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Valentine’s Day Special!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some of my favourite Valentine’s day fics! Enjoy!

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Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Valentine’s Day by SakuraNeko, Explicit, 4.9k
After suddenly realizing that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, Yuuri wants to make sure that their first one together is perfect. When things don’t go as planned, will Victor be able to give Yuuri the perfect Valentine’s Day that he wanted? LOVE!

Just go with it, all right? by IdunAurora, Gen, 4.2k
Viktor treats his husband to a romantic evening on Valentine’s Day, and as they enjoy their bath together, they reminisce their first meeting on that very day five years prior. The evening that turned from full-on miserable to fairy tale-level wonderful against all odds. THIS IS SO CUTE AND VICTOR IS A HERO

Be my Valentine by dancey94, Teen, 2.6k
Yuuri attends an event for singles with little enthusiasm. He expects to eat some food, have a drink and leave. What follows exceeds any expectations. Cute!

Thick Thighs and Beautiful Eyes by ViktuuriSakurai, Explicit, 3.5k
Or, the one where Yuuri wears lingerie on Valetine’s Day for Viktor, who loves touching and teasing the younger man - especially his thighs. OMG!!

Deck the Halls with Love and Folly by sushicorps (Inclinant), Gen, 4k
“Well…” Viktor starts but doesn’t continue because where does one even go with “I am really a world champion figure skater but I got distracted because I think you’re really cute and now you’re offering to teach me how to ice skate and I’m actually about to say yes?” THIS IS SO GOOD PLEASE READ IT! The author just updated today and added a quick V-Day story!

Late for Late Late

Meant to have this finished and posted earlier on in the week, but it’s here now so I hope you all enjoy it!! Let me know what you think xx B


“Angel,” Harry’s voice was tense as the dressing room door slammed shut behind him. “Have yeh seen m'jacket?” A smirk tugged at your red-painted lips as you straightened the lapels of his ‘missing’ suit jacket, your fingers running lazily over the delicately embroidered Donald Duck’s here and there. Stress was the only feeling Harry seemed to feel over the last day, and his eagerness to please people turned you on much more than it should have. Hence why you stood in the dressing room bathroom in his suit jacket only. Completely bare for him underneath the silken cloth.
When you eased open the door, Harry’s back was to you as he bent over his suitcase, searching for the top half of his outfit. You leaned against the door frame, eyes raking over his long legs and bum. Harry heard the door open but didn’t turn to look at you, his hands moving to dig through the rack of clothes his stylist had in the corner of the room.
“Can yeh please help m'look? I’d like t'be on set on time.” A mischievous smile took over your face.
“What are you looking for?” A frustrated breath left Harry as he clenched his jaw and pivoted to face you.
“My–what’re yeh doin’? I don’ have time fo’ this, lovely, the show starts in half an hour, and I’m already too stressed about it. Please give m'my jacket,” Harry sounded anything but patient as he held out a hand for his top, and you feigned innocence.
“Oh, this is what you’re looking for? This jacket?” You didn’t miss the way your boyfriend’s eyes narrowed at you words.
“Pet,” the word was a growl, his stress getting the best of him as he prowled towards you. “I won’ ask again. Give me the jacket.” You pretended to contemplate, your lips pursing and head bobbing to each side as you made your way to the vanity area. With an evil glint to your eye, you hoisted yourself onto the cool surface, legs crossing as you leaned against the mirror. Harry’s hands tightened into fists at his sides.
“Hmm…I don’t know…maybe you’ll just have to come take it off me.” Your fingers toyed with the hem of the jacket, eyes never leaving his as he glowered at you.
“I don’ have time fo’ this.” But he was stalking towards you, hands already working on his pants.
“Better make it fast then.” Harry’s mouth covered yours, his tongue prodding against your ups for entrance. You eagerly granted him access, melting into his body as his hands ran up your thighs.
“No panties, love? How naughty.” There was a pleased lilt to his voice as his fingers skated up your tummy, circling your belly button once before continuing upwards. “’M gonna fuck yeh now, angel, and when I get back, I’ll deal with yeh distracting me. Maybe I’ll have t'take yeh over m'knee, teach yeh a lesson?” His hands now cupped your breasts, thumbs rubbing over your nipples teasingly. Harry lowered his mouth to your neck, sucking and biting a trail down your skin. You impatiently grappled for his pants, pushing them down with his underwear with a moan. Harry made no move to take his jacket off of you, only shifting his hips so that he was nestled between your legs. A large hand slid down the front of your body to dip into your center, a long groan rumbling through Harry as the pads of his fingers met the wetness waiting for them. “Look a’ yeh. S'wet fo’ m'already.” You whined as his thumb circled your clit, his fingers slipping into you easily. Your head rolled back against the mirror, hands gripping Harry’s hips tightly. In a sudden movement, Harry yanked your forward, pulling you so your soaked core was almost right against his hardened cock, your legs wrapped around us waist.
“Please,” was all you could manage as Harry circled his length in one of his hands, the other going to his lips so he could suck your excitement from his fingers. Then his head was easing into you, thick and smooth. You moaned, eyes screwing shut as Harry sheathed himself inside of you fully.
“Feel s'good, angel. Always take m'cock like a good girl.” You nodded breathlessly, hands shoving his shirt up and over his head. Immediately your nails sunk into the meat of his shoulders, and Harry grunted at the pleasure, hips shooting forward. His pace was quick and almost brutal, fucking into you with no hesitation. The single button you’d actually done on the jacket popped open as harry lowered his head to your breast, mouth latching onto your nipple and sucking with fervor. Your mouth fell open in a silent cry, your hands tangling in his hair and tugging harshly. A moan vibrated through Harry as he slid his hand into your hair. You whined, arching your back as he slid back into you, his hand pulling your head back as he thrusted his hips. His hips went slow and powerful, making your eyes screw shut at the pleasure. You moaned loudly as his tip brushed your sweet spot again, his free hand gripping your hip and shifting you closer to him, so your knees were bent and your ankles were locked around his waist as he thrusted into you.
“Oh, God,” you panted, “Please don’t stop.”
“Christ, angel…so tight. Does tha’ feel good? Does m'cock feel good inside yeh?” You nodded hastily, loving the way he dragged out of you. His hand unraveled from your hair, his fingers going to your clit and circling it. You cried out, mouth wide as pleasure seared through you.
“Harry! Oh, God, yes!” You moaned, and Harry grunted as his hips moved faster. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoed through the room, and you panted loudly as pleasure curled in your belly. Harry hardly took a pause from suckling on your breasts, his soft tongue lapping over your pert nipples languidly. Every now and then, his teeth would sink gently into your tender skin, enough to indent but never enough to bruise. “Love yeh tits, sweetheart, s'pretty fo’ me.” His lips puckered just around your nipple, sucking fervently as you squirmed beneath him. Your walls clenched around him, and you could feel him pulsing inside of you, a clear indication of how close he was to cumming. Sweat beaded on Harry’s brow as his mouth released your breast with a wet pop, his face burying into your neck.
“Please, Harry, I’m so close,” you whined, hips shifting off of the counter to meet his, sliding him further inside of you. Harry grunted in response, one hand coming to slap against the mirror behind you while the other worked relentlessly against your clit. Your orgasm loomed ahead, and Harry shoved you towards it, his thick cock brushing every nerve possible.
“Yeh gonna cum? C'mon, pet, cum fo’ me. Need it, need yeh t’ cover m'cock,” Harry’s words were filthy as he continued to plow into you. Your eyes rolled in pleasure. “Cum.” With the last word, your release washed over you, and you cried out as your legs began to tremble.
“Fuck! Fuckin’–Bloody hell, I’m gonna cum!” Harry’s hips thrusted forward quickly as you ran a hand through his hair, breath puffing over his ear.
“Cum, baby, I want you to fill me up, please. I want it so bad.” Harry groaned into your skin before he stilled, warm cum painting your walls as he panted into your neck. The silk of his jacket now felt stifling as his body pressed you back into the mirror, but you said nothing as Harry worked up the strength to peel himself off of you. You brushed a sweet kiss to his cheek. Sliding the jacket off, you handed to him, gasping softly as he withdrew, leaving you empty. A wicked smile tugged at your lips.
“Still stressed out?” Harry shot you a look.
“Y'just wait. I’ll use the scarf that goes w’ this jacket to tie yeh up later fo’ this.” A knock sounded through the dressing room.
“Harry, come on! You’re meant to be on right now!” Jeff’s voice was terse as he spoke, and Harry raced to put his clothes back on.
“Now look what yeh’ve done. Gone and made me late for Late Late.”

