teach me the letters of the alphabet


Learn about type by drawing it.

If you are a newcomer to type and have a creative streak then the How to Draw Type and Influence People, activity book is for you.

It’s author, Sarah Hyndman, runs workshops and gives talks on the impact of typeface choices and is well versed in explaining how type can trigger particular emotional responses from readers and influence them. Her previous book, Why Fonts Matter, explores the theory behind this.

The book is not about teaching lettering or type design but concerns itself with exploring the various styles of typeface, and the impression that each leaves on your audience, through looking and drawing. It examines the shapes, details and categories of style that make up the endless representations of the Latin alphabet.

This particular way of learning resonates with me as I’ve found that my knowledge of particular type styles only crystallises after examining the details of related styles and drawing them. The book’s exercises are both fun and informative.

Sarah, mindful of her audience, introduces each type style and looks at the associations it evokes and the details that define it. She starts with what makes up a font family and moves through various font personalities, monograms, various serif and sans serifs styles and decorative embellishments.

For those starting their journey into the word of letters this book provides an excellent new way of exploring type.

Look inside on Amazon.

Peggy Carter

So my favourite female character in the Marvel cinematic universe is Peggy Carter.

Where do I begin? She is an amazing character. In my opinion, she is the most developed MCU lady. She is a complex, well rounded character. She had great qualities, and some epic flaws too!

She is funny and witty and smart and resourceful and independent and feminine and confident and stubborn and bold and sometimes reckless and jealous. She can be mean and hurt people.

She does what she thinks is right, and will stop at nothing to achieve what she truly believes in.

She’s Captain America’s hero, and his compass.

She founded SHIELD.

Despite working in a male dominated field, she cultivates healthy relationship with other great women: Angie Martinelli, Rose Roberts, Ana Jarvis… Plus her indescribable relationship with Dottie Underwood.

She has love and lost (Michael, Steve), and she grieved, and she managed to love again. (seriously, it’s not often a character is actually allowed to grieve on screen time, and it was done beautifully)

She takes shit from no one, be it a private, a superior officer, a colleague, a man she actually likes, or another woman. See below my favourite exhibit:

(gif by capntony)

She is a very good spy and a great warrior. She comes up with great plans, tactics and strategies, but if need be (or if someone she cares about is in danger), she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and rush into danger.

She uprooted herself and came to live in the USA.

(She went for the grenade, too)

She was never a damsel in distress.

She is a woman who likes lipstick, shoes, accessories and other typically feminine things. And she’s a badass. She genuinely can fight and shoot. She proves that all those things are not mutually exclusive.

The way she deals with bullies and sexist jerks is awe-inspiring. She had to stomach so much sh*t and always came up on top! Her strength and perseverance in the hostile environment that’s her workplace is amazing.

I don’t identify with her so much as I aspire to be her. She is seriously one of the greatest role models ever. And she is played to perfection by the sensational Hayley Atwell.

Some of her amazing quotes:

“I know my value, anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter”

“I conducted my own investigation because no one listens to me. I got away with it because no one looks at me. Because unless I have your reports, your coffee, or your lunch, I am invisible.”

“as has always been the case, I don’t require your help”

“He would say: ‘Do as Peggy says’!”

“What’s your name, darling? - Agent.”

“The alphabet? I can teach you. Let’s start with words beginning by the letter ‘A'”

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hi, if you have any resources for learning vietnamese can you share them (any and all levels of reading/writing/speaking, basically everything)? my parents mentioned sending me to saigon but i never managed to pick up any literacy + speaking ability in vietnamese at home lol... thank you!!

YES, DEFINITELY. I don’t know whether you speak southern/northern dialect (I assume southern), but I hope these resources will help you!

- the Vietnamese alphabet, the pronunciation of letters and letter combinations (1) (2)

- simple dialogues (w/ audio) using basic grammar (link)

- Colloquial Vietnamese: The Complete Course for Beginners (pdf)

- Teach Yourself Vietnamese (pdf)

- Learn Vietnamese with Annie (link)

- Memrise courses (link)

- Dictionaries: (1) (2) (3)

- Vietnamese dramas/movies with English subs (link)

Chúc may mắn! 

