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spring awakening kids as the psat 2017

moritz: king richard iii being found under a parking lot 

melchior: shrimp of a husband

hanschen: book store relative 

ernst: the tidy room

otto: sea grass

georg: NO CHANGE

wendla: k-8 school live building that you can profit off of in 8-10 years

ilse: artist colony 

martha: loosing $25,000 in the stock market

anna: massaging heirloom tomatoes with electric toothbrushes 

thea: brandon stanton

melitta: the guy who hired two movers to move down the hall

Faking it

I’m from wales, uk and this happened in year 8. So there was this one girl called Sarah and she was such a drama queen I was friends with her and had been since year 2, anyways, every year she’d tell everyone oh I’m moving soon, I’m going back to England and whatever else she thought to make up but we just ignored her like usual. So this one particular year she’d said it and we were like just pretending for her saying stuff like ‘aw really?’ And ‘I bet you’re pleased’ and things even though we knew she was lying but we wanted her to feel happy so we went along with it but I guess she thought we were being sarcastic or just didn’t care at all because a the next week at school she came in and told us her mother had cancer and she like teared up and everything and we tried our best to keep her mind off it and things obviously feeling bad for her. I went home that day and told my mam, she knew Sarah’s big sister Abbey and messaged her that night saying how she was there if Abbey needed to talk about it and things but basically she had told us that it wasn’t true and everything so the next day at school I’d told the rest of the girls before we saw Sarah that it wasn’t true so that day we told her we knew the truth and none of us wanted to speak to her really that day because we were so mad at her for lying about something like that. Bare in mind she had plenty of friends so it wasn’t like she was all alone by us not speaking to her. She ended up telling the teachers that me and my 3 other friends were bullying her. I was in class with one of the girls, Sammy, and we got pulled out of class by our head of year Miss Matthews, she didn’t bother shutting the door to the class so ever one could see us and she was shouting at us that we were vile little girls and that we shouldn’t have friends if we were to treat them like that and things, no word of a lie her face was about 2 inches away from ours and she’d spat on our faces as she was shouting and it was so humiliating that me and Sammy ended up crying and we were shaking. We went to the head of year 9 and told her what had happened and why we simply weren’t talking to Sarah and Mrs Davies relayed that to Miss Matthews and we had an apology off her. We went back to class and about 2 hours later we got pulled from another class and we were so puzzled Mrs Davies opened the door and we found our other two friend Cara and Emily sat round a table opposite from Sarah so we sat the with the girls. Sarah was forced to apologise to us all but we still weren’t happy with her at all it was such a sick thing to lie about, so we went about the rest of the day and we still didn’t really want to talk to her after everything and we had told her that and the Mrs Davies and she said well that’s fair enough. We then get pulled out of class the next day, turns out Sarah had tried telling a different teacher about us “bullying” her but luckily the teacher already knew what Sarah was trying to do and he pulled us out of class and we went to watch the boys rugby match on the field with him while Sarah was put in isolation waiting for the head teacher to talk to her. She tried that stunt with a bunch of other teachers and of course they have to take us out of class as procedure or something but each time we were told nothing was going to happen it’s just her stirring things up again and one teacher Mr Hughes even drove half hour away to get us all a McDonald’s meal while we sat in his class listening to Christmas songs and decorating ready for a class party. Sorry it was so long but I thought I’d share this. I’m sorry but you just don’t lie about Cancer for attention. Jokes on her because we got to keep our grades up and still got to be out of lessons a lot and messing around while she was under head teacher supervision.

I suppose it’s a miracle that I can even stand to be underground.”
But his features remained solemn, contemplative. “It is.” He added softly, “I’m very proud of you.”
My eyes burned, and I blinked as I faced the books. “And I suppose,” I said with an effort at lightness, “that it’s a miracle I can actually read these things.”
Rhys’s answering smile was lovely - and just a bit wicked. “I believe my little lessons helped.”
“Yes, ‘Rhys is the greatest lover a female can hope for’ is undoubtedly how I learned to read.”
“I was only trying to tell you what you now know.”
My blood heated a bit. “Hmmm,” was all I said, pulling a book toward me.
—  A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

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You mentioned on one of your gallagher girls posts that joe is the biggest zammie shipper ever and I'm literally laughing so hard because ITS SO TRU

I am approximately 3002% sure that Joe took a good look at Zach, took a good look at Cam, took a sip of his coffee and said, “What a fine Sunday afternoon… perfect weather for setting up the strongest power couple in the western hemisphere.”  Like, seriously, all of CMH is just Joe setting Zach and Cam up.

