It still makes me laugh at how shocked my high school students are when I know things

“You mean Yamcha? If there was one character I’d be okay with not wishing back with the dragonballs it would be him. But Vegeta kicks ass.” - me overhearing students talking about dragonball z and not knowing the name of said character.


“Dumbledore!”– me when students start the “snape, snape, severus snape” from puppet pals.

Me: sings and acts out “You’re Welcome” from Moana when students start singing it in class.

Me–Discusses the differences between marvel movies and the comics at length after over hearing students discussing comic books when they had no clue I knew comic books.


“Hugh Jackman’s character is the showman. I am not sure if that pun was intentional or not…let’s say, intention.” - me when discussing The Prestige with students who I know loved The Greatest Showman.

“I love your backpack, I love Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood.”– me commenting on a student’s backpack with flamel emblem.


“I love that book,  I am so excited for the last book to be released.  Have you read the author’s A Court of Thorns and Roses series?”– me to a student who I notice reading the Throne of Glass series while subbing

Me– sings the entire Pokemon theme song from memory when bet by a student that I couldn’t.


Me– annihilating my students in Disney trivia…the whole class challenged me together and still couldn’t take me down.


Me– who knows about fanfiction? You will all be writing it for a creative writing assignment.

Me–I am going to show you a Dan and Phil video that discusses shipping and fandom in fanfiction to help give you an idea.

Me– uses Doctor Who and Sherlock (BBC) to teach genre in creative writing.

“I got front row seats! Its going to be so awesome! I can’t wait!” – me overhearing students discuss Dan and Phil’s new tour (the same happened for the first one)

Me– runs into a student at The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire.


The number of times I’ve come up behind a student who was reading manga online instead of working and specifically been able to tell them, “You can read…(insert title here) later,” and been able to know exactly which title to name is ridiculous…bleach and naruto are popular, but the titles are diverse and varied.

Me– butts into a discussion on which characters students think are the best from naruto with specific details on my own thoughts.  Just the fact that I know characters beyond team 7 seems to shock students.

“You’re piece is not from A Very Potter Musical so please don’t read it like Professor Snape.”– me when students try to get away with dramatizing a piece and suddenly keep adding in AVPM quotes.

Student— “Ms. O, are you humming the Sailor Moon theme song?”

Me– “Yes, I’ve had it in my head all day.”

Me– chaperons every dance and dances the entire dance to Nsync’s “Bye Bye Bye”

Students (its gotten to the point students request the song before I get the chance just to see it):

Me– maliciously enjoys rubbing my Hamilton tickets in my students faces.

“You two make a really great team.”


(yes, you may click on it for a better view. Just don’t steal it!)

The new video was so nice, I had to do this. This two ‘minds’ are just being their, ‘right brain left brain’ self, which I’m sure a lot can relate. XD (Should I mention overdramatic?)

I’m a high school physics and chemistry teacher. I have a B.S. in Physics and my Master’s degree in science education. I started going to school to become an astrophysicist, because I fell in love with the stars. I became a teacher because I also fell in love with teaching, I love learning, and I know I can make a difference in helping increase science literacy.

My Dad sent this to me today. It’s only funny because of how devistatingly true it is. My family and friends worry about my financial situation. I hate that. I hate that this country doesn’t value education. This is why so many teachers leave after the first year, they aren’t supported. I’ve seen colleagues who are amazing science teachers leave their positions because they aren’t able to support their families.

Please consider what these teacher protests are really about, and support your teachers.

I really loved this video. Even if you don’t like Bill Maher or my liberal views, I think it’s worth the watch.

Study methods, (sorted and organised af)

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We all find ourselves in a pinch when studying for a particular subject, or some concepts or just studying in general. And then we play the blame game - I’m stupid, I suck at studying, I dumb, yadda yadda yadda.

But sometimes, the fault isn’t ours. Our study skills are largely influenced by external factors that have nothing to do with our brain (because well all humans have the same brain to begin with, yeah? It’s just some know how to use that thing, and some are still learning how to). So here’s so ways that might help you make the most of all sorts of things that are thrown your way:

1. Teachers

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Teachers influence our academics deeply and therefore it is important to know how to adjust our methods according to the types of teachers that teach us!

