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Hey guys my teacher asked us to write a paper on who our hero is. I wrote mine on Sebastian Stan. To me he is a hero, he was new to this country and he never gave up try. My beginning paragraph started off " Anyone can be a hero, they don't have to wear a cape or have a special ability. What makes them a hero is who they are and how many people they have inspired with there life stories." My paper went on talking about his struggles and how he's inspired me to never give up. This was a 10 page essay, and all threw out it my teacher wrote snarky comments. When I got my paper back he failed me. He said, "From you Ms. I was expecting more then this." He failed me because he doesn't believe actors out normal people can be hero's.

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F1 Drivers If They Weren’t Drivers

Lewis Hamilton
- Accountant
- Do you remember how dorky looking he was before he actually embraced his fame
- He looked like his dad (he would do anything to get food on the table)
Valtteri Bottas
- Ice hockey player
- He won’t deny the screaming Finn inside of him
Sebastian Vettel
- Teacher, most likely history
- He just gives me teacher vibes
- Appreciates students efforts
Kimi Raikkonen
- Olympic skier
- The Finns just can’t escape
- He would wear his sunglasses™ on the slopes
Daniel Ricciardo
- Police Officer
- Oh god Daniel in a police uniform
Max Verstappen
- College Student
- Most likely studying Engineering
- Tries to be a Frat guy, but is too awkward
Carlos Sainz Jr.
- Zoologist
- He just wants constant contact with a Meerkat
- He walks around the zoo with a meerkat on his shoulder
Nico Hulkenberg
- Bartender
- The type that protects people from creepy drunks
Fernando Alonso
- Football Player
- Real Madrid’s star player
Stoffel Vandoorne
- Professional Cyclist
- Has won the Tour De France already
Felipe Massa
- Child Psychologist
- Likes to help people with their problems
Lance Stroll
- No job
- Just dating models since he got his dad’s money (Kind of like Chloe Green)
Sergio Perez
- Math Teacher
- Always wearing fancy clothes even though he teaches at a public High School
Esteban Ocon
- Frat college guy
- Studying business, but is mainly in college to act like a bad boy (IN reality he’s a softie)
Romain Grosjean
- Teacher
- The one that stands there and says “I’ll wait” as this students keep talking
Kevin Magnussen
- Factory/ construction worker
- Just wants money for food
Pascal Wehrlein
- Student
- Wants to become a vet
Marcus Ericsson
- Yoga Instructor
- We all saw that pic, the boy can bend
Pierre Gasly
- Photographer
- Travels constantly just to take pics
Brendon Hartley
- Surfing instructor
- The Kiwi in him definitely comes out
- His hair screams surfer
Charles Leclerc
- Model
- He grew up in Monaco, with those looks he was definitely not going to have a “normal” job
Jenson Button
- Pilot
- Just take a second and imagine him in a pilot suit greeting his passenger *melt*

[Steve and Bucky watch Tony talk while drinking coffee with Bruce]

Steve: I love how his eyes sparkle.

Bucky: I want to sit on his face.

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Can you recommend any Sebastian x Reader fics? I'm itching to read some new ones, discover new blogs etc..

So I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time fulfilling this request. Usually I read Bucky fics since I’m weirded out by reading about the actor himself, BUT I did try and find some stuff. I was surprisingly successful in finding some pretty cool fics. Here’s a couple I thoroughly enjoyed:

Yes, Sir! - this one is dirty as hell, but holy shit it’s hot as fuck. 

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night - this one features Chace from The Covenant and it’s kinda weird, but I thought it was a cool concept!

Bailando - nice little fic (:

The Demon’s Guide To Deal-Making - personal favorite of mine since I’m a whore for supernatural creatures and Seb is perfect for those roles. I honestly need more fics like these in my life!

Pretty, Shiny Things - another personal favorite of mine since I absolutely adore merman fics! The story is so well written and Seb’s character is adorable in this <3 I also need more of these kinds of fics in my life!