  • First of all, DC.  I mean, enough said, right?  You cannot tell me that Joe didn’t look at the two finest young Pavement Artists he knows and put them on each other’s tail.  You cannot tell me that Joe didn’t think that they were the only two who could keep up with each other.  You cannot tell me that Joe didn’t look at two of the kids he loved most in the world and say, “Ha.  This’ll be fun.”
  • Then there’s the brush passes in Roseville.  Oh god, do not get me going.  Cam literally turns to Bex first.  Like, Bex is definitely going to be her partner – no doubt about it – but then Joe is like, “Nuh uh.  Zach,” and he basically requires that the two of them touch hands at some point that afternoon if they want to pass the assignment.  JOE.  
  • Cammie looking in the pitcher and catching Joe and Zach’s reflection at the waffle bar.  We’ll never know what they were saying – I’ve looked for years and haven’t seen any evidence – but I am at least 89 percent sure that Joe Solomon was being the beST WINGMAN THAT CAMERON MORGAN COULD HAVE EVER ASKED FOR. Zach and Joe could talk about Cam for ages they are both totally amazed by her oh god I’m crying
  • When that scene got cut from the book (siiiigh the best ones always do), we had Cam and Zach detecting lies with each other.  Why was Cam doing this CoveOps exercise with Zach and not, say, her best friend Bex?  I’ll give you one guess.  That’s right.  It’s because JOE.  FREAKING. SOLOMON.  Told her to partner up with the person across from her.  When has Joe ever cared about who partnered with who?  Answer: never.
  • Also, I’m pretty sure that Joe bribed Madame Dabney into making them dance in C&A but HEY.  THAT’S NOT OFFICIAL. THATS JUST THE SHAMELESS ZAMMIE SHIPPER IN ME.
  • Anyways, I’m fairly certain that the main reason Joe kept pushing them together is because he wanted them to team up and form an alliance because he knew that they would work well together and that, together, they’d be one of the strongest teams out there.  Cam and Zach challenge each other time and time again, and Joe has sworn to teach those two as much as he can before they leave the safety of his classroom.  Part of that vow was making sure that they had people in their lives who would help them continue to grow, even if he wasn’t around to make sure it happened.  Whether he meant for it to end romantically or not isn’t as important as the fact that he loves them both, and he wants them safe, and he knew that they would watch out for one another. In the end, romance probably had very little to do with his motives.
  • But Zach is a good kisser so

okay but how can TM use infrasound to communicate with Root? someone please explain this. all I know about infrasound is it’s good for long distance stuff but too low frequency for most humans to perceive, and can make people uncomfortable and upset. also whales use it maybe? is her implant supposed to be able to receive infrasound waves and turn the information in them into something she can hear? I’m making shit up.

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Do you have another drawing style that I haven't seen? Like I'm curious cause I've only seen you draw your cute little bts comics. (Which are so cute !💗🤧)

I like to test a lot of different styles so I don’t think I can say that I really have another style! Im just experimenting a lot :^D Sometimes I draw with a semi realistic style! Its only when I’m in the mood ahah

Into Town (Sam Holland)

My second Sam imagine because he is so cute ☺️

Warnings: like one swear word

Ship: Sam Holland x Fem!Reader

Word count: 1900+


Sam walked into the kitchen; grabbed is phone which was charging and looked through his messages. He was currently on holidays from school. All of his mates wanted to catch up and do something.

Sarah: What about a movie?
Tony: What about lunch?
(Y/N) 💕: Why don’t we just go into town and walk around and just so with the flow.

Immediately Sam’s fingers started typing.

Sam: I like (Y/N)’s idea.
Tony: of course you like (Y/N)’s idea 🙄

Instead of saying, ‘what do you mean’ he clearly knew. You and Sam met in third grade. One of your ‘friends’ had not invited you to her party. Sam found you by the bathrooms crying. Luckily this 'friend’ of yours’ party was actually on the same day as Sam and Harry’s party, so he invited you to his instead. A lot more people went to the twins birthday anyways and it was a lot more fun. Anyways, since eighth grade, Sam, being a guy started to change and develop feelings and interests he didn’t know he was going to develop. One of those feelings and interests were you. It was the first day after mid term break during eighth grade when you skipped down the hall you meet your friend, Sarah - who you’re still friends with now, and chat with her. He completely unconsciously blocked out the conversation he was having with Harry, Tony and Dylan. He watched how you spoke, how you’d twirled your hair and flick it over your shoulder. In the same moment Sarah looked up over your shoulder to look at Sam. He turned beetroot red and Dylan slapped his chest.

“Dude. Aren’t you listening?”

“S-sorry. I was uhm,”

“Distracted.” Harry rolled his eyes. “He has some piano recital this weekend he’s nervous for.” He had never been so thankful for Harry to be there to make up some lie. Hope, Sarah and (Y/N) walked over.

