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Josie! Teach me your ways on how to write the good drama for something I may be plotting. I need help from the Queen of Drama (tm)

Awww thank you so much! I like my new title, Queen of Drama! From now on, I want EVERYONE to call me that, my kids and boyfriend included! Oh wait, my boyfriend already calls me a drama queen, is that the same thing? LOL

Anyway, here are my tips for my style of soap opera drama:

1. Select over the top, dramatic plots.  Soap opera style drama almost always involve love triangles,  adult/teenage/sibling/family tensions,  adultery, emotional breakdowns, unwanted and /or thwarted pregnancies, bigamy, adoptions, divorce, religious conversions, cults, theft, crime rings, unexpected calamities like car crashes and house fires, kidnappings, amnesia, bar brawls and mysterious disappearances. Don’t be afraid to write about stuff that is kind of twisted ( like adultery) or stuff that rarely happens (amnesia)!  It’s DRAMA, embrace it and don’t feel embarrassed to write it, no matter how absurd lol.

2. But make the drama believable. I’ve had plots where my characters are in bizarre situations ( committing murder through a coin toss, discovering a long lost sister through a rare blood type, a psychopath masquerading as a nurse) but I try and make these situations seem as common as walking your dog or making casserole for dinner. I’ve never had a reader tell me, “Josie, that is so unbelievable!” Because I do my best to make these crazy scenarios seem like everyday occurrences. I do this by blending normal scenes with the bizarre. For example when one of my characters was shoved down the marble mansion stairs by a murderer, the previous scene was a normal one of her hanging out with friends!

3. Make your characters believable. Give them a motivation, give them a backstory. Ask yourself, “What does this character want and what is he or she doing in this scene to get it?” When you make your characters feel real, then the situations they face feel real. Give them accents, a particular fashion sense, a catch phrase or even a fetish…something that fleshes them out. You can choose your heroes and your villains, but try not to make them cookie cutter…make readers relate to them, maybe even grow to love them, or love to hate them lol.

4. Side characters and side plots are key! Most dramas have secondary story lines going on and a lot of them are intertwined and connected. Choose your main characters but also select side characters with their own events and stories to keep readers engaged. I tend to transition between characters by ending a set of character stories on a “cliff hanger” and then moving on to other characters. Drama readers LOVE that, it’s called a “hook” in television writing, it keeps viewers and readers coming back for more.

5. Choose vivid settings. Mansions, rundown neighborhoods, quiet little beach islands, glamorous penthouses, pawn shops… my characters all reside in very vivid settings because that draw readers in. Create a town with a mysterious secret, a bar where your characters hang out…create a time and space that readers will recognize and bond with.

Last, watch daytime soap operas, K dramas, telenovelas and shows like Jane the Virgin, the OC, One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives, Riverdale, 90210 and Gossip Girl for inspiration! Hope this helps!

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you're so chill about this whole thing please teach us your ways

Hahah, i usually approach these with casual excitement, i personally find it fun when he goofs around like this! I know a lot of people feel different. I also grew up in the Gravity Falls fan base, and whoo boy did Alex Hirsch show us no mercy. But if any of you DO get stressed out over these things, it may be best to get off of Tumblr for a little while, or at least avoid the tag. I know that that can be difficult for some people, but just do what makes you feel most comfortable. 

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Your El Pájaro Alley lot is amazing. I downloaded it a few days ago and I am starting to decorate each house. I've been looking everywhere for a good multi-home lot to put in Oasis Springs and finding yours was perfect. Thank you!

my pleasure!!! it makes me so happy when people use my builds and keeps me inspired to share so thank you too!!! AND WOW I LOVE YOUR BLOG WHAT *instantly follows*!! 

THANK YOU YOU ARE TOO KIND!! I know this was kinda rhetorical but im gonna teach you any way–  have reference pictures open all the time and try to copy things from movies/tv shows and pictures!! it helps so much. and nowadays it’s hard for me to sit through a tv show or movie without wanting to take screenshots so i can build later. .. . IM WEIRD (but on my list is that basement-ish room in mike’s house from Stranger Things!!) 

@notdrewdsims hiii i love your blog and your builds so much and I cant believe i inspire YOu! ! ! so ill say the same, thank you for inspiring me too and others, you keep building too ok!! 

Heh ya know

I have seen a few fics about either Lance or Keith having a diary and it always makes me giggle because ‘psh as if the other one is finding that shit, there’s is only one person in the entire team who is able to find that kind of stuff.’


Just, picture it, because I think it’s adorable. Let’s pretend both Lance and Keith have diaries (jorunals thx v much) and they gush about the other there, because it helps.

Can you imagine the conversations tho? 

Keith: ugh, Lance is dumb to think anyone would fall for that pick up line.

Hunk: That’s not what you said in –

Keith: huNK!!


Lance: ugh, Keith is so insufferable, when is that mullet going to dissapear anyways –? 

Hunk: July 21th at 23:45 pm, you wrote about it being, and I quote ‘a black mane with stars stuck on it.’

Lance: I hate you, how dare you, I put a password on it

Hunk: bondingmoment is not a strong password

Pidge: told you

Keith poping his head from the door: I heard bonding moment. 


Lance: Hunk, buddy, you gotta stop reading pivate stuff, man, it’s not ethic and fair and –

Hunk: Keith wrote that your eyes are pretty

Lance: carry on


*Keith and Hunk meeting in a dark corner of the castle*

Keith: do you got the stuff?

Hunk: he wrote that his dream date is next to the beach

Keith: your service is appreciated


Lance: Is it too much to ask to just have that one person who is smitten with you and so in love and that would do anything just to make you smile? I just want someone to loooooOOOOOOOooooooove me, ugh.


Keith: *tackles hunk*


Shiro: Hunk, you need to stop readin your team’s diaries –

Hunk: Keith stole your eyeliner to write Lance a poem in the training room’s wall

Shiro: keITH! 

Ben: rey you’re nothing but a random spec of dust and your backstory doesn’t have enough angst

Ben: oh also marry me

Han, from the great beyond: I s2g how is he so terrible at this I was a stud