About my pilot au:

Victor is a captain, at his age he normally would be a first officer/co-pilot (in case someone knew it and wanted to point it out) but shhh that’s the magic of fiction.

Yurio can’t be his co-pilot because he’s too young. At 18 years old Yurio could be a steward.

I’m still deciding what Yuuri’s occupation could be:

  • He could be an ice skater (which would be cute because in this au Victor wouldn’t anddd you know what that means, Yuuri teaching Victor how to skate asdasdsa)
  • Half time student and half time barista Yuuri (because I’m weak about coffee shop aus) or a waiter or something. (thinking he has no chance with Victor because woah he’s a  pilot for an important airline but of course Vic doesn’t care about it at all)
  • Dancer/ballet dancer Yuuri (imagine Victor being amazed by Yuuri’s performances)
  • I don’t have more ideas but if you have any suggestion please let me know.

Depending on Yuuri’s profession I can draw more stuff…

Change My Mind

Tyler Seguin x Reader

Team: Dallas Stars

Warnings: Mentions of babies? It’s all about starting a family

POV: Second Person

*not requested, just thrown together, based off the prompt: “You’re not mature enough to be a parent.”-“Try me.”*

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Your name: submit What is this?

“(Y/n), get dressed, we’re going out!” Tyler yelled, slamming the front door behind him. He was still in his game-day suit and beaming from the most recent win.

“Right now?” You asked, looking up from your phone. You were currently sat on the coach in your pyjamas with messy hair and no intention of getting up. “I’m comfy though,”

“Too bad!” He chuckled, walking into the lounge and kissing you on the cheek. “Did you see the game?”

“Yep,” You replied, watching as he sat down on the chair across from you. “Good win.”

“It was, which is why-” He smiled at you. “We are going out to celebrate.”

“Are we going somewhere fancy? Can’t we just order a pizza?” You threw your head back.

“Nope! Come on, get dressed, we gotta hurry.” Tyler said.

“Okay, okay,” You sighed, reluctantly picking yourself up and heading to your room to get dressed.

“What about T.J?”