Speak Now

There’s really no better way to spend a 2 and a half hour train journey than going through prompts and picking out a cute one, right??

I’m also really paranoid about writing on trains fhdjsafhdh I really hope no-one’s reading over my shoulder they’ll be so Confused I’ve turned my laptop brightness right down and im trying to angle the screen away from Everyone #pray4shelley


prompt: teenage!phan are best friends and phil has a crush on dan. phil also has a parrot and one afternoon when dan’s at his house the parrot says “i love dan” or something and then fluff happens.


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Amharic Alphabet (part 1)

Hello. Today I’ll try to teach you the Amharic alphabet. It’s very easy once you get the hang of it. There are many letters in it but don’t be discouraged. It will make spelling really easy for later. The reason it has so many letters is because it doesn’t contain vowels. I know that sounds weird but just give me a second to explain it.

There are 35 family groups in total and each family has 7 members in it. In this post we’ll just look at the first member of the family. Once you know the first members, learning the other 6 is gonna be realy simple. So the first ones are this. (watch the video for pronunciation)

ሀ - ha
ለ - le
ሐ - ha
መ - me
ሠ - se
ረ - re
ሰ - se
ሸ - she
ቀ - ke
በ - be
ቨ - ve
ተ - te
ቸ - che
ኀ - ha
ነ - ne
ኘ - gna
አ - aa
ከ - ke
ኸ - ha
ወ - we
ዐ - aa
ዘ - ze
የ - ye
ደ - de
ጀ - je
ገ - ge
ጠ - te
ጨ - che
ጰ - pe
ፀ - tse
ፈ - fe
ፐ - pe

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I headcanon that Lo'lo' doesn't know how to read being an ex-slave and all so may I request a scenario where his s/o is trying to teach him how to read?


Lo’lo had a terrible secret. He tried to hide it as best he could, but he knew he was slipping. His excuses were getting worse and worse and he knew that, soon enough, his secret would come to light. 

His s/o had been leaving him notes when they left for work before he woke up, which was most mornings. Usually, they asked him to do a small chore before he left. And…well. the chores went undone. His s/o noticed every time.

Lo’lo said that he forgot. He ran out of time before he had to left. He was planning to do it once he got home. He was running out of excuses, and could see his s/o was believing him less and less. Soon, he would have to tell them the truth, as embarrassed as he was.

He…he couldn’t read. 

The education slaves was not a priority, particularly when slave owners made good money gambling on whether their slaves would survive brutal fights in the Colosseum. When Lo’lo finally found freedom, he decided he didn’t care. He didn’t need to read to support his Captain anyway.

But now it had become a glaring issue. For the sake of his relationship, he might just have to come clean. Lo’lo took a deep breath. He steeled his resolve and tossed the pile of notes onto the table.

“I didn’t do the chores cuz I can’t read. I didn’t know you asked me to do them.” 

His s/o gasped, only making Lo’lo’s cheeks turn a deeper shade of red.

“You didn’t know. I didn’t want to tell you…” 

Lo’lo stared at the floor, refusing to meet his s/o’s gaze. It would take a very tight hug and a little begging to get him to finally listen to his s/o’s suggestion.

“I could teach you” they said.

After several hours, several broken pens, and several more wrecked scrolls, Lo’lo and his s/o worked through the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. 

Sheepishly, Lo’lo pulled the shortest note from the stack his s/o had left him that week. He stared at it a while, breaking it down letter by letter and asking his s/o for help when their handwriting blended together.

I…that’s a capital I right?” 

His s/o nodded.

“Then a space, l…o…v…e… another space… y…o…u.

“Okay, so it says I love… but whats that last word?” Lo’lo asked his s/o.

“You. It says I love you.”

He frowns. Not quite the reaction his s/o was hoping for.

“Why does you have so many extra letters. Just put u. It’s the same word just simpler” He said annoyed. 

His s/o had to fight bursting out into laughter. 

