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It’s a week late but I wanted to draw this quick drawing for Halloween and now I had the time to do it! Nageki’s costume is of course from here.

TEACHER ADVENTURES: When my disguise is compromised

At work, as a teacher, I am Super Woman (well, at least that is how I like to see myself) and at home, I am your average Jane (well, again, that is how I like to see myself). I mean, sometimes I feel like my transitions from one to the other sometimes feels like this:

Yet, clearly, I AM the same woman.

This past three-day weekend someone saw me without my Super Woman disguise. A teacher from another school, within our district, that I never personally met, approaches me while I am waiting in line to order my carne asada burrito with everything and recognizes me by this:

(Yes, that is my left arm…a dozen roses, black and red, by Tim McEvoy of Art Junkies Tattoo, California)

She simply says, “You’re a teacher right…I saw your tattoos and knew I recognized you.”

It was during a hot day in mid-September. A district training after school. I could not wear my cardigan any longer, so I took it off. Throughout the training I was sleeveless and actively participated in the training. No one mentioned my tattooed then, and I did not feel any discomfort for exposing them, nor should I.

My school does not mind that I expose my tattoos. Neither does my district, though I never really heard anything mentioned. The teacher next door has more tattoos and she exposes them on a regular, but she has a VERY cool style that I can never match and is a positively reputable teacher.

And then there is me. A new teacher. The rookie. The intern. The one who was recognized by another teacher not by my face, not by my name, but by my tattoos.

I do not have a problem with that. Personally, I think my tattoos landed me great substituting gigs because students would request for the “tattooed teacher” back when I was a Guest Teacher in my district THAT was cool.

Currently, I do not expose my tattoos on a regular basis. I do, every now and then. Part of what I like about teaching is that I become someone else, I get to play dress up for work and teach what I can. Part of my dress up are my cardigans, polka dot dresses, and earrings. I call it my teacher attire. I LIKE my teacher attire. Plus, I feel my students respond to me better when I LIKE my teacher attire. I feel like a professional, like a grown-up.

But outside the teacher attire…I wear my tank tops and jeans and bum around because I internally am a goofy woman-child.

No really, I am.

Yeah, yeah, you read a post like this before, but SERIOUSLY how I look at work establishes how I feel so being seen in public, in my tank top, exposing my tattoos (which are like personal stories to me) by someone I work with it sort of feels…awkward.

Anyway, I guess it is something I will get used to. I am not ashamed of my ink one bit, I mean, LOOK AT IT! Tim did an awesome job on my arm. And my tattoos do not define me, I define my tattoos, and when my tattoos distract my students I have learned to veer away from the topic and focus on the learning environment and I like having this professional demeanor. My ink is just an accessory with my work attire.

I guess seeing my colleagues (even the ones I never met yet recognize me) I should just remind myself that I am just as human as they are when we are not being classroom superheroes.

Whew! I am new to this teaching world, trying to separate teacher-life from personal-life.

*takes off cape and folds it for another day*

FGO Material II - Scathach Profile

A commission for @tainbocuailnge!

Scathach’s profile actually has a good lot of comments in her art (and full sentences too!) so I might put that up here too, though it isn’t a priority since they’re just comments on her design and such.

*If anyone is interested in commissioning me, here’s my regular commission page, and here’s my chart for Chapter America/E Pluribus Unum!

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Luv In Skool || Jungkook

Originally posted by sotaehyung

Genre:  high school au + fluff

Word Count: 4.2K

A/N: Hey everyone! I’m proud and relieved to say that I’ve finally finished part 1 of my new (and first) Jungkook au! Feedback is welcomed as well as any and all sorts of ideas! It’s a bit boring, but stick around for part 2!

I hope you enjoy!

New school, new me.

You stared into the mirror, the faint sunlight seeping into your room bringing its warmth to chase away the cold that greeted you bitterly as you woke up. You rubbed the sleep from your eyes then began to work on your messy bed head, fixing it to your desired style. You worked with a small amount of makeup to freshen up your weary features then turned toward your uniform. Today you’d be starting in a new school in Seoul, far away from your old one back in Busan. Looking at the uniform had awoken the imaginary butterflies within your belly as you reassured yourself for the thousandth time that everything will be fine. Now dressed and ready, you quickly bid your dad a goodbye and scurried out to your bus stop. Several, silent minutes had gone by until the bus arrived, coming to a screeching stop in front of you and the other waiting passengers. You boarded the bus and took a seat beside the window, plugging your ears with your headphones as you watched the sun slowly ascend into the sky.

