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Being pregnant with Chris Evans' baby:

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Some parts of the pregnancy are slightly exaggerated to give more humor.

• It’s no secret, Chris has said many times he wants to be a dad and he’s looking forward to it. So, when you stand in the bathroom with the positive tests in hands, you really aren’t stressed about telling him. You’re quite excited to see his face because you love kids too.
• When you tell him you’re pregnant, he looks at you with wide eyes because he has no idea how to react: he’s probably thinking of how much he wants to kiss you for the rest of his life or asking you to marry him all over again, or even make another baby right now!
• Though, it’s not long before he reacts when he sees the five pregnancy tests. He laughs so happily as he spoons you in his arms that you can’t help but giggle and he keeps telling you he loves you so much.
• He can’t even stop kissing you or your tummy.
• The first days after the announcement, he keeps giggling with you and asks himself if it’s a dream or not. He also tries not to freak out and get nervous.
• Your families are overly happy to hear the news.
• His mother cries at this moment because her baby boy will have his own baby.
• Chris worries about his ability to be a good father, but you kiss his insecurities away and tell him he is a great father already because he wants to be a dad for so long and that’s also something he gotta learn with time and with you.
• He takes care of you all day. Every day.
• You can wake him up at 2 in the morning to eat your favorite meal.
• You both eat Starbucks’ jelly beans right after.
• Chris plans your baby’s first trip to Disney World secretly. He buys everything he needs to make sure they will love everything related to Disney!
• He is unsurprisingly protective.
• Chris grins like an idiot for hours whenever he hears the heartbeat of your baby and when he feels their very first kicks.
• - “Stop carrying me everywhere, Chris. I can walk. I’m pregnant, not sick.”
 - “I know, but I don’t want you to take a risk.”
• Chris is here for you every step of the way and assures you he loves this baby and you more than anything else.
• He realizes that marrying was the best choice he made you when your hormones are going wild.
• One day, you catch him purchasing some Patriots baby gift sets and clothing. You basically have to stop him before he can buy everything related to his favorite team in the NFL store.
• He’s still currently trying to find a Tom Brady bodysuit with “Baby Evans” flocked at the back.
• You call your mother every time something new happens during your pregnancy and when she says everything is fine, Chris calls Lisa to double check.
 - “Did you seriously call your mom?”
 - “Sweetheart, it’s just to be sure.”
• Chris smiles every time you say you look too big, but he thinks you are gorgeous as ever with this baby bump. Because you carry life, so nothing is more beautiful.
 - “Chris, why are you even staying with me? I look like a potato.”
 - “You are perfect and this the most beautiful moment of our lives. It’s our baby inside.”
 - “Okay, I trust you this time. But only because you’ve also gained weight.”
 - “That’s my gi… Wait, what?!”
• Chris sings Disney songs every night to your baby before sleep. Let’s be honest, he does this all the time.
• He wants to have a boy first just to teach him how to prank you in the future.

• He is in-between a mix of stress and joy when you go into labor. He’s there for you, though.
• You almost crush the bones of his hand when you push.
 - “Never again! I will never let you touch me ever again, Evans! Heard me?!”
 - “Don’t exaggerate, it’s- OUCH!”
 - “Please, Mrs. Evans, stop threatening your husband. You have to push!”
• Chris cries and smiles when he holds your baby for the first time.

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Arrogant (NSFW)

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Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Warnings: sort-of sub natasha, smut

A/N: I tried to write Nat as a dome and ended up scrapping it so here’s to all those who have been waiting for a new lady love fic!

Screams of pleasure could be heard pouring out through the walls of your room as Natasha carefully approached. There was no doubt you had another girl in the room. Even though nothing had ever happened between the two of you she still felt a little jealous that you had another girl in your bed. Some not-so-innocent or subtle flirting had been going on for quite some time but neither of you ever really seemed to have the time to flesh out where things were going.

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a what? - miniminter imagine

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i was so so so excited to write this! thankyou for the request! also guys, i’m 2 followers away from 1000!!

requested; yes

word count; 522 words

warnings; swearing, its natural

pairing; simon x reader

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Sweet Foreign Sugar’s Guide to Freestyling: Segment 1

Part 1. Why Freestyle?