#77 One of you tweet a picture of your kid and you/him reply (Visual)

Louis: @yourtwittername: Thought Louis could bathe Anna while I finished the dishes but when I finished and when to see if he needed help, this is what I saw. Poor girl.

@Louis_Tomlinson: C'mon! She looks adorable! And she was laughing the entire time.

Liam: @Real_Liam_Payne: I told him to smile for the camera but he said smiling is for the weak…

@Yourtwittername: Wasn’t Louis the one who told him that?

Niall: @yourtwittername: He told me he wanted to be a prince when he grows up so I drew him this and I can’t even explain how happy he was!

@Niall_official: But he’s already my little prince! Prince Jacob Horan the first :)

Zayn: @yourtwittername: Got home from the store and saw Zayn teaching Lilly the alphabet. 

@Zaynmalik: I swear, she’s gonna be the next Einstein. She got the all the letters down in one day!

Harry:@Harry_Styles: Took Ashley to the beach today and she told me I was her favorite parent. Told ya so, y/n.

@Yourtwittername: She only said that to get you to give her ice cream. I’m actually her favorite but nice try Harry.


Aloe (LokixReader)

Summary: Tony takes the Avengers, you, Jane, Pepper, and Loki on a weekend trip to the beach. What shall ensue?

Author’s Note: After all this time, after AOU came out, I finally get to writing a Loki oneshot. I hope you guys enjoy–it’s over 4000 words, I think.

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It’s Like A Sign

Character: Barry Allen


A/N: I loved this prompt and I’ve always wanted to learn sign language. I’m sorry if this is similar to other fics, and please let me know! I tried to make it different.

Originally posted by telefilmaddictedforever

A cup of coffee in your hand, you hurried down the streets of New York. Your pea coat, grey scarf, and matching beanie kept you warm in the 3o degree weather. Old snow crunched beneath your feet and your breath puffed in the air. You sipped your coffee as thoughts ran through your mind. You were on your way to a job interview and you weren’t sure how the interviewer was going to understand the situation.

         Being mute was a difficult thing to have for a job, but it was definitely not impossible. You’ve had many jobs that you were successful at, even with the difficulty in communication. This one was your dream job, though, and you felt extra nervous, hoping they wouldn’t instantly reject you. You were about to turn a corner when you heard a scream echo through the streets.

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Chanyeol - Teacher, In Love

“Class dismissed. Hopefully I’ll see you all later tonight at parent teacher interviews tonight.” You say cheerfully as the day had come to an end. The group of twenty-three students moved out of the classroom, an abundance of giggles and many broken words.

As a teacher, you loved seeing your children happy, vibrate and revitalized so that’s why you had chosen to teach the youngest age group, Preps.

Tonight was parent teacher interviews and it was your chance to meet the parents of the beautiful fresh group of youngsters.

All the students had escaped out into the front yard to see their parents as you began to clean the board and pick up the pencils that some of the boys left lying around on the table. It had been a pretty smooth day, reading to the children in the morning, teaching them a new word of the alphabet; the letter H then letting them draw and colour in a picture of their family so they could show their parents later on tonight. Teaching Preps was delightful; it was easy to love your job.

Just as you made your way towards your desk, an unexpected visitor made their way into your classroom. “Excuse me?” A deep voice fell among the silence in the room.

You looked up from your papers and smile, seeing little Chansung gripping her father by the hand.

“Hi, Miss ____.” She pipes up after her father speaks and you instantly stand up.

“Hello, you must be Chansung’s father.” You looked up at the lean and lanky man before you. The first thing that came to mind was you’re extremely attractive - something that was forbidden to be said aloud as a professional.

“Yes, I’m sorry to bother you but I forgot to book a time for tonight’s interviews and I was wondering if you had any available spots left?” The man wore tight black jeans and a simple black t-shirt with some random print on it. He was really attractive and you couldn’t do anything about it.

“The only times I have left is…” You looked down at your timetable and searched for any available spots. “6:00. That’s the last and only time I have I’m afraid.”

