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So after everyone’s out of the Framework,

May: will be happy that she killed the girl in Bahrain, which will mess her up more than ever before.

Fitz: has to deal with the fact that somewhere inside him is a sadist and a murderer (although I personally think Aida messed with him more than the others because she had a massive robo-crush on him)

Simmons: has to deal with witnessing her normally gentle, compassionate, brilliant boyfriend straight-up murder an innocent woman. (this after having to kill Fitz’s LMD in self-defense)

Mack: has to lose his daughter all over again, except this time it will be so much worse. 

Daisy: has to deal with being betrayed by her SO/mother figure (May) and tortured by one of her best friends (Fitz)

…..and finally Coulson, who will be embarrassed by his slightly-dorkier-than-usual behavior and have the uncontrollable urge to make his own soap.

Inspired by my high school music theory teacher, who would always refer to writing inversions as “decapitating the snowman”… Happy holidays, and stay warm! :)

music history: a summary
  • baroque: yay for harpsichords!!! counterpoint is awesome!!! let's all be happy and honor our lord and savior j s bach!!!
  • classical: more happiness!!! sonata form!!! alberti bass!!!! also there are 80000 more rules now lmao
  • romantic: i have so many emotions and so much angst im gonna take it out on pianists by writing feelsy etudes with impossible runs and also break pianos if im liszt
Analysing the paintings in Blood, Sweat & Tears

Since I’m majoring in art, I asked my teacher of history of art if he can recognize the painting is this scene:

After watching the scene approx 8 times  (istg I began to regret) he told me that this painting the “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” 

If you have already read my explanation on the “Lament of Icarus” (aka the painting behing bts and jungkook @2:17 for example) then you recognized the name “Icarus”. 

If you didn’t please read it here or you won’t understand!

Nothing abnormal in this picture right? huuum look closely. In the right corner you can this a drowning man: this man is Icarus

Icarus is the courage, the adventure, he’s young. Locked by Minos in the labyrinth he has the willingness to try to escape. But his flaw/mistake was to succumb to the intoxication of the success. This painting represents the call of the freedom and the dream of escape

Apparently, the farmer with the red clothes is an allegory of the Hope (he didnt tell me why, maybe because the farmer looks like he’s always working?). This allegory contrasts with the fall of Icarus who represents the sufferings. Also this painting creates a separation between the dream (Icarus) and the reality (the farmer)

In the Mv

Taehyung also falls. But look at his face. He chose to fall and he’s happy about it. I think this represents Icarus flying before falling into the ocean, when there were no sufferings.

My teacher advised me to analyse the mv like I do with a painting or a sculpture (bc i told him that i didnt understand it lmao i wanted help), so thats what i did.


Look at the sculpture, the man (?) is about to fly (his right foot is almost in the air, his back and his right hand are moved forward), he looks confident. This man is obviously Icarus who is about to fly to escape the labyrinth.

In the myth, the wings were glued on his back with some wax (obviously hot wax, keep that i mind it’s important)

Then we see this

This scene contrasts completely with this scene:

In both scenes we see Taehyng from the back. In the first scene everything is bright, he’s smiling. In the last everything is dark, he’s in the same clothes but we can see his (beautiful) back, the light comes from above.  An the most important thing: In the bright scene Taehyung is (almost) in the air and in the dark scene, he’s not anymore, he’s on the ground.

Again in the myth, Icarus flew way too high and the wax melted, then he fell into the ocean. It means that the wings arent on his back anymore.

It looks like the supposed wings on Tae’s back were extracted. Like Icarus, he losted his wings. Taehyung flew but fell on the ground. He didn’t succeed 

Now my own interpretation of the wings: they can represent the dreams. We aren’t born with dreams like we arent born with wings. When we find our dreams, they are glued on us. They can make us happy and confident. We can fly with them. But it’s fragile! The wax can melt and we can lose our dreams easily.

Seeing A.D. manipulate Aria into staying on their team (when she’s about to throw the phone out the window), and THEN seeing Ezra make Aria feel sorry for him for stalking her to write that book…. I’m just saying, ok….