I see people on Tumblr complain all the time about how sugar sites are full of splenda, salt daddies and worse. Women are tired of being jerked around, lied to and threatened by these online creeps.

So what is a SB to do? Freestyle. Freestyling is basically the act of seeking out a sugar daddy offline, the good old fashioned way. I have found, and most everyone I have ever talked to about the topic has found, that you find much higher quality men via freestyling but yes, it is more labor intensive, and it has its drawbacks. But, like anything, you get what you put in. Although the initial input is much higher with freestyling, the rewards can be much higher.

Part 2. Freestyle Anywhere, Freestyle Everywhere

In my personal opinion, if you’re a SB really trying to become a pro, you need to always be on your toes and be on your game. Your life is a long series of freestyling events. I think when girls on here generally talk about going freestyling, especially in a group, they mean go out on the town (to bars, clubs, lounges etc.) and while those are all viable options of places to meet POTs, those aren’t the only places. You can meet POTs anywhere, from restaurants, to charity events, to the dry cleaners, to the grocery store.

This also brings me to my next point. It pays to be nice to everyone. You never know who is going to be a good networking connection later on. Sure, the older woman at the country club talking about her grandkids is kind of dull, but maybe she’ll introduce you to someone who could be a POT. Any sort of restaurant or bar staff are great to be friend, you never know what kind of gossip they’ll have on people who come in frequently. Maybe the guy grabbing almond milk next to you looks pretty average, but for all you know he’s a tech millionaire who dresses down while running errands. You just don’t know. So, my best advice: be nice and be friendly to everyone.

Part 3. Freestyle Location Ideas

I know I just got done saying that anywhere can be a freestyle location, and anywhere can, but I think we’re all smart enough to know that there are locations where you’re more likely to run into someone who could become a POT. I’m just going to create a list here; I’ll try to be as thorough as I can but feel free to add to this.

  • Lounges, Bars, Etc.
  • Upscale Restaurants
  • Lunch locations popular with local professionals (for example, in NYC, lunch locations in FiDi popular with Wall Street patrons)
  • Art Galleries
  • Art Auctions (and really any sort of high end auction)
  • Country Clubs (*This may present a large upfront cost to you)
  • Golf Clubs
  • Through Rich Friends**(see below)
  • Charity Events
  • Spas
  • Sporting Events (especially regarding big stadium events, where somebody is seating can give you a clue as to their disposable income)
  • *Also, just thought of this as a possibility: Sporting Events at Ivy League or comparable Unis here in the US and abroad; I went to an ‘upscale’ Uni and I meet a lot of wealthy people at Alum events, so if you aren’t an alum of an ‘upscale’ Uni then perhaps you could meet Alum at a sporting event or some other event

**I want to expand on this one a little bit. I have friend who are successful SBs who will be wing-women and help me along. Then I have friends who don’t know I’m a SB, and I don’t want them to know. When you’re introduced to a man via a friend who you don’t want to know that you’re a SB, tread lightly. If you lose a POT (or a SD) you don’t want to also lose a friend (and all of their networking connections!).

Part 4. Yes Looks Are Important

Whenever you are trying to make a good impression, and while you’re sugaring you should certainly be trying to make a good impression, you should strive to look good. This means different things for different venues. It is very important that you dress appropriately. A mini skirt and crop top are not appropriate for many venues; a “Sunday’s Best” church dress is also not appropriate for many venues. If you look like you fit in, people won’t be as suspicious of you. If you come to the country club in a micro mini, you may as well hold up a flashing sign that says “I AM A GOLDDIGGER”.

Dress well. Dress Appropriately. And stand out..just not too much. You want to try to be the most gorgeous woman/most handsome man in the room, but keep your look within the boundaries of the venue, event, time, location, etc. Look good, but look like you fit in.

Part 5. How to Talk to People

Ok this is really difficult for me to write. I really don’t know how to teach you in a post how to talk to people, but I get asked about it frequently enough that I need to address it. Every situation is different, every person is different etc.