“No, that’s great.” The man smiled brightly, melting you away. This wasn’t fair. You blushed subconsciously and turn to the sheet, grabbing a pen.

“Great. Um, what is your name?”

“Park Chanyeol.” His name ran smoothly from him mouth; sexily.

“Park Chansung, Park Chanyeol.” You sung softly with a smile.

Chanyeol looked at you and couldn’t help but smile. He found you super cute and loveable. He, neither could say anything.

“Will I be seeing anyone else with you two tonight?” You beamed cheerfully at the two of them.

“No, just us.” He said as he ajusted Chansung’s bag on his shoulders. The bag looked tiny in comparison to his large bag and muscular shoulder blades and biceps.

“Cool, alright I’ll see you later this evening.”

“Awesome, thank you so much.” He thanked, squeezing Chansung’s hand as she eagerly fled with him from the classroom.

“Bye, Miss ____.” You waved to her just as she left them class. Chanyeol flashed a smile before walking away. You could feel your body jump out of its flesh as he did. You smiled widely, almost jumping with joy.

The most boring night could possibly turn into the most exciting night of all.


It was almost 6:00 and you were still so jumpy and bubbly ad you could not wait to see Chanyeol and Chansung again. Why are you so excited? You seriously can’t be crushing on him, can you? You weren’t in love, you were just excited for some reason. It felt like a chance, in a way. What if he’s married? Oh my God… He’s married ____. He has a child for crying out loud! You panic from the inside but you couldn’t let it show on the outside. The lady sitting across from you would not shut up, she just continued to praise her child and all you could do was nod, she never gave you a time to talk but gave you plenty of time to think - of Chanyeol.

From the corner of your eye you saw a tall figure enter the corridor, this time in a his jeans, white t-shirt with a collared shirt opened up. He was on fire in your eyes.

You really wanted to move on now, but you couldn’t force this lady before you to shut up. [Wrap it up!] You wanted to yell at her, but that’s really unprofessional and disrespectful in all ways.

“Kangwoo is a very good student, I agree. He’s does very well academically and he’s very orginanised.” You looked at your watch and realized that this was the second time you had gotten to speak during the last ten minutes.

“Oh, look at that, we’re going overtime. It was a pleasure meeting you Mrs Kim.” All three of you, stood up as you digressed towards the exit.

“Thank you for coming. Keep up the good work Kangwoo.” You said cheerfully, waving him off. For a kid you really liked due to his quietness, his mother was a complete shocker.

You sighed restlessly and turned toward the chairs directly outside the classroom and was Chansung staring at you smiling, her father reading something on his phone.

“Chansung, please.” You called to her and she immediately jumped from her seat.

“Come on Dad!” Chansung pulled on Chanyeol, alerting him that it was time to get up and start the conference. He father stood up and look at you, smiling with that charm of his. He took Chansung’s hand and followed her forwards you.

“Good evening.” You greeted them as they entered your classroom.

“Good evening.” Chanyeol helplessly back to you, smiling without fail.

“Take a seat.” You said to them as you followed them into the class. You took your seat behind all the paperwork; Chanyeol sitting directly across from you with Chansung in the seat beside him.

“I don’t actually have much to say about Chansung other than that she’s an excellent student in all areas. She’s always trying new things, very active and bubbly, she’s bright and yeah, she’s doing really well.” Chanyeol nods his head proudly and smiles which not only made your heart flutter but made the urge to awe close coming.

“Do you have any concerns about Chansung? Is there anything you think I could do to help her learn better?” You asked politely, leaning in towards the table. Suddenly you saw Chanyeol shift mentally and physically. His face dropped and he swallowed hard, he moved close towards you before making a grunting, coughing sound.

“Chansung, why don’t you go and play with the dollhouse over there?” Chanyeol motioned her towards it. She agreed eagerly and skipped over towards it.

You felt very confronted at this stage as you knew quite well that what was about to come from Chanyeol’s mouth was serious.

“Chansung has a personality disorder, she bipolar.”