Also I see you A.D. quoting Gone With the Wind

“Tomorrow is another day.” I see you.


How to read sheet music. 😐


You’ve learned about C-Major scale, sharps and flats, and the music staff. Now you’re going to learn about asshat key signatures. Looking at the figure below you might be thinking “Fuuuckkk this is bullshit I am not prepared to do this shit man,” Well Ima make this as straight forward as that one bitchy friend is. First lets take a look at those hashtag fuckers, sharps, “BUT WAIT! I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE FUCK A KEY SIGNATURE IS!” fuck man you’re right lemme clear this shit up, key signature’s tell us what major scale we’re in, what note we’re gonna start our scale on. Now I labeled these fuckers for you but you’re probably looking at this shit wondering “man how the fuck did they get G major out of 1 sharp?” well buddie, that one sharp we’re look’n at for G Major is F# (read as F-sharp) the next note up from F# is G, thats how you find what scale you’re in*. “okay I can see that but we got fuckn F# and C# Major over there spooking me out” as you can see in F# Major the last sharp in the scale is E# now we’d normally just say “haha its F major!” BUT WAIT, WHATS THIS!? IT CAN’T BE! E# AND F ARE THE SAME FUCKING NOTE! Thats why we cant call it F major, its gotta go by F# Major, its the same idea with C# Major. You can also remember it because F# is already sharped in F# major’s key signature, so it wouldnt make sense to have the note F in that Key. Whatever sharps are in the key signature stay in the fucking key signature.**

Now with our flat homeboy’s instead of going up we’re going down. The way to figure out what key we’re in, when we’re dealing with flats, is to count how many fuckers there are and go one flat down, like in Db Major we got Bb,Eb,Ab,Db and Gb we just look at what flat comes before the last flat in the key signature and its as easy as that! Now you’re wondering what the fuck F major is doing here, we’ll cover that next lesson, but for now just accept it. 

Next Lesson, my least favorite fucker, the circle of 5ths

*Review the order of sharps and flats, and if this isn’t clear contact me

 **Its the same for flats

This started as an idea for one character and rapidly turned into a mini Dad’s of Thedas AU, because of the Game Grumps new dad game!

We’ve got: Spy dad, Nerd dad, Craft dad, Author dad, Assassin dad, Brooding dad, and Sad dad.

Descriptions of dad’s under cut. I can’t believe I did this, but the idea was far to fun not to.

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3, 30, 300 [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: A new phase of your life begins as you move to an apartment in New York with an unknown roommate.

Word Count: 2,568

Warnings: None, maybe one ot two curse words?

Author’s notes: Wow, I’ve been with so many things in the works between college, collabs and personal matters that I didn’t even see time fly. This is the first thing I’ve written by myself in probably months, so I apologize in advance if I’m a little rusty. This is pure fluff and an adaptation of a story I wrote for my crative writing class, so… I hope you guys like it!

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“Sorry, I didn’t-” your hands touched and the blush on your face became even more evident.

“No, it’s okay. Take it.” Lin’s smile was genuine, and you took the knife without saying a word. The both of you ate in silence, the cutlery against the ceramic plates being the only sound in the small kitchen and neither knowing how the dynamic between you worked.

Well, it was the first time you were sharing an apartment with a stranger, afterall.

You blamed the big city, the fear of conquering the concrete jungle without anyone to go to if needed. Online adverts about sharing an apartment in New York City brought you and Lin-Manuel together, both not knowing what each other looked like until only a few hours earlier, your moving trucks competing for a parking spot in front of the old building.

The two bedrooms were smaller than they looked like in the advert, which was already pretty small. When seeing the amount of boxes you unloaded, Lin gave up the bigger bedroom in exchange for you letting him place his piano in the cramped living room: you were unsure of how many nights you wouldn’t be able to sleep because of the instrument, but your initial bet was ‘many’.

You were right.

