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So my teacher is a young woman, about in her late twenties. She has two very young children and a husband.

The thing is, her husband is dying of cancer. He has two to five days left to live.

My teacher and I had bonded over Metalocalypse in the past. It’s one of her favorite shows and she absolutely loves Nathan Explosion. You don’t have to, but if you make her any fanart I’d love to show her when she comes back. I know it won’t mend her broken heart but hopefully it would at least make her feel a little bit better.

It doesnt even have to be fanart, it could be anything that has to do with Metalocalypse. I just really want to do something nice for her.

I’ve always seen Genji as kinda…beyond regular romantic and/or sexual relationships tbh??

Since he has gone through a journey of spiritual enlightenment and self acceptance, i think he has found happiness without the need of a partner, if that makes any sense. Like, after reaching a point of such clarity and vision of the world and himself, i believe something like a romantic relationship would seem unessesary for him? Like, he doesn’t need his “missing half”.

He is whole.

Mercy and Genji i think would be very close friends, McCree would be like the brother he couldn’t have.

Genji’s relationship with Zenyatta i believe transcends that of a regular friendship/romance/teacher-student bond.

They have a very special connection we still don’t have a name for. After all, they share a spiritual bond that surpasses anything most people on earth will experience in their lifetime.

On Teacher AUs

I love a teacher au as much as the next person but having lived with a whole family of teachers I want to offer an alternative…

Our whole friend group/family are teachers and we bond over talking while they’re talking about teaching.

Because seriously teachers talk about teaching all the time


“It’s true,” I said softly. “You are stronger, wiser, infinite in experience.” I leaned forward and whispered, my lips brushing the shell of his ear. “But I am an apt pupil.

His eyes flew open. I caught the briefest glimpse of rage in his gray gaze before I severed the connection. I scattered, leaving him nothing but the memory of light.

The Force Awakens X The Grisha Trilogy (Part 6)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

The Force Awakens X Six of Crows


Hihi again! ⋋〳  ̄ ᴥ  ̄ 〵⋌

This time is a request by anonymous! This comic is centered around All Might and Midoriya! It was difficult to discern whether it was just a teacher bonding with his favorite student or if it had some BL/Shounen Ai tendencies. (I’ll just leave it up to the reader’s perceptions). However, enjoy reading this! (I have another comic by this artist coming soon!)

Source: 師弟愛 | 秋雨 

As always, visit the original artist and follow/bookmark their works if you can!

The Nameless Sith

Never provoke the Nameless Sith, for he can do worse than hurt you.

They say when he was young, he delighted in connecting with anyone and anything – learning, bonding and basking in the presence of any who came near.  But suffering became his teacher, and the bonds he wove with others became a net which left him vulnerable.  

On Mustafar, where light flickers out, they hurt him.  Tortured him. Provoked him to acts of hate.  Yet he never called forth lightning, nor twisted the bodies of those who damaged him so.

“He is weak,” they said. “He has no useful skills – no matter how strongly we can sense him.”

They were wrong.  In each act of cruelty he learnt how their minds worked.  In each new torture he mapped the pathways of their brains.  And finally, when they decided to dispose of him, he acted.

It was a complex task, but he’d been thinking about it for months – at first with fear and disgust, then with apprehension but finally with longing.  As such, as they entered as cell for the last time, he changed them. As they felt his presence touch them, the coldness of it shocked them – numbed them until it was too late to raise their mental shields, for he had cut off the pathways in their minds that could let them.  In delight, he began to rearrange their synapses – twisting their anger away from him, and to those who hadn’t come to save him from his torment.  

As he changed them he felt their fear and loyalty, let it fester, then made it service him.  When all was finished, he reconnected their link to the force, but made it dependant on the bonds he’d made with them – their lives belonged to Him.  

So, do you now see why it was unwise to anger Him?  To try to turn one of his agents?  He knows what we know.  Without Him we are nothing.  

He will be arriving shortly, to interrogate you personally.   Do not worry, for soon you will be like us – devoted to His will.  Do not worry, for this will be blissful – once all the uncertainties in your life have been removed.  Do not worry, unless you use his name again – for then Ezra Bridger will not show such kindness.

(author note: I was inspired to write this due to @meldy-arts, and her recent picture http://meldy-arts.tumblr.com/post/151557075389/if-things-were-different-this-au-is-slowly .  Her comment of Ezra being a full Sith (in the tags) made me wonder what he did to obtain such an honor.  A little Thrawn trilogy gave me this idea…)

Scotty x Uhura is Cannon.
Spock x Uhura is NOT.

One is built upon years of service together, mutual attraction, and admiration for one another. 