“Oh, really?” You were pretty surprised at first. Chansung was always a bubbly and happy girl. You would never have guessed she was bipolar.

“She does take medication for it but I was just wondering if you could keep an eye on her? I don’t want her peers to think she’s abnormal or anything.”

“Yes of course. I’ll make sure she’s okay. Right now she’s fine though. She has her friends and she associates and includes herself in with all the other children. I’ll keep in contact with you about her habits.”

“Great, thank you so much.” Chanyeol smiles, feeling relieved that you’d taken it all so well. A lot of teacher misjudge personality disorders and believe that students with them are antisocial, purposely rude and loud which really wasn’t the case.

“Do you have any other concerns that you’d like to discuss?”

“Not that I can think of.” Chanyeol says, the smile still open on his face. God, he’s so pretty.

“Good. Well I don’t think I need to keep you here much longer then.” You were overwhelmed by the amount of time you had spent with this man already. It hadn’t even been 10 minutes.

“Great. Thank you so much for you time. It was lovely meeting you.” Chanyeol and yourself both stood in unison.

“Not a problem.”

“Come on Chansung.” Chanyeol says as he walks toward the door, watching his daughter quickly pack her things and run towards him.

Chanyeol was perfect. You just knew he was. He was polite, genuine, happy, considerate; he was a package. You sat back down at the table, checking the time on your laptop before going to scan through your emails quickly.

“Um, Miss ____?” You look up at Chanyeol who still hasn’t left the room. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” You smile genuinely.

“Could we possibly catch up again sometime?” You were taken back by the instant question and almost swallowed yourself as an abundance of feelings overcame you. You had to react fast; you couldn’t just sit there like an idiot.

“Okay. That’d be cool.” Cool? What are you? Like twelve?

“Okay.” He says.

“Okay.” You confirm. Both of you stare at one another and smile with blush fulfilling your cheeks.

“I’ll be going.” Chanyeol takes Chansung by her hand and walks away, down the corridor almost bouncing with joy.

You wait until you knew he was gone, biting your lip. You exhaled and smiled for what felt like ages. Your mouth hurt from smiling so much but you couldn’t help it.

You had scored yourself a date with Park Chanyeol. What more could you possibly want?

now you tell me: catcalling is a compliment; take it as that.

well i don’t really give a shit for your compliments if they’re all just vulgar comments about shapes and sizes and i know for a fact you haven’t taken geometry yet because we are freshman in high school and you have never felt a girl shake when she stands in her school uniform outside the train station with the wind pressing hands to thighs to hold her skirt down because there are five men around and none of them look like the type to know the difference between a catcall and a compliment and i’m not so sure you do, either.

now you tell me: you’re already equal! women have the right to vote!

so how long in comparison to men have women had the right to vote? black women couldn’t vote until 1964. how long has racism played a role in sexism? after millenniums of oppression, after centuries of unequal rights, after an entire existence of being placed in this superglued Jenga tower of patriarchy with the odds stacked against us, you expect sixty years of artificial equality to overcome that?

now you tell me: it’s not a big deal.

but it is. there is a pay inequality with statistics showing a white man’s dollar is white woman’s 77 cents. have you seen how much worse it is when you compare white men to hispanic women? have you ever noticed how we have normalized concepts of sexualization to the point where i get yelled at for showing shoulders and boys get praised for staring at my chest? there is a problem when my older sister had to punch two freshmen for grabbing her ass after she told them no. there is a problem when my little sister thought it was a normal thing for boys to chase the girls on the playground and kiss them while the girls pushed them away. there is something wrong when a fucking meninist account has more retweets on rape jokes than Egypt has women who have not been raped.

now you tell me: you can’t teach boys not to rape.

why is it that you can teach boys quadratic formulas and you can teach boys break pedals on cars and you can teach boys alphabet letters but you can’t teach them not to rape? why is it that the word no is a foreign concept? these perpetrators are not savages on street corners of mental asylums. they are boys who have good thoughts and healthy minds and filthy hands holding deep into a girl’s hips to find the bones which hold her steady so he may break them and show her how strong he is. why is it that my friends speak about their own experiences of sexual assault like it is nothing? why is it that three girls in my therapy group suffer severe PTSD from being sexually abused as children? why is it that their perpetrators are never just human? why are they always master degrees and football scholarships and brainless thugs and dirty dish rags and divorced parents? why are rapists given the benefit of the doubt while my friends wither away in manic episodes of antidepressant side effects?