“For wh-”

“You know, like Tyler Junior.”

“Tyler, what?”

“Or J.J,” He said. “After Jamie.”

“Tyler, what are you on about?” You asked, pressing the glass back up to your lips and waiting for a reply.

“We should have a baby.”

There went your water.

You sputtered and coughed, reaching for a napkin that was on the table.You wiped down the water that dribbled down your chin and onto your chest.

“You good?”

“You’re not mature enough to be a parent.”

“Try me.”

“Tyler,” you sighed. “That is not something you just throw around and use to prove your point.”

“I’m not,” He smiled. “I want a kid.”

“You told your mom if you ever tried to settle down-”


“To snap you out of it because you’re so young.”

“(Y/n),” Tyler interrupted. “That was a long time ago.”

“Couple of years isn’t long,” You reminded, setting down your napkin. You barely noticed your heart was pounding and your hands shook as you moved them. Was Tyler being serious this time?

“Well,” He chuckled. “That was before I met you, despite how cheesy that is.”

You didn’t say anything, just hummed in response.

“(Y/n),” Tyler reached over the dinner table and grabbed your hands that still trembled. “I want to start a family with you, okay? I know what I’ve said in the past and I know my actions seem like I’m not ready, but I really want this.” He told you sincerely. “It would mean the world to me if you would be my partner in this,”

Now you really didn’t know what to say. Was this really Tyler Seguin? The guy that drinks like he has no liver and parties like he doesn’t have another day to live? How did you get so lucky?

“Tyler,” You sighed with a smile. “I’m flattered you want to start a family with me,” He grinned as well. “But I don’t know if we’re ready.” His grin faded.

“What do you mean?”

“Tee, we’re still young and we’re still exploring,” You explained. “Who knows, one day you might…Change your mind.”

“Change my mind?” Tyler repeated. “(Y/n)– why would I ever change my mind about you? I’ve been with you for nearly two years, if I were to change my mind, it would have happened way earlier.”

“But we don’t have children, you just have me.” You said, tightening the grip on his hands. “You might get a baby one day and decide that you miss partying until three or you miss the girls-”

“I don’t need the girls, (Y/n), I’ve been with you forever– if I wanted the girls, I wouldn’t keep you around.” 

At least he was honest.

You took a deep breath. “I dunno, Ty, I’m just scared, I don’t want you to get into something you’re no serious about.” You glanced back at your water, suddenly feeling very thirsty as your throat began to dry and your eyes began to water. 

“Babe,” He started. “I see the guys with their families all the time. I see Sharpy and his kids and it makes me sad,” He admitted. “I want that with someone; I want to show off my kids and teach them how to skate and I want to come home to them curled up with my beautiful (Y/n) on the couch. I understand if you don’t want this, but please, consider it before you make your decision.”

You took a deep breath. “How long have you been thinking about this, Tee?”

“After our first year.” He said, a bit shyly. He avoided your eye contact and another smile grew on his face, reminiscing about the two years the two of you had been together. 

“Okay,” You released the breath you were holding, feeling the relief of finally making a short decision and your lungs refilling. “Let’s start a family, Tyler Seguin.”

“Really?” His eyes lit up and he looked shocked, not believing what you had just said. 

“Why not?” You asked, removing your hands from his and throwing them in the air. “Worst-case scenario: you regret your decision, leave me and the baby, and then I die of sadness.”

“Not gonna happen, (Y/n),” Tyler said seriously. “Trust me, I will be the best father ever, I swear.” He told you, nodding his head, obviously trying to hide his excitement, but you could see right through it. 

“Okay,” You rolled your eyes and chuckled. “Just don’t make me change my mind.”

I'm surprised there's like no artwork on dick and Barbra hanging out.

I don’t care if it’s motherly or sisterly, MAKE HER AN AUNT OR SOMETHING CMON! Their batfam, LET THEM INTERACT!!!

Hell, SINCE JOKERS FAM NOW, add Harley too! She can be a big sis/ aunt and teach Robin how to roller skate!

Love the pictures between batman and joker, even joker and Robin too but seriously.
Don’t make me do it myself.

We’re in Hot Water Now (incomplete)

Summary: Victor’s body changes into a female one whenever he’s hit with cold water, no big deal. He changes back when hit with hot water, so it’s not that big of a problem. It does get a little difficult, explaining to his close friends sometimes. 

He has no idea how to tell Yuuri about this unfortunate trait of his. “What should I do, kobuta-chan?” he cries, cradling the piglet of Akatsuki Yu-topia to his chest. It makes vaguely wheezing sounds in response. 

(The piglet is actually Yuuri, who had gotten a load of freezing cold melted snow on him earlier, but Victor doesn’t know that.)

Rating: G. Has a fair bit of genderbending, like Ranma ½ does.

For victuuriweek day five: crossover. I went for Ranma ½ fusion with Yoi. (This is just a snippet, as a I ran out of inspiration and was unable to finish it, so here you go).

It’s somewhat an open secret to all of Victor’s rinkmates. Less so to the ISU and Russian Skating Federation officials, but thankfully the issue is one that is easily remedied by everyone carrying a thermos of hot water at all times.

“Are you able to do all of your quads when you’re like that?” Mila asks one day as Victor tries to dry his hair after she dumped some hot water on him.