I’m happy to give tips, tricks and pointers but the best thing you can do is practice. I wrote in a post a while back that if you’re going to be in any job that requires a lot of human interaction, and you aren’t completely comfortable talking to people, then you need to practice. Go to the grocery store and start striking up conversations with people in line. Go into these practice conversations with a goal: you want to learn 3 things about this random stranger by the end of your conversation. It will feel weird at first, but the more you do it the better you’ll be at it, and more importantly, the less nerve wracking it will be.

I think the hardest part about talking to someone is the introduction. There are settings where you really won’t be left with any other choice other than to walk up to somebody, shake their hand and tell them your name. When doing this remember to approach from the front, establish eye contact, speak clearly and give a firm handshake. And remember, listen to their name. Sometimes we’re so in our own heads that we don’t actually listen to the other person then we forget their name. It bothers people when you forget their name, so make a point to try to remember it. The more details you learn about them the easier it will be; remembering “Sally” is hard, but remembering “Sally” who is from Michigan, loves baseball and vanilla ice cream is a little easier.

Although that is one common way to make an introduction, you can’t just walk up to random strangers and shake their hand. I mean you can, if you want them to be really surprised and not want to talk to you any further. So, how then do you start the conversation? Well, as a general rule, I like to start one of two ways: either being funny, or by complimenting them. I picked up the latter method after working as a nanny to this woman who could charm anyone; I asked her for her secret and she said she always starts with a compliment. First, it often catches people off guard, and second, most everyone loves to be complimented. It’s flattering. I use this more on women than I do on men because when I use this on men I run the risk of laying it on too thick. But either way, this is one trick to make sure a conversation starts off on the right foot.

My own go to method, though, is to be funny. This, like complimenting, does not have a 100% success rate but it’s high enough that I keep using it. This has a lot of risks involved. You might offend someone. You might not be that funny, or have a sense of humor other people don’t like. You might meet someone with no sense of humor, or they’re having a bad day and don’t want to laugh. You don’t have to be a comedian to be a good SB, this is just what I personally use.

And sometimes I use humor in a way I know is especially risky. For instance, the other day I was parking my car and parked it backwards so my trunk would be closer to the elevator. My neighbor, who was also in the parking garage, saw it and when I stepped out of the car he told me I did a good job parking it. I could have said thank you, and moved on. Instead, I said, “Were you expecting me to crash it just because I’m a woman?” He was completely taken aback and caught off guard, and I knew he’d probably respond in one of two ways: think I was a bitch and not talk to me anymore, or, be suddenly very intrigued by his cheeky neighbor. He reacted the latter way; sometimes men like to be verbally spanked.

There are a lot of ways to use humor though. If you aren’t a cheeky person, don’t use cheeky humor. Find a method that reflects who you are. And in general, no matter which way you choose to introduce yourself to people, there is the risk it will be unsuccessful. That’s why, and this applies to all parts of sugaring, I say to cast a wide net, and not put all of your eggs in one basket. You’re going to fail sometimes, you’re going to be rejected sometimes, it’s just a fact of life, and the better you get at dusting yourself off after it happens the better off you will be.

Bottom line, don’t be afraid to be friendly, put yourself out there and start up a conversation with someone.

Now, once you make it past the introduction, it’s key that you keep it going. Be friendly. Be interesting. Don’t talk about depressing things or be a downer in any way, shape or form. And do not overshare, that’s so uncomfortable when people do that. Be warm. Be genuine. Ask questions. Don’t just talk about yourself. Listen to the other person.

If this is someone you think could be a POT, ask questions that will help you gauge if they could be a POT. Ask about their job, do they like to travel, etc. Be somebody who knows a lot about different topics so that you can keep up an intelligent conversation with somebody. If you’re talking to a guy who works in hedge funds, it’s going to be a lot sexier to him if you at least know what a hedge fund is versus if you giggle and say, “Wow you must be so smart. All of that economics stuff goes right over my head.” Don’t play dumb, be intelligent and well rounded.

