousness.

It all appears to be a strange cosmic play of the One Self (at the deepest level of existence) joyfully taking on the appearance of reflected forms - unfolding, splitting and diversifying itself into focal points of ever expanding consciousness (unending ripples of 'I AM’) in order to experience 'apparent’ individuality and disconnection to learn of itself through the creative exploration within itself. A new perspective of ourselves is achieved through the rich, infinite complexities and varying degrees of consciousness (these multiple timelines exist simultaneously right now). We will eventually, re-discover who we really are, which is the essence of consciousness (through the suffering of our unconscious form-identifications/attachments). Suffering from 'mistaken identity’ was intentionally designed to create the possibility for awakening to ultimate truth of our unseen, deathless nature hidden behind the transient manifestation.

- written by Anon I mus

*excerpt from Anon I mus - http://spiritualenlightenment4nobodies.com/

Girl Meets Goodbye

Has anyone else had the thought that maybe the “goodbye” is feeny? I mean, if this is the last ep of gmw, I think the best way for the show to come full circle is if one of the most pivotal lesson teachers in the story is to reach their end. Who wants to bet feeny dies? Also, I find it unrealistic for them to corral all of the characters and family of the show just for the Matthews moving away idk that’s just me.

There was such a great moment for an unexpected lesson on size diversity in my 1st grade classroom today. We were quietly working on drawing full-body pictures of ourselves as President of the US. It was a pretty cool project. Well then at one point this little boy innocently says, “Teacher, why are you so chubby?”. A few students gasped, and some loudly told him “That’s not nice!”. 

I took this moment to have conversation with the whole class about this. We talked about how some people are chubby, some are skinny, and there is a whole rainbow of sizes in between. We talked about how whatever you look like and whatever size you are, you are perfect just how you are. The students were engaged in this conversation much more than if I had planned an actual lesson on this. Three students even shared stories about chubby siblings that have been teased. This segwayed into a discussion on bullying, and treating all types of people with respect and kindness. It was just such a positive learning moment for them, and I’m glad I used the opportunity. 

so I was walking to Biology today when this teacher came up to me and handed me a soggy tennis ball and said, “This is Graham, you need to look after him. He needs a lot of love and care. I’ll check in on you later” and so yeah now I have a tennis ball called Graham that I have carried around in my pocket all day and I’m still not entirely sure what happened

Today was an “I need caffeine to function” kind of day. So, I stopped by Starbucks to pick up a chai. After I ordered I heard from the back, “she is not paying for that!” A student who graduated about four years ago smiled at my look of confusion. This young woman was never in a class of mine, but I talked to her. She would stop by my class with friends and I would offer a hello or I would see her in the hall and I would ask her how her day was going. She was not always a model student and she was often involved in everyday high school drama, but the thing that stands out the most to me is the fact that she always answered my questions about her day genuinely.

It was nice to see her and a free drink was a fun way to start my day, but what I really took away from my Starbucks run this morning is that teachers truly affect students. And not just our own, but any student we come in contact with. We can be the element that brightens their day or the cloud hanging over their already difficult adolescence. And we are remembered after they leave the school building.

Worrying about the future...

I know the days spent with my TC are numbered. This year I will finish school and he will never be my teacher again. I cant stop thinking about the day where I arrive at school, hand in my textbooks and say goodbye. I can’t imagine saying goodbye to him. I need someone like him in my life. 

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So the first day of school this year, I walked into science and he was playing a song that sounded really familiar. And once I heard some of it I realized it was Stressed Out. And so I looked at the teacher anD IT WAS LIKE A 70 YEAR OLD MAN AND I WAS LIKE "FRICK YE" AND HE WAS LIKE "So since its the first day of school, I'm playing this because you guys are probably Stressed Out." AND THEN HE SAID HE LOVE TWENTY ONE PILOTS AND NOW HE'S MY FAVORITE TEACHER

oh my god fucking bless

Teacher Stories: Meg Lewis

Meet Meg Lewis, who teaches two online classes,  Introduction to Photoshop: Fundamentals for Beginners and Intro to Web Design: Friendly Design for Startups and Small Business. Meg has made over 22k from teaching and has enrolled over 2,000 students worldwide! Read on to learn more about Meg’s experience as an online Skillshare teacher!