“You guys ready for English?” Hope asked the group of boys.
“Yeah. To Kill A Mockingbird is such a good book.” Tony rolled his eyes obviously not impressed with the book his teacher wrote.
“I still don’t understand why they call it English. I mean, we’re in England and they’re teaching us the language-it should be called literature.” Whilst the group continued their heated discussion, you and Sam both hear the bell to head to class. Sam gestures to you to leave and head to the class room. You walk side by side to the classroom all the way of the other side of the building.

“So, how was your summer?” You asked him.

“It was really good. We got to spend some time with Tom.”

“That’s great.” You smile to him. He must’ve spend some more time in the sun because he’s gained some more freckles. “How is he?” You wake politely. Your group were the only ones that knew of Tom and his career choice.

“Yeah he’s great. He’s been so busy recently. We all took a trip up North and spend a couple of nights there. Just chilling really. It’s a really nice place. We should go sometime, I mean, you should go. You know, with your family, I can give you some recommendations of places to stay and stuff.” He rambled as you got to your classroom. Since when did he ramble, he almost sounded nervous. You smile at him.

“Yeah. I’ve been meaning to travel with my family for sometime.” You tell him and find some seats for your whole group to sit together. During this year, you didn’t notice until now, but he would give you kisses on the cheek after school as you guys left, you’d spend a lot more time at his house, he would carry your thick science books to class, he would always remind you that you had sport that day. Maybe he wanted to become more than a friend. During your eighth you kinda ignored it because you thought he was doing it to everyone.

Harry 👍: There’s a cool cafe in town that serves really nice food. We can go to the lion and stuff and take photos for or assessment.

Hope: sounds good!

(Y/N) 💕: How about we meet at Trafalgar Square at 11? 

Tony: sounds good


Surprisingly, Harry and Sam were the last ones to meet up with the rest of the group.
“About time you guys came!” Tony exasperated.

“Sam was busy getting ready to impress-”

“Shut up Harry.” He slapped his brother.

“Ohhhh.” Tony winked at Sam. He just rolled his eyes.
The group began to walking to cafe Harry had suggested. You guys worked in a triangle. Harry, Tony and Hope in front, Dylan and Sarah in the middle and you and Sam at the back.

“Hey Sam.” You smile at him.

“Hey (Y/N).” He spoke nervously. “How was your train ride?”

“It was good.” You smile at him. It wasn’t until you got to the cafe, when Sam pulled your chair out for you, he realised what you were wearing. You were wearing a causal dress, your canvas shoes and his denim jacket you 'stole’ from his place.

“Can I start you off with any drinks?” The waitress asked.

“I’ll just get a matcha tea.”

“Chai latte.”


“Make that two.”

“Chocolate milkshake.”

“Caramel milkshake with soy milk and not cream.”

“I’ll just get a (soft drink of choice).”

“Same.” Sam smiled at the waitress.

“They even order the same. I don’t understand why they aren’t together. Like for fucks sake. The tension is killing me.” Dylan muttered to Harry who they say across. Sam glared at his brother before he could say anything else. Your drinks came and so did your food which you ordered after your drinks. You got a bunch of things to share like dips and bread, chicken and vegetable kebabs. Hope began talking about her aspirations for after school. She was wants to become a doctor. Tony, a scientist, Harry- well he’s obviously going to stick with Tom once he finishes school, Dylan, a hockey player or high school teacher, Sarah wants to be a receptionist and travel.

“What about you Sam?”

“Me? I-I don’t know yet.” Harry raised an eyebrow at him.

“(Y/N)? What about you?”

“I was thinking about doing a contiki around Europe or traveling to Australia and New Zealand or something. I’ve already got a really well paying job. I’m not really interested in going to university yet because I have no idea what I want to do.” You tell the group grabbing some more toasted turkish bread and dipping it in the dip of your choice and eating it. After lunch, everyone went around town. First stop was the infamous Lion Statue. Harry decided to climb on and take a photo. You walked around the markets, talking photos left right and centre. You guys spend some time in a museum, looking at statues and photos, paintings and statues.

You left the museum and somehow got lost so Harry thought it was a good idea to start a live on Instagram.
“So, we’re lost.” Harry spoke.

“Who’s fault is that?” Dylan chuckled.

“The map says to go right.”

“Yeah, and we turned left.” The boys began to argue about whose fault it was (obviously Harry’s). You walked over a bridge and found a nice ice cream parlour.

“We’re off to get some ice cream.” Harry narrated and began to answer questions coming from the live.

“Have we done the holiday homework yet? Of course we have.”

“Hmm, @/tomholland1996, whoever that is, asks, has Sam asked (Y/N) on a date yet?” Harry spoke out loud. Although you were ordering your ice cream, you could hear him.

“Of course he hasn’t.” Sam slapped his brothers arm.

“Shut up man.”

After ordering your ice cream, you made your way back to Trafalgar Square (with help from the GPS on your phone). Everyone say around, sharing their photos from today. It was around 5 o'clock when people started to leave and say goodbye. You took the same train as the Holland twins, but you have to get off earlier and take another connecting train. Once everyone; but you, Harry and Sam, had left, you decided to get a pizza and share it. Whilst we were waiting Sam got up and began to play the piano which was just placed there so anybody could playing. He began playing a song from La La Land. You and him saw it a couple of weeks ago. You didn’t really know if it was a date or not, because Tom, Harry and Paddy were also there. You sat with Harry as you began to eat your slice of pizza.

“So…” he trailed off. “I’m sorry about all the jokes we made about you and Sam dating. If you feel uncomfortable about it, I’ll stop.”

“It’s, uhh, it’s alright.” You tell him blushing. “I mean, he’s your brother, you’ve teased him all his life.”

“Yeah well, I’ve known him all my life, and believe me, he really cares about you.” Harry smiled and you nodded.

“Yeah. I can uhm, I gathered that.” You mumble. You just wish Sam had made a move earlier.

“If you want, I can leave so you and Sam can-”

“No no! It’s fine. You’re his brother. Anyways, won’t your mum get suspicious if you guys go home at different times?”

“Probably.” He sighed and eats some of his pizza. “Do you like him?”


"I knew it. You totally do!” Harry exclaimed. “Oh my god. I need to set you two up.”

“Harry it’s fine.” You mutter but he clearly didn’t care.

“Hey Sam!” Harry gestures him to come over.

“What’s up?” He asks sitting down between you and Harry.

“So you know how you have that huge crush on (Y/N)-”

“She’s right here.”

“I know.” Harry says as you and Sam both blush. “Why don’t you ask her on a date.” Harry said straight forward. Sam coughed and Harry got the message he had gone to far and got up. “I’m gonna get a drink. I’ll be back.” He said walking off.

“S-sorry about him.”

“Just ask me Sam.”

“Wh-what?” He stuttered.

“Just ask me.”

“Oh right. The date, oh yeah, do you wanna maybe, if you’re not busy with school work or whatever. Wanna catch a movie or go eat, eat food, we can go to a park, or uhm-” you smile at his nervousness.

“Sam. Take a deep breath.” You say to him and place your hand on his shaking arm. He closes his eyes and takes his breath. Just before he breaths out you lean forward and place a sweet kiss on his lips. Sam automatically relaxes and blends with your kiss. You had your eyes closed and so did he.

“About fucking time!” Harry exclaimed coming back over.

“Oh uhm.” Sam was a stuttering mess. “We were, what uhm, yeah hey Harry, you’re back.” He was so cute when he stuttered.

“Of course I came back. I just wanted a drink. Did I come back at a bad time?” Sam glared at his brother. You bit your lip as Sam put his arm slyly around your waist.

“Now I have to witness you guys kiss everywhere now. I take it back. I don’t want you guys together.” Harry spoke groaning. You couldn’t help but smile and place another kiss on Sam’s cheek.


Members of the CW’s RIVERDALE cast visited Broadways’ BANDSTAND last night and BroadwayWorld was on hand to capture the moment. In attendance were stars Casey Cott, KJ Apa, Marisol Nichols, Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch and Camila Mendes.

In RIVERDALE, as a new school year begins, the town of RIVERDALE is reeling from the recent, tragic death of high school GOLDEN BOY Jason Blossom - and nothing feels the same… Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) is still the all-American teen, but the summer’s events made him realize that he wants to pursue a career in music - not follow in his dad’s footsteps-despite the sudden end of his forbidden relationship with Riverdale’s young music teacher, Ms. Grundy (Sarah Habel). Which means Archie doesn’t have anyone who will mentor him - certainly not singer Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray), who is only focused on her band, the soon-to-be-world-famous Pussycats. It’s all weighing heavily on Archie’s mind - as is his fractured friendship with budding writer and fellow classmate Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse).

Set in the smoke filled, swing fueled night clubs of 1945, Bandstand brings the against-all-odds story of singer/songwriter Donny Novitski (Cott) and his band of mismatched fellow WWII veterans to the stage. When a national radio contest to find America’s next big swing band offers a chance at instant fame and Hollywood fortune, Donny must whip his wise-cracking gang of jazzers (Bender, Carroll, Ellis, Hopkins, Packard) into fighting shape. Teaming up with the beautiful young war widow Julia (Osnes) as their singer, they struggle to confront the lingering effects and secrets of the battlefield that threaten to tear them apart.