Also, as far as how you talk: speak clearly, don’t mumble, don’t shout, and if you like to use your hands to talk, use them but don’t be so wild with them you become a spectacle. Nonverbal communication is great when used appropriately. Smile, nod your head, show you’re listening.

This is all I have for this segment. I’m breaking up this guide into 2 or 3 segments (we’ll see) because it was getting too lengthy for one post. So I’ll post the other sections at some point this week!

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Can I share a thought with you? Beauty Guru Yuri. Like idk he has a youtube channel where he does makeup tutorials and where he vlogs about his days and he makes makeup and clothes haul. And I just want Otabek to get this unhealthy obsession with Yuri's videos and he spends the whole night watching this gorgeous blond teaching youtube about smokey eyes and winged eyeliner.

Anon, I just had to.

“Hey, this is Yuri. Today I’m going to show you how to do a smokey eye. I know there are about a million tutorials of this on Youtube, but it was requested and I figured why the fuck not.”

Otabek snorted.

“So as always, all the products I use are listed in the description. This is not a sponsored video, it’s all my own stuff. But if Urban Decay ever wants to drop me a line, hopefully they’ll know where to find me ‘cause their shit’s really good. Anyway, let’s get started.”

Otabek watched the blond rummage for something in front of him that was just out of sight.

“I already did my base and there’s a whole other video on that, so check that out too, if you’re interested.”

Otabek had already, in fact, checked that out. About a month or so ago he was just casually browsing Youtube, when a thumbnail of something blond and pretty caught his eye in his recommended videos. Follow me around St. Petersburg the video was called. He clicked the link with mild interest to find one of the most beautiful boys he had ever seen, strolling through the city, frappucino in hand, making snarky comments at the camera. 

He found out that this guy was named Yuri Plisetsky and his channel consisted mainly of daily vlogs, videos in which he showed stuff he had bought which were apparently called hauls, Otabek had learned, and make up tutorials. Now apart from a smudge of eyeliner during an experimental phase when he had been sixteen, Otabek didn’t touch make up, didn’t particularly care for it. But then there was Yuri, with shiny blond hair that fell messily to his shoulders, high, sharp cheekbones and pouty lips to which he applied a candy pink gloss. His best feature were his eyes, spring green and clear as glass, looking defiantly at the camera even when he had just put on sparkly eye shadow. He had slender fingers and swore like a sailor and in a month Otabek had binge watched all of his videos and as a result knew more about liquid lipsticks than he ever needed to know. Yuri was fascinating. He was duality personified, long limbed and graceful, yet blunt and coarse. Otabek couldn’t look away. 

He had sat through Yuri gleefully holding up crop tops and platform sneakers and leopard printed anything to the camera, Yuri musing about his life in St. Petersburg, his fluffy cat on his lap, telling little stories and bitching about two guys he called Katsudon and The Old Geezer. He looked almost sweet and vulnerable in those moments and it had felt like listening to a friend somehow. Otabek had tried not to stare too hard at the blond in that try-on video in which he wore jean shorts which, quite frankly, looked about two sizes too small on Yuri’s surprisingly plump ass. The tiny see-through top he had been wearing wasn’t helping. Otabek could swear that the blond was eye-fucking the camera sometimes, cocking his eyebrow with a little smirk.

Don’t be a creep, he thought to himself, don’t crush on some random, beautiful guy on the internet. 

Don’t pause the video of him in those jean shorts.

But here he was, eagerly watching Yuri’s latest as soon as he got a notification, like a complete dweeb. 

“Now this look is pretty much suitable for everyone,” Yuri continued, “Looks good with any eye colour.”

Yuri moved closer to the camera. “It’s nice on blue or green, like mine. But I especially like it on brown eyes. It makes them even more smoldering.”

The blond flashed the camera the cutest grin. “I love brown eyes.”

Otabek could feel his pulse in his throat. He groaned. 

