teacher master guide guru

In one form or another the Grace of the Guru[1] must be obtained. Until the Guru is found, it is human being’s duty to invoke and try to realise Bhagavan[2] by looking upon all forms as His Form, all names as His Name, and all modes of being as His.

- my beloved Ma


[1] Bhagavan[2] in the Form of a Teacher, Master, Protector, Guide, Guardian, Mentor, Ideal - all in One; the Guru also becomes the Mother, the Father, the Everything for the disciple.

[2] Bhagavan/Bhagavati, Shiva/Shakti, Vishnu/Vaishnavi, Brahma/Brahmani, Father-in-heaven/Mother-in-heart, Him/Her, His/Her, God-beyond-form/God-within-Form,  Impersonal-God/Personal-God - a Manifestation/Experience of the Absolute based on one’s innate experience.