“Wait!” A faint voice called. You looked out toward the back of the bus to see three boys running to the open doors. You immediately recognized the uniform of the boy who had boarded as your own. Behind him were two other boys, one with neatly styled, red hair and the other with shaggy, brown hair, both laughing boisterously.  

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for @warkittyz36

Your first week at the new high school was an uneventful one. Faculty had helped you settle in before classes began, and with your desk set up, the classroom decorated, you had felt ready to tackle the sophomore Spanish class. The rest of the Foreign language department had made their introductions, save for one mysterious and very absent figure.

When you had asked why, they had all laughed.

No one taught like she taught. She didn’t need to show up to meetings to keep her job.

You’d be lying if the thought of her didn’t terrify you.

(it also definitely explains why you were accepted as the Spanish teacher instead of the French teacher)

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The moment they met again, she first gave him a fierce punch.

After that, she hugged him tightly.

The strongest Level 5 esper who came back from the heated warzone of the Third World War, Accelerator, was treated with such a feeling.

As a side note, the one who punched him and hugged him was the female teacher in sports attire called Yomikawa Aiho.

Accelerator was currently residing in her apartment.

His unique white hair did not have any color in it, and his abnormally red eyes had the presence of a beast. His thin, line-like body was supported by a modernistic cane, but it was unlikely to contribute to the “skinny” impression that Accelerator gave off.

This was a body that was thoroughly trained through the latest of scientific influences, the weapon called an esper.

No matter whether it was punching him or hugging him, there were likely only a few people in Academy City who could do such a “human” thing to him.

I can’t express how much I liked this moment of the novels, I mean we already know that at this point Accelerator admited that he wanted to stay with Last Order forever, and as Kamachi said, what he truly seeks is a family, not a lover. So here we can see that not only he sees Last Order as his family (and daughter) but also Yomikawa. He actually lets her hit and hug him like she was his mother. Accelerator can be insane, badass, a jerk or whatever you want him to be, but most of all he is a child that grew with no family at all and only wants the warm and care of one. That, my toaru fans, is why Accelerator has the best character development of the series.

Before Class: Professor!Michael Smut

Request? Yup!

Pairing: Y/N and Michael

Word Count: 3100+

Rating: NC17+

Summary:  Basically you go into class early and you and your professor Michael get jiggy with it…

My eyes bolted open at the sound of my alarm clock, notifying me that if I didn’t get up now, I’d have to go to today’s class looking like I climbed out of a dumpster.  Considering my communications professor was none other than the incredibly gorgeous and seemingly irresistible Michael Clifford, I knew I’d have to listen to the screams of the alarm on my bedside table and get my ass out of bed in order to make my usual impression for my professor.

I groaned as I stood up and weakly trudged over to my dresser, lazily opening it and grabbing the outfit I had put together the night before – a choice that was sure to catch my educator’s attention, or at least his dick’s attention.  I pulled on my dark brown high-waisted shorts leaving a tiny strip of my stomach showing along with my new naval piercing.  I hauled my night shirt over my head and threw it onto my bunk before snatching up my Santa Cruz crop top and pulling it down over my torso.  I turned to my full length mirror and took in my appearance so far.  The crop top hung low at my neck leaving a large yet enticing amount of cleavage Professor Clifford was sure to love.  My legs looked even longer than usual due to the shortness of my shorts.  I smirked at my body before turning back to my dresser and picking up a pair of sexy, red stiletto pumps.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  Who the hell would wear pumps to school?  But I swear to god if you knew the relation between Professor Clifford and I, you wouldn’t be questioning it.  I wouldn’t disagree if you said the pumps made me seem desperate, but with the endless flirting and the subtle hints my teacher has given me over the course of the semester, he still had yet to make an actual move on me, and I was beginning to grow impatient.  But I could definitely tell that he wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

                Three weeks earlier:

“Class dismissed,” Professor Clifford said from the front of the room.  I was sat a little more towards the back than I usually am because of my tardiness that day.