Victor pauses his drying and thinks for a bit. “I’ve never tried,” he says. “I haven’t skated much as a woman. It’s not like I’m going to be entering women’s singles anytime soon.”

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EXO | Their s/o Is An Olympic Figure Skater

Anonymous said: 

 Aaa, i’m the anon who requested monsta x and figure skating (i think i sent it in) and i was wondering if i could change it to exo instead please? the gifset you reblogged “figure skating kaibaek” made me rather exo instead. thank you. :’)

“You’re amazing jagi…but um…why is he…his hand is a bit low don’t you think?”

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*Excited to hear about your amazing talent* “Just tell me when and where and I’ll be there support you and cheer you on.”

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*After he learns about your talent he brags to everyone and anyone who will listen* “Y/N is so talented, I found out about her earning gold in the Olympics, I didn’t even know that…how could I not know that. But she’s so talented.”

Please ignore the caption

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*Over excited* “You should have seen Y/N, she made it look so easy as she went across the ice like-” *Tries to mimic you ice skating*

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Concerned but will still tease you

*Watching one of your video* “Jagi, look at that fall.”

“Oh it wasn’t that bad.”

*Starts laughing* “And look at that face you made.”

“Thanks Dae…”

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“Next date, you and me are going to the ice rink and you’re going to teach me how to ice skate!”

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“Wow jagi look at you go…wait…who is that?”

“That’s my partner…”

“You didn’t mention a partner…why is he lifting you up? That looks dangerous.”

“I’ve been dropped a couple times, it’s not that bad…”

“If he’s dropped you I think you should get a new partner…………”

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*Watches a video of you and your partner* “Jagi, I know you got first place with this but may I make a suggestion?” 

“I was hoping you wouldn’t…”

“Next time try this and maybe the judges will give you more points.” *Dance master activated as he grabs Sehun’s neck and demonstrates the move*

“I’ll keep that in mind…..” 

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“Wait until I show the guys how talented you are.” *Gloats proudly*

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“Sometimes I wonder if you’re more talented than me…”


*Enter Kriscasso* “Look at us, such a talented couple…between your figure skating and my art nothing can stop us.”

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*Looks at all the photos from your competitions* “Do you have any competitions coming up, cause if you do, I have some outfit ideas.”

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Let’s Christmas! ☃️🎄

A/N: Request from anon. An alternative end to Loki teaching you how to ice skate. It was supposed to be short but you know me by now. Have fun!

Words: 920
Warnings: none

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Put Me Out Of My Misery

Auston Matthews x Reader

Fandom: NHL

Warnings: A few bads, nothing major. 

POV: First Person/Reader’s

Summary: Auston tries to teach his partner to skate during the family skate for the Centennial Classic


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“Thanks for taking me,” I sighed, watching as Auston laced up my skates. 

“I’ll take any opportunity I can to show off my lover,” Auston smiled up at me, making me blush. 

“Not much to show off,” I mumbled, looking away from his gaze. 

“Then you haven’t seen your ass in those jeans,”

“Auston!” I scolded, playfully hitting his shoulder. “There are children around, watch your language.”

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Haikyuu x Yuri!!! On Ice AU



2) Yamaguchi and Yuuri casually broing it up because they’d instantly be friends because they’ve both faced tough times in their sport career

3) SugA and DaicHi aNd ViCtOr siGn mE tHe fUcK uP









Minami excitedly teaching Hinata how to skate; JJ laughing at Oikiwa and saying, “you don’t look very positive anymore”; Yuuri helping Yamaguchi as much as he can and being worried whenever he falls; Yurio getting mad at Tsukki for ‘not skating right’ and thus ensues a lot of saltiness; Suga secretly being an amazing skater and helping Asahi; Daichi being jealous and Victor sees so he quickly tries to teach him because he knows what it’s like; Chris finding every excuse to hold onto Noya as he tries to skate; Phichit taking photos of Tanaka failing and sending them to all the girls he knows…


(Also I just realized that Hinata + Minami, Obatek + Asahi and Yurio + Tsukki have the same voice actors im shook)
Fanfic Recs - Ship #1

Fandom: Daiya no Ace | Diamond no Ace | Ace of Diamond | Daiya no A – is there any other abbreviation??

Ship: MiyuSawa | SawaMiyu | Sawmaura Eijun x Miyuki Kazuya | Miyuki Kazuya x Sawamura Ejiun

There’s a CRAP load of fics for this ship (though it’s never enough) so I’m going to go through them and find as many that I love as possible…OFC I WILL MISS SOME GOMEN IN ADVANCE

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Ice (Jimin Angsty Smut)

*I think I had too much fun with this*

Word Count: 2047 words

He watched you, his dark eyes focused on you.

You were his.

At least that was a few months ago, when you used to smile at just the sound of his voice. But now even seeing the letters that make up his name repulsed you.

Disgusting. Evil. A sick excuse for a human being.

But you were too stupid to let him go. It’s been three months. Three fucking months and here you were, faking your enjoyment with your friends.

“Y/N! Come on.” You faked a smile, faked your eagerness.

Why the fuck were you even here?

“Y/N, you need to get out! You can’t live under your covers forever?”

Just watch me.

It was sickening, how you were here doing something you used to love so much without the person you loved to do it with.

Here we go again.

You were an ice skater, it was your favourite hobby that you’ve done since you were little. You could remember when you first went to a skating rink with him.

