teach me

Tenderly run your hand through my hair and teach me how to love without ever aching. Teach me how to love without ever holding on too tight. Teach me how to love without having to forget myself in the end.
—  Lukas W. // Teach me love

Teach Me

Daryl Dixon x Reader | 18+ | Smut Warning | NSFW

Summary: The reader almost gets bit on a run and Daryl is furious with her. They get back to the prison and she asks him to teach her a thing or two about self-defense against walkers and people. Sweaty training ends in rough smut, Daryl style. ;)

Warnings: Smut


You hear the gates of the prison opening, one by one, as you sit in the car with Rick and Michonne, waiting to leave the prison and go to a town nearby to gather supplies. You wipe your hands up and down your jeans a few times and take a few deep breathes, trying to calm your nerves. This was the first run you had gone on with Rick’s group and you were nervous as hell, but you wanted to prove your worth to the group.

Rick and Daryl had rescued you from a herd of walkers a few weeks, your group had been overrun by a sudden herd and you had lost everyone, you thought you were also gone until you saw Rick and Daryl run up to you, with four walkers nearly on top of you, as they chomped at you, trying to grab your flesh. The two men easily pulled the walkers off you and smashed their heads in, using their boots and couple of iron rods in their hands. They had been in the area looking for supplies at the time they heard you scream. You had never been so glad to see other people in your life.

After that they offered you a place to stay at the prison, Rick asked the three questions and you seemed to pass. The past few weeks you had been lucky enough to have a roof over your head, a safe place to sleep, and people who actually seemed to be decent human beings. It was like an out-of-body experience for this world, you were so happy to have found them. And then there was Daryl, one of the men who had saved you. Daryl was something so different, you didn’t even know how to describe him. Shy but confident, tough but sensitive, kind but harsh, he was the kind of man it would take a lifetime to figure out and you certainly would have no problem with that.

You couldn’t help but notice this confident, yet nervous, man, every time he was near you. He didn’t say much, but he always seemed to have twenty things on his mind. You wondered what it would be like to hear all those thoughts that never escaped his mouth. This run was important to you, showing the group you could handle yourself. But Daryl? Daryl was more important, in a world like this, there is no time to sit back and ponder.You wanted to be with him any chance you got.

Your head snaps back to reality as you hear Daryl’s motorcycle roar to life in front of the truck you rode in. You see Daryl look back at Rick and nod as he drove forward out of the gates, one by one. Rick followed him out and you look back, seeing Carl and Sasha quickly closing each gate behind your entourage. You bite your lip a little feeling the rush of butterflies again in your stomach. You gripped the knife in your hand tightly, almost drawing blood, you wince and put the knife back in the holster on your side, continuing to play with your hands for the drive.

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And some more commissions I got…
1: The cover for my What-If AU “Teach me”, made by @koraru-san and also featuring her both OCs Eliot and Chloe
2, 4: Both were also made for “Teach me” for an unreleased chapter, drawn by Toonsgirl27 (on DA)
3: The cover for an unreleased satire story, drawn by @alamarus
5: This scene is from the second to last chapter of the story “The Conspiracy” by Zanrok that I gifted him, made by @alamarus
6: The cover for another unreleased AU story with Nick and Judy as children at the scouts, drawn by @starfangssecrets
7, 8: A recent drawing by @ocerydia (7) and @ziegelzeig (8) during their SummerMonth event. The first one featuring my Zoosona Ned and @knoton13 during some “hiking” as memory to my short trip visiting him a few weeks ago. The second one is “just” a fun 💡 with WildeHopps that also won the first weeks poll - yay! 😱😁
9: That commission was done by @skeletonguys-and-ragdolls, featuring my Zoosona with Nadine Hasina, another OC of mine that is based on an 💡 by @knoton13 🙄. However, this is such a cute and adorable drawing that it earns a prominent place in this collection. ^^