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"I can start with how I went to marine science camp as a kid and end with that time I accidentally brought a flamethrower into the county courthouse" --- PLEASE EXPLAIN IM SO CONFUSED D:

So, when I was a kid, my parents worked full time, so during the summer, my sister and I were enrolled in day-camp so we’d be adequately tired when we got home, and my FAVORITE  camp was Marine Science Camp, run by MSI on the banks of redwood creek, right off the San Francisco bay.  It was AWESOME: we got to dissect squid, there was a literal shark tank, which we got to fish leopard sharks out of and Tag Them For Scientific Research, ad we’d go out on the boat once a week and do things like haul a net full of fish out, use a scoop to study benthic creatures and look at plankton under a microscope.  I realize now we were essentially doing transects, dissections and other field/lab work for a bunch of grad students but it was FUN.  

I totally wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up and would tell anyone who asked me what I was into about nematocyts and oceanic acidification until The Adult realized their mistake and fled.

At the same time, I was pursing an aggressive interest in the visual arts, which my parents heavily encouraged, becuase they are excellent parents and because it;s was a QUIET hobby unlikely to result in bodily harm, unlike my sister, who got into karate and Theater, which is a surprising dangerous combination.

But then i got to college and realized an issue with this plan: I, hands down, SUCK at chemistry.  I did okay in into becuase I’m great at taking standardized tests, and the teacher got suspended halfway through the semester for getting into a fistfight with another prof for poaching his grad student, but Organic Chemistry was a disaster.  I’ve never been good at arithmetic, and balancing chemical equations is something i need the dang molecule models for. So marine bio was a No-Go.

So I switched my major over to Art, which turned out to be kind of a disaster (the school managed to lose an entire semester of my grades because the Art Department kept really sloppy records and i ended up dropping out and resuming college elsewhere) and AMAZING, becuase I took a human figure drawing course with professor [REDACTED] who announced on the third day of class:  “SWEET THE FOOLS JUST GAVE ME TENURE.  CAN’T FIRE ME NOW, SO LEMME SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE A FLAMETHROWER”

The thing she actually taught us was how to modify a culinary butane torch to empty the canister at a much higher rate than any manufacturer anywhere recommends, which gives you and AWESOME bigass jet of blue flame, but only lasts about 30 seconds per container.  She also showed us how to make bandeliers so we could carry multiple containers, “just in case”.

In more practical lessons, we were in class when the first gov’t shutdown happened, so we didn’t have money for models, so she oped to bring in various animals for us to draw instead.  there was the usual cats and dogs, but also chickens, horses, a farm hog, a 12-foot Burmese Python and a baby deer that had been abandoned on her porch.  It was really fun, both becuase animals are amazing, and becuase they don’t hold still, so you learn to draw REAL FAST, which is a skill that’s served me well since.

A few years later, I was summoned for Jury Duty, and had to show up at the courthouse for selection.  HOWEVER, I’d put my usual bag in the wash the previous night, so I grabbed my old school backpack to take with me because I knew I had a sketchbook in there to amuse myself with.

I forgot I also had my flamethrower in there.

I live in a pretty low-crime area, so the metal detectors are actually pretty far into the building- you don’t get scanned until you’re actually going into the courtroom.  So for about three hours beforehand, I was sitting in the hallway having a Nice Chat with one of the state park rangers and the CEO of the local call center.  We get called in, and as we walk through, my backpack sets off the alarm.

“Fuck.” I say abruptly remembering what would have set it off.

“Do you have anything metal in your backpack?” the security guy asks me.  I think he was expecting me to say glasses.

“I forgot that I have my flamethrower in here. I’ll just leave this outside.”  I explain, hoping I’m not about to be arrested.

“Please open your bag or leave it outs- your WHAT?”  Dude stops halfway through his routine.

“Flamethrower.  I made it in art class and will definitely be leaving it here.” I say, carefully putting my bag on the table, zipper open , and pointing at the small butane torch.  The guard looks at it, looks at me (pls note, I am small, white, feminine and conventionally attractive so YOU BET privilege was happening here), before deciding that Art People Are Dumb and waving me in after wanding me to make sure I hadn’t accidentally brought anything else in my pockets.