“Jimin..” Your happiness erupted and he smiled at you. His smiles were the cutest. You dragged him along, slipping into the skates quickly and rushing him.

He had bad balance, making you stay close to him and you skate backwards, trying to teach him how to balance himself.

“You’re a dancer, I thought you would have better balance~”

“Look, I don’t dance on ice, Y/N. Especially ice that could break at any moment.”

“Jimin, quit being a worry wart~ Just hold onto me and try for me, please?” He nodded, taking your hands and you guided him. You avoided his eyes and he got quickly enough. You watched over him, scared he’ll slip up again but he was fine. You started to do a little tricks, adding some spins and little leaps.

Jimin stayed close, worried that you might slip but you stay in perfect form without a slip up.

“Come on, Jimin. Dance with me.”

“O-On skates?! Are you-” He liked into your eyes, the seemingly innocent determination from you enough to make him crave in. You started slow with him, just letting him spin you.

He caught onto every move quickly before you two had an audience. It was unreal to you, his hands holding you. His body flowing in time with yours and he never missed a move.

You ended with a dip, both of your faces hot. You were both breathing heavily and you place your hand on Jimin’s cheek before he pulled you up for a kiss.

You hoped that you wouldn’t fall from this heaven. His lips were softer than fleece, sweeter than honey and you could feel yourself beginning to melt into his body.

You pulled away, hearing applause from the other skaters and you both blushed.



“Aren’t you coming?”

“Yeah..” You joined them on the rink, feeling better. The ice was your home, no matter what. But you could feel eyes watching you, you scoped around quickly before catching up to your friends.

They chatted, giggling and talking about boys. You couldn’t care less nor could you shake off the feeling of watchful eyes.

“Y/N, what is wrong with you?”


“By now, you have a crowd around you while you skate your little heart out but you’re not.”

“I don’t have to get all the attention all the time.”

“It’s because of him, isn’t it?”

“Why is everything about him? Why can’t be because I don’t want to?” You huffed out, upset by your friend and you turned around abruptly bumping into a stranger.

At least, he felt like a stranger now.

“Nice bumping into you, Y/N.”

You just got up, helped him up and skated off. You could hear him following you, when you left the rink, while you walked down the street and you stopped. He bumped into you, his hard chest against your back.

“Quit following me.”

“Look, Y/N, we need to talk.”

“You’ve said enough last time.”

“I have more to say.”

“Say it to someone who wants to listen.”

“Y/N.” He grabbed your arm while you tried to walk away. This wasn’t like last time. When he just let you go. When-

“Fuck off.”

“We’re talking about this.” You don’t know how he got you here. Sitting in this hotel room. Sitting face to face. He smelled the same.

Why were you even here?

“Why the hell am I here?”

“I’m only in town for a few days.”

“I’m supposed to care because..?”

“I want you.”

“You had me and then you let me go, Jimin. I’m not your little ‘backsie’, we were fucking through.”

“I was stupid too, okay.”

“Took the words right out of my mouth.”

“But you don’t have to be such a bitch about it.”

“Oh, I’m a bitch? And what does that make you, an asshole who dumped me after 8 months because you need something new?”

“I thought-”

“That’s your fucking problem. You thought. And guess what, you were wrong this time. So thank you, for coming back and making me feel fucking miserable.”


“What is it?”

“You’re crying.”

“Fuck you.” Park Jimin. The only son of a bitch that had this effect on you. He could easily bring you to tears, make you laugh uncontrollably, smile until your lips hurt and needy as hell.

If there’s a divine entity, they must hate you with all their might to make you fall for him.

You couldn’t help it, you broke into sobs and he came closer to you. You pushed him away but he still managed to hold you after you stopped fighting him.

He wiped your tears, but your anger was charged once again.

“Get the fuck off me.” You pushed him away, but he grabbed your hand and pulled you into his chest.

“I’m sick of this.”

“I’m sick of you.”

“I know you still love me.”

“I don’t love you.”

“Then look me in the eye and say it.” You looked into his eyes and god were you fucking insane. You pulled him by his shirt, pulling his soft lips onto yours.

Was it because of lust?

Were you mad that he was right?

His hands grab your ass, you emitting a little yelp while you continued to kiss him. He stumbled you into the bedroom and he sits the mattress.

“I missed you, daddy.” You whispered in his ear before kissing his ear. Your lips left a trail of hot kisses down his neck while his hands worked your hips. He grinds your hips against his, knowing you loved the friction.

You could feel yourself getting wetter from this alone and he whimpers your name as you leave hickeys on his neck.

You bit your lip, marvelling in your masterpiece and he slipped off your top. His hands roam your torso, feeling your breasts through your bra.

“So perfect, baby girl.”

He takes it, tossing it off to the side and cupped your breast. He kissed them harshly, leaving hickeys over your breasts. He made his own replica of hickeys along your neck and you collarbone.

He knew how his lips sucking on the very skin could make you soak your panties. You weren’t afraid to vocalize how you feel in gasps and whiny moans.

You tugged on his hair, wanting to feel more.


“Keep moaning, you little slut.”

“P-Please, daddy.” He squeezed your ass hard, you gasping loudly and he smirked. This is also Jimin, the man who loved you falling apart in front of him while he continuously fucked you senseless.

He loved to watch you cum, that constant reminder that he was the only one that could make your hand clench the sheets like that, make your toes curl up like that, gets to see your blissful expression like that.

