teach me your favorite video game

Dating vinny

-jimmy johns every night
-playing video games together
-him teaching you how to play drums or play
-your favorite song
-going on tour and watching from side stage
-butt touches
-helping him with new beats for TRaP DEMoN
-sexual italian sausage jokes
-“make that ass clap so loud it turns my
lights on”
-“o” face pictures specifically for you

|| I have weird convos with people at night who give me these ideas

Tag Game

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Nicknames: I hear ‘lazy’ a lot, or just Lexy

Zodiac sign: Time is fake, but i’m a taurus

Height: 5′6

Last thing you googled: cottage cheese in pacakes…was trying to prove a friend wrong

Song stuck in your head: take me out to the ball game, if you ever seen that fuckin video of that lady painting her nails ya know what i’m talking about

Favorite band: I honestly have a hard time picking favorites when it comes to music. SO MANY

Last movie you watched: Old Dogs

What are you wearing right now: I be neckid with me bare arse, jk a plain pink top with booty shorts 

Why did you choose your URL: because I be a hoe for that sharingan

Do you have any other blogs: yeah

What did your last relationship teach you: Well I wouldn’t say last relationship, because I’ve never been in one lmao. I had a huge crush on one of my best friends in high school for like three years, but he had a girlfriend already and we stopped talking after school ended. Anyway I still miss him, and what I learned from that relationship was how to feel a great longing for someone. Does that count? o_o

Religious or spiritual: I’m still improving, but I’d say both. MY URL HAS HOE IN IT FOR CHRISTS SAKE

Favorite color: I don’t have a fav however i really like pastels

Average hours of sleep: ehhhh about 7

Lucky number: never had one :(

Favourite characters: In no particular order (Naruto) Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, Itachi, Rock lee, Guy, Madara, Temari, Shikamaru (Attack on titan) Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Sasha. (the legend of zelda) Link, Zelda, any Goran really. (death note) Light (Avatar) Katarra, Sokka, Zuko, Aang, Azula, Mei, Toph (One punch man) saitama, genos, sonic (tokyo ghoul) Kaneki, Touka, Amon, Urie, Akira. That is A LOT of characters and I’m definitely sure I’m missing some.

How many blankets do you sleep with:  one

Dream job: To restore my clan, and to kill a certain someone. Or if it doesn’t work out, become a physician.

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Hard Carry


  • Got7 Youngjae and 20 because how could I not. I love your writing!
  • for the prompts, 20+got7’s youngjae ?
  • Number 20 with Youngjae (GOT7)? I think that that would be really cute!

20) Your bias tries to teach you how to play their favorite video game. 

Prompt list can be found here

Member: Got7′s Youngjae x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I rolled around on the couch, boredom and laziness consuming me. Every time I came up with an idea to keep myself busy, I would only get irritated with my plans and flop around some more. 

It wasn’t long before I began to groan, hanging upside down from the cushions of the couch. I looked up and at Youngjae, his back facing me, while he faced the computer. 

“Youngjae-ah,” I moaned. 

“Y/N-ah,” he moaned back, his eyes never leaving the screen. He laughed shortly, amused by his own mimicking. His fingers moved frantically, clicking at his mouse with breakneck speeds.

“I’m bored,” I grumbled, flipping myself around to rest on my stomach. I gazed at him through my lashes. 

“Hi bored, I’m Youngjae,” he said shortly, followed up by yet another proud and breathy giggle. 

“I swear I’ll unplug your computer,” I hissed, standing and walking up behind him. 

“Have I told you that you look beautiful today?” he said, with a wince, still not bothering to look up from his computer. 

“I don’t think you’ve even looked at me today to be honest,” I sighed, placing my hands on his shoulders and giving a tight squeeze. 

“I’m in the middle of a late game team fight,” he said quickly, his eyes darting back and forth. “If we lose we could lose the whole game.”

“I’m going to go ahead and pretend that I knew what that first sentence meant,” I mumbled. 

“A late game team fight,” Youngjae sighed. “Everyone is super strong and they have full build…and if we lose, the other team destroys the nexus.” 

“Nexus?” I asked, lifting my brows. 