I was not selected for jury duty.

In other news, I still have it, and it still works.  I use it for mass-toasting creme brulee.

skirt (m)

Title: Skirt 

Pairing: Jimin + Reader

Theme: Five litres of smut with a light, sprinkle of fluff. 

Warning: Coarse language, Explicit Sexual Content, and Mature Subject Matter. 

A/N: Re-post. The one on Ao3 is fixed if you would prefer to read it there. 

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Part I: 


There’s sweat dripping down his face and neck. He dabs it off with his hand towel and proceeds to dig through the contents of his duffel bag as you watch from around the corner. You know it’s wrong but you can’t stop yourself from staring. He’s one of the most simultaneously loved and hated students at school. Kind and considerate when you’re on his good side, and a complete nightmare when you’re on his bad side. Just last week, he made your friend cry after she accidentally spilled tea on him in the cafeteria. It was a total disaster. You went home furious that night, praying for the chance to get back at him … and now you have it.

For whatever reason, the academically challenged jerk-off is using the girls locker room. All you have to do is scream bloody murder and the school administration will handle the rest. It’s fool proof … but the second you open your mouth, he reaches back and tugs his shirt off. You rapidly lose focus. Whatever you were going to say is shoved all the way down your windpipe, and you watch in quiet disbelief, holding your breath as he undresses in front of your eyes.

The soft th-thump in your chest grows louder and heavier as you pan a look down his body.

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Title: Teenage Rebellion
Fandom: Stranger Things
Characters: Jonathan Byers x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,355
Warnings: Some swearing, mentions of bullying
Notes: Based on a request from an anon for “Could you do a Jonathan Byers fic with the prompt ‘I always hide in this one stairwell whenever I’m having a mental breakdown / existential crisis / etc but today when I came here you were already there’ Thank you!”

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Jonathan Byers had grown very accustomed to people whispering about him, often pointing and giggling amongst themselves as they did so. Because of this, it didn’t bother him when a few of his peers began gossiping about him – until he heard his mother’s and brother’s names come up.

“I still don’t think that Will Byers ever really went missing. That freak show of a family probably just wanted to land some paid interviews or something.”

I think the mom is a bit of a schizo. She probably just had a psychotic break and made the whole thing up.”

Jonathan could hear the teacher yelling after him as he left the room. He knew that if he had to sit there and listen to those idiots for another second, he’d have ended up getting suspended. The teachers would undoubtedly be looking for him, so he went to the one place he knew they’d never check.

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fun fact: i skipped a grade, so i’m always a year younger than everyone in my class at the start of the year

one time, in sixth grade, this asshole teacher was complaining about how we were acting and said “stop acting like your ten years old” and i looked him right in the eye and said “i am ten years old” and he just fuckin

no response he looked dead

The Troublemaker: Taehyung

**Inspired by this gif

Prompt: Taehyung the troublemaker has taken it upon himself to bring up Y/N’s sexual life with his best friend’s to hers, but not to tease her but because he’s jealous. 

Pairing:Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Warning: Mentions of Femdom

**This is purely based off of Taehyung’s video persona!

**Please feel free to give feedback and if you’re in the AMRY and have a few suggestions or a few things you think I should know when writing smut or anything for the boys let me know!

**For anyone reading this who doesn’t follow me, this is my first BTS smut, I know it may suck, and if it does, please do not hesitate to tell me ALL CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK IS WELCOMED!

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Schools seriously prohibit dying your hair? What the fuck is wrong with the american school system? Do you know what they would've done if someone did it anyway?

they suspend you if you refuse to dye it back

I remember one girl had her hair dyed and they told her to put it in a bandana and she did and then another teacher suspended her for having on headwear, which is also prohibited

Mental breakdown(s!)

So I went to a public school in a reasonably rough area of England and multiple teachers had breakdowns. One time my religion teacher was very clearly upset and this one kid who isn’t quite all there kept asking her what was wrong despite her getting obviously increasingly upset. By the end of the lesson she had the teacher in absolute tears. It turns out she’d broken up with her fiancé.

