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Maxwell Beaumont in black-and-white. This took about thirty minutes of me scrolling through Xavier Serrano’s photoshoots, and another three hours to actually draw it.

Michael Dameski appreciation post.

why does nobody talk about how phenomenally talented this kid is ???

he went to an open audition for Billy Elliot, with no dance training whatsoever, but after seeing his acro skills, he was offered the role of Billy which he played in the Australian production, and the Broadway production, as well as the second North American tour across the span of 2.5 years. he was a Green Room Award winner in 2008 and an Australian Dance Award recipient in 2009 for his shared role.

between his incredible natural talent and intense billy camp, he quickly made a name for himself in the dance world. he made an appearance on Young Talent Time in 2012 as a guest competitor, winning his round. and went on to win the So You Think You Can Dance title of Australia’s Favorite Dancer in 2014.

shortly after another open audition, in summer of 2014 he landed the role of Tommy Boy in the first national tour of Newsies. though Michael may not get the same recognition that a lot of his cast mates do. I have to say that he may be one of the most naturally gifted dancers I’ve every had the privilege of watching.

I will never get over the feeling I get when watching Michael dance. he gets so incredibly invested in the story he’s telling. he manages to display such power and strength while seemingly floating across the stage.



Can we please just imagine

• baby hiro just walking around the café. Like just imagine him. You’d have to be careful not to stand on him bc he’s so small

• baby hiro just sitting next to customers and telling them all about himself and waving to new people and it makes their day because damn this three year old tiny thing is adorable

• baby hiro clinging to aunt Cass and demanding to be picked up so he can suck his thumb and play with her hair and let everyone know that she’s only HIS aunt Cass and NO ONE ELSES

• baby hiro asking for some cookies and aunt Cass says no and he just says “aww cassieee!” And just walks away sadly and she just stares at him and just adfhchwurhfksncj he’s so small and cute and asfhehcksj

• but seriously I swear hiro called aunt Cass cassie at least some point in his life like how cute would that be I can’t

• baby hiro stumbling down the stairs when he hears his big brother tadashi come in through the door and he’s so tiny and slow that tadashi has to run to him to and picks him up and just *cuddle*

• “dashi can I have a bicki?” “No hiro.” “Dashiiiiiiiiiiiii pleaseeeeeee” *puppy dog eyes*

• bath time with the hamabros. Just imagine.

• “hiro, time for a bath!” “NO NO NONO NO!” *proceeds to run around the cafe and hide under a table with or without people sitting at it he doesn’t care whatsoever as long as he doesn’t get dREncHeD IN WATER he dOeS nOT CaRE*

• just baby hiro in general