“Your base…your-ah, really?!” he gasped, the entire screen turning grey. Youngjae wasn’t one for cursing and getting angry. When he was frustrated, he usually became defeated, and that look had just crossed his face. 

“Why do you play League if-” I began, squinting at the screen. “Are you a lady character? Yah, all those times they picked on you about being called Youngju…”

“Aigoo,” Youngjae groaned. “We’re losing and now you’re going to pick on me?”

“Can’t you turn it around…like…hard carry or something?” I said, biting my lip, completely amused with myself. 

“Cute,” he said shortly. After a few moments and a few forlorn clicks, Youngjae shouted, the screen blazing a large “Defeated” emblem. 

“Does that mean you lost?” I squeaked. 

“Does that mean I…” he trailed, shaking his head. His face fell into his hands and he took a deep breath. He looked up, his face completely bare of his usual Youngjae shine. 

“Youngjae, are you really going to let this bother you?” I asked, already annoyed that he was allowing a game to affect him so badly. 

“Yes,” he pouted. “You don’t understand how frustrating it is.”

“Then teach me,” I nodded, the idea lighting up my smile. 

“Teach you? You’d hate it,” he said, shaking his head. “You know I don’t like it when your angry.”

“Then teach me and I won’t have to get angry,” I giggled with a wink, sliding onto his lap. 

I always enjoyed initiating this sort of contact with Youngjae because he was so shy. He would become so flustered, his caramel skin turning a dark crimson. He indulged more in simple skin ship, hand holding and cuddles. Whenever my body was flush against his, his body would immediately become rigid and he’d begin to laugh nervously, unsure of where to put his hands. 

“Uh…well…alright,” he said quietly, reaching around me and navigating back to the home menu. “I guess we can do the tutorial.”

“Negative,” I said, shaking my head. “You are my tutorial, get to explaining.”

Youngjae sighed, his breath hot on my neck. “Let’s start you out with Ash…or Miss Fortune. Which one do you want to play as?”

“They’re both girls…right?” I asked, giving him a side eye. He nodded, waiting patiently. 

“Mmm Ash is really pretty. She kind of looks like a sexy robin hood,” I said quietly, scrolling through the characters. Youngjae exhaled air quickly, signaling he was close to a giggling fit. “And Miss Fortune is a sexy pirate…I don’t think it’s very conventional for women to fight in outfits like this.”

“Y/N,” Youngjae chuckled. “Just pick.”

“Okay, okay,” I nodded, furrowing my brows. “Sexy pirate.” 

Youngjae nodded, clicking along. “You’re going to start at your base. You have to click in your lane, which your going to be bottom lane.”

“Well, why can’t I be top?” I asked, giving him a side eye again. “Isn’t that the best?” 

“Cause your ADC,” he sighed, resting a hand on my waist. 

“Does this thing come with a dictionary?” I groaned. 

“Attack, damage, carry,” Youngjae smiled. “I’m your dictionary.”

“Mmm, what a handsome dictionary,” I giggled, leaning back and kissing his cheek lightly. 

“Aigoo, look at the screen, not me!” Youngjae hummed, his cheeks red again. 

“Okay, I’m a bottom,” I said, my face remaining anything but straight. “And then…?”

“You’ll have another person in your bottom lane. That’s your support. They’re going to help you fight the bad guy,” Youngjae explained patiently. “Your objective is to kill the little creeps. You have to kill them to get gold.”

“Gold?” I asked, my eyes wide. “I can get along with that idea.” 

“That’s what you use to buy items,” Youngjae continued. 

“I can shop!” I gasped. 

“To reach your final build,” he nodded. “So you can do lots of damage to the other teams bad guys.” 

“Oh,” I grumbled. “Significantly less excited now.” 

“Alright, so click on the creeps,” Youngjae nodded. “Last hit them.”

I nodded, sticking my tongue between my teeth and attempting to focus. 

“Try to get the other team as well,” Youngjae said. “Hurry, hurrry!” 

“What happened? Why is the screen grey?” I whispered, looking around wildly. I turned to face Youngjae, complete amusement finding his face. 

“You died,” he said simply. 

“I…but…that wasn’t supposed to happen,” I stuttered. “You were teaching me and you’re a pro.”

Youngjae let out a hearty giggle, wrapping his arms around me tightly. “I am far from a pro.” 

