Morning Duty...A Baby Blue Polo...A Dozen Smiles...A Little Teasing...And A High Five

Hehe…I saw him this morning. I was waiting for him in front of his door. I was changing evensong on my iPod when he walked up. He was walking down the normal hallway and at first, I wasn’t paying much attention since I was lost in my thoughts about him. 

I did a double take and started smiling when I realized that it was Dale walking down the hallway towards me. My smile grew even more when I noticed that he was wearing his baby blue polo. He looked so cute as his lips lifted up and he gave me that adorable little grin that I love. 

“Hey, E. I have morning duty so I’m just gonna drop my stuff off in the room and head out there.” He called out to me while he was only halfway down the hall and closer to the door than he was to me. 

I chuckled. “Ok.” 

He let out a laugh but stopped when some students in the hallway looked between he and I. He blushed; the tips of his ears and his cheeks turned a bright shade of pink. I blushed too as he disappeared into his room. I turned my earbuds off and walked closer to his other door. 

I got there right as he was walking out of his room. He saw me and his smile grew. He winked at me and looked back at something in his room. He flipped the light switch and pulled his door slightly closed. 

“Well, crap. I forgot to eat my lunch the other day.” He said, grinning at me. 

I shook my head, giggling. “What am I gonna do with you, goofball?” 

He chuckled and teased me. “Love me and visit me every day?” 

I blushed. “I can keep doing that.” 

This got him blushing. We stared walking down the hallway to head outside. He was on my left side. At one point, our hands brushed, and he gently tugged on my pinky finger with his. It was adorable. 

“How was your weekend?” He asked. 

“It was good. I guess. I could think of a few things that’d have made it better.” I said. “How was your weekend?” 

He chuckled. “It was good. Short but good. It could’ve been longer and there was something else I wish I’d done with someone who I only get to see for a few minutes every day.“ 

He winked at me, grinning. I blushed. 

“I took the ACT on Saturday.” I said. 

He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. “How do you think you did?” 

“Hopefully better than I did the first time I took it.” 

“What’d you make the first time?” 

“A 24.” 

“That’s not bad. Not bad at all.” 

We walked out of the building and into the courtyard. He stopped close to that tree. I stood next to him. He just started grinning as he looked at me. I blushed which had him chuckling. He mentioned that he took the SAT when he was in school. 

We talked some more about my ACT and he gave me some advice. We determined that we’re both terrible at math. And that science was my next worst subject. 

“Well…you’re are a writer after all.” He teased. 

I giggled and stuck my tongue out at him. He took a deep breath in and his eyes dilated. 

“Girl…” He mumbled. 

I giggled and winked. “Hey. If they had a history portion, we’d both ace that section.” 

He shook his head and chuckled. “Got that right. You are my little history nerd.” 

I blushed. He chuckled and bumped my shoulder with his arm. He looked away, grinning, when he saw me looking up at him. He pretended to be innocent so I bumped my shoulder into his arm to get him back. He chuckled. 

“Goofball.” He murmured. 

I smiled. “Yep. Do you gave morning duty all week?” 

He nodded. “All week and twice on Friday.” 

“Yippee. Don’t freeze.” 

“Why not?” 

“Because you’ll be cold and won’t have anyone to warm you up.” 

“You could warm me up.” He muttered. 

I looked him, eyes wide. He chuckled and winked. I blushed. We didn’t say anything for a moment. 

“Oh!” I said, dropping my rucksack off my shoulder. 

“Yes?” He asked. 

I unzipped my bag, crouched down, reached inside, grabbed a piece of paper, zipped my bag up, stood up, gave him the paper, and slung my bag over my shoulder. 

“What’s this?” He asked, looking at the paper. 

“My capstone project topic.” I replied. 

He read it and handed it back to me. I folded it up and tucked it in my back pocket with my wallet. His eyes followed the paper and rested where I put the paper for a moment before he looked up at me. 

“How long does it have to be?” He asked. 

“Minimum of 10 pages.” I said. 

“And…you have how many topics?” 


He looked confused and his eyes darted back to my back pocket. 

“Those are just some questions I wanna research in the process.” I said, answering his unspoken question. 

“Ah ok.” He chuckled. “You could do two pages per topic and be set.” 

He was grinning from ear to ear and I just agreed with him. He looked so freaking cute. 

“Do you have to have a presentation to go along with it?” He asked. 

“Uh…maybe…I’m not sure. I’ll have to double check the assignment. Maybe.” I replied. 

He chuckled. “Goofball! Hey! You know what you could do?” 

“What could I do?” I grinned. 

“You could type it all out single spaced and then go back and double space it. You’d be surprised at how much you can write. Oh wait. You’re a writer. I’m sure you know all about that.” 

His face fell and he got sad. I bumped his arm. 

“I can do that. Just because I’m a writer doesn’t mean I know everything. I’ll always take advice. ‘Specially from you.” I said. 

He grinned. “Really?” 

I nodded. “Really.” 

I looked away for a moment because my bus pulled up. When I looked back at Dale, he was gazing at me, all lovey dovey. He had this adorable grin plastered on his face and he was just in la-la land. It took me a moment to get his attention. 

He shook his head, and got embarrassed; his ears and his cheeks got red. I giggled. 

“I’ve got to go.” I said. 

His smile faltered. “Ok. You’ll come see me tomorrow, right?” 

I nodded. “Of course. I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

His grin grew. “Ok. Have a good day.”

False Fear

Before I go into a room where you are alone.
I stop. My breath quickens. My heart beat accelerates.
I’m scared.
I’m scared that I am bothering you, that you will think me of a nuisance, that I will be invading your time of solitude.
So I wait. I calm myself down. I allow myself to gain some confidence.
Finally, I knock on the door and see you look straight into my eyes.
That is my cue. My cue to go into the classroom and start to talk.
You will not start the conversation, so I do naturally.
And once I am in the room with you, alone. I realise that I am not scared.
You do not evoke fear within me, rather you make me feel at peace and the confidence to let my guard down.
I realise that if I want to get closer to you, I must be the one to let their guard down first.
So I will. I will slowly open myself to you, hoping you will do the same.
The fear I had was false, and I am glad it is that way.

I wish I had the courage to tell you
how madly I am in love with you,
that you are unlike any other,
that you turned my world upside down.
—  // and I wish that those things actually mattered to you
You make me feel
everything and nothing
at the same time
and I wonder
whether I could one day
break in two,
due to the emptiness and love
colliding in my stomach.
—  // polarity