FIRST POST EVER! AND first ever drawing that I’ve finished, I scrap most of my drawings before finishing them. Dx This one turned out ok! <3 It took many hours to finish. Still don’t have my own personal artistic style, but quite open to try anything that my hands allow! :) 

taylorisapuppy asked:

"unicorn roaming around Tumblr sending positive messages and love to everyone around her." how are you that kind, teach me pls (also teach me how to photoshop)

taylorisapuppy: I learned it all from you, you precious flower. Also sorry I can’t teach you how to Photoshop because you’re like 3000% better than me and make the cutest edits the world has ever seen.  ♥

i spent like 3 hours on photoshop trying
to make a new theme for vince. but alas
i failed because i suck at photoshop.

teambarca asked:

hi there! Sorry for this awkward ask but I just wanted to tell you that your blog is v nice and I love how you just slammed those anons you're so sassy and also thanks for the follow back! x

omg thank youuuu <3 *im blushing just so you know* your blog is dabomb dot com too!! btw just checked your graphics and oh my god teach me how to photoshop!!!! 

we seriously need some sort of skills exchange.

like, teach me how to gif and i’ll teach you how to vid?

teach me how to photoshop and i’ll teach you how to write?

something like that, because srsly, me and photoshop will never ever get along