“You’re a pro to me,” I smiled. kissing the underside of his jaw. He laughed, hiccuping in his own happiness. 

“Well I guess that’s what matters.” 

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Dating Stiles would include...

throwing pens at each other in class

him “accidently” locking you out of the jeep (lets face it, he does it all the time)

“hey babe… can you make me something to eat? … please”

flicking him when he doesn’t shut up

piggy back rides

sitting in his lap while playing video games or watching a movie or some shit

fighting about who kills the spiders

having to be really quiet while making out n stuff cause sheriff is down stairs and the walls are probably paper thin

helping him pick out outfits that go with his favorite flannels

him trying to impress you by teaching you his lacrosse skills but you make every shot and he wasn’t even going easy on you

“what, I wasn’t listening”

him playing with your hair when you take naps in his lap

catching him looking at your lips like a thousand times a day

making out in coach’s office like 4 times a week

listening to all of his theories about the pack n stuff

getting lost in his hazel eyes

“from eden” by hozier is definitely your song

making him watch the twilight movies with you and fighting about team Edward or team Jacob 

semi drunk sex every once in a while

tight hugs

loving the smell of his cologne

Tell me about your childhood and things that
make you happy,
Tell me about that time you stayed up all night
crying and why you hate yourself sometimes,
Tell me about your dreams and how you like
your morning coffee,
Tell me about what you’d do if you could change
the world and why.
You could go on talking and I promise I’ll be listening
to each and every word, even if it’s stupid.
You could take me home and teach me how to play
your favorite video game or we could sit on the rooftop
all night watching the stars disappear as the sun rises.
We could do anything you like and I’d be your side.
As long as we’re together.
—  Rida Aamina 

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1. What is your favorite book and why do you love it?

Oh my god this is so hard to choose. Okay i would say The picture of Dorian Gray or Anna Karenina.There is a reason why we still read classics after all these years. These books are just summarize life. They are teaching us a lesson.

2. What was a moment that changed your life?

Uhm the moment when i decided to read books

3. Favorite game? Can be anything from board game to mobile game.

Omg i loveee video games and i have few, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, Final Fantasy XV, Tomb Raider,

4. What are you wearing right now?


5. What is a meal you can cook (almost) perfectly?

Spaghetti and salad

6. Would you want to be the star/main character of your favorite tv series/movie/book?

Yes of course.

7. Which time of the day do you like the most? As in morning, evening, sunset etc. 

Night and sunset

8. A song that is currently stuck in your head?

Lust for life - Lana Del Rey ft. The Weeknd

9. What do you like most about yourself?

My patience

10. If you ever had children, how would you name them?

I would give them flower’s names. 

11. Tell me something funny, that happened to you.

Okay one time i was looking for clothes in my wardrobe and i found my old dress (it was such a beautiful dress one of my fave one) i wanted to try it and see if i was still fit in it. Everything was fine until i pull the zipper up (the zipper was on the back part) but then i couldn’t even breath because it was so tight and i couldn’t even reach for the zipper because it was so hard move my arms to my back. I called my mom and gosh she couldn’t move the zipper  it was like chaos i couldn’t breath and she was so panicked i still can hear her yelling lol and she cut that fucking dress with scissors and then only thing i remember was that i was crying. 

My Questions for you:

1. Tell me about something you would happily do again.

2. Tell me about  something you’ve achieved.

3.  What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?

4.  Do you like chocolate?

5. Which are your two favorites careers and why?

6. If you could be any age for a week, what age would that be?

7. What cheers you up?

8. Have you ever danced in the rain?

9. What makes you bored?

10. What is your favorite color?

11. Name your five favorite foods.

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#88 Another boy babysits your child and tweets a picture of it and someone else replies

Louis: @Niall_Official: Better watch out guys ! It’s definitely looks like I’m her favorite uncle. Abby absolutely loves me!

@Real_Liam_Payne: Ha! She was just hoping that you’d give her a cookie. Everyone knows that I’m her favorite…

@Louis_Tomlinson: Boys, Leave my daughter alone, everybody already knows that she’s daddy’s little girl and that I’M her favorite.

