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Prompt:  Hiiii loves ! Could you write a story where the reader just moved to NYC to teach at the french highschool on the Upper East Side and she gets a card to the gym where Seb goes and … Whatever happens … Happens? 😇❤️

Word Count: 1400ish


Authors Note: I used Google Translate because I don’t really speak French, if anyone knows that what I put was wrong please let me know and I’ll change it! I’ve gotten a couple of corrections from people, so thank you!

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You sighed, wiping the beads of sweat from your forehead. “Are we nearly done?” You asked, looking up at your one of three trainers. You’d been training and rehearsing the many fight scenes since 6 A.M. with Sebastian and Chris, and you were nothing if not tired.

Your trainer gave you a chuckle, “We’ve been at it for only 30 minutes now (Y/N).” He retorted. You rolled your eyes, taking a deep breath as you went to grab your drink from a bench press only to find it wasn’t there. “Looking for that?” Your trainer asked, you whipped around to see him pointing to the trashcan, which of course, had your drink in it.

You frowned before he tossed you a bottle of water, which you failed to catch, “We don’t drink any carbonated drinks, (Y/N), it keeps you bloated.” He said simply. You groaned, opening the water bottle, “It’ll be worth it (Y/N).” You heard Sebastian say, you turned to face him, all frustration subsiding immediately. “I’d hope.” You said, taking a swig from your water bottle.

He simply smiled, wrapping an arm around you, “How about we go out to eat tonight, and you can have all the carbonated drinks you want?” He suggested. Before you could respond, Seb’s trainer came over, “Or, how about you two stop flirting and practice for your fight scenes?” He teased, earning a chuckle from you. “We’ll just save this conversation for later then.” Sebastian said as he removed his arm from your hip.

Your trainer led you to a punching bag before slipping the gloves onto your hands. “Remember what we practiced yesterday - keep your wrists straight.” He reminded you. You nodded, taking your place in front of the bag as he stood behind it, holding it in place. You threw punches as he took note, telling you how to improve and things you shouldn’t do.

“He likes you.” Chris whispered into your ear, startling you. You sighed, continuing to throw punches, “Why do you think that?” You asked. He took a seat on the bench press opposite of the bag, “Dude everyone thinks that.” He exclaimed. You turned to him, “That’s not a solid reason.” You said, turning back to the bag.

“He does.” Your trainer joined in. You raised an eyebrow, “Everyone notices it but you, I mean he asked you on a date just now!” Chris added. “He asked me to drink soda with him.” You retorted quickly, making him laugh. “And is news spreading that quickly?” You asked surprised as you threw a few punches at the bag.

“Well he came to me like ‘Oh my God dude! I just asked (Y/N) on a date do you think she’ll say yes?!’” Chris mocked. You held back a laugh, “Plus he keeps asking when you two are going to rehearse your fight scene.” Your trainer said. “That could mean anything.” You retorted. “Yes, him asking when he gets to rub up all on you means anything.” Chris teased, standing.

You stopped punching the bag turning to him, “Do you like him?” Chris asked. You didn’t give him an answer, and instantly a grin met his face, “Sebastian!” Chris called, earning a slap on his arm from you, but it was too late. Sebastian walked over, “Yeah?” He asked. You sighed as Chris pulled him away whispering something in his ear.

Sebastian immediately turned around to you, “Really?” He asked. A sigh escaped your lips as you met his serious gaze, “Sebastian-” you began, but he cut you off with a kiss, placing his hands on your cheeks. Immediately you heard cat calling making you both laugh and pull away, “So I guess we are going on that date tonight?” He asked, making you chuckle, “Of course.”

So I was writing a history essay on Nazi Germany on my phone to send to my history teacher, and I forgot that I have it set up to automatically change ‘SS’ - as in Hitler’s personal army - to 'Sebastian Stan’, so I just submitted a thousand word long essay about how Sebastian Stan was used in the 1930’s to gain control over Germany… And this, my friends, is why you should always check essays before you send them.