Another time my crazy history teacher got real mad at our class and just snapped. She shouted at a random kid to go outside, and when he asked what he’d done she just shouted louder. She then picked up all of his books and threw them out into the hallway.

One time my English teacher made me leave the room, and I thought I was in trouble, but she followed me outside and just started crying. She’d gotten so stressed because of my class she’d just broken… she was asking me for help but like I was a 15 year old kid with my own problems??? I had no idea what to do.

I wasn’t actually in the class for this, but one time a science teacher got really angry at this girl, and he sent her out the classroom and as she left he picked up her book and threw it at her head. It was talked about amongst the year for a good while and I think the teacher was suspended for about a week.

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my grade started out with 130 people which is normal for my school, but every year since seventh grade five people are expelled/asked to leave/ mysteriously vanished. Reasons vary from doing drugs to putting tape on a backpack. My friend was expelled because he missed too much school because he was in a mental institution and then our math teacher suspended him for not having his work done. But a kid who stabbed someone in the back of the neck with a pencil is still here. We're down to 105.

what is wrong with your school

High School Band AU: Ch. 17

One, two, three, four!

You sway your hips according to the beat of the drums.

“I know what boys like. I know what guys want. I know what boys like, I’ve got what boys want.”

You walk towards Zen, playing with his hair as he bows a little in your direction playing his guitar.

I know what boys like, I know what guys want, I see them looking.” You march towards Yoosung, grabbing his chin to make him look at you.

“I make them want me, I like to tease them. And they want to touch me, I never let them.” You beckon at Jaehee, winking as you get off the stage and pass next to her… only to go back up there.

“I know what boys like, I know what guys want, I know what boys like. Boys like, boys like me.” Now you go to Saeyoung, bumping your hips against his as you lean on his shoulder.

“I think you’re special. I might let you… You’re so much different! I might let you… There’s no one like you! I might let you… Or would you like that? I might let you…” you were motioning to give Jumin’s butt a quick smack, but seeing Saeran looking straight at you made you serpentine towards him.

“Sucker!” only to push his head away when he comes close.

From the audience, V and Rika watch the show. V is clapping to the beat of the song and smiling, while Rika is crossing her arms and shooting daggers with her eyes.

“So, Rika… what did you think?” you ask, feeling like you would wag your tail if you had one.

“It suits you perfectly, MC. It’s tacky, bitchy and annoying… blah blah blah manipulative sneaky bitch blah blah blah.” Her voice echoes as you feel yourself dizzy, your legs get weak and your sight gets blurred as you feel your body getting heavier and falling, quickly meeting Saeran’s eyes before hitting the floor.

“I hate you!” you read his lips before passing out.


“The song is annoying on purpose, new age is supposed to be ironic!” you yell, raising your head suddenly. Blinking quickly, you find yourself at the records’ store.

You wipe the drool of your mouth and rub your eyes. Oh… if your uncle catches you dozing off at work, he’ll kill you! Well, would it make him feel better if he knew you were having a nightmare? The same one you’ve been having over and over, ever since you announced you would quit the band?

You did the right thing. How could you stay after creating such a tense environment to work? A lot of bands are build on pressure and stay together for years, but… look it up, how many bands had all the members in love with the same member? If there ever had one, wouldn’t they had already parted ways by now?

Love…  what is love? Singing about it is so easy! But feeling it is so different, is so… less cool than when you write some lyrics, put on a nice melody and give lots of material for high school bands to do covers like this. Love… hurts. It hurt at least six people in Mystic Messenger.

No, love didn’t hurt them, you did. You sneaky little bitch! Love is a good feeling, you are bad!

But… why are you feeling hurt too? Why… quitting the band felt like the hardest thing you ever did? Why… do you miss them if all you wanted was to play with them?

Did you? You don’t remember having any thought similar to the idea of seducing everyone. You’re not even seductive! You’re… weird and… kinda of a smug… and bitchy for no apparent reason… why would anyone like someone like this?

You’re terrible! And they are all so nice, sweet, considerate, everyone in their own ways with their own struggles… could it be that these struggles really messed up all of them so much to the point of them falling for someone so… awful? And you, being the loner, the newbie, the outcast by nature, got so fascinated with the possibility of finally having some friends and forgetting the mess with your family, jumped the gun and unintentionally played with them?

