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Fuck lazy coworkers

I get to go in an hour early tomorrow, and 2 of my coworkers are coming in to work on their days off to stop the impending apocalypse at my station. We only have 4 people who will work on the team decently well; me, a closer, a trainee, and the guy who has been off for 6 days. Obviously, the closer is limited on prep by the fact that he closes, but still gets more done than some of the people who should be doing prep. Everyone else at that station doesn’t do work unless you tell them what to do and then hold their hands. One guy even thinks he’s the best and will hover over other people to check on their work, “correct” them and teach them the wrong way to do things, argue with anyone who says anything because he’s not the one who said it, and acts like his shit don’t stink while being the laziest, most useless mother fucker in the world. I hope I get my transfer soon so I don’t have to deal with it.

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You are younger than me and yet you are able to deal with this hellfandom better than me., please teach me your ways. The antis just started with their shitty behavior again and I already want to go away and return only to post stuff and leave or just watch the show. I want to interact with other fans, but this is hard gosh.

block, blacklist, and basically don’t GIVE A SHIT WHAT ANYBODY ELSE SAYS. just enjoy what you like! live and let ship! 

as for interacting with others, it’s cool to talk about the show with your friends and staying in your own little group! i have multiple friend groups where i talk about the show with!! 

New land

How do you think life in the New Land will be for our guys? Because I’ve always had this idea in my head that they would build like this huge house where they would all live together, each one with his/her own room made at their unique style, like a boarding school for Riders.

I’m stuck with this idea because I think like Eragon would know that one problem the old Riders had was how closed in themselves they were sometimes, and that maybe he would try to teach them in a different way. Of course they would have those moments of thinking and solitude, but I just don’t want/see them as lonely as they used to be

My favorite part about the Yousana dynamic is that Yousef always manages to say or do something that proves Sana wrong and either makes her go speechless or relent:

During the train ride: she tries hard to act disinterested yet he manages to make her smile.

During the kitchen convo:
“Do you need help?” “Nah.” Then lets him teach her the right way to peel the carrot.

The whole soccer team debate. She goes speechless and recognizes he has a point.

During their FB chat:

When she tried to be smartass about him being hurt that she didn’t respond to his meme and then he told her he didn’t work on Mondays.

Det Beste Fra Islam: after he tells her that he can still be a good person without needing prayer to remind him.

When he gives her flowers, she gives him this little smartass/incredulous smile yet ends up wearing them on her hijab (and keeping them by her bed)

“If religion is so great, why does it split societies?”

Spiller Alene: “I can’t be bothered. Just come and get it.” The she goes and gets it.

She can’t stay mad at him so she eventually smiles.


The trust test
The food debacle
The carrot convo
His entire explanation as to why she really does believe in Allah and how he knows he doesn’t.

Ugh. I miss them.

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hi can u please tell where this is from? (/post/157671698021/the-cutest-nae-nae)


Anonymous said:BTW you are my hero. You have no idea how thankful I am. I ain’t even exaggerating. Bless you and your beautiful soul.

<333 thank you!

Anonymous said:Hi. Just wondering if you’re planning on taking down your links for the dvds and blu-rays anytime soon cuz I want the muster and epilogue but theyre like 14 GB each and idk if I’m willing to get in trouble for it Lol.

i’m not planning on taking them down

Anonymous said:Don’t make me choose gifsets take a lot of time? Teach me your ways senpai!

it takes a good bit of time yeah, there are things that take a lot longer though like those 9 sets lol.