“The best teacher ever”

  • You love them, and are generally doing well in their class.
  • They know how to balance the amount of speech and writing part in class just perfectly and their explanations are heavenly.
  • For their subjects, practice papers are the best because they’ll help you lock all the info in your mind for eternities.
  • Solve as many tests as you can find, and get all your doubts solved by them at the end and I promise you will never have difficulty with that particular chapter again!

“The I’m-gonna-fill-the-board-with-my-marker teacher”

  • Doesn’t even bother speaking, just enters the class and starts writing up stuff in the board.
  • Class is generally noisy because their backs are turned towards you 90% of the time.
  • Just copy down everything form the board. Don’t leave out a single word.
  • Review whatever you’ve written once you get home and find out what is it that you don’t understand.
  • You’re lucky if they teach you math /physics /numericals based topics, because you have an entire guide on how to solve each type of sum with steps and formulas!
  • Once you’ve marked your doubts, take them to the teacher, or to any other teacher who teaches the same topics and get it cleared. Pretty sure you’ll rock their subject!

“The speaker”

  • Babbles on and on all the time, doesn’t know that the board exists.
  • Won’t even breathe in between the doesn’t care if nobody is listening - they’ll finish their part at all costs.
  • Try recording their lectures, you don’t necessarily have to take notes in class.
  • Once you get home, play the entire lecture and take notes now - you’re most likely to cover all important points.
  • If there’s something you don’t understand /think you missed, get your doubts solved by them or maybe online. This way you can do some time pass in class while not missing out at the same time!

“The quiz master”

  • Asks hella lot of questions, engages the class as much as possible.
  • Best thing to do in their class is to sit in front (it won’t make you a loser really) and listen to their questions carefully, note them down and participate.
  • Participating will get you noticed and also help build your confidence - and you get to impress the teacher so it’s a win win!
  • Prepare some questions for them in advance and keep asking, this will create a sense of ‘I’m a good student’ kinda thing in you (trust me I feel like a heavenly potato) and get your queries solved!

2. Subjects

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There are subjects that you’re so good at you could practically teach them, and then there’s math (no offence, math lovers). And physics. And chemistry. And everything that you don’t know.

Problem solving subjects

  • Math and physics can be a real pain, but referring to solved examples in your textbook, or your teacher’s solutions makes then 37363x easier.
  • A list of formulas is a must, I prefer sorting my formulas chapter wise in sticky notes but you can totally make a 'formula + solving methods cheatsheet’ to help for finals!
  • Practice problems are life savers!! Keep solving until you’re pretty sure you’ll crack these types of questions.
  • Mostly there is a certain way of solving certain problems, figure out that common way for a bunch of problems and nite the method down. All you need to do during the exam is figure out what type of problem you are dealing with and how to solve it will be known to you automatically!
  • Find a good teacher - maybe a school teacher, a tutor, a classmate or maybe your dad who happens to be a math expert. You need one person to guide you through the “numerical labyrinth”. There are many awesome people on the Internet (studyblrs I’m looking at y'all) who can help.

“Theory based subjects”

  • History and essay writing type of subjects can be difficult to tackle, since there’s no logic you need to apply here - they only test your memory half the time.
  • Bullet points are so helpful when taking notes for such subjects idk I just fall in love with words that are bullet pointed.
  • Aesthetic note making, embellishments and all that jazz totally works here because the more time you spend with the information, the better you remember it and are able to retain it.
  • Try recording the lectures and playing them in your free time (as podcasts and all), maybe when cleaning your room or making yourself breakfast or doing mundane chores.
  • I once slept with my earphones on and was playing 'the French revolution’ and the next day I topped our test on that topic. Now this may not be a legit tip but hey - you’re sleeping. Come on.