Those are all the Sebastian stories I could find, anon. However, I will keep looking and I’m working on posting a full rec list on my profile soon. For now my recs are on my AO3 account. You can find that list here. Feel free to add your own recs and tag me! I’m always up for new reading material (:

Oh, and I’ll drop a list of some awesome writer’s blogs while I’m at it.












Honestly, I could tag so many more blogs, but for now I hope this satisfies you, anon. If anyone else is reading this I hope you found something on this list that you liked! As I said, I’ll be posting a full rec list on here as soon as possible. Happy reading, ya’ll!


Professor Tom: Chapter 5

Summary: This wasn’t the first time a student had fallen for him. Hell, it wasn’t the first time this year. But something etched deep in his bones told him that this time, it was different.

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A/N: First of all: holy shit! I can’t believe I got mentioned on one of my fav blogs!! @momosakaki-san I’m such a huge fan of your writing, to even think that you would consider reading something I’d write is an incredible honor! As soon as I saw you in my activity, I rushed to finish this chapter! I hope you guys enjoy! Hopefully there’s gonna be some Sebastian action in the next chapter, so stay tuned y’all. As always, my ask box is always open! Love y’all and have fun with your prof!Tom fantasies

Tom is sitting next to Sebastian on the couch with his head clenched in his hands when Reeves took down Costa in the box. He’s absolutely killed him.

Sebastian’s arm is draped around Tom’s shoulders tapping a smug victory rhythm. “They’ve drawn a penalty,” The crowd erupted in cheers. “…And a yellow card.” Tom groaned.

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The first time Ciel wore high heels, he fucking kissed the floor. After that, he and Sebastian had to add high heel walking lessons to the curriculum and safe to say, with a teacher like Sebastian and his hooker boots, Ciel started rocking them heels pretty quick.

OMG, I now imagine Sebastian doing a totally over-the-top catwalk in his boots being all like…

…while Ciel is just sitting there going…


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what imagines have you read recently that you liked

The Convention

Wedding Rings

In The Arms Of Sleep

Bucky’s Vow

In Case Of Emergency

New Beginnings 

The Five Times You See Bucky Barnes Shirtless (Smut)

heartbeats (Smut)

And my all time favorite that never fails to make me cry…


Professor Tom: Chapter 3

Summary: This wasn’t the first time a student had fallen for him. Hell, it wasn’t the first time this year. But something etched deep in his bones told him that this time, it was different.

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A/N: It’s almost 1:30 in the morning and I have class in like 5 ½ hours. Enjoy my suffering. As always, please please please tell me what you think! I need suggestions for how this story moves forward/what you want to see happen. Thanks for the support, I can’t believe I’ve only had this blog for 2 days and I’ve already gotten such a positive response! Y’all rock!

“So, can anyone tell me what the three main themes of this book are?” Tom knows that he’s being far too expectant to ask a question of this caliber to his class the period before lunch. Nobody paid attention, everyone’s focus was on their phones or the food the dining hall would be serving or whatever grist the rumor mill was feeding off of. Grist, that’s a good word to put on the exam. He made a mental note to put it on a post-it and stick it to a drawer on his desk. He sighed out of his nose slightly.

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sebastian: “see!” 

spencer: “wow, shit sebastian. you’re a lot better than i was at your age. and look, if you add some shading there it’ll make it look a lot more realistic”

sebastian: “really?? you think?? to this one?” 

spencer: “yea you’re good, honest. just add a bit to the eyes and your art teacher will be shook” 

sebastian: “okay, thanks!!”

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Prompt:  Hiiii loves ! Could you write a story where the reader just moved to NYC to teach at the french highschool on the Upper East Side and she gets a card to the gym where Seb goes and … Whatever happens … Happens? 😇❤️

Word Count: 1400ish


Authors Note: I used Google Translate because I don’t really speak French, if anyone knows that what I put was wrong please let me know and I’ll change it! I’ve gotten a couple of corrections from people, so thank you!

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