I am the owner of Ghostly Ferns, a small web design studio based in Brooklyn. I’ve owned Ghostly Ferns since 2009 and have worked with early-stage startups, large enterprise companies, and loads of small businesses.

I have been a huge fan of Skillshare since before they started teaching online classes. I was immediately pumped when they opened up the ability to take classes virtually. I just loved the idea that anyone can learn a wide variety of subjects from an instructor across the globe. My original class, Introduction to Web Design, began getting some feedback from struggling students that aren’t familiar with Photoshop. In an effort to help them, I am now launching an Introduction to Photoshop class that I encourage students to take first.

My advice to teachers: Don’t be afraid to put in the work to make the class awesome. Technically the classes are student led, which means a teacher can post the class and walk away. I would definitely recommend that teachers keep an eye on the student work and communicate with the class if they see common mistakes or questions from the students.

I have gotten so many amazing opportunities that have stemmed from teaching this class. I have received a couple of client projects that came from students. These students are founders that realized through the course of the class that web design wasn’t as easy as they had thought. As I mentioned earlier, I was connected with my intern, and now teammate, Ria, through this class. Not to mention loads of one-on-one connections with students around New York that have taken my class. I’ve bumped into them at the local coffee shop and hosted events in which a lot of them have attended. It’s been such an awesome experience connecting with my students in real life!

So my school choir teacher only answers his phone during class for family emergencies and today he answered it and looked like horrified and was yelling at whoever was on the other line and was like almost crying so our class was silent because we thought something happened to his kid until suddenly he screams, “WELL WE CANT JUST LEAVE IT IN THERE” and confused glances were exchanged until he hung up and it turns out he had a rabbit stuck in his chimney and I just

I’m crying I was playing Cards Against Humanity in the school with my friends and my English teacher comes up to tell us to be quiet cause there was an exam going on in the hall next to us. And he questions what we’re doing. And my friend had just won a round with ‘a bigger blacker dick’ so he sees the card. And he looks away in distaste and starts to leave.

But then he comes running back, points at the card and says 'I have one question. What do you want for our birthday’ runs away and leaves us literally crying with laughter. Best experience of my life.

gift ideas my greek class has had for a farewell gift for my teacher so far:

  • a cuckoo’s clock where the cuckoo is actually clytemnestra beheading agamemnon and his screams mark the new hour
  • full 300 spartan armor (aka a leather hold-all and some good wishes)
  • a drawing of a man with a nametag that says ‘The Thought’ holding up three fingers because it’s The Thought That Counts
  • a donkey painted gold because his favorite play is apuleius’ golden ass
  • the platonic ideal Idea Of A Gift
  • a holey old bag in reference to Odysseus (and myself)
  • a decrepit, loving old dog named Argos who has been waiting for years for his (deceased) master who looked like my teacher to return. might be hard to find but totally worth it #fortheliteraryreference
  • an unreachable apple as a clever sappho reference
  • it’s painted with rainbows because he once alluded that sappho’s explicit Gayness might have been her challenging gender roles (yeah she did. by being gay. the only challenge she faced was being a gay ass poetry girl and she mastered that beautifully, my bud, my pal)
  • a model of plato’s ideal state
  • plato’s actual ideal state, five hundred mentions of the word Φύλακος included
  • a list of reasons as to why he’s a better teacher than the other asshole greek teacher at our school whom everyone hates
  • a complete etymology of the word fart and its relation to the word partridge (πέρδιξ), thank you to sarah @thoodleoo for this one
  • unbreakable chalk (the man has the worst butterfingers i have ever seen in my life. incredible)
  • a class that actually does the homework
  • a complete reenactment of the movie troy by us. the guy with the long-ass hair can play achilles without a wig. we also write in all the gods and i play all of them. it’s all in one take
  • a complete reenactment of 300 with the entire school as background actors. i play leonidas. free the spartan nipple
  • give me unlimited money and time and i will have the Best present ideas

i’m… sorry