now you tell me: men get raped, too.

i know men get raped. i know men get raped because honor roll children get angry when trans boys try to be themselves and cis people think touching them enough will show that their skin feels right but it’s just a circus now with bearded ladies fighting patriarchy and burning hoops they get pushed through. and i know men get raped because a boy yelled at me about being selfish for only focussing on girls so i researched male victims and i wanted to scream because you see, men commit an average of 95% of all rapes and you told me that you can’t teach boys not to rape. you can’t teach boys not to engrain these concepts of no into their brains. you can’t teach boys that stop is not an invitation to slip their hands so tight to my chest that their fingers break my breast plates. you told me that you can’t teach boys not to rape, so stop whining to me and fix the problem you piece of shit.

now you tell me: stop complaining.

and i tell you: no.

—  i am a feminist and i am sick of being invalidated based on opinions rather than proven statistics
Spun că în română. - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word count: 932

Prompt by @bitchinskinneyjeans​ : Hi! I was wondering if I could put in a writing request? Can I please have one where Sebastian Stan or the character Bucky Barnes teaches the reader Romanian or Russian and the reader teaches him how to sign (sign language) and because they’re dating it’s really fluffy? Thanks

Warnings: fluff

Originally posted by leafierleaf

A/N: I honestly hope this is good enough, I am really unsure. I hope you like it.♥

“Pot să te sărut?”, Sebastian asked with a sheepish grin on his face. He was teaching you Romanian, and he wanted to test if you had learnt well by asking you if he could kiss you. At least you understood his sentence, but you weren’t quite sure what to reply. You knew he wouldn’t let a simple ‘yes’ pass, he waned you to answer with a phrase. “Nu ești genul meu?”, you replied, not sure what you had said. Sebastian burst out in laughter, but seconds later he playfully crossed his arms in front of his chest. “I can’t believe you just said that!”, he tried to act serious and hurt, but he had a hard time containing his laughter. “What did I just say?”, you asked a little confused. “That I am not your type!”, he said sulkily, “How dare you?”, he couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to…”, you began, but Sebastian laid a finger on your lips, a demanding look on his face. “Uh-uh. Spun că în română, baby. Say it in Romanian.”, he winked when he saw the defeated expression on you face, he had a lot of fun with this. „Îmi pare rău?”, you hoped that this was the expression to say that you were sorry. You saw a big smile form on Sebastians face. „Absolutely right!”, he pressed a kiss on your forehead. „You’re too precious, Y/N.”, he was clearly amused at your previous attempt. When he tried to kiss you, you backed away and then pinned his chest down on the couch.

„Not so fast, honey. You have to earn this.”, you gave him a seductive smile when you tugged your shirt down just a little so he could get a nice view of your cleavage and a peak of the lingerie you wee wearing. „It’s your turn now.”, mischievously smiling, you signed I love you, and he signed it back. „This was an easy start, let’s see the alphabet.”, you grinned. „That’s not fair, that’s 26 letters!”, he gently hit you with his elbow, just causing you to laugh. „I said…”, you leaned back in your chair, „you had to earn it. I had to go through hours of your questions without being allowed to speak English, and now it’s your turn.”, you just smirked and watched him pout. „Show me what you got, Stan.”, you ran your fingers up and down the neck of his shirt as he sat back up to show you the alphabet in sign language.