Sword Fighting Lesson

Request: “How about an imagine were it’s your first day joining Uma’s crew and Harry’s teaching you how to sword fight?”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

A/N: (Can we also take a moment and appreciate the gif that I made, I love how it turned out! Harry looks so proud and Gil looks scared lmao)

Warnings: None

You, Harry, Uma and Gil were currently sitting in a table at Ursula’s Fish and Chips. It was your first official day in Uma’s crew and you were going to be taught some things by the infamous Harry Hook.

“Harry you’ll be teaching her how to sword fight today so go out to the docks and get right to it. I’ll check in with you guys later.” Uma said as she walked away and Gil followed.

“Alright gorgeous let’s get to work, follow me.” Harry said.

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Author Reveal: Part 1

Baby, Teach Me How To / FallingLikeThis (Zayniamp)

At 10 am, the door to the studio classroom shuts with a bang that makes Harry jolt in his seat at the sound of it. He turns to see an absolutely gorgeous man standing there, hand still on the doorknob. His hair falls in a windswept swoop over his brow and he’s got a sexy scruff on his cheeks that Harry immediately can’t help imagining between his thighs. The man’s eyes shine with mirth, lips quirked into a wicked grin at having gotten a reaction from nearly everyone in the room. Harry watches him with unfettered curiosity, idly thinking he’d be a beautiful subject for a portrait as the man’s hand falls from the door.

“Hello, class,” he says, clapping his hands in front of him and Harry’s eyes have a hard time staying in his head.

This is Professor Tomlinson?

Or, Louis is Harry’s art professor and they both know it’s forbidden to fall in love. Somehow, they manage to anyway.

Runner on Third / kikikryslee

The AU where Louis and Harry were best friends growing up, but lost touch after Harry moved away. Ten years later, Harry has moved back to town, but he and Louis don’t pick up where they left off.

Permanent Fixtures / thefray

Louis is different. And, if you ask Harry, every subtle change in the energy of the neighborhood can be tied back to Louis.

or, neighbors au

Home Might Be Something I Miss / curlyfries

When Louis finds an ad online for his dream job, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Stuck in his career, his ex and his city, he decides a change is what he needs. Cue London, an old school friend and of course Harry Styles. He’s refreshing, he’s gentle and he’s a bright star in an otherwise dull sky. After spending the day together touring London, Louis can’t get Harry Styles out of his mind. But maybe he isn’t meant to.

Or, an AU featuring a dog, a cat and shy smiles from an adorable pair of strangers.

Oh How I Hate This Red String of Fate / CalamityK

Harry thought being able to see people’s strings die would be the worst thing about his gift, until at twenty-two he finally met the other end of his own.
Or that soulmate AU where Harry can see the red strings of fate that tie everyone together.

Hold My Heart / Awriterwrites & phdmama

“Excuse me, mate, I’m the window seat here.” The voice was soft, apologetic, and accented in something a bit unfamiliar — northern England, maybe, Harry thought.

“Oh,” Harry jumped to his feet and moved aside, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you standing there.”

The other man laughed as he swung a bag into the overhead compartment and slid into the seat. “You were well caught up in that book, mate. What are you reading?”

Harry paused, wondering how to explain the fact that he was reading an epic and x-rated romance that was the story of a relationship between a prince and the man he’d enslaved. “Oh, you know, just some fiction my sister recommended.” He turned to look at the man and froze.

Sitting next to him was Louis Tomlinson.

Or, the one where famous Louis Tomlinson offers his hand and a lot more to his seat mate on a transatlantic flight.

Just Hold On / louhearted

‘You found me hanging by my fingertips from your window and I don’t want to tell you I was trying to rob you, but idk how else to explain this and I don’t want to go to jail and also you’re kind of cute we should make out when I’m not clinging onto your window ledge for my life’ AU

I Can’t Stop Thinking ‘Bout You / lostboysoflondon

Harry supposes Louis’ brash personality is only reserved for people he knows well. People that aren’t Harry, because honestly, Harry hasn’t spoken more than two sentences to Louis in his life.

The thing is, Harry notices Louis far more that he would like and it’s become far too distracting.

Or, after an unfortunate amount of time, Harry’s useless staring finally pays off.