Oh, and you were surely going to cum for him tonight. As many times as he wanted.

Your clothes disappeared from your body and he lied down.

“Sit on daddy’s face, baby.”

You obeyed, the lust overriding your senses and you felt his tongue dart on your wet pussy.

“You’re such a wet little slut, baby. Did you want my cock, huh?”


“Answer me, you little slut.” His voice taunts and he slaps your ass aggressively. You moaned out, earning yourself another slap.

“Y-Yes, d-daddy..!” One had held you by your ass while the other pumped into you. His tongue did its work, licking the surface of your pussy. He found your clit, sucking on it to hear you moan out his name.

Your hand reach over, trying to find balance and he held you in place, stopping you from grinding your soaking wet pussy into his face.

“M-More-ah.” He unreleased such an erotic aura from within you, one where he was the one with the key and locked it up for all this time.

You were truly alone, alone for all this time, and you know why.

Because no one else was Park fucking Jimin.

“Suck my cock, baby.”

That’s where he thought you shined, you always glowed when you did anything. Even when you were cursing him out, all he could see the soft glow around you.

Fuck, you still held his heart and you didn’t even know.

Countless nights, countless women and none of them felt like you did.

None of them had your tongue, that hot tongue that was dripping in saliva. He watched you drench in his cock in your saliva, bobbing your head on his cock.

How the fuck did he think that you were replaceable? How did he think there was someone better than you?

There was nothing more perfect than you, nothing that made him harder than seeing you. Nothing that lit up his day like you did.

“I fucking love that dirty tongue of yours.”

“Thank you, daddy.” You purposely licked your lips, knowing exactly how to drive him wild.

You pumped him, your tongue already tasting his pre-cum and watched as you made him get harder. He cursed, groaning out every name under the sun before he stopped you.

He ravaged your lips, your hands moving t o his chest while he wrapped his arms around you. He pushed you against the mattress, pumping his fingers into you again.

“O-Oh-god-daddy..!” Your words were a mess, no longer able to concoct simple sentences. All you could think of Jimin, the way his fingers pound into your mercilessly and the smug look he had on his face while you lose yourself to him.

“You like that, baby?”

“Fuck, yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, d-daddy!” He kissed you again, your arms wrapping around his neck and he pulled away just quickly. He flipped you over, your ass sticking out of him and slid into you.

You screamed into the sheets, the muffled sound still loud in your ears.

“You’re so fucking tight. When was the last time you’ve been fucked?”


“Answer me.” His hand came down on your ass again and it was purely pleasurable to you.

“I can’t remember.”

“Because I’m the only one who can fuck you like this.” You didn’t reply, rather clenched onto the sheets more.

“I’m the only one that can make you moan like this.”

“I’m the only one that can make you a mess like this.”

“Say it, baby.”

“N-Nobody does it like you, daddy..!”

“F-Fuck me harder, daddy!” He pulled your hair, raising your head from the bed and he continued to drill you.

“You’re such a good little slut, baby.”

He pressed little kisses against your back as his cock rammed into you and your voice became hoarse.

“Cum on my cock, you dirty little slut.”

That sharp command make you cum immediately, your voice letting out one last emphatic moan before you reach your sweet climax.

He came on your back, admiring his art work before wiping it off your back with a napkin. You flipped over, panting and your sweat forming all over your body.

He lied next to you, hugging your body close and you put your hand on his face, caressing it softly.

“Come back to me, Y/N.”

~Admin Blake

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Headcanons for Yuri P, Emil, and Phichit teaching their clumsy s/o how to skate? And can you make it really fluffy please (*ˊૢᵕˋૢ*) ? Thank you !


  • he has to tie their skates for them bc they can’t get it tight enough (aka me)
  • is shy about it, but he offers to hold their hand as they learn to skate. there’s a constant blush on his cheeks, but he blames it on the cold
  • surprisingly patient. he’ll go slowly and teach them how to do all the basics
  • he teases them whenever they fall, but if they go down hard he panics a bit until they insist they’re okay


  • he can’t help but laugh when they stumble around the ice like a baby
  • he holds both their hands steady as he skates backwards in front of them
  • gives them kisses whenever they start getting the hang of it
  • at one point he goes down too when his s/o falls. he lands on top of them and he’s laughing his head off


  • it feels more like a date than a lesson
  • he takes a lot of pictures and videos of his s/o’s first times skating
  • very encouraging and supportive. tells them to brush off their falls and that they’re doing just fine~
  • does the thing where he’s standing a few feet away and he holds his arms out as they clumsily skate towards them

hockey!calum was such a little shit whenever he was around you- any time he got the chance to show off his supposed skills he would. often he’d see you in the stands cheering his teams name, and often you’d only ever watch him amongst all the other players on the ice. you couldn’t skate to save your life, and when you tried you’d always somehow make a complete fool of yourself. however, after screaming calum’s name in the stands for a good hour and a bit, you decided to stay a while after the game, and maybe, just maybe practice your own skating. your older brother was in the team so you knew he’d be a while, celebrating the win in the lockers with the rest of the team. but as you stepped onto the ice, you felt a large pair of hands grab your waist before you had the chance to slip. by the smell of the all-too-familiar cologne and sweat in the air you knew it was calum. “careful, princess,” he whispered in your ear, kissing your jaw. you giggled and grabbed his hand, pulling him onto the ice with you. “teach me how to skate?” you’d smile, pulling him close to you. he nodded, resting his head on top of yours as he held you tight so that you wouldn’t fall over. he peeled you off his chest, leaning down to place a soft, loving kiss to your lips. “you know, if this is what skatings like then i think i want to do it more often,” you said, brushing your nose against his.