It was not long ago that the two of you had decided to teach each other the other language you spoke. You had learned to sign for your best friend, she had gone temporarily deaf due to being exposed to loud noises in her job. Their security measures weren’t enough for her sensitive ears. After she had partially regained her hearing ability, you decided to take a half-time job at an elementary school for children that were deaf or had other disabilities. Sebastian wanted to learn, he wanted more people to learn so everyone would be able to communicate with people that are deaf, so it would be easier for them. You loved how considerate he was, and how he was willing to learn this language for other people.
Your motives weren’t quite as noble, but you had always loved to hear him speak Romanian, sometimes, when he was especially scared, angry or even aroused, he would fall back to speaking his mother tounge, and you wished to understand what he said.

„Hey, you’re not even watching!”, he poked you and chuckled. „You missed the first three!”, you looked at him with puppy dog eyes. „I’m sorry, honey. Repeat them, for me?”, you asked and fluttered your eyelashes, which made him laugh. He let out a loud, demonstrative sigh as he started again. „A…a”, he looked up at you as he formed the sign with his hands. It was cute how he was suddenly so nervous. You nodded, gesturing for him to keep going. „B…b”, he said, again, looking up at you so you could give him an encouraging smile. He became more confident as he went on, and he was really good at it, too. He remembered all the letters, and when he finished, you gave him another warm smile. You signed ‘perfect’ with your hands.

He put one hand on your thigh and gently began to stroke it. „I love this.”, he said, „I love you. You… you’re learning Romanian for me, which is… incredible, inimioară.”, he continued stroking your thigh and put his other hand on your cheek. „And… I know you’ve been feeling insecure about it, but you’re doing great, you really are. I’m not saying this because I’m your boyfriend.”, you shook your head, „It’s not just that, it’s… you’re doing it for such a great cause and…”, he now laid one finger on your lips. „So did you. You did it for you best friend, and you continued to use it for a great, great cause. The school, they needed you. And dragă, they adored you. And so do I.”, he placed a kiss on your cheek. „Y/N, I love you for doing this for me.”, he said and then, he pressed his lips on yours for a passionate kiss. „M…ulţumesc, dragul meu.” (Thank you, my dear.), you shyly breathed against his lips. He genty pulled away so you could see his hands: 'Anytime’, he signed and you smiled against his lips as he locked them with yours once again.

Hi! This is a list of 30+ great Harry/Louis fics that have no smut.  It seems like it’s almost a requirement to have smut in fics now, and a lot of people aren’t into smut, or just want a good break from from it. Whatever the case is, these are all really really good and smut free. Several people mentioned wanting a list so here we are. :) I think most if not all also refrain from super in depth discussions of sex as well. :)

 (If anything has smut it in and I’m somehow mistaken let me know. I worked really hard to make sure nothing on the list had smut)

More under the cut.

Happy reading! PS more lists Here

Never Shut Us Down by Togetherwecouldbealright


Louis is an insecure mess and he hides behind his blog. Harry’s a boy with a personality too bright and he’s everything Louis thought he would hate. They end up falling in love.

In which Harry and Louis actually meet two years prior X-Factor and fate having a funny way of working itself out. 

Louis almost can’t believe it when he gets the text: I have a friend who thinks ur cute. But when Harry won’t tell him who his mysterious ‘friend’ is, Louis decides he’ll just have to figure it out for himself.

Harry misses Louis a lot. Too much, probably. Normal mates don’t hang out with each other’s families while the other is out of the country, do they? 

Everyone knows 7th year Gryffindor Quidditch Captain Louis Tomlinson and 5th year Ravenclaw prefect Harry Styles are dating– except for Harry. Fluffiest fluff to ever fluff.

Harry is the shy boy in the back of the class that no one really notices. Louis is the loud, outgoing football player that everybody likes.

Harry and louis are best friends who also happen to be in love. they kind of figure it out on christmas eve.

Harry is hit with a rogue truth spell and can’t control what comes out of his mouth; a bit awkward when his adoration for Louis has only grown over the years. A Hogwarts AU for Smut Free Ficathon. 

