teachable moment fail

Teacher rattles table in class, student calls 911

A California school teacher was placed on paid administrative leave after he rattled a table to get the attention of his math students, startling an eighth-grade girl who used her cell phone to call police.

Atherton police Sgt. Tim Lynch tells the Palo Alto Daily News that officers went to Selby Lane School Tuesday afternoon because of reports a teacher was causing a disturbance.

Officers found a calm teacher with class in session.

The sergeant says the teacher’s table-rattling startled a student and she used her cell phone to call 911. He says other students in the class weren’t bothered by the teacher’s actions.

Redwood City School District deputy superintendent John Baker says the teacher was placed on leave because there was a police response.

I’m sorry but where’s the part about this kid being suspended for making a false 911 call?

Teachable moment; there is a right time and a wrong time to call 9-1-1, little girl.  Oh lets suspend the teacher and send him home?  Teachable moment blown.  Now you will have every little brat abusing the system by calling the po-po everytime a teacher does something that they don’t like.

Well isn’t that a fine, motherfucking how-do-you-do.

It’s a damn shame that there are more strict rules for cell phone use in movie theaters than in public schools.