When it’s the last week of classes and I put on a Disney film

Students have been like:

I have been like:

So we put on Disney, and we’re all like:

I’m like, “There is still a worksheet”:

Students are like:

Teacher!Sebastian Stan

Hey first of all I love your writing!

And can you write an image where Sebastian Stan is a Art Teacher and (Y/N) has like a crush on him and after a lesson stuff happens… Dunno I had this crazy dream and that would be so awesome if you would write it! ^-^

“What time is your class,” your friend (Y/F/N) asked winking.

“2:30. I don’t want to go,” you moaned.

“Don’t want to see your hot professor today?”

“No, I don’t want to go and embarrass myself,” you admitted. “I suck at art and I have to take this dumb class to graduate. I mean, I SUCK at everything art. We’re starting our portrait units today. You know what I’m worse at than drawing animals….”

“What,” (Y/F/N) asked.

“Drawing people.” (Y/F/N) laughed at you. “I better get going,” you grabbed your backpack. “I’ll see you later.”


You walked into the classroom and took your seat. Right on time your professor, Professor Stan, walked in and, like usual, you had to fight staring straight at him. “Good afternoon everyone. How has your Wednesday been so far?” The class muttered back their responses and quiet took over again. “Alright guys, we’re starting portraits today,” he smiled to the class. “I’ve posted some examples on the board for you took look at . If you brought a picture of someone to go off with you can get started right away or you can look one up and practice. I’ll be here if you need me or have any questions.” Everyone went to their easels and started drawing. One by one the class left. “Have a good day Rich.” “Have a good day Jane,” Professor Stan said when students walked out. “Have a good day (Y/N).”

“Thanks, you too,” you smiled probably larger than you should have.


You looked at the paper in front of your during your Friday class and, again, scrapped it and let out a slight groan. Class was almost over and you still didn’t have a solid portrait to turn in for next Friday. “Having trouble Y/N,” you looked up quickly and saw everyone had left and it was just you and Professor Stan.

“Ugh…yeah. As you probably noticed from my past assignments art isn’t really my thing.”

He let out a laugh and saw down next to you. “What do you have so far?”

You produced all your scrapped work and handed it to him, “A whole lot of nothing.”

“You’ve got a good basis to start on and based on your other work I know you have a lot of potential.”

“You think so?”

He nodded, “Yeah, I think so. Mind if I show you a tactic?” You shook your head and he started tracing (Y/F/N) face from the picture you were working off of. “Follow those steps. It’ll help you outline much better.”

“Thanks, Professor Stan, I appreciate it.”

“Sebastian. That’s what you can call me.” There was a moment of silence between you two. “As you know, this is our last project before the semester ends. Would it be ok with you if I…if I took you out for a date?”


“I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, since I’m still your teacher but…”

“No…I’d like that.” You grabbed one of your scrapped papers and tore a piece off. “That’s my number,” you shyly handed it to him.

“I look forward to seeing you; outside of class that is.”

“I’ll talk to you later.” You swung your backpack over your shoulder and walked out of class. Once you were outside the building you grabbed your cell. “(Y/F/N),” you said into the phone, “You’ll never guess what just happened…..”

Some Teacherlock Mormor


You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like Teacherlock, Unilock, MorMor, and Teenlock.

Stranger: I hear your wife’s pregnant. JM [17, Teacherlock Affair]

You: And who did you hear that from? SM (30)

Stranger: Kitty and her little gang. JM

You: Well, that’s news to me. SM

Stranger: So, she’s not? JM

You: If she is, she’s neglected to inform me yet. SM

Stranger: I see. Might want to have a word with her, let her know it’s going around the school. JM

You: Are you concerned about what people say about my wife, Jim? SM

Stranger: Not particularly. JM

You: Didn’t seem like something you would be worried about. SM

Stranger: I’d rather know whether it was true or not. JM

You: Oh? And what if it is? SM

Stranger: Then it is, I guess. JM

Stranger: It’d be a relief if she wasn’t, though. JM

You: Oh, you think so? SM

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