Ice Skating (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

Request:A stiles fluff where he teaches you to ice skate on a date please

 A/n: This is going to be a ish short one{and it might suck}. But i hope you like it x

 There a lot of thing that i’m bad at. I’m bad at singing, i’m bad at speaking properly, i’m really bad at sports. And i’m extremly bad at ice skating. So you can imagine how it went down.

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Quad 2015: Thank you messages for Daisuke

Shoma’s long, heartfelt message for Daisuke on his retirement has been floating around. Here are some of the other ones. They can be found in Quadruple (formerly Cutting Edge) 2015. There are other ones like from Yuzuru and Mura, but they are exactly the same as the ones they’ve said/written when Daisuke first announced his retirement. Those messages can be found here.

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bake a cake from scratch. ride a horse. drive a submarine. speak a second language (or several). dance. catch a fish. play an instrument. throw a punch. build a deck. ice skate. unclog a drain. program a computer. change a flat tire. fire a gun. sew. juggle. play poker. paint. fly a kite. sculpt. write poetry. change a diaper. sing. shoot a bow & arrow. ride a bike. swim. sail a boat. do a back flip. play chess. give CPR. pitch a tent. flirt. stitch a wound. read palms. use chopsticks. write in cursive/calligraphy. use an electric drill. braid hair. make a campfire. make a mixed drink. do Sudoku puzzles. wrap a gift. give a good massage. jump-start a car. roll their tongue. magic tricks. do yoga. tie a tie. skip a rock. shuffle a deck of cards. read morse code. pick a lock. read Tarot cards

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Would you mind doing a platonic (NOT romantic) writing about rfa teaching 16 year old MC to ice skate? i'm 16 and i had the most lovely daydream about this! it can be a group or individual, whichever is more easy for you!

((Of course! They’re going to be the best sibling figures ever…ok maybe not…but they’re going to try in this minific!))

                Yoosung had been begging MC to go ice skating with the RFA for at least half an hour now. She kept making up excuses, and Yoosung kept shutting the excuses down. MC honestly wondered how Yoosung was older than her by five years…Then again, this is Yoosung she was talking about.

               “MC! Why won’t you go Ice skating with us? Tell me pretty please?”

               “I…I don’t…I don’t know how to ice skate…” MC admitted

               “Well, why didn’t you just say so? We can teach you!” Yoosung beamed, dragging MC off to go ice skating.

                They got to the ice rink and went up to the counter to rent ice skates. They each got their skates, and after MC put her ice skates on, she almost falls over trying to stand up. Yoosung catches her and helps her balance.

               “MC, you’re doing great!” Yoosung encouraged

               “Hey! It’s Yoosung and MC!” Seven shouted out from the ice rink.

               MC looked over at the rink, and saw a familiar redhead skating towards the door of the ice rink. She tried to run over to him, but Yoosung had to help her walk over to the ice because she still was rather shaky.

               “Come on MC, you aren’t even on the ice yet. Just walk normally!” Seven teased

                That got MC frustrated enough that she stomped up to Seven and pointed out that she had never ice skated before. He laughed and told her that at least his teasing got her to the ice. MC just huffed, and Yoosung caught up to them, offering to help MC skate. Zen gracefully skated over to the trio, and asked what was going on. After hearing that MC had never skated, he also agreed to help.

               “It’s better than trying to teach that Jerk how to skate.”Zen grumbled, pointing with his thumb behind him

                MC looked over to Jumin, who was awkwardly skating, V helping the poor director try and stay upright. MC had to giggle, as he was pretty much in the same situation as she was. She slowly got on the ice, and almost fell right away. Seven caught her, and she steadied herself on the wall. She then tried to let go of the wall, and she slipped again. MC then clung onto the ice rink wall as if her life depended on it

                “MC, you can’t cling to the wall like that” Yoosung commented 

               “Watch me” MC replied, refusing to let go.

                Jaehee then skated over to the small group, and told them to give MC some space. Jaehee went and took MC by the hand, and began skating backwards. She told MC that she would help her, and to just hang on to her hands. MC tentatively let go and almost tackled Jaehee, who told MC to relax.

                “Don’t worry MC. Just relax. I won’t let you fall. Just look at me, and everything will be fine.”

                MC nodded and kept her eyes on Jaehee, who skated backwards as MC got used to being on the ice. After a bit, MC asked to try it on her own, and Jaehee agreed. She hesitantly let go of one of Jaehee’s hands, but couldn’t figure out how to actually skate, so she kind of just stood there as Jaehee tried to figure out how to properly teach the poor teen. Yoosung skated up to her and took over for Jaehee, who went to warm up and grab a coffee.

               “Alright, so, let’s start by walking. Yep, just like walking on the ground. I’ll be right beside you, and I’ll catch you if you fall, alright MC?”

               MC took a few hesitant steps, and Yoosung encouraged her to keep going. Eventually, they moved onto gliding, and MC was able to go pretty far without slipping. She got more confident and started running, gliding around the oval rink…only…Yoosung forgot to tell her how to stop, so she stopped by running into Seven…which stopped her, albeit painfully.