Because you’re pretty sure you never tried to seduce everyone on purpose, all you wanted was friends, not people crushing on you all at the same time! You don’t have romantic feelings for any of them, you never wanted any of them to have for you! You don’t love any of them!

Except for… one of them. The one who hates you… that stupid, gross, weird, kinda of a smug and a dick for no apparent reason, but he has his reasons, and now you’re just one more reason for him to be like that.

“Saeran?” you ask out loud, looking at the door as you see a very familiar red hair walking in to the store. It’s… Saeran? What’s with the boombox? “Saeran, what are you doin…?”

“Shh! Just listen!” he says, putting the boombox above his head and hitting the “play”. Oh god… what is he doing?

You’re just too good to be true…” Oh no… “Can’t take my eyes off of you…” OH HELL NO!

You get up from the chair next to the register and walk towards him, pressing the stop button.

“What the hell? Let me just play till the chorus!”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“What do you think? I’m serenading you and… confessing my feelings.” You stare at him, frowning. There’s something really wrong here…

“Okay… go on…”

“After you left, I… couldn’t let things like this. Don’t mind what Rika said, I know I don’t! I… I love you… please, come back to the band, we need you, I… need you…”



“Yep, I’ll come back.”

“Wow, easy like that? Whoa, that’s… great! That’s really great! Yeah!”

“Only if… you answer me a question.”

“Sure, anything, MC!”

“What did I call the math teacher to be suspended?”


“I got suspended last week for cussing the teacher out, what did I call him? You must remember, Saeran, since we were at the detention together…”

“Uhm… why would I…? It was something so silly, pffff.” He scoffs.

“Really? Because you thought it was hilarious, you laughed and kept calling me that even when you took me to that special place and… well, you remember what happened, right? Or do I have to remind you?” you narrow your eyes at him, as he widens his.

“WHAAAT? So the closet wasn’t the first time???” he coughs in surprise, almost dropping the boombox.

“Hi, Saeyoung.” You cross your arms and glare at him. Saeyoung chuckles, lowering his gaze before taking his glasses on the pocket of his jacket.

“Was it the boombox that gave away or…?”

“It was the fact that you twins don’t look that much alike, at least not to me.”  

“Yeah, forget that we’re identical twins, we don’t look alike. You will fight science to prove your point, right?” okay, now he almost sounded like Saeran. “Oh well, though that I could might as well give a shot.”

“A shot on what, Saeyoung? What is this?”

“Well, the winter festival is in the end of the week, we don’t have a vocalist, I mean, we do have, she’s just sad because her crush got mad at her and took another dramatic decision. So I, a genius, a visionary, a romance expert, an identical twin, took a very dramatic decision as well, dressed up as my brother, and came to confess his feelings for the girl he likes in his place.”

“And can I ask what the visionary genius would do if I believed that? I would say yes to coming back, and then what?” he opens his mouth to speak, but backs away.

“A visionary doesn’t necessarily has to have everything figured out! I was improvising!”

“You were trying to make a big mess.” You sigh. “Not bigger than the one I did, but still…”

“Ah, come on, MC! You’re still thinking about what happened? Forget that, it’s all in Rika’s mind, I know for a fact you didn’t get in the band to play a femme fatale bullshit like that. I know you… I have known you… before everybody…”


“Come back! We need you! Not in a romantic way, I swear! We need you to sing, slay, bring the gold home and… make us laugh and have fun like you were doing before…”

“Are you sure I wasn’t just playing with everybody’s feelings?”

“I can say you never played with mine, I knew I never had a chance with you.” He puts the boombox on his shoulder, smiling.

“Saeyoung… what if you had?”

“I hadn’t. The kiss? We were listening to a sexy song in a very… lewd place, and… you didn’t kiss me.”

“But I wanted.”

“But you didn’t. You could have stayed and pushed a little further, I would probably give in if you tried again. But you went away without hesitating, MC. If I still had any hope, it died right then.“


“So… if you ask me, I say it’s because we were talking about Saeran a few moments before, so… maybe there was something inside you already telling you not to do that, you were coming to the wrong brother right then.”

