“So what do you say, amiga?”

Can you say ‘unnecessary sexual tension’?

Sombra’s confronting Widowmaker for some reason idk you can fill in the gaps. All you need to know is that Widowmaker is #not in the mood right now and Sombra is in way over her head. Also, don’t let their position fool you. Widowmaker’s in complete control of the situation. You don’t get as far as she has without learning some tricks.

the best part of the last Avengers Assemble episode

was definitely this

Tony “Pouting Prince” Stark

with a crown and extra sass

Steve didn’t approve and gave him a flower crown instead

Tony secretly loves it


Stiles in s4(episodes 1-5)

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Why the fuck do so many of your posts get popular? Teach me your ways.

Have Photoshop, Sony Vegas, and Audacity on hand at all times and be mutuals with all the cool dudes