As soon as everyone was headed for the door, I slowly gathered my things, feeling the eyes of my teacher on me, so I made sure to stick my chest out a bit as I stood up.  I could see him lick his lips at the sight of my exaggerated bust.  Walking towards the door, I attempted to hide my smirk until I heard Michael clear his throat.  I stopped in my tracks noticing that I was the only student left in the room.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” he said.  When I turned to look at him, he was sitting back in his desk chair leaning so far back I thought he might fall.  Today he had on a black button-down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.  Usually, the professors at my school would be seen wearing slacks or khakis.  Never once had I seen those on Professor Clifford.  He would always show up to class in a pair of black skinny jeans, his shirt tucked in.  Although, he did wear the usual dark brown loafers just as the other teachers.  With his attire, I felt I could come simply by looking at him.

I twisted my legs up, crossing one knee-high sock over the other and played with the hem of my plaid miniskirt, making me look even more like an ‘innocent’ school girl.  This time, I couldn’t hide my smirk.  “Yes, Professor Clifford?” I asked.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath through his nose, looking as if he was relishing the sound of his own name rolling off my tongue.  His eyes opened suddenly and he leaned forward placing his elbows on his desk and motioned me with one index finger to come towards him.  I luckily didn’t have any more classes for the rest of the day, meaning I had all the time he needed.  I did as he instructed and seductively walked to the front of his desk, placing my palms flat on the edge.

“Yes, Professor Clifford?” I asked once again, this time slowly dragging out every word in the most seductive way possible.

He tutted before tracing a finger over my knuckles causing my skin to erupt in goosebumps at the contact.

“Y/N.”  The way he said my name was better than any symphony I’d ever heard in my life.  “Today is the seventh time this month you’ve walked in late to my class.  And alongside that, you seem to be failing.  You’ve only passed two of the tests.  Care to explain why?”

I leaned slightly forward, pushing my chest to exaggerate my breasts once again.  “I guess you could say I’m a bit… distracted,” I said sucking my bottom lip between my teeth and bringing one hand up to play with a strand of my hair.

“Perhaps we need to get you a tutor? Or I could give you a few extra credit assignments.  How does that sound?”

I pretended to contemplate my answer but really was thinking what ‘extra credit’ I would’ve been in for.  I began to picture the man in front of me behind me instead punishing me for failing with his cock throbbing inside of me, making me beg for mercy.

Heat suddenly pooled to my center causing my tiny bundle of nerves to throb uncontrollably so I crossed my legs yet again, desperate for some sort of friction.

Tapping his fingers on the desk, Michael chuckled up at me.  “Look. We can talk about it tomorrow after class.  I have in mind a few things you could do to bring up your grade.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier if you just called me or something?  I’m barely busy so I have plenty of time to talk.”

“Now Y/N, it would be totally inappropriate for a student to offer their personal phone number to their teacher.  Why don’t you just stop by whenever you have time?” he offered.  He stood up for the first time during our discussion and turned to begin cleaning off the white dry erase board.  The same board I had imagined myself numerous times with my back against it while my teacher fucked me.

“You can go now, Ms. Y/L/N,” he said without turning around.  I could practically hear the smirk on his face as I rolled my eyes, fed up with his games.

I quickly stomped out of the classroom, in a hurry to get back to my dorm room to relieve my still pulsating center.

It had been three weeks since then, and Professor Clifford still hadn’t made a single. Fucking. Move.  It’s not a question that he likes me with all the lustful stares and subtle touches.  But despite all that, he kept a slight distance, making me grow more and more impatient every day that went by.  I always assumed that maybe he was the type of teacher who liked to keep his reputation clean considering the whole ‘inappropriate to date a student’ thing.  I just wished more and more every day that he didn’t give a shit.

I sat down at my vanity, ready to put on my makeup when my phone started ringing.  I quickly stood back up and rushed to my bedside table, grabbing my phone and running back to my vanity before answering it.

“Hello?” I answered, leaving it on speaker so I could finish my makeup and hair.