Liam: @zaynmalik: Got stuck on babysitting duty so I decided that it’s never too early to start teaching little Evan how to play some video games! Soon he’ll be better than Liam is aha!

@yourtwittername: He could probably beat Liam at any video game now. No practice needed :P

Niall: @Harry_Styles: I like spending the day with Daniel because he always laughs at my jokes :)

@Zayn_Malik: Don’t flatter yourself Harry, he can’t even understand you yet. He’s just laughing out of sympathy.

@Louis_Tomlinson: And you’ve got him upside down so he’s probably just hoping that if he laughs you’ll just put him back down.

Zayn: @Louis_Tomlinson: I’ve stolen this little man for the day! I can already tell he’s gonna be a lady killer in a couple of years! Look out ladies!

@yourtwittername: Are you teaching Miles how to be a player, Lou? You’re supposed to be taking him to the park for ice cream…

@Louis_Tomlinson: @yourtwttername: Ice cream can be punk too y/n…

Harry: @Real_Liam_Payne: Had to drag Lillian back home after our trip to the beach today. She absolutely loved the water! Sophia finally had to bribe her with food to get her out.

@Niall_Official: You told me you were busy all day which is why we couldn’t go bowling today! You didn’t tell me you had a date with a 7 year old -.- I’ll remember this…

@Real_Liam_Payne: Well I’d rather have spent my day with little Miss Lillian Styles than you anyways… This girl’s got some style B)


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5SOS Would You Rather

ʘ   She Looks So Perfect: Would you rather have a dirty photo leaked by your boyfriend Michael that your family sees, or meet them once and never see them again?

ʑ   Don’t Stop: Would you rather have Luke serenade you or go to your favorite bands concert with Ashton?

ɣ   Good Girls: Would you rather have a movie night in with Calum or play video games with Michael?

 ʬ  Kiss Me Kiss Me: Would you rather steal Calum’s beanie or one of Ashton’s tank tops?

 ʡ  18: Would you rather go shopping with Michael or have Luke teach you how to play soccer?

Φ   Everything I Didn’t Say: Would you rather be serenaded by Luke or Calum?

ψ   Beside You: Would you rather spend a day with One Direction of 5SOS?

Ω   End Up Here: Would you rather never be able to hear one of their songs again or never be able to see pictures or videos of them?

Δ   Greenlight: Would you rather spend a day with Luke’s brothers or Calum’s sister?

ς    Long Way Home: Would you rather date Michael privately, or be friends with Ashton and have everyone think you’re dating?

Ϡ    Mrs All American: Would you rather have Ashton post an embarrassing picture of you on his instagram or get embarrassingly drunk with Luke?

҂  Amnesia: Would you rather get drunk with Michael or get high with Luke?

҉➔  Social Casualty: Would you rather go to the beach with the boys or have a movie night with the boys?

†    Never Be: Would you rather spend a day cuddling with Ashton inside wearing his clothes or play football with Calum in the park?

◇   Voodoo Doll: Would you rather never be able to make your relationship public with Luke but have the band and the families know and love you or be public with Calum and you’re able to go out on dates but get constant hate?

Let’s cuddle and teach me how to play your favorite video game. I would want to play video games with you. This is to show you that it’s not always you who will go shopping with me and get bored in the mall while waiting for me to complete my shopping bags. I want to learn new things, especially the things you do. That way, we will have options on our bonding time. And we’ll explore new bonding moments the next time we meet.

I wanna have a love story like everyone else. I wanna replay it over and over in my head and never get sick of it. I wanna fall in love over again each time I see your face. I wanna take so many silly pictures with you capturing each moments I spend with you. I wanna fight with you just to know that you still love me. I wanna wake up each morning seeing your beautiful face. I wanna hold hands as we walk down the beach looking at the sunset. And when everyone tries to tear us apart I want you to fight like no other an I’ll do the same. I wanna tell you bad joke an you’ll laugh at it just because you know It’ll make me smile. I wanna have lazy days where we eat lots of dunk food and you teach me how play your favorite video games. And I want you to hold me in your arms tell me cheesy pick up lines. And when i’m mad at you, I want you to push me against the wall an tackle me with kisses. And when you need me I’ll be there in a second with my arms open to hold you. I wanna kiss you in the rain like in those cheesy movies. I wanna play fight with you an it turns into making love. And when I’m jealous I want you to tell me “you don’t need to be jealous you already have my heart and nobody can change that.” When we both look into each other eyes we’ll see are future marriage, kids, and growing old together. And when things get hard I’ll grab your hand and we’ll find away through the dark cause it’ll just be you and I. And when it’s time for me to fly away in the sky I want you to play are our story. Even if it’s not perfect but it’ll be ours and that will make it perfect.♥
Michael Video Game Fluff

