teacher dino

Seventeen as things my art teacher has said
  • Seungcheol: Even though you're my top class, I still hate you all
  • Jeonghan: Louis does my hair look ok? Like...does it look like my hair had been conditioned by 10000 little stars?
  • Joshua: I will not have that word in my household. From now on, the word 'baka' is banned.
  • Jun: Oh good morning gremlins it's your handsome teacher :))))))))))))
  • Soonyoung: You may keep your head high but he will always be high-er. That's it. He's just blazed all the time.
  • Wonwoo: Yo.....kids may be weird.......but you guys are weirder god damn
  • Jihoon: Louis can you not be like 6ft I feel very intimidated by you sometimes.
  • Seokmin: What do you mean I'm the worst teacher? I'm the best damn teacher you'll ever have I even made you brownies!!
  • Mingyu: We honestly don't deserve dogs I meAN HAVE YOU SEEN CHOW CHOWS LOOK ITS LIKE A FLUFFY BABY LION
  • Minghao: Holy shit that's adorable.....burn it....you never know if it will come alive at night.
  • Seungkwan: This art is amazing I'll pay you £1 and half a pizza for it
  • Hansol: I'll give you guys extra credit towards uni if you incorporate bubbles or snoop dogg into the painting
  • Chan: Help.
does anyone remember dino squad?

man that show was wild

  • the goth gamer boy buzz
  • the fashionable gay guy who just wanted a jacket
  • that one dog
  • badass lesbian fiona
  • eggplant head
  • the 65 million year old teacher/dinosaur with the celtic(?)ish accent
  • dino-screeching in the library
  • fiona’s monster truck
  • “you have a tail?? all I got were these saggy arm…thingies!”
  • telepath circle
  • velocy velociraptor guy who wanted dinosaurs to come back
    • newsflash buddy gators haven’t evolved yet
  • the terrible names
  • the dna/eyeball type transitions
  • the theme song that was actually a bop
  • dino teacher lady living in a lighthouse
  • the whiny jock t-rex guy
  • the awkward animation
  • dino teacher lady and velocy bad guy evolving into humans???
  • 25 million years back
    • 55 million years back
      • 65 million years back
        • gooo go dino!!!
  • extracting dino dna through sweat??
  • that goo that’s never really explained
    • how did the goo happen where did it come from
  • the boat/submarine shaped like a dino heaad
  • the dino transformations
  • miss “I don’t have the resources to fight velocy but I have all these cool guns and vehicles built for a team even though I’m a loner” dino teacher lady
  • “You ooze, you lose!!”
  • the underground(?) lab
  • the recycling ad at the end of every episode
  • extended leave of absence from school but no one seems to care
  • everyone can drive?
    • they have motorcycles??
    • they’re like sixteen???
  • the dog

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More Teacher HCs of Dino, Mukuro and Hibari with a pregnant younger s/o? (I will miss your dark hcs the most out of any blog T.T ❤️)

It would kind of depend if their partner is their student or not, so I’ll kind of do both short headcanons. -admin Lambo

Hibari knows when to devide work and personal life, so while he’s in school, he’ll be a teacher that he needs to be. But once at home, he’d be loving and help them around so they wouldn’t strain themselves. If his partner is his student, he’ll be a bit more attentive, but would still try to keep it a secret.

Mukuro would be a bit more attentive to them, but would still put his work apart from his private life though his partner would be clash as priority with his work. He’d keep an eye on them most of the time and let them take it easy. If they weren’t his student, then he honestly wouldn’t mind what people are talking or saying. When he loves, he loves wholeheartedly so he’ll do anything for his partner and their child.

Dino would try to keep his work from his private life, especially if they’re his student. He’d startle whenever he hears them groan and ask them if they’re alright or just make them go to infirmary. If they weren’t his student, he’d still be protective him, but a bit more. While he wouldn’t mind the looks, he’d be a bit pissed whenever he hears someone talk bad about his partner.