The other is built on a teacher/student bond, and is garbage.
It only exists to serve those fangirls and fanboys who want to see Spock kiss, and the new Uhura actress make out with someone.

And those who’ve seen the ORIGINAL series, and movies, know what rubbish this pairing is.


In Love With The Idiot

Fluffy One-Shot. High School AU. Castiel breaks his arms in a car accident. Dean visits him in the hospital, bringing him the perfect gift.

“Dean, don’t freak out, but Cas got hit by a car.”

“WHAT?!” Dean shouted, worry flooding through him. He gripped the phone even tighter. He didn’t hear Anna anymore, just white noise. The only thing he saw was a bleeding Castiel laying on top of a car with his head smashed through a window, dead. Yes, this was literally the worst case scenario. Dean was so scared, what if he just lost his best friend. They had been friends ever since the first day of high school. They were seated next to each other by the teacher and bonded over movies, TV shows, games and what not. They quickly became best friends and never left each other’s side. Castiel dead would break something inside him that would never mend again.

“Dean, he’s not dead! He just broke his arm and has some bruises, that’s all.” Anna said gently, she knew how much Castiel meant to Dean. She would do anything to have the kind of bond they have. If you don’t believe in soul mates, one look at the two of them and you would change your mind instantly.

“Oh, thank god.” Dean whispered, falling back on his bed. His knees just gave out under him, the adrenaline rush he had slowly faded. His head hurts, probably from stress.

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In most all of her verses save modern, Ran is a traveling mercenary or dancer, coming from some sort of slum after being abandoned by her mother and either raising herself or being raised by Minou. I really want some sort of thread where Ran’s become a vassal, retainer, or apprentice to a person of higher status. Just because, training for this new job = character development. And also student-teacher bonding = friends. Yes.

Brief Sword-Stuff Update

Brief as hell. I’m gonna do a nicer longer one tomorrow maybe, cos this was a new class, with new people, and deserves that much. But for now here’s the lowdown.

Was good. Nice people. Good at putting up with my questions. Good at answering my questions. Both on techniques and historical context curiosity shite.

Got ever so slightly punched in the mouth during warm-up games. That was fine. I’m fine. It was by the person who’d turn out to be my teacher. We bonded.

Did a whole two hour class in a fucking jacket and most of it in a mask too. Hated that. Fuck sweating. Fuck hot heavy clothes and strenuous motion. But it’ll get easier. Next time and the time after and the time after.

Small class size too! Fuck yeah fuck yeah! Fabris rapier’s similar to destreza compared with like…Agrippa or Giganti, but also different. Fuck yeah!

Due to being a loner and secluded from society most of his life, Knuckles often turns to Tails to help him understand technology and social settings better; as Sonic would likely give him a hard time. The fox is happy to assist, though there have been times where he gets a little carried away, and Knuckles’ stubbornness causes some strain. In exchange, Knuckles teaches Tails a bit of hand-to-hand combat skills and stuff about the ancients; building a student-teacher bond between the two.

Yui Shishido Headcanons

I can’t believe I haven’t done these yet tbh.

- Yui knows all the gossip in her class as well as who likes who

- She knows when Morishige and Mayu’s plays will take place and will remind the class or ask Ayumi to have their group of friends go at the very least to support their theater group (since it is small theater group after all) as her way of encouraging Morishige and Mayu to follow their dreams.

- Since she is younger it is easier for her to relate to her students so they all have a nice student teacher bond which Yui is proud of.

- For special occasions Ayumi pools together money to give Yui various toys for Monet or candy, since Ayumi is close to Yui she most likely knows about Monet and her love for sweets

- Ayumi and Yui enjoy pranking the class if there is time that allows it.

- Being an English teacher she really enjoys classic literature, though it is not a hobby of hers to read it often.

- She is extremely insecure about her ability as a teacher and if she is doing it right, but with assurances from others she tries her best to continue to do everything she can to be as great as she can be for the sake of her students.

- She helps every student as much as she possibly could and is always very encouraging to them. She also is the type of teacher to go out of her way to care for her students in the classroom.

- She takes the parents words about her performance as a teacher to heart even if they are bad, but she reminds herself that her students all love and care for her to help her get past all the hurtful words

- She has become an expert at reading her students emotions, even if they are rather good at masking them, and she will try to make them feel better in whatever way she thinks she can because she wants them to be happy above all else.


Edutopia looks into recess for high school students.

I watched this video and personally feel like this could have great results. Not only does it encourage children to have outside interests and take a break from learning so they can retain more and not burn out, but it allows teacher to bond with their students in a unique way. 

Would your school do this?