“I swear to God,” he mumbles under his breath as he squeezes them on, “if this is all a ploy to kidnap me, I’m going to feel no guilt for keeping your jacket.”“Just trust me, alright?” Louis holds his hand out for Harry once the other man straightens up, his soft face flushed in a way that only the holiday rush can do. “I couldn’t hurt you if I tried, Harry Styles.”Harry places a tender hand over Louis’. “Okay,” he answers, a little breathless. “I trust you.”
an au where louis is santa, harry is a single dad, and niall is the worst reindeer to ever exist

“Must be fate,” Harry jokes, rolling his eyes and Louis’ face softens as he nods in agreement.

“Well Harry, we are soulmates after all,” Louis reminds as if he thinks Harry might’ve forgotten, even as his hand is still stuck to the wall.

AU where Harry doesn’t believe in soulmates despite living in a world where soulmates and fate are key words. Louis is just a boy he meets but at the same time, he’s so much more.

high school au, aka shameless fluff. louis goes to harry’s after a bad date.

   In which Harry Styles is about to start his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While his best friends Liam, Niall and Zayn battle with the trials and tribulations of another school year, it’s all Harry can do not to fall head over heels for Slytherin prefect Louis Tomlinson. Harry soon comes to realise that discovering Louis was a far greater piece of magic than anything Hogwarts could teach him. Magic, though, is not always what it seems … 

The one where Harry picks up Louis’ fallen glasses and Louis makes Harry cry.

Louis is 18, up in the air and being forced to spend a weekend with his family at a friend’s wedding instead of attending Leeds Fest. However, he ends up having a much better time in the quiet village of Holmes Chapel than he expects - and it may or may not have something to do with the boy whose house they stay in. 

Harry’s sister has a baby. When he goes to meet her, he finds more than one new love of his life at the hospital. 

It’s not a crush or anything outlandish like that, he just finds Louis as a good person to just sit around and admire what he’s like. But that doesn’t mean anything. The only reason why he’s even here is because he was a fool that decided to be a supportive friend, completely forgetting that he’d be overexposing himself to the likes of Louis Tomlinson (who Harry’s pretty positive can cause temporary blindness when looking straight at him because he’s that bright). Not that it matters, seeing as Louis has been devastatingly underexposed to Harry (i.e. Louis, as well as basically everyone else in their year, has no idea that Harry even exists.)

Harry and Louis are best friends. Harry has the whole "crush” thing under control, honestly. Until, of course, he moves in with Louis and his baby. 

harry and louis decide that they need to come up with the best senior prank possible. if it means pretending that they’re married, that’s a sacrifice they’re willing to make. 

In which Harry is 16 and Louis is 18, Harry works at a public swimming pool and they go skinny dipping together.

Louis falls down the rabbit hole of makeup, and Harry’s always there to catch him. 

The one where Louis receives a note from his secret admirer for every letter of the alphabet.

Harry’s a good kid, Louis’ misunderstood, and they meet in detention.

Louis goes on a three day long fishing trip with his dad. He comes back to find out that Harry has never been fishing before. So obviously he has to teach him. It doesn’t go very well. (Did Harry mention he has a very real phobia of fish? He didn’t? Opps.)

“Listen, I’ve tried to be helpful,“ Niall said. "But it’s been three years. It’s time for you to make the move. There’s only so much encouraging I can do before it starts to get repetitive. And annoying.”
“I feel so loved,” Louis deadpanned.
“Of course we love you, Lou,” Zayn said. “We just need you to tell Harry how you feel so you can stop feeling so down on yourself.”

Or, the one where Harry dresses as Miley Cyrus for Halloween, and Louis is the tiniest bit in love with him. 

It’s like learning the boy’s name brings about a new desire for Louis to see Harry all the time. If he can learn Harry’s name, then what else can he discover? So when Louis’ head hits the pillow every night, he wishes, he hopes, he prays that he’ll get to see Harry. And sometime he does and sometimes he doesn’t, but when he does, something awakens in Louis. A silly thought: being asleep, yet feeling more awake than ever. He supposes it’s Harry’s doing.

[Or, Louis likes to sleep, particularly because the only time he gets to see Harry is when he dreams.]

Harry misses Louis a lot. Too much, probably. Normal mates don’t hang out with each other’s families while the other is out of the country, do they? 

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