Seventeen as teachers:
  • -
  • Woozi: his class won't take him seriously because they think of him as a student also.
  • S.coups: Boy students envy him. Girl students eye rapes him.
  • Joshua: manages to make both boys and girls gawk at him.
  • Jun: makes students gets lost in his eyes whenever he asks them a question.
  • Mingyu: half of his class attends because they wanted to see his gorgeous face, half of his class doesn't attend his subject because he's to deep in English.
  • Vernon: students has to self study because they can't understand a word he says. he's rap-teaching.
  • Wonwoo: everyone melts down once they got inside his classroom because he looks like a pile of charms.
  • The8: stutters the whole time. shy as fuck but the students found him so cute, so adorable.
  • Seungkwan: sings to a student whenever the student answers a right answer. says a joke when possible.
  • Dk: smiles throughout the time even though he already wants to punch his students.
  • Dino: one of woozi's students.
  • Jeonghan: every students praises him because he lets the students have free time.
  • Hoshi: makes his students run 1 mile and after that makes them dance to mansae.
  • -
  • I personally laughed at myself when I thought about Dino (he's such a cutie asdfghjkl)
High School Lovers (Performance Unit: SEVENTEEN)

Jun: -he’d be your bad boy lover image at school and innocent sweetheart when you guys were alone. Always seemed to be able to get in some form of trouble but he’d never corrupt you like never once made you skip class, never made you sneak out, never got introuble with your parents so you usually did it yourself so he didn’t have to - “I’m rubbing off on you baby aren’t I?”

Hoshi: -he’s always been your playful romantic looking at you and only you no matter what girl found him cute. You’d always play childish games which always ended in a sweet loving kiss before you had to leave the school for the day- “let’s skip the games and just kiss this once alright”

The8: -he’s always making sure you were alright since you had the tendency to hurt yourself. He’d take you to the nurse even when you said you were ok, just to make sure. He’s always cared and high school wouldn’t stop his need to be that way- “babe you look like you fell hard we should take you to the nurse just in case you know make sure nothings bruise or broken. I’ll get the teacher don’t worry”

Dino: -the true definition of young love you guys had been together since the break between middle and high school and at 16 it was impressive to say the least. But you guys just never got sick of eachother like real love went- “you know baby I dreamed about you last night. But what else is new I always do”

Seventeen as Teachers

Mingyu- HELE (Home Economics and Livelihood Education; Cooking, Sewing, and Woodwork)

Joshua- English

Woozi- Music

S.Coups- P.E

Wonwoo- Science

Vernon- Art

Jun- Drama

DK- Kindergarten

The8- Mandarin

Jeonghan- Math

Seungkwan- History

Hoshi- Health

Dino- Philosophy

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mom which districts do you think seventeen would be in if they were in the hunger games? (if it would be to long to do all together, can you do performance unit please) thanks if you answer!

  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: District 9 - Grain / Occupation: Harvester 
  • Jeonghan: District 8 - Textiles / Occupation: Tailor 
  • Joshua: District 5 - Energy + Power/ Occupation: System Analyst 
  • Jun: District 1 - Luxury / Occupation: Jeweler 
  • Hoshi: District 3 - Technology / Occupation: Inventor 
  • Woozi: District 12 - Mining / Occupation: Baker 
  • Wonwoo: District 7 - Lumber/ Occupation: Carpenter 
  • DK: District 6 - Transportation / Occupation: Conductor 
  • Mingyu: District 2 - Masonry / Occupation: Blacksmith Apprentice 
  • the8: District 10 - Livestock / Occupation: Rancher 
  • Seungkwan: District 4 - Fishing / Fisherman 
  • Vernon: District 8 - Textiles / Occupation: Teacher 
  • Dino: District 11 - Agriculture / Occupation: Gardener 
Seventeen as teachers
  • S.Coups: the teacher who is really patient with the kids and so it's really surprising when they lose their shit
  • Jeonghan: the art teacher who helps the kids express themselves. v understanding
  • Joshua: the music teacher that lets the kids sit in his room at lunch and stays after school to teach them guitar and stuff. probably makes them food if they don't have lunch
  • Jun: the teacher who spends 99% of their time in the teacher's lounge
  • Hoshi: The teacher that won't give up on the unteachable
  • Wonwoo: The teacher that makes out with another teacher in the janitor's closet
  • Mingyu: the other teacher
  • Woozi: The teacher that's really cool and nice and a good teacher to the kids who want to learn and doesn't fuck with the kids who don't wanna be there
  • DK: The teacher who tries to teach but ends up telling stories
  • The8: The teacher that high fives all the students
  • Seungkwan: the teacher who will have none of a student's shit and embarrass them in front of the class if needs be
  • Vernon: The teacher that gets high with the kids at prom
  • Dino: The teacher that plans a lesson and ends up teaching something completely different by the end of the class
Seventeen as teachers!!!

