CHAPTER 3!!!!! If you haven’t read chapter 2 please read it! So you aren’t lost!

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The numbers will make sense whenever chapter 4 is posted I came up with a new series!! I hope y’all enjoy this!!! Thank you for waiting so long I couldn’t wait!

  • Patton: There, right there, in the corner, is the coldest part of my classroom. It's were all the cold comes out.
  • Virgil, who is sitting in said coner: I;m always cold.
  • Patton: Here's the deal: we just want to get you guys used to..
  • Patton: Russian prisons.
  • Virgil: Darn.
  • Patton: Yes, that's exactly what you say when you go to Russian prison. Darn


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Today was actually a good day in History. This week H has been letting us sit anywhere, as long as it was next to someone we don’t usually sit with, and I sat next to this girl R today. We’re chill we just don’t talk much. So, this seat, in which i sat, was like in the front of the room basically. And lets just say it was (sort of ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) a nightmare sitting there. H would literally come to the area in which i sat like every two seconds and everytime, I tried my hardest to avoid eye contact 😅 This kid K sat behind me and at one point H was talking to him, so he came right up to my left (I was sitting backwards in my chair) and hOlLy ShIt.

This is gonna sound weird but like, he was so freaking close that his cologne lingered my way, and WowOw did he smell handsome (¿?) Like he just had a manly scent idk how to say it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He also gave me a high five :)) And boi were his hands hUgE. Like, I know that I have smol hands, but his hand was like two knuckles bigger than mine :0

But at the same time something sorta bad happened :/

This girl, L, she’s unique. Like a bitchy but friendly person type of unique.

We were on the topics of wars and specifically WWII and the holocaust. Right before she made this comment, H had also mentioned something about ADHD (I’m not 100% what he said about it, i just heard him talking about it.) Anyways, L thought it was the perfect time to make a comment, specifically this comment.

So she started.

“Where do Jews with ADHD go?”

And it first I didn’t get it (Yeah im slow ik -_-_-_-) but I thought about it. And out of nowhere I hear,

“CoNcentRatiOn CampS.”

And did I start laughing.

Oh boy.

And I was laughing while holding in a laugh at the same time. And we stood up to find groups for an activity and L came up to me. She said, “Now I kinda feel bad for saying that,” and I said something like, “Eh.” Cuz tbh I didn’t care sort of, like it was an offensive-wish joke but you’ve got to understand, dark humor hits me HARD. Like I’m all over offensive jokes. I know its horrible, but so am I. I mean, for god’s sake, i have a crush on my teacher like 😑

Moving on, after we were in groups L and her partner happened to sit next to me and my partner. So H came over and he was obviously not happy. He bent down and talked with L and used me in his example. He said, “You know L, what if Y over here had, let’s say for example, a great grandmother who died in WWII, how do you think she’d feel?”

And I think the fact that he used me in the example he gave her makes me feel bad for laughing but, goddammit, is my humor fucked up. Tbh I felt bad the whole day. Like :/. But yeah, a good thing and a bad thing happened today. And I’ll probably be hating myself for laughing for the next week or so, but hey, its not like I already hate myself on the daily 😎💯🔥