                “Ow. Hey look Zen, all the girls are falling for me lol.” Seven said as he recovered from the shock of being run into from behind

               Zen wasn’t sure how to reply to that, and as soon as he opened his mouth to chastise Seven, Jumin ran into Zen at full speed. They began to bicker, and Seven helped MC up off of the ice. Yoosung then skated over to them and had to break up the potential fight on the ice. Seven then grabbed MC’s hands and dragged her away from the hilarious fight, as Jumin tried to throw a punch and subsequently fell onto his butt. Even V couldn’t help but laugh.

                “Hey Sis, let’s teach you how to properly skate.” Seven said, getting MC’s attention.

                He taught her how to stop, start, and how to skate more naturally. She even got so good, he considered teaching her how to skate backwards. MC was a natural! Zen finally skated over, and was slightly disappointed that he couldn’t teach MC much more. He did teach her how to be more graceful on the ice though, since she basically skated like a hockey player. (That would be seven’s fault), and in the end, she skated pretty fluidly, only slipping every now and then.

                Eventually, they all got tired and got off of the ice. They somehow also got Jumin to skate a bit more naturally, although he still was way too stiff. They were greeted by Jaehee who had bought either coffee or hot chocolate for those who didn’t drink coffee. They all laughed, and even Jumin smiled. It was definitely something that they would do again.

When you’re really good at skating and biking and do cool but dangerous tricks


*Absolute fanboy mode.*

‘’YOU GO Y/N!!!’’

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He’s really proud of you but whenever you do something dangerous he’s ready to jump in and save you like superman*

‘’Lemme help you babe.’’

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*constantly worries about you.*

‘’You’re awesome. Really, but.. do you have to make those stunts…?’’

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*Watches you doing tricks. Conflictated if he should jump in and get you down from the board or keep watching you and support the thing you do.*

‘’Please don’t get hurt Y/N. Please don’t get hurt.’’

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*Super excited that you and him share the same hobby. You’re constantly seen boarding and skating together*

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*Always super excited when he sees you doing tricks, although they might be dangerous. Your biggest fanboy.*

‘’After that you’ll teach me how to do it too, right?’’

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*Supports you, but would never tell you personally that he’s constantly worrying about your well-being whenever you do dangerous tricks or stunts.*

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So another rant about everything about what just happened in Yuri!!! On Ice episode 10: (A lot of it’s going to be in CAPS LOCK and !!!!!! and strong language)

- I CALLED IT!!! I FUCKING CALLED IT!!!! YURI WAS GETTING VICTOR A FUCKING RING!!!! (my friend was skeptical when I told her there!!! HOW?!?!?! It was so obvious!!!!!)

- The return of the “ejaculation guy” as the same friend calls him!!!! CHRIS IS MY INSPIRATION FOR MY SELF ESTEEM!!! Loves himself but loves others just as well (unlike King “Narcissist” JJ, god that boy irritates me) And Chris makes my friend soooooo uncomfortable and I’m a terrible friend :P

- I’m so PROUD OF YURIO!!!!!! Growing up and finding his first friend!!! And Otabek’s hair is PERFECTION!!! but his first friend!!!! I’m so happy for that little aggressive KITTY!!!!

- I said this before but JJ really really irritates me. the smile on my face just switches off the moment I see that fucking canadian’s face. he doesn’t deserve my caps lock or exclamation points (sorry of those who like him and I wish you to continue to send that irritating fictional character your love but I personally can not)

- PHICHIT IS JUST TOO GOOD!!! like seriously can he teach me how to take selfies as perfect as his??????? He’s that friend that would accidentally spill the beans about a secret that you were waiting to break to the rest of the group and shouts it to the world…. OH WAIT!!! HE DID!!!!

- FUCK! I knew Yuri was sexy but FUUUUUUUCK! This boy can not only ice skate like nobody’s business and most probably a great ballet dancer, he can break dance, pole dance, and that dance with victor (I’m not sure what specific kind it was so please don’t yell at me for not knowing) Why were we not exposed to this earlier??????? Because honestly that’s what really broke me!!!! YURI IS MY IDEAL!!! (I would’ve fallen for him as well if he did that to me, Victor…)

- Leo’s relationship with Guang-Hong is BACK BABY!!!! THey’re probably my next favorite pairing after Victuuri, honest to god. Guang-Hong was so sad when he couldn’t get the live stream up and Leo’s really sad Guang-Hong can’t watch and they’re just both so sad they can’t and I just want them to be happy and together!!!

- Georgi is getting some BOOTY!!! But seriously I’m so happy for this emo evil queen! I’m glad he found another for his life because the last girl was a bitch (But then again, I may have done the same…. maybe… but at least I wouldn’t flip him off in the middle of a performance, that’s just rude behavior)

- Yurio with his kitty and pirozhkis!!!! Just Yurio with that smile on his face!!! YURIO SMILING SO MUCH THIS EPISODE!!!

Okay I should probably stop before this becomes an 8-page essay… Sorry for those who had to scroll past all of this to get to better things but I just had to. And for those who also felt this way about the episode (or not) and actually read this all, I applaud you because if I were you, this wouldn’t been skipped the moment I saw more than 2 lines of words. Anyways, I’m going to stop and say have a wonderful morning, afternoon, or night wherever you are and thank you for listening (actually reading but whatever) :D