“Just saw Clifford.  He’s headed to his classroom,” I heard the sound of my best friend’s voice say.

“Already?” I paused applying my concealer long enough to look at the time on my phone.  “Class doesn’t start for another half hour.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.  I don’t know.  He looked angry, too.”

“Well that’s just perfect,” I said sarcastically through puckered lips.

“Maybe that’s a good thing though,” she replied suggestively with a teasing tone.

“I need him to be horny not angry.”

“Why not a little bit of both? A little dominance never hurt anybody.”

With that said, my mind instantly drifted to the picture of my teacher, full of anger and horniness, teasing me of my desires and making me beg for what I needed most.

“Fuck,” I whispered rolling my head back.

“Don’t worry Y/N.  I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.”

Once she hung up, I finished the final touches of my makeup while I decided that I would go to class early since I already knew Michael would be there.  I hurried to brush out my hair and stood up to check out my final appearance one last time, nodding to myself in approval at my work.  Finally ready, I grabbed my bag and walked out the door with the sudden feeling of confidence.

I walked with long and hurried strides through the door, past the mess hall, and all the way to the north end of the campus.  Once I reached the communications classroom, there was sweat glistening on my forehead and neck.  I stood outside of Professor Clifford’s room for a moment to cool myself down and catch my breath.  Although I hadn’t been running, the pumps on my feet made the quick walking I had done seem like a workout.  Right as I was about to put my hand on the doorknob, I heard a faint grunt on the other side of the door.  I quickly stopped myself from going any further and listened.  More muffled grunts and moans came from the room.

“Y/N,” I suddenly heard in Professor Clifford’s unmistakable voice.  My eyes widened at his oblivious admittance to his clear lust towards me.

Without hesitation and a sudden surge of confidence, I slammed the door open.  I was rewarded with the sight of my teacher, sprawled out in his chair, jacking himself off.  To me.

It took him a second to recognize my presence, and when he did, the strokes of his hand didn’t stop, but actually sped up and he closed his eyes shut, releasing himself onto the tiled floor below him.  After a few more strokes and a couple last spurts, he reopened his eyes and looked at me almost as if he were silently challenging me from across the room.

“Close the door. Now.”

I obliged to his command in a rushed manner, feeling more energized than I’d ever felt before.  I made sure to click the lock before I turned back around.  Instantly, my bag was yanked from my shoulder and thrown carelessly to the side before my teacher slammed his body against mine, letting my back hit the door with a loud bang.  Finally, I smirked up at the red-faced man towering over me.

“What? You think it’s funny to walk in on my like that?” He roughly grabbed my thigh and shoved it around his hip, granting him access to my ass where he placed a sudden, hard smack, causing me to moan in pain and pleasure.


I did as he said and wrapped both of my legs around his waist and leaned my head back, granting him access to my exposed neck where he nipped and sucked at hard enough to leave marks.  He kept a firm grasp on my backside as he carried me over to his desk and harshly placing me onto it while he continued his assault to my neck.

“We only have fifteen minutes before class starts,” I warned him breathlessly.  My hands made their way to his hair and tangled themselves into it. 

He halted his actions before bringing his face up to mine and staring lustfully into my eyes.  I could feel his breath mixing with mine as he whispered, “I only need five, baby girl.”

He placed a long awaited kiss to my lips, which instantly sent shivers up my spine, and swiped his tongue across my lips, asking for entrance.  I took no time to grant it to him and collided my own tongue with his, his mouth tasting like mint and coffee.  We both moaned simultaneously as he rushed to undo my shorts.  He had them down my legs and across the room in no time, then he roughly laid me back onto the full length of the desk, papers and pens flying carelessly to the floor.  He studied my red lace thong for a moment, wetting his lips at the sight of the wet patch on the underwear.  After what seemed like forever, he dropped to his knees and lined his face up with my throbbing center, blowing hot air on it.  I wriggled against the desk, causing him to hold my hips down to cease my movements.

“Patience, darling,” he teased before he traced a single digit from the waistline of my thong down to my clothed entrance.  “Mmm, so ready for me.  Just as I thought.”  He wasted no time at all pulling the thong clear off my body, throwing them in the same direction my shorts went just moments before.  He dove straight in, placing his tongue flat against my slit, licking upwards.  My moans were anything but quiet as he continued his work on my core, licking up and down from my clit to my entrance, dipping his tongue in every other time.