“Diagram and sciency subjects”

  • Most of us consider biology to be our favourite, but fail to do well in it sometimes. This is because we’re studying the whole thing wrongly.
  • Biology can be a very visual subject so all you artists bring out your creativity!
  • Imagining the structures of your body, an animal’s body, plant’s body, cell’s body heck any body will help you clarify the concepts in your mind.
  • Try breaking up large words to understand what they mean. I began learning Latin (and abandoned the effort) to grasp the biological terms better and it helps! Your language is strong - your biology is strong.
  • Aesthetic notes all the way down!
  • Chemistry can be made pretty looking with colourful reactions on paper, and there’s always mnemonics to make it fun.
  • I always try to form mnemonics which reference my favourite songs/dialogue /fandom stuff to spice stuff up. For example, to remember the preference order of functional groups during nomenclature I came up with “PS Sam Winchester Loves Eileen And they go on A date Next friday” (hey spn peeps how’s this?). Write down the first initial of every word you need to remember and come up with combinations, you’ll love it!

“Easy af subjects”

  • Personality Development and Social Science were these type of subjects for me.
  • All I did was read through the textbook the night before exams and I’d get a pretty good score.
  • Tree diagrams and tables often help with these.
  • Explaining the stuff to someone does the job too!


  • Three things - Duolingo /memrise /any app, flashcards, YouTube.
  • Your textbook is likely to have lots of practice activities, solve each one of them.
  • YouTube will help you with the pronouncing part - check out songs in your target language to improve!
  • Grammar is important, so you understand your grammar in the beginning and your base is strong.
  • Come up with terms in your head in your target language, although they’re wrong - there will be a point where you’ll be thinking in that language as a habit.
  • Don’t be afraid to mispronounce, vomit words as much as possible.
  • If you don’t have a vocabulary book, make one right away!
  • Langblrs are so amazing don’t let that resource slip out of your hands!

3. Random tips

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  • Change of environment usually motivate you so keep changing your study space from time to time.
  • Ana Mascara, study with jess, @studyquill @revisign @tbhstudying @studywithinspo have some fabulous YouTube channels and they make 'study with me’ vids too which are just too motivating so check them out!
  • Khanacademy, CrashCourse, ASAP science are there to clear your doubts - use the resources!
  • Keep two notebooks - one for class which has messy notes and scribbles and another for home with the neat and aesthetic ish.
  • Keep track of your portion and note your syllabus.
  • Highly recommended - study journal. Want me make a long ass post about it? Lemme know!
  • Playing teacher is a promised way to engrave the info in your mind. So go teach your friends or mom or dog or teddy! Teach me if you want to!
  • Make sure you have a no study day at least once 2 weeks? Because it’s important. We don’t want to get burned out!
  • Ted talks can be motivating!
  • Writing mock exams is so helpful you should totally do it!
  • Sleep is more important than you think it is, so sleep. Go dream the hell out!

That’s all for now folks, hope this helps a bit! My inbox is always open if you guys have any questions!

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Classes I Wish They Offered to Students
  • How to Take Notes and Study
  • Why You Should Focus on Yourself Before Dating
  • How to File Taxes
  • How to Petition the Government if You Want to Dispute a Law
  • What Your Actual Rights Are When You Get Pulled Over or Arrested, and Lies the Cops Will Try to Convince You Are True
  • How to Read a Contract
  • Basic Healthy, Inexpensive, Quick Meals to Cook at Home
  • How to Successfully Switch Careers in Middle Age
  • The Right Bank Account Type for You and How to Save Money at Any Income
  • How to Read and Understand Scientific Research and What Constitutes a Valid Study so You Won’t Be Scammed by Nonsense
  • What Mental Health and Mental Illness Are, and Why You Should Care About Them
  • Common Medical Emergencies You or a Loved One Will Likely Encounter During Your Life and How to Handle Them
  • Natural Disasters and How to Survive Them (they only seem to teach procedures for natural disasters where you currently live, but this ignores the fact that people can move or take vacations)
  • How to Avoid Being Stranded, What to Prepare and What to Do in Case You Are Stranded
  • Basic Self-Defense
  • The Proper Way to Conduct Yourself in Various Situations and Questions You Should Ask (such as public speaking, buying a car, job interviews, dealing with funeral arrangements, etc.)
  • Understanding the Process of Death and How to Deal with the Death of Others (this class would also include death by suicide)

Please add your own!