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ID #66645

Name: Emily
Age: 18
Country: Canada

I’ve always loved the idea of pen pals, I used to write letters to people I met at camp and it was wonderful. I’d really enjoy meeting some cool new people who like some of the same things as me.
I love reading and writing and hope to become a teacher when I grow up. I don’t watch a lot of TV but I’ve watched CSI, NCIS, Teen Wolf, Bing Bang Theory, Riverdale, 13RW, and a few more. I also loveeeee musicals and theatre in general.
I’m down to talk about pretty much anything.

Preferences: Preferably aged 16-24 but any age is fine. English-speakers.

Few things could be said that about Ms. Muse that were knew to be true. For one, she is the most lovable and kind and helpful Music Theory teacher that anyone will ever meet (a student even runned a betting circle on the topic, earning hundreds in cash on the poor freshmen).

Two, she’s old. Like “Great Great Grandmother” old. Some of the staff on their early 60s were actually taught by Ms.Muse at some point, but no one seems to be quite sure of her age. The age on her official documents is forgotten by everyone that looks up, so while everyone can check her age, no one can remember it. Her birthday is April 14th, though. Bring her a gift.

Three, her class is the only one in the whole campus that is a 100% fae free all year. No one is quite sure on how this can happen, but for some reason changelings and fae cannot enter the classroom when she is there, and always leave when she arrives late.

In light of her teaching, another well know fact of hers is the complete mess that is her teaching schedule. No one remembers the last time she didn’t have to email the whole class apologising for the three weeks that she went missing. More than once she needed to head to the library with the whole class to meet the required teaching hours.

But maybe the most well know fact about Ms. Muse is that she tends to vanish in the woods every other moon. sometimes she returns in the same week, sometimes she returns months later, but not once she used any kind of protection when venturing on those grounds. and never once she returned different. There are rumors about this one. Some say that she has a iron replacement on some bone of her body. Some say she got shot with iron balls during the storming of the Bastille in 1789. Some even say that she was the sacrifice for a ancient ritual that failed, and the iron blade that they used still was inside her.

A less know fact about her, is that she will fight heaven and hell to help you if you have any kind of problem with the Gentry. She don’t ask why you did the things you did, and don’t ask for nothing in return except that you help others in need. the only thing she needs you to do it to get her help, is ask her.

The worst fact about her is, when a student needs her, she will always be on her vanishing trip to the woods. And they will need her.


I believe that each of the teachers was created by Roy himself, and as he continued making teachers, he kept trying less and less to make them, well, coherent.

The notepad spoke clearly, most of her vocabulary made sense, and the things she said could be taken seriously. The clock was similar, just a little… off.

The butterfly was pretty coherent, but not nearly as much as the Clock and Notepad were, especially when you listen to all of Butterfly’s friends. None of them make much sense, and the Story of Micheal was entirely senseless.

The computer was insane, with a hint of coherence. The kitchen gang was almost entirely nonsense, essentially spouting food and health words in any random order.

The lamp was particularly incoherent. Instead of even TRYING to teach some kind of lesson, all he did was spout things you could see in a dream. And the teachers that flashed on screen for short periods spouted utter nonsense before disappearing.

Tl;Dr., Roy created the teachers and as time went on, he got sloppy. He implemented the teachers in order of quality, best to worst.

anonymous asked:

I think they were asking what subjects or majors you would see the labels you have studying in school !!

thank you !!! since there wasn’t any labels specifically mentioned, i just did a few different ones. but really, any label could do any major if you want them to !! it all depends on your character’s personal interests, which may or may not reflect their label !! i found it difficult to do it for labels based on personality, as opposed to interests. such as the vixen, the connard, etc !! i honestly feel as though any label could very well be interested in completing any major, if the interest is there !! if you have any questions about why i chose the major’s i did for a particular label, feel free to ask !!! i understand that some of the reasoning might not be as easily understood without an explanation !! all of the following majors were found from the following websites:  this, this, this, this. i also found a lot of major’s that i couldn’t fit into each of the labels, so if anyone wants a full masterlist of college major’s, let me know !! 

