teach me how to colour


Throwback to before Jimin sold his jams

to jungkook 


“we shall select the most beautiful of young men and teach them morality and how to enjoy the arts. we shall train them to be great men of Silla - Hwarang.”

kawaiistarlett  asked:

Senpaiiii Teach me how to do hair, for I cannot, for the life of me, colour hair XD I know that I already said tis before, but YOUR ART IS SO CUTE AND I LOVE IT AND AAAAAAAAAAAAA >////<

Aaah I never did a tutorial before … w-well, this is not a coloring tutorial but here is how I usually draw hair (quickly) ! …Sorry, this is really messy and not well drawn - (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Step 1: 

…The… head, right ? //// 

Step 2: 

I usually start with the bangs because it is easier for me … ? But I think that is normal… 

Step 3: 

Then… I do the.. side bangs …? I do not know the word but - yeah, this !

Step 4: 

Uhhh … the back ~ it is easier for me ! (not much to do)

Step 5: 

Connecting the lines ~ !>< (i always end up adding more hair because i notice it was not enough) its hard …

Step 6: 

An ahoge is cute sometimes !! I always forget it though !

Step 7: 

I add some random lines to make the hair look like it is messy ~ ><//// 

I think this is it ~ I hope I made it clear enough !! > ₃ <

And here it is finished ~ 

I hope it can help someone ! 

The way I draw hair is not the best though /////// (´;д;)



Hope you like him! Also sry but I just had to draw him with glasses, I honestly tried, and somehow all kind of glasses work on this kid xD 

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And now I can finally get to some reblogging and answering! Fortunately I’m at my uncles’ so I don’t have a Internet curfew for today, bwahah! :D

I finally started watching YOI with my housemates and @luftballons99‘s nb!Yuri headcanon was like a fucking trumpet in my brain the whole time

Kyaaaaaaaaaaa OMG this is so amazing
@pammspamm eres la mejor!!! El color te quedo hermoso… I’m crying this is so beautiful!!!

I made the lineart and @pammspamm the colours and is so amazing… Pammm darling UsUk fandom is really blessed to have you. I feel so happy to met you because this fandom.

Love you girl. You deserve lot of happiness you are a wonderful artist.

And… You have to teach me how to make the colours like you 😘