A/N: Hey guys this is Emily. This was very much anticipated and requested, so thanks for being so patient. Enjoy. Tell me if you want part 2. 

 Imagine Mikey getting giddy like an excitable puppy when you reluctantly agree to let him teach you how to play his current favorite video game. 

“Fine” you broke down with a chuckle, after about 5 minutes of relentless pleading and three sets of puppy dog eyes. 

He grabbed your wrist in his hand, dragging you without hesitation to the living room, then onto the love seat. He plopped down next to you, his grin spread ear to ear. You looked at him warmly, your affection growing as he mussed up his fluffy lilac hair. 

He flicked on the gaming console, placing a controller in your hand. Your delicate fingers closed around the device, unsure of what all the buttons meant. 

“One more thing,” he giggled, grabbing a black headset with a microphone stemming out from it’s front. He placed it carefully over your ears, with great precision, adjusting the mic so it was properly positioned in front of your lips. 

“Perfect.” he beamed. You rolled your eyes at his enthusiasm. He gave you a brief glance up and down. 

“Damn, ya’ know, you looked really sexy with my headset on princess.” he teased, biting his flushed lip while admiring you in your entirety. 

You blushed, playfully nudging him before directing your attention to the glowing TV screen.

“Alright babe, now this button is used to aim, and this one to sh-”

He was cut off by the sharp sound of bullets piercing the air on the screen. Your eyebrows furrowed as you fired gunshot after gunshot at advancing zombies. A smirk spreading across your face as they fell to the ground, with a crescendo of blood .

Michael’s jaw softly dropped, he blinked in disbelief before registering all that was happening. The sound of firing bullets ceased.

“Reload?” you inquired, looking for instructions from Mikey, seeing as you were out of ammunition. He pressed a button, providing you with a fresh set. Your eyes flashed back to the screen, as you continued strategically firing, then ducking to avoid oncoming bullets.

“Holy Shit…” he mumbled, shocked at your newfound talent, “Kitten, have you been playing my games when I’m not home? You know how I feel about you playing with yourself, without me.” he remarked, chuckling lightly as his innuendo.

“Nope!” you chimed, “I guess I’m just naturally fiesty” you teased.  

“Tell me something I don’t know, little minx!” he purred, leaning in to place a kiss behind your ear. You shivered, bringing your shoulder up to your neck, to shoo him away. 

He playfully attacked your neck with his mouth, nipping at your eager skin. He was taking advantage of your weakness for neck kisses, in order to distract you. 

“Mikey stop!” you squealed, leaning away from him, trying not to be distracted. 

His hand went to the controller, pausing the game and threw it carelessly on the other sofa. His hand grabbing the back of your neck, pulling you into his lap while his lips locked with yours. 

You didn’t need any more persuading, you straddled his lap, your hands pawing at his chest. You pressed your lips passionately against his before allowing him to completely dominate you. 

Your teeth tugged on his bottom lip, pulling it back while you flashed a sultry smile. He shook his head, his hungry eyes accompanied with a smirk. 

“My little gamer.” he growled. 

Uncle Ashton (Michael) Requested

Requested by anon - please do one where Michael is trying to teach you and his little girl how to play video games even though all she wants to do is learn how to drum like her uncle ashton lol

“Hit B! Hit B!” Michael shouts happily.

“I am hitting B Daddy, I have been hitting B but it’s still not doing what it is supposed to.” Amelia says when the screen goes red and and she hands the remote to me.

“You try Mummy” she says sadly.

“Okay babe, listen” he starts. “When the yellow guy shows up, hit B, shoot them and jump over them. Run straight to the gray door and you pass the level.”

“Okay” I reply. I do as I am told and when I pass the level, Michael cheers.