“I don’t think it was that, Saeyoung. I think… you’re overestimating me.”

“And I think you’re underestimating yourself. But we can agree to disagree for now. So I’m just going to ask you one more time: please, come back, MC.”

“Saeyoung, I…”

“The ideal would be if you did this for yourself, but if you can’t, do it for Saeran.”


“He’s hurt, he’s been locking himself in the bedroom all day writing and playing drums. I’m getting hurt by seeing him like this. Please, MC… I know you love him, so do it for him. And for me, if I’m not asking much…”

Son of a… when did he become so mature? Was he always like this? Well, probably, the whole weirdo façade was just to cope with all his family matters, but the truth is… Saeyoung is probably the most mature and sensitive brother, always putting his brother’s priorities first, always taking care of Saeran, protecting Saeran, giving up the girl he likes because of Saeran…


“Getting away from Saeran is the best thing I can do for him. And for you, Saeyoung. I… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything.”

You feel your voice breaking and lower you gaze, avoiding the tears. Then you just feel a warm body revolving yours and a pair of lips on your forehead, along with a chuckle.

“See you soon, MC!”

“Saeyoung, I’m not coming bac…” you growl in frustration as he turns his back on you and just walks away. He’s so stubborn! You’re not coming back! If at first you didn’t want to come back to process what’ happening to yourself, now you don’t want to come back because you need to get away from them so they will forget you and stop getting hurt. You don’t want to hurt anyone!

Stomping, you turn around to get back to the register. You barely manage to sit as you get up again, hearing the door being open. Did Saeyoung come back?

“I’m not coming back! I… oh…” you flinch, seeing it’s not Saeyoung, it’s… “Jumin…?”

“Aren’t you cold? It’s starting to snow heavily outside.”

“I’m fine. How… how about you, Jumin? What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to clarify some things, since you walked away from my chalet in such a hurry. You see, MC, a lot has been said by everyone that night.”

“I know, I…”

“Everyone, except for me.”


“I didn’t have a chance to speak, MC. Everybody got to share their feelings for you, but I didn’t.”


“I’m here to tell my feelings for you, MC.”

Shit! Now you’re almost missing that boombox…

Chapter 16 | Chapter 18 


An Informal Analysis of Language and its Revealing Ideologies: Interview With a Teacher Who Might Lose His Job For Misgendering a Student

By now you might have heard of Joshua Sutcliffe, the secondary school teacher suspended for refusing to use a transgender student’s correct pronouns.  He argues that his religious beliefs include the right to call someone a girl “if they were born a girl.”  I’ll be taking a look at some notable moments during this interview, one person at a time.  Disclaimer: I will be using he/him pronouns for the student in question because while every article I’ve found gives very little information about the student, they mostly all confirm that he is a transgender boy.  

The Teacher

Every reference to the student in the first two minutes, in order:

  • “A student”
  • “This student”
  • “This particular student”
  • “This student”
  • “Her”
  • “Her”
  • “Her”
  • “Her”
  • “Said student”
  • “This student”
  • “The student”

Note: at no point during the interview does Sutcliffe refer to the student with he/him pronouns.  He begins by referring to the student neutrally.  He first refers to him as “her” after saying “Being intuitive, I thought, you know, this particular student wanted to be called a boy, but there was nothing- no professional dialogue as I’m suggesting.”  When Sutcliffe is corrected after saying “her” twice, he replies “well of course, this is the issue isn’t it?  We don’t know, do we.”  This seems pretty obviously hypocritical.  

He talks about referring to the student by his name instead of by a pronoun at all.  While saying this, he exclusively uses “her”, which suggests that he had originally wanted to avoid using pronouns not because he was unsure of what to say, but because he knew that what he would say would get him in trouble.  This is backed up when he explains not using pronouns because teacher “standards treat all students with respect”, suggesting that he knew what would and wouldn’t be respectful.  

He cites biology when explaining his views on gender, which is a common argument against gender fluidity and the existence of transgender people entirely.  

