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omg teacher au pov when they're on the animal shelter pleASE? Maggie seeing alex with all the kittens? i'm weak

Maggie isn’t a cat person. At least not in the traditional sense.

She likes dogs, she has a dog, and under normal circumstances wouldn’t be caught within twenty feet of the cat room at the shelter.

Except Alex was getting a cat and Maggie volunteered to come with her because that’s what friends do.

Alex is analytical. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. She walks from cage to cage, reading charts and talking out loud about how every cat would fit into her daily life.


Maggie knows which one Alex is going to pick before she does. Alex keeps circling back to one cage in particular and Maggie knows what love at first sight looks like.

They settle in a meet and greet room and Maggie can’t take her eyes off of Alex. Her smile is soft, her eyes are warm, and she looks comfortable for the first time since they met. She pulls her phone out and snaps a picture because she has a feeling Alex is going to want to remember this moment. The cat meows and rubs her head against Alex’s open palm and Alex’s face bursts out into a grin.

Maybe cats aren’t so bad.

“It’s been a really long time since this many wonderful, cracky dramas have been on at the same time. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Romantic Teacher Kim, Legend of the Blue Sea… I’m drowning in dramas, and it’s glorious.”

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how about anything from the bowling scene? (for the POV)

Alex has three freckles on the side of her nose.

Maggie shouldn’t be close enough to count them but she is, so she does.

She should have gone home. After they turned of the TV, she should have gone home. Except she was enjoying herself and in truth, Maggie….had forgotten what it was like to have a friend. Sue her for wanting to revel in that for a few more moments.

She took Alex bowling but she never anticipated her being this good. Alex handed her her ass and did it with a bright smile. Maggie doesn’t mind, not really.

The lights of the bowling alley are dim but Maggie can clearly count the spots. One. Two. Three. There’s a part of her that wants to reach out and trace the space between them. She feels hypnotized for a moment, caught in the moment. There’s a pull in her stomach, and the quiet voice that Maggie’s been able to cut to a whisper most of the time, starts to scream touch her.

It’s silenced by the call of familiar voices.

Maggie tries to forget about the freckles.

if you ever complain about your school being wild don’t talk to me because freshman year i witnessed a kid being knocked out in my bio class, a lecture hall being destroyed, a bomb threat on my school, kids punching holes in walls, and had class with a school shooter. i’m now a junior and things have escalated even more so. please shut up.

Hot For Teacher

AU, Klaine, 17k.  A03. KHBB.

When dreamy new orchestra director Blaine Anderson shows up at Mountain High, an arts school near L.A., Kurt doesn’t plan on having much to do with him.  Kurt just wants to keep his head down and do his job, heading up the choral program and making sure Rachel doesn’t go overboard with her drama students.   It’s hard enough admitting that he needed a break from his acting career without adding failed romance to the equation. But when even Rachel succumbs to Blaine’s charms, Kurt decides to see for himself what Blaine is like.

Written for the 2016 Kurt Hummel Big Bang.  Many thanks to the talented @47mel47  for creating this amazing trailer - I want to watch it over and over.  And thanks as always to my dear friend and wonderful beta @perryavenue without whom this fandom life would not be nearly as much fun.

Chapter 1

Kurt figures he must have missed the email in the flurry of back to school activity.  But as he files in to the first teacher orientation meeting of the year, shuffling around the circle of chairs to make space for several late arrivals, Rachel is quick to fill him in.

“There’s a new orchestra director.  Easy on the eyes, isn’t he?  Although apparently he hasn’t taught high school before.”

Kurt leans forward and looks down the row, but the athletic director is blocking his view.   All he can see is that the new teacher is wearing bright red pants and boat shoes.  “Did Mr. Cortez retire?”

Rachel nods.  “Sort of.  I think Sue kicked him out.  Something about not showing sufficient respect for her royal highness.”

“She’s not royalty, no matter what she says.  I checked.”

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So one day in eighth grade I brought in a plastic spider to scare my friend (who hates spiders) and my English took it away from me. He then tied it to a ruler and went around scaring kids in his classes, but he then tried to scare our history teacher, who takes no crap from anyone, and then she took it from him. Now, the wall between the history and English room was one of those slidey walls, and it wasn’t completely closed one day. By that time, it had been a while since I had brought in the spider, and had assumed my English teacher had thrown it out or something. I’m sitting near the gap in the wall that day, when all of a sudden a GIANT SPIDER APPEARS. It was my plastic spider, and the start of the Plastic Bug War between Period 2 English and Period 2 History.
Basically, we kept throwing plastic bugs through the gap until the history teacher got sick of it and closed it.

Lessons in Love, Chapter 22
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I don’t want to give away a whole lot about this chapter, except that it was one of the most emotional for me to write. I also feel it might be my best chapter in the piece thus far, but I’m obviously biased. :P 

Featuring: Jaha’s resigning and no one’s really sure what to do with that information, a few Abby flashbacks, and a whole lot of emotions.