seungcheol: he’s the type of teacher that is actually a good ass teacher and you Learn a lot probably have a crush on him he most likely teaches English 

Jeonghan: is the teacher that everyone loves he’s handsome and really nice he probably teaches science 

 Joshua: he’s the teacher ever gushes over no one pays attention to what he’s saying because their to busy staring at his face. Most likely some sort of language teacher 

 Jun: he’s the PE teacher! People still question his teaching credentials though. He try’s to out do all the students like jun your teaching us 

 Hoshi: he’s the teacher that’s everyone’s favorite! They made him the study hall teacher because he never gave homework. He just plays mafia and gives out food probably try’s to make them dance 

 Wonwoo: he’s a substitute teacher but he’s everyone’s number one choice because he never listens to what the teacher is assigning and just makes up his own shit 

 Woozi: he’s the scary ass music teacher that everyone tries to avoid because he looks so threatening but he’s actually really nice and so many People have crushes on him 

 DK: LOL HES THAT ONE TEACHER THAT GIVES SO MUCH HOMEWORK BUT NEVER CORRECTS IT! It’s not that he forgets about if he just gets so excited to teach another lesson. Probably a history teacher 

 Mingyu: lord this boy gets all the boys and girls flustered! He isnt even a teacher he’s a counselor but they all stop by to see him just because he gives out class passes and candy 

 Minghao: is the teacher who actually does everything he’s supposed to give out a decent about of homework. Corrects it, teaches perfectly. He’s just an awesome teacher and he loves it. He’s a math teacher 

 Seungkwan: isn’t even a teacher he’s one of those people who come into your class and just help the teacher. Isn’t a parent just a TA. Probably corrects and gives you all As because he never corrects the work 

 Vernon: He helps Woozi with the music and Woozi just gets frustrated because all the students pretend to not know what their doing so they can get help by the hot teachers aid 

 Dino: He’s a dance teacher! He teaches all the students bomb ass moves and doesn’t even look old enough to be a teacher and constantly gets questioned about it

Seventeen as types of high school teachers/staff (Perf. Unit Ver.)

-Chill substitute
-pretty much lets kids do whatever they want
-Probably got banned from subbing at middle schools
-low key roasts students
-ex: “guys, I know I’m just a sub. But your teacher, Mr. Kim doesn’t want your phones out during finals. And I know some you think your sneaky…. like some of you whose name starts with a H and ends in a ‘sol.’ But trust me, people don’t look down at their crotch for no reason.”
-entire class looks at hansol
-plays tunes during class
-plays games wit students
-probably look the AP Physics kids outside to play tag bc they looked stressed
-gives out candy to the freshman classes

-Teaches like.. Biology or somethin
-but half of his class time is consumed by his motivational lectures to this students
-but he never realizes that his lectures are where his teaching time goes
-or why all this bio classes are far behind the others
-Makes songs about DNA to help students remember
-Accidentally left the key to the final exam on the projector
-Makes spelling errors on the really long words, but his students can’t tell anyway, so it’s not an issue
-doesn’t like book work so he litteraly threw the books away
-“I didn’t get a masters in biology to look at a book from the seventies to teach!”
-makes all his worksheets himself
-students low key hate that bc then they can’t find the answers online
-has inspirational posters all over his room
-“I can. You can. We can do tHIS!”

-Super sweet and nice teacher that turns evil by the second week of school
-is also fake af when the principle or an evaluator comes in
-but it’s his charm???????
-teaches Advanced, honors, college level Chinese
-takes Mandarin VERY seriously
-offers after school, before school, lunch and during school tutoring for people who want to “better themselves in Mandarin”
-Talks about how he almost was a a professional dancer
-Dances when he’s excited like on the last day of school
-like a farewell treat to his students
-he like literally b-boys on his desk or something
-doesn’t yell at students individually but softly says “I’m not angry… I’m just disappointed”
-has a gold star system that he takes VERY seriously
-softly sings songs in Chinese while he grades papers
-accidentally writes the lyrics on kids worksheets

-teacher that looks too young to even be out of high school
-Teaches dance
-so typically he wouldn’t be very known on campus
-but he organizes a bunch of school events so everybody’s aquatinted with him
- Gets hella hyped at pep assembly’s
-Makes sure they play Michael Jackson so he can give an A1 performance
-what a nerd.
-helps kids with college applications
-is actually a five year old
-has gummy snacks in his desk
-throws them at his students
-sometimes they catch them
-sometimes they don’t