  • the academic — education, bilingual education, early childhood education, elementary school teaching, high school teaching, middle school teaching, teacher assistant, teaching english as a second language
  • the activist — history, journalism, peace/conflict studies, political science, women/gender studies, philosophy, non-profit management, speech and rhetorical studies, ethnic/cultural minority and group studies, human rights, 
  • the artisan — dance, ballet, fine/studio art, graphic design, interior design, music, arts management, english/writing, architecture, construction management, visual studies, arts and entertainment management, photography, performing arts, 
  • the anthomaniac ( + animal lovers ) — environmental science, forest management, biology, fisheries and wildlife, marine science, pre-veterinary medicine, parks, recreation and leisure studies, animal science, oceanography, 
  • the astrophile — astronomy, astronomy and astrophysics, atmospheric sciences and meteorology, space systems operations, physics, planetary astronomy and science, astrophysics. 
  • the athlete — sport management, exercise science, nutrition science, rehabilitation and therapy, sports medicine, health and physical fitness, physical education teaching and coaching, sports communication.
  • the bellwether — apparel/textile design, fashion design, fashion merchandising, business, marketing, fashion modelling, fashion and fabric consultation, theater design and stagecraft, design and visual communications, costume design. 
  • the benevolent — allied health, nursing, emergency management, public health, psychology, midwifery, rehabilitation and therapy, social work, long term care administration.
  • the bibliomaniac — english/writing, education, history, journalism, language studies, children and youth library services, library and information sciences.
  • the dirtbag ( + hoyden ) — automotive technology, automotive engineering technology, vehicle maintenance and repair technologies, automotive-body technology.
  • the ecclesiastic —  religious studies, religious education, bible studies, religion and the humanities, christian studies. 
  • the epicure — culinary arts, food science, nutritional science, food chemistry, foods, nutrition and wellness studies, restaurant and food services management, restaurant and culinary management, hotel, motel and restaurant management. 
  • the fervour/quixotic — romance languages dual major, romance languages and the literature, 
  • the guardian — public health, criminology, emergency management, legal studies, crimonology, law enforcement investigation and interviewing, police science, criminal justice, social work.
  • the gregarious — hospitality management, marketing and sales, business administration and management, psychology, human resources, public relations management, physical therapy, general management, 
  • the hacker — video game design, web design/digital media, computer science, software engineering, computer programming, computer systems analysis. 
  • the magnate — business/finance, hospitality management, economics, international relations, business management administration, accounting, investment and securities, human resources, international business, sales and marketing, 
  • the muso — music management and merchandising, conducting, music teacher education, music theory and composition, music performance, music theory, jazz studies. 
  • the netizen — video game design, web design/digital media, computer science, film/broadcast, game and interactive media design, computer graphics, graphic design, robotics technology. 
  • the phoenix — legal studies, social work, youth services, student counselling, psychology, criminology, counseling psychology, human services, premedicine, sociology, community psychology.
  • the savant ( + maths ) — mathematics, accounting, biology, chemistry, materials science, imaging science, computer science, energy science, marine science, applied science.
  • the thespian — film/broadcast, cinema and media studies, film production, film studies, performing arts, drama and dance teacher education, musical theatre, theatre art, acting.
  • the traveler — recreation and tourism management, international studies, language studies, international relations, geography, geographical studies, global studies, international business, tourism and travel management. 
  • the writer — creative writing, american/british/canadian literature, english, english composition, general literature, languages, classics, library and information science, comparative literature.  

Sooo, life has been super busy and I haven’t had time to update my bullet journal and make it pretty to post on here. I’ve been on holidays to NZ and it’s been full on since I got back going straight into term 4. I thought I would post this because it’s kinda inspired by my bujo. It’s for my low Year 8 music class. I couldn’t be bothered typing it up and formatting on a computer and I find it really therapeutic to write. So. Yeah. Will be back to my bujo posts soon. Just gotta get back into my groove :)