“Amelia, why don’t you give it a shot again?” Michael asks.

“Do I have to Daddy?” she asks quietly. 

“You are a Clifford, it is kind of what we do” he answers.

“Michael” I say as a warning and he sighs.

“Fine, what would you like to do on your first day off from school, baby girl?” He inquires.

“Can you call Uncle Ashton?” She smiles at me. “He told me that he would teach me drums this year” I see his face fall.

“I thought you liked guitar?” He says. I know he is upset but he is hiding it from her.

“I do, Daddy” she puts her little hands on each side of his face. “I’m 8 now, you have been teaching me guitar since I was old enough to hold one. I want to learn drums now” she finishes. I pick up my phone and send Ashton a text.


Michael has been trying to teach Amelia video games all morning but she is more interested in learning drums from you.




Do you want to pick her up or do you want us to drop her off?


I’ll come get her, gotta get some snacks from the mart.


No Nutella.


I know! I remember what my favorite niece is allergic to.


She is your only niece and I have to make sure.


True. Tell her half an hour.


Will do.

“Uncle Ashton says half an hour. Pack an overnight bag, just in case” I tell Amelia.

“Yay! I love you Mummy” she cheers as she kisses my cheek. I see that Michael is still upset as she runs up the stairs.

“She is 8 Michael. Let her have fun” I say.

“I am trying, babe. I just wish she would stop growing up so fast” he tells me. I smile and move to sit on his lap.

“You still have twin boys who love these games” I remind him.

“I know but she is my only girl. I have one chance to make a kick as rocker chick” he says.

“She can still be a kick ass rocker chick if she plays drums. Besides, just because she learns drums, doesn’t mean that will be her instrument of choice” I say.

“I know but you know she has wanted this. I lost my only chance at raising my only girl to love guitar as much as I do” he tells me.

“Think again” I smile.

“What?” he asks, eyes wide and jaw dropped.

A knock comes from the door and Amelia answers it after barreling down the stairs. 

“Bye Mum, bye Daddy” she yells but Michael is still standing with his jaw hanging open. Amelia comes over to hug him.

“Don’t worry, he could never beat my Daddy in awesomeness” she whispers in his ear and my heart swells. She kisses his cheek and then comes to me to kiss mine before waling past Ashton and out to his car. Ashton smiles. I hand him her bag.

“Bed time is 9, Ash” I say.

“Got it” he giggles.

“10 is the latest” I say sternly.

“Yes ma’am” he says and salutes me. He walks back to his car and they pull away. I spin around to see Michael standing in the same place.

“What do you mean ‘think again’?” he uses air quotes.

“Baby girl in T minus 4 months” I smile.

“How long have you known?” he asks while hugging, then spinning me around.

“Just a month but I was going to tell you for Father’s Day. This seemed like a better time” I giggle.

“I love you Y/N Clifford” he says.

“I know, Michael Clifford” I laugh and scrunch my nose. “Good luck, Daddy” I say as I lean down and kiss him.

4 little Cliffords. This world is in trouble.

I hate saying this but I really miss cuddling and watching movies with you. I miss you teaching me how to play your stupid video games. I miss holding your hand. I miss your hugs and the way they made me feel. I miss the way you know so much about every artist you like. I miss how we used to talk about glee. I miss how we went to NY to see your favorite artist and then we got Starbucks and it started raining and since we were in the city you never let go of my hand cause you didn’t want to lose me. I miss how protective you were over me. I miss how you would give me your sweatshirt when I was cold. I miss your family and how nice they were to me. I miss how you were always there for me. I miss how we would always tell each other our dreams and how we wanted our futures to be. I miss how you would tell me I would always be a Serena Van Der Woodsen. I miss “our” dog that has our ship name. I miss our late night convos. I miss waking up to your face times. I miss everything I ever did with you. You had feeling for me when I was to scared to actually say something. You brought me down honeymoon ave. and I realised that I did have feelings. When you left I told myself “you’ll be fine with out him”, but I’m actually not fine I need you a lot…. I guess what I’m really trying to say is I love you and I want you more then I have ever wanted someone… and I hate the idea of you liking some one else… it hurts like hell but loving you hurts worse because I know we could never be together.
—  Brittany Opio