{Req} Teacher!Dino
  • isn’t a teacher, he’s just a TA for coups so that he can build up experience (^:
  • really cute kid though!! and all the little kids love him for real
  • when coups has class, his kids are always like “where’s mr.chan where’s mr.chan!!!”
  • the little munchkins are always piling hugs onto chan but he 100% loves it!!
  • kids come to him when they cut their hand or bump their head on something and he always has a band aid and will cutely kiss their boo-boo away making them smile again
  • gets a little nervous when coups leaves him to the children because what if something happens??? but thankfully nothing does and all the kids actually listen to him
  • making the kids laugh when he moonwalks across the classroom to give coups a stack of papers he just copied in the copy machine room
  • lets the kids paint his face when it’s art time and when its storytime, he is v animated and uses all kinds of voices for the different characters
  • eats animal crackers with the kids at snacktime like he’s a kid himself lmao but it’s ok he’s the one who bought the cookies *shrugs*
  • speaking of food….that’s how he met you and boy, was it a clumsy sight to see
  • lol he ended up bumping into you and spilling the choco milk he bought and getting all over your jeans and he was all like oMG I’M SO SORRY and you’re like lol oh no its okay but tbh you’re kind of panicking because this was your first day as a TA and what would it look like when you meet the teacher with stained jeans?
  • and dino is still apologizing and he grabs a few napkins to help you clean up what he can like he doesn’t notice how close he is, he is too busy focusing on your stains
  • but when’s he’s done, he notices and also lowkey noticed how pretty you are and he backs up, blushing
  • “sorry again” he says and gives a little wave, walking away
  • little did he know: you were going to be a TA with him in coups’s class ^–^
  • and when he sees you he’s like omg is this happening i just made a horrible first impression but dino is a little relieved that the stains on your jeans have faded away in the hour
  • anyway you intro yourself to the kids then spot dino in the back and go join him while coups starts his class
  • when you came over, dino was trying so hard to keep his head down but then you tapped his shoulder and he jumped like “o-oh hi!”
  • and you two begin to talk and dino finds that it’s really easy to talk to you ^–^
  • year goes on and the kids love love love you and are always bothering coups when you or dino doesn’t show up to class
  • and lbr: you like dino. he’s cute, good with kids and v positive~ he’s like sunshine
  • and tbh dino likes you too but he’s afraid to confess bc since you’re always taking care of him like an older sister, he’s confused if the love you have for him is mutual or platonic
  • he doesn’t confess until one day at art time when this little girl named raeka sidled up to you with this cute little picture of a prince and princess
  • guess who they are? YOU AND DINO HA
  • you: “oh i-it’s lovely raeka! thank you!” // raeka: you two are my favorite ppl in the world and i think mr.chan would be a gr8 prince for you ^–^
  • lmao, aren’t kids just the cutest things? (^:
  • and all the little boys are looking at dino and singing “mr.CHAN IS BLUSHINGGGGGG!” and dino is like ajskdldldl no i’m not!!
  • and the boys are still singing until coups has to break in like “ok kids come on, art hour is over in 20 minutes and you still haven’t finished your paintings….go on….”
  • dino can’t even look you in the eye lol aww and that is how you know…
  • so it’s lunchtime after art hour and after taking all the kids to the cafeteria, you walk back with dino and it’s so quiet….it’s weird….bc you two are always talking about smth
  • and so while you both are eating lunch, you grab a pen and a napkin and start to write
  • you know, it’s not like i don’t agree with raeka….(:
  • o yes cue a very very red and giggly dino 😊
  • like he’s trying so hard not to smile and it’s so cute but this whole situation is so nerve-wracking, you have to laugh and you go “i’ve actually liked you for a while, chan.” and chan is like “really?!” and you’re like “yeah….but i didn’t know if you felt the same”
  • and dino is so excited on the inside but is trying to maintain his face and so he just asks “u-um so! do you, like, want to go to, um, i don’t know? the movies? i-i can pick you up this weekend”
  • ofc you say yes
  • and that is the start of a beautiful relationship~ and yes…..lots of:
  • “y/n and mr.chan sitting in a tree! k i s s i n g!!!”
  • lol……gotta love them kids