You’re My Kind of Hurricane / tomlinsoul

Harry’s worked in the bakery on Garrett Road ever since he and his best friend left the dull life of their hometown to find something exciting in London. Now, just as they’re becoming the official managers of The Bake House, there’s a new man working in the comic store across the road.

Harry’s never read a comic book in his life, but he somehow finds himself browsing various Superman cartoons, and Louis will be damned if anyone catches him eating a croissant like a pretentious dick, but soon he’s stopping by as much as possible.

(It’s not a thing, but maybe it is.)

Forever Is A Long Time, But I Wouldn’t Mind Spending It By Your Side / fabuloushazza

Maybe it was fate. Louis and Harry were meant to spend their lives with each other, regardless of what could happen. Because when you’re spending your life with the right person, you can overcome any rocky situation that life throws at you. Louis just hopes that Harry is that person.

Saved Tonight / objectlesson

Harry is the world’s most persistent seduction-baker, a questionable dog-sitter, and Louis’s biggest fan. Louis hasn’t written in years, is trying to pass loneliness off as cynicism, and absolutely hates his fans. It’s probably destiny.

Shield-maiden Within

Summary: Reader is a Saxon woman who doesn’t like the whole ‘a woman can’t do what men do’ thing and so she runs away… with the vikings, and Bjorn trains her.

Characters: Reader, Bjorn Ironside, Ragnar Lothrbrok, Floki

Fandom: Vikings

Word Count: 1936

Disney Movie Writing Challenge, @that-was-not-supposed-to-happen 

AN: I think this is the longest thing I have ever written but I hope you guys still like it even thought the ending is crap…

Originally posted by jonsofwinterfell

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Misotheism VII

Previous Parts: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI 

Genre: Drama, Action

Word Count: 2.4K

Originally posted by tekukii

“You will be safe here.”

You blink tiredly up at the golden-haired God beside you, vision far too blurry to make sense of your surroundings. You feel as though you’re seeing a mermaid swimming about, but you are far too disoriented to actually comprehend it.

The warm hand encasing yours tugs you forward lightly, toward what appears to be a circular room, fitted with panes of glass, so that you can see the deep blue of the sea around you. Taehyung chuckles at your muffled gasp of surprise, pushing you gently down onto the bed. Your eyes widen as you noiselessly question him, making him tilt his head to the side in confusion, before the expression clears and he shakes his head vigorously.

“I want you to rest,” He explains, smiling at you, “You must be tired, after all.”

Then, almost as if on cue, your eyelids feel droopy, weighing heavily against your will, and you just manage a nod, before your head hits the pillow and you black out.

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Originally posted by inacatastrophicmind

Request: Charlie flirts with the sister reader and the boys get overprotective of the reader?

Pairing: Charlie x sister!reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Warnings: language

A/N: So much big brother Winchesters going on…

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Hey guys! I’ve gotten a lot of new followers lately, so I thought I’d do a little summary of what’s been going on my blog so far this year to update you all.

I’ve been unusually prolific, so I’ve got a lot of new Sterek fics up, including some old WIPs I updated this year.

So, without further ado, here’s the masterpost, as of early May 2017. Happy reading!! And let me know if you think a post like this for my older fics would be helpful as well.

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lemon-zing-tea  asked:

Oh boy that was amazing! I love seeing a caring negan, and you hit the nail on the head with the part about him being stern and commanding around his men but soft with the reader. I'd absolutely LOVE to see some smut based on the same concept, if you're willing! And if you'd like, in return, I could draw you something negan related for writing these! I'm 100% ok with doing smut as well!

Fragile Pt 2 - (Negan X Reader)

Part 1

A/N: Here you go! <3

Word Count: 1184

Warnings:  Fluff, bad language, Daddy kink/term

Negan held you close in his arms, making sure you knew he loved you with all he was and all he could be.

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

“Negan?” You asked quietly, doubt suddenly filling your mind. “Yes, doll?” He replied, his voice low and serious, awaiting your question. “When I grow up- I mean when I get older, will you still love me? Even if I’m not young and beautiful?” Asking the question made you doubt everything you’ve ever been involved in