“You better hush up.  Wouldn’t want anyone hearing us would you?” he said against me.  His hot breath sent chills up my spine and made a small whimper escape my mouth.

He then plunged two fingers into me without warning, causing me to bite my lip as hard as I could as I tried to make as little noise as possible.  He used his tongue to flick my clit while his fingers moved with a steady, agonizing pace, but hard enough to make me grab onto the sides of the desk to keep myself steady.

“Oh my god, yes,” I moaned breathlessly.  His fingers then came to a halt, causing me to whimper more.

“Yes, what, Y/N? Remember, I am your teacher.”

“Yes sir!” I nearly shouted as I brought my hands to his hair, trying to get him back onto my now desperate heat.

“You’ve been such a naughty girl, haven’t you?” he asked in an oddly calm voice, the same voice he always taunted me with.  “Get down and bend over the desk.”

I quickly did as he said as he pulled his pants back down to his ankles just as they were when I first walked into the room.  He kicked them aside as he grabbed my waist with a new kind of rushed manner, as if he couldn’t wait any longer, and by the sight of his precum and bulging veins, I could tell he couldn’t.

He took less than a second to plunge completely into me without warning and gave me no time to adjust as he pulled completely out and thrusted right back in.

“Failing my class,” he said huskily with another harsh thrust.  “Showing up late.”  Thrust.  “Fucking your professor.”  Thrust.

“Holy fuck, Professor Clifford,” I panted.  His thrusts became sloppier by the second and I could tell he was close.

“Say my name again,” he commanded through short pants.

“Fuck me harder Professor Clifford!” I said as I brought my hand down to rub mercilessly against my clit, bringing me closer to the edge as well.

“Fuck Y/N!” Michael shouted as he shot hot spurts into my pussy.  He kept his thrusts as sharp and harsh as possible as he rode out his high and to bring me closer to mine.

My climax hit me hard as my eyes squeezed shut and my toes curled into the soles of my heels which were still on my feet.  My stomach felt like it was swallowing itself as I finally released on my teacher’s cock.  He finally slowed his thrusts to let me ride out my high and slowly came to a stop. I dropped my sweaty head to the desk.

I winced as he pulled out of me and gently lifted me up off the desk before he spun me around to face him.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for that to happen,” he said in a hushed tone.  He brought his hand up to brush sweaty strands of hair off my face and lightly kissed my forehead.  His actions were gentle and almost passionate, completely opposite from the harsh and dominant state he was in when I first walked into the classroom.  He placed a finger under my chin and tilted my head up so he could give me a kiss.  He took time with this one.  It caused butterflies to erupt in butterflies unlike it had before.  He softly moaned into the kiss and tightened his grip around my waist.

“We better get dressed, Ms. Y/L/N,” he chuckled.  I looked down at our naked lower halves.

“That’s a good idea.”

As we put our clothes back on, we shared subtle winks and goofy grins at each other, both of us totally flustered with what just happened.

“Look at that.  Seven minutes to spare,” he said motioning to the wall clock.

“Should I leave and come back so that we don’t look suspicious?” I asked grabbing my bag.

“That’s a probably good idea.  But don’t be late, or I’ll have to punish you. Again,” he smirked as he placed a light tap to my ass.

“Yes, sir, Professor Clifford,” I said in a seductive voice as I leaned in closed to him again to kiss him one last time.  He smiled into the kiss and brought his hand up to place it at the back of my neck to bring me even closer to him.

“God I can’t believe how amazing that feels,” he said as he pulled away.

I blushed and started towards the door.

“Oh and Y/N?” I quickly turned back towards my teacher.

“I take back what I said about getting your number.  I think maybe we should get together and go out on a proper date.  That is, if it’s okay with you,” he said in an almost hopeful voice.  As if I would ever say no to that man!

“Let’s talk about it after class, Professor,” I said with a smirk on my face as I finally walked out the door, leaving Michael to clean up our mess on the floor and decide what else we were going to do after class.