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How can someone make Naruto bitch about Tsunade for “not doing her job properly”, she took this ruined ass village and rebuild it,was the head of the hospital and saved many people lives while she was training Sakura.

You remove a woman that did so much,from the hokage title and you put Kakashi? Why? Because Obito told so? And he does nothing? He’s just warming the seat that Naruto will sit on next?

Like how much do you hate women,Kishimoto?


Naruto Series: Real Ninja Missions
Boruto Series: Delivering Mail

Naruto Series: Villains like Zabusa and Haku
Boruto Series: Villains are people who are sick of organising letters and overweight actors.

Naruto Series:Outsmarting a skilled jounin by turning shadow clones into demon shuriken.
Boruto Series:Outsmarting the villain into coming to the post office.

Naruto Series: Deadly senbons
Boruto Series: “Deadly” letters

Naruto Series: Teachers like Kakashi who promises to protect his team and tells them that he won’t let anything happen to them no matter what the cost.
Boruto Series: Teachers who argue with parents to let children face unknown evil with no supervision.

Naruto Series:Sasuke jumping in front of Naruto and almost dying to protect him from senbons.
Boruto Series: Unimportant dude heroically jumping on package to save it from “deadly” letters.

Naruto Series: Main character wants to become Hokage and prove his worth to everyone because he’s been shunned for housing a demon against his will.
Boruto Series: Main character has daddy issues and wants to prove to everyone that he’s a hero because some unknown dude in a dream said so.

Naruto:Tons of awesome fighting along with action, adventure and mystery. Likable characters and a real plot.
Boruto: I must really love Naruto to put myself through this.

Your homeroom teacher


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Tsunade - Naruto Shippuden


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Nozomu Itoshiki - Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei


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Aikurou Mikisugi - Kill La Kill


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Komoe Tsukuyomi - A Certain Magical Index


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Eikichi Onizuka - Great Teacher Onizuka


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Muten-Roshi - Dragonball


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Jiraiya - Naruto Shippuden


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Irina Jelavic - Assassination Classroom


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Izumi Curtis - Fullmetal Alchemist


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Ittetsu Takeda - Haikyuu!!


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Koro-sensei - Assassination Classroom


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Yagi Toshinori - Boku no Hero Academia


Iruka is the fucking best

Even though Kakashi organized the wedding, asked everyone to prepare gifts and made it possible for everyone to turn up. It wouldn’t have happened without Iruka. He appeared in almost every episode of Konoha Hiden, giving advice and helping Naruto’s friends. 

He indirectly gave Kakashi the idea to ask every village for help. 

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Reassured Hinata before her wedding day, saying no matter how strong Naruto is, Naruto will always be Naruto and he needs Hinata. 

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Asked by Naruto to stand as his Dad for his wedding.

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Offered advice to Naruto’s friends regarding the wedding gifts.

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Iruka is the best teacher Naruto ever had, one of the few people that acknowledged him after Hinata. 


Why have brats when you can mess with everyone else’s
Headcanon that Shino enjoys terrible puns and playing jokes on the kids [in the most serious manner]

Chouchou and Sarada bc they cute