Chief Executive of Christian Legal Centre: Andrea Williams

Williams does not believe that transgender people exist.  Evidence: 

  • Her use of the term Gender Identity Disorder explains a lot.  Several years ago the DSM changed Gender Identity Disorder to Gender Dysphoria.  The change is argued to imply a temporary mental state rather than an all-encompassing disorder.  
  • She says that we cannot “force everyone else to conform to their gender identity disorder
    • Implies that nobody is transgender
    • Implies that they are just confused 
    • Implies that believing them is forcing everyone to play along with their delusion
  • She says that “the kindest thing you can do for a little child that is gender confused is to help them to live in the body that they are.”
  • She says “… they have always known, as a girl, decides to present herself as a boy, is actually not a truth.”  
    • “Deciding to present” implies choice.
  • She says that surgery can’t change that we are born male and female
    • Refers to “biology” argument that neglects identity 
  • She actually answers the question on homosexuality, which she should not have.  Wow.  Gay people don’t suffer because of their gayness.  They suffer because of people like you.  

Philip, Holly, and This Morning

Adding quotations around a word in this context implies that it’s not a real word or that it’s not a real thing.  You might not have heard about misgendering someone but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a word.  It’s a pretty good one, actually: you can immediately understand what it means.  In their defence, you can’t bold or underline or italicize a word in a youtube title so using quotations is one of the few ways to stress a word.  However, ‘using’ quotations undermines the meaning of the word pretty clearly.  See how you’re now questioning the word using?  

Philip and Holly correct Sutcliffe several times throughout the interview and question Williams about her claims.  Philip uses the phrase “born a boy”, indicating a common misunderstanding of transgender people (rather than a flat out rejection).  

“I’m finding this utterly abhorrent.” 

“We’ll get back to the show and back to 2017 and not Medieval Britain in just a moment.”


Let me be clear.  I don’t think Sutcliffe is being investigated because of “a slip of the tongue.”  I think he made a mistake that reflected his harmful prejudices and I think he made a mistake bringing Williams out to the talk show with him because she seemed to state his beliefs but much less delicately than he tried to.  


This video has such a strong message. But really..imagine a world where being gay was the normal thing and being straight was the weird thing. Its the exact same now. I’m shamed to live in a society where being gay is banned in 13 states in the USA. You should be allowed to be the person you love regardless of their gender. Here where I live, if you’re gay..we’ll you hug you & love you even more for coming out and being honest with the people around you. Before Christmas, I was in religion class and we were talking about things we believe/not believe in& people said santa, tooth fairy etc. I turned around and said to my teacher gay marriage in beliefs. She said we’ll just put marriage for now, I asked why not gay marriage & and she came right up to my face & said these words exactly “God chose Adam & Eve for sex to be between a man and a woman not 2 men and 2 woman, i think its disgusting for 2 men or 2 woman to get married it should ’not be allowed at all”. The whole class was completely shocked at what she had just said. At this point I felt like screaming at her, I said to her “so if you daughter or son, cousins, brother or sister, aunt or uncle, came out saying they were gay, you’d disown them?”. She looked at me straight in the eyes and told me to get out of her classroom, I got up and said to her “You’re a horrible person, gay people should be allowed to get married and be with each other in every country of this world.”.That was the day I got detention for standing up for gay people, what she didn’t know was myself and 4 other girls in that class were bisexual/lesbian. I had told my principle what had happen and I got that teacher suspended from the school for 3 weeks for teaching us her beliefs, and not Gods. EQUAL RIGHTS SHOULD BE ALLOWED, NOT MATTER RACE, RELIGION OR BELIEFS. thanks for reading. x

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A few months ago my teacher got suspended from her working place because she'd been 'crossing boundaries with students', but for a while her and I acted romantically and only people who I trust know about it. She used me and treated me like shit. I really badly want to hand in screenshots of her and I's (illegal) conversations on Facebook. I don't know if I should or not, I don't like the idea of ruining someone's life.

It’s against the law and it should be told.  You said she used you and treated you poorly, so you wouldn’t be ruining someone’s life by sharing the truth.  It would also help you to move past what occurred.  I hope you get help.