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summary ashton gets a little to comfortable with another girl, so you figure you might as well do the same…

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Consider: Lily Evans Potter and Sirius Black were Star Wars fans

A Thistle and a Rose

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Something to Think About

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Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

Let me know what you think.

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@obianidalasuggestion: I made thing! I hope you like it

Sometimes when Anakin wants attention he’ll just plop his head down in Obi-wan or Padme’s lap with a fistful of hair ornaments.  

Obi-wan prefers the little golden clips and beaded combs because they’re practical and help keep Anakin’s shaggy hair out of his eyes.  

Padme just likes running her hands through the strands and finger combing them until he gets drowsy, though on some days she’ll try out a new up-do or braid pattern on him.  He’ll keep it until it falls out naturally, going about his day with a sailor fishtail or a five strand marriage knot as if it’s how he does his hair every day. 

It’s that time again, Obi-Wan thinks, as Anakin plops his head down his lap. His braids, skillfully done by Padmé – days ago, are falling out, so it’s Obi-Wan’s turn now to do his hair. He doesn’t really have time now, there are reports to be finished up, but Anakin’s smile as he’s looking up from his lap is irresistible.

‘Okay then,’ Obi-Wan says, and Anakin’s smile widens. He hands him his favorite golden clips and closes his eyes in anticipation of Obi-Wan’s hands running through his hair. Padmé, sitting next to him, smiles at him.

‘His hair would be a mess without us,’ she says. She’s right. When Anakin was still growing out his hair, it’d be always be unkempt and messy. Now, however, it’s always soft and silky. It might have something to do with the fact that Anakin is most definitely using Obi-Wan’s conditioner. He has noticed it’s running out much faster.

He doesn’t mind.

Carefully he takes out the braids, making very sure not to hurt him. His fingers comb through Anakin’s hair more than strictly necessary, as he’s enjoying the softness of his dark curls. Anakin is already starting to fall asleep and Obi-Wan can’t help but smile as he looks as his almost-sleeping husband.

He takes one of the clips, but then changes his mind. Anakin looked very good in those braids. He should wear them more often. 

‘Padmé?’ he asks.


‘Can you teach me how to do those braids of yours?’

Her eyes light up. ‘Of course!’

She scoops closer and leans into Obi-Wan, talking enthusiastically about all the braids they could make.

‘Do you mind, Anakin?’ Obi-Wan asks.

He smiles happily. ‘Not at all.’

An hour later Anakin is sporting a beautiful fishtail braid, made possible by Padmé’s guidance and a lot of patience. But Anakin doesn’t care how long it took. He feels warm and peaceful and very much loved.

I’ll Make an Exception

A/N: A request from @summerinavonlea for a Derek x Reader where the reader is really into that retro swing look (think Candyman by Christina Aguilera). One night, she invites the team out to a bar she goes to because they have theme nights and they’re doing swing dancing that night. Normally, shy and reserved, the team is surprised to find she’s a really good dancer. Both she and Derek like each other but have never said as much. When guy after guy asks the reader to dance, Morgan gets a little jealous. Many members of the team dance with her throughout the night, including Morgan. @coveofmemories

P.S. Here’s the dress and shoes I pictured!


“Okay, I have to ask,” Garcia said, walking out of her office after a long day cramped up in her tiny, but terrific office filled with computer screens. Y/N had been working at the BAU for nearly a year, and every single Friday they were home, she had a separate bag from her go-bag. No one had any idea what was in it, and until now, no one had ever asked. 

Y/N turned around, realizing that the statement had been for her. “Have to ask what?” She smiled, her red lipstick perfectly reapplied after an entire day of downing cup after cup of coffee. For months now, Derek had had a hard time keeping his feelings for Y/N off of his face. She was his opposite, shy and unassuming, but she was also vastly intelligent, kind and funny. They were just such opposites, he always imagined she’d be more into Reid than him. Garcia looked at her bag and motioned toward it. “Oh this? Well, any time we’re home on a Friday, I like to go to this bar downtown, Harbor Q. They have dancing and drinks, and they do theme nights.” She started to blush; she hadn’t intended to admit how much she enjoyed the themed dancing they offered, but she had been working with them for a year. 

“Tonight’s theme is swing dancing,” she finished, looking quickly around the room at her friends. “If anyone wants to come, I’d love it. I’m sure you’d all have fun.” Immediately, Rossi and Hotch said they were in. Given that they were the oldest on the team, they had an appreciation for that kind of music even more so than the rest of the team. Garcia quickly said she wouldn’t miss it and darted out of the BAU to go get changed into a theme-ready outfit. After JJ found a babysitter for Henry, she said that she and Will would absolutely be there, and soon after, Emily, Spencer and Derek agreed as well. Derek wasn’t really the swing dancing type of guy, but he didn’t want to miss a chance to see Y/N out of the office doing something she loved. He imagined she’d be even more beautiful than normal.

“Cool, I’ll see you all in a little while. I have an outfit in here so I’ll get changed there.” With that, she left, thinking about the adorable outfit she’d change into once she got to Harbor Q.


Within an hour and a half, the team managed to assemble themselves and make their way to Harbor Q. Y/N had texted them to say she was already inside. When they walked in, Derek nearly stopped in his tracks, causing Garcia to walk into his back. “Just ask her out, Hot Chocolate,” she laughed. “I’ve never seen the Derek Morgan have it so bad for someone and not say anything about it.”

Just ahead of him, Y/N was dancing with someone he didn’t know, dressed in a red, swing-style dress with black and white polka dots on the top and bottom. Her shoes were black and white too, and her hair was pinned up. “Wow, you have it bad Baby Boy,” Garcia laughed, waving toward Y/N as she caught her eye. “Ask her out. She’s single. I’ve asked.”

“I might just have to,” he said in a daze, unable to take his eyes off her. He’d been dancing (pun intended) around his feelings for too long. “But right now I just want to watch her dance. She’s actually really good.” She was great at basically everything, so he wasn’t sure why he was so surprised. It was probably because she was exceptionally shy inside the office. Here though, here she seemed like she was in her element. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say she wasn’t the same person. In the office, she was shy and reserved, here she was animated, her smile as wide as the sea as she twirled around in the hands of her partner.

Minutes later, the song concluded and she walked over to the team. “Hey guys,” she said sweetly. “I’m glad you came.”

“We wouldn’t miss seeing you dance like that,” Emily said as she pointed toward the dance floor. She was stunned, as were they all.

Everyone stared at her in awe. It was unlike the woman they knew. “Where did you learn to dance like that?” Reid asked.

“Well, my grandmother was always really into this type of music, and then she bought me a pair of shoes like this,” she said, turning her ankles toward them. “At that point, I started listening to swing music all the time, and when I got a little older, I asked my parents if I could take classes. Throughout high school and college, I did it all the time, until the very end when work, school and dancing became too much, but I still do it as often as I can.”

Rossi especially loved this kind of music. He was a little more into smooth jazz, but he appreciated the carefree nature of swing music. “You’re exceptionally good at it,” he said. “Is everyone here trained?”

“No,” she laughed. “That’s Connor.” She pointed to the dance partner they’d seen as they walked in. “He is, but most others aren’t.”

“Well then,” Rossi said, straightening his jacket and making his way up to Y/N with his hand extended, “I won’t feel bad asking for a dance. You have to teach me how you’re so light on your feet.”

A pang of jealousy rang through Derek’s stomach as Y/N took his hand and ushered Rossi, JJ and Will, and Reid and Emily onto the dance floor. Apparently, she was going to try and teach them as well. Why was he jealous? God, he really needed to just take Garcia’s advice and ask Y/N out. It was killing him to sit idly by as she flitted around with everyone else, even his own teammates - though he had no reason to be jealous of them.

He couldn’t help but laugh when Rossi started tripping on his own two feet though. Rossi may have claimed to be a smooth-talking Italian, but he undeniably had two left feet. Derek was about to go ask Y/N for a dance when the song ended and she switched partners with Emily. Now, she was attempting to teach Reid how to dance, and surprisingly enough, he had an easier time than Rossi. 

Garcia had been floating between the bar, where a very handsome gentleman was making a movie (to which she was very receptive considering she’d just broken up with Kevin), the dance floor, and Derek’s table. “Are you sure she’s single?” he asked as she approached him with his drink. “She looks like she’s into Reid.”

“No,” she said firmly. “She loves Reid, but it’s more of a best friend kind of love. She’s actually been trying to set him up with one of her good friends from outside the office. Ask. Her. Out.” Again, he was about to get up as the song concluded, but she pulled Hotch from nearby and made him dance with her. Rossi was catching on quickly, dancing circles around Reid who was now tripping over his clumsy feet. 

Nearly 45 minutes went by, with Y/N switching between members of the team, including the ladies, and other men in the bar. Every time Derek wanted to go ask her to dance with him, she’d go to someone else without giving him enough time to even move from his table. Alright Derek, he said to himself. Get up. 

“It’s about time you showed up out here,” Y/N said with a smile when Derek finally made his way to the dance floor. “I have to know if the incomparable Derek Morgan is as light on his feet as I think he is.” She grabbed his hand and twirled into him. Without missing a beat, he gathered her by the waist and started moving his feet in time with hers, catching on much more quickly than any of his friends. 

“Since when does my sexy Chocolate Thunder know how to swing dance,” Garcia asked, reaching her hand toward him. Playfully, Y/N slapped it away.

“He’s mine now, Garcia!” Everyone paired up again, except Rossi and Garcia, who paired off with people they met there. “I’m glad you came.” Although it had taken over an hour to get a dance with her, Derek was glad he’d come too. Now to actually say something and not draw the attention of his teammates. 

“Me too,” he said, placing his hand on the small of her back. “You look beautiful by the way.” Red really was her color. It made her eyes pop. “And I had absolutely zero idea you were as talented a dance as you are an agent.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, Derek,” she winked, her tongue pushed up agains the roof of her mouth. “And thank you. I fancy myself a great agent, so that’s quite the compliment.” 

“Y/N…” he started. “I was wondering if sometime soon, you might want to go out…just the two of us.” When he looked up, he could see Garcia giving him a wink and a thumbs up.

“I’d love that, Derek,” she replied as the music started to slow down, a much more mellow tune blasting its way through the bar. “I was wondering when you might ask me out.” Reid, Emily and Hotch looked on, knowing exactly what was happening, but they paid them no mind.

“Am I allowed to have two dances in a row?” Derek asked cheekily, feeling better now that he’d gotten his feelings off his chest. She’d danced with each member of the team more than once, but never two in a row, so despite an upcoming date, he wasn’t sure if she was going to move on to someone else.

“I normally like to switch it up,” she said, looking up from where her head was leaning against his chest. “But for you, I think I’ll make an exception.”


25/100 days of productivity

09.04.2017 Quarter of the way there! Tried a different style in my bullet journal whilst in Japan, inspired by @studykouffee

Also, someone please teach me how to edit photos bc my lighting is actually shit and all I’m doing is slapping a blue filter on

Today: Chemistry past papers, Biology notes, wrote my English reflective statement and wrote up the pre-experimental part of my Chemistry IA

Things I want to learn Part 4

Teach me the way you can look in the mirror and believe you’re so beautiful. Teach me how black can be royalty just like light. Teach me how to claim my nappy crown. Teach me how to put myself on a pedestal where I am valued. Just like you.

Blue Lights;

drive me into blue lights;                                                                                      teach me how to feel; cut out the turmoil that hang off my spilt veins-

i am venturing out now-                                                                                                           my tongue has dissolved to ions-                                                                                                                                                                         the vocal cords in my throat have left me vacant like a distant god-                                                     i am finding myself repulsive; i simply lack the willingness of dexterity;     

i am going towards the lights now; with a heavy heart-                                           cutting down my hangman’s noose-                                                                        i can’t withstand such heights; i am in dire need of new muse;                                                                                                                                    speak to me once and you’ll never die 

Hard Carry


  • Got7 Youngjae and 20 because how could I not. I love your writing!
  • for the prompts, 20+got7’s youngjae ?
  • Number 20 with Youngjae (GOT7)? I think that that would be really cute!

20) Your bias tries to teach you how to play their favorite video game. 

Prompt list can be found here

Member: Got7′s Youngjae x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I rolled around on the couch, boredom and laziness consuming me. Every time I came up with an idea to keep myself busy, I would only get irritated with my plans and flop around some more. 

It wasn’t long before I began to groan, hanging upside down from the cushions of the couch. I looked up and at Youngjae, his back facing me, while he faced the computer. 

“Youngjae-ah,” I moaned. 

“Y/N-ah,” he moaned back, his eyes never leaving the screen. He laughed shortly, amused by his own mimicking. His fingers moved frantically, clicking at his mouse with breakneck speeds.

“I’m bored,” I grumbled, flipping myself around to rest on my stomach. I gazed at him through my lashes. 

“Hi bored, I’m Youngjae,” he said shortly, followed up by yet another proud and breathy giggle. 

“I swear I’ll unplug your computer,” I hissed, standing and walking up behind him. 

“Have I told you that you look beautiful today?” he said, with a wince, still not bothering to look up from his computer. 

“I don’t think you’ve even looked at me today to be honest,” I sighed, placing my hands on his shoulders and giving a tight squeeze. 

“I’m in the middle of a late game team fight,” he said quickly, his eyes darting back and forth. “If we lose we could lose the whole game.”

“I’m going to go ahead and pretend that I knew what that first sentence meant,” I mumbled. 

“A late game team fight,” Youngjae sighed. “Everyone is super strong and they have full build…and if we lose, the other team destroys the nexus.” 

“Nexus?” I asked, lifting my brows. 

“Your base…your-ah, really?!” he gasped, the entire screen turning grey. Youngjae wasn’t one for cursing and getting angry. When he was frustrated, he usually became defeated, and that look had just crossed his face. 

“Why do you play League if-” I began, squinting at the screen. “Are you a lady character? Yah, all those times they picked on you about being called Youngju…”

“Aigoo,” Youngjae groaned. “We’re losing and now you’re going to pick on me?”

“Can’t you turn it around…like…hard carry or something?” I said, biting my lip, completely amused with myself. 

“Cute,” he said shortly. After a few moments and a few forlorn clicks, Youngjae shouted, the screen blazing a large “Defeated” emblem. 

“Does that mean you lost?” I squeaked. 

“Does that mean I…” he trailed, shaking his head. His face fell into his hands and he took a deep breath. He looked up, his face completely bare of his usual Youngjae shine. 

“Youngjae, are you really going to let this bother you?” I asked, already annoyed that he was allowing a game to affect him so badly. 

“Yes,” he pouted. “You don’t understand how frustrating it is.”

“Then teach me,” I nodded, the idea lighting up my smile. 

“Teach you? You’d hate it,” he said, shaking his head. “You know I don’t like it when your angry.”

“Then teach me and I won’t have to get angry,” I giggled with a wink, sliding onto his lap. 

I always enjoyed initiating this sort of contact with Youngjae because he was so shy. He would become so flustered, his caramel skin turning a dark crimson. He indulged more in simple skin ship, hand holding and cuddles. Whenever my body was flush against his, his body would immediately become rigid and he’d begin to laugh nervously, unsure of where to put his hands. 

“Uh…well…alright,” he said quietly, reaching around me and navigating back to the home menu. “I guess we can do the tutorial.”

“Negative,” I said, shaking my head. “You are my tutorial, get to explaining.”

Youngjae sighed, his breath hot on my neck. “Let’s start you out with Ash…or Miss Fortune. Which one do you want to play as?”

“They’re both girls…right?” I asked, giving him a side eye. He nodded, waiting patiently. 

“Mmm Ash is really pretty. She kind of looks like a sexy robin hood,” I said quietly, scrolling through the characters. Youngjae exhaled air quickly, signaling he was close to a giggling fit. “And Miss Fortune is a sexy pirate…I don’t think it’s very conventional for women to fight in outfits like this.”

“Y/N,” Youngjae chuckled. “Just pick.”

“Okay, okay,” I nodded, furrowing my brows. “Sexy pirate.” 

Youngjae nodded, clicking along. “You’re going to start at your base. You have to click in your lane, which your going to be bottom lane.”

“Well, why can’t I be top?” I asked, giving him a side eye again. “Isn’t that the best?” 

“Cause your ADC,” he sighed, resting a hand on my waist. 

“Does this thing come with a dictionary?” I groaned. 

“Attack, damage, carry,” Youngjae smiled. “I’m your dictionary.”

“Mmm, what a handsome dictionary,” I giggled, leaning back and kissing his cheek lightly. 

“Aigoo, look at the screen, not me!” Youngjae hummed, his cheeks red again. 

“Okay, I’m a bottom,” I said, my face remaining anything but straight. “And then…?”

“You’ll have another person in your bottom lane. That’s your support. They’re going to help you fight the bad guy,” Youngjae explained patiently. “Your objective is to kill the little creeps. You have to kill them to get gold.”

“Gold?” I asked, my eyes wide. “I can get along with that idea.” 

“That’s what you use to buy items,” Youngjae continued. 

“I can shop!” I gasped. 

“To reach your final build,” he nodded. “So you can do lots of damage to the other teams bad guys.” 

“Oh,” I grumbled. “Significantly less excited now.” 

“Alright, so click on the creeps,” Youngjae nodded. “Last hit them.”

I nodded, sticking my tongue between my teeth and attempting to focus. 

“Try to get the other team as well,” Youngjae said. “Hurry, hurrry!” 

“What happened? Why is the screen grey?” I whispered, looking around wildly. I turned to face Youngjae, complete amusement finding his face. 

“You died,” he said simply. 

“I…but…that wasn’t supposed to happen,” I stuttered. “You were teaching me and you’re a pro.”

Youngjae let out a hearty giggle, wrapping his arms around me tightly. “I am far from a pro.” 

“You’re a pro to me,” I smiled. kissing the underside of his jaw. He laughed, hiccuping in his own happiness. 

“Well I guess that’s what matters.” 

Originally posted by gotpmgifs

istadris  asked:

this is going to sound weird but some things making me go "ah this is polmcart's art" when I see your drawing is 1)the intensity of the character's eyes, 2)the volume of the hair that always makes me think "mullet" even when it's not actually a mullet?, 3)you need to teach me how you do the lighting in hair because it's always gorgeous.

Your messeage made me happy.  The mullet effect must be because I draw a somewhat curly hair, so even for straight hair there’s some strands which perk up at the sides. I don’t know, but I think it must be that.

I’m so bad at explaining things and I don’t know how to show this in a better way but about the lighting you just;