teacher quotes

Don’t let time pass you; that’s the worst thing that can happen to you. And don’t fall in love. If that, so called, love disrupts you, ran away from it. However, if it stimulates you on your way to success then that’s the real thing.
—  My physics teacher on how students can’t study because they are in love with someone.

Today was the first day of school and my AP English teacher, Mr.Moore said something that really stuck with me. He said “you should fall in love at least once every two weeks. I don’t necessarily mean with someone else, but I mean falling in love with ideas, music, movies, TV shows. You need to feel that flutter and that quickening of your heart beat because life gets depressing when you go a long time without feeling those things…” I jotted what he said down quickly and I’ve made it a goal to fall in love with something at least once every two weeks and I feel like everyone should do it too.

Quotes From My Math Teacher, Mrs. Ketch:

Ketch: My name is like Ketchup without the “up”.

Ketch: I’m deaf in the sense that I can tell that you’re speaking, but all I hear is “wubwubwubluuffpak”.

Ketch: I am no doctor, but I have identified a new disorder. ONTD; Obsessive Note Taking Disorder. I could write the words “unicorns are cute” in these notes and you would all copy it mindlessly and then realize it and start to question all of your life choices.

Ketch: I don’t really get complements. I’m a high school teacher so I more often get hatred and the heated insults of “life-ruiner” and “you suck”.

Ketch: I’m always confused when people say that their favorite color is rainbow.

Ketch: Saying that your favorite color is rainbow is like saying your favorite color is polka dot.

Ketch: *After someone bumps their thigh on one of the desks* Desks, the predators of the Earth.

Ketch: In the distant future, school loans will cost millions of dollars and the government will have abandoned us to defend ourselves from the rabid carnivorous desk population.

Ketch: If anyone’s confused as to where this is going, I am too.

Ketch: I happen to be frickin amazing.

Ketch: It was my mom’s addiction to make me frickin amazing. It tore our family apart. I still cry about it to this day.

Ketch: My mom dropped me on my head.

Ketch: So you guys know that I teach improv, right. Well one year, we when to a provincial competition and the trophy was a rubber chicken. In all my years, I have never seen a group of kids holding up a rubber chicken with such pride.

Ketch: I think they threw a riot when the principal told them that they couldn’t put it in the school trophy case.

Ketch: Did you know that only like 38 Canadians a year get this flesh-eating disease? Fun fact, I was one of them!

Ketch: I am probably the weirdest teacher you will ever have. Any weirder and they’re most likely a serial killer.

Ketch: Fear the wrath of Ketch.

Ketch: *Talking about the giant germ plushies in her classroom and how she started collecting them* A few years ago, my parents and I were sitting down for Christmas dinner when my mom told me that for Christmas “I was getting herpes, but that was okay, since I was also getting penicillin.” As a biology teacher, I was mildly concerned.

Ketch: Penicillin doesn’t cure herpes.

Ketch: Yes that’s the only reason why I was concerned. Shush.

Ketch: If you can’t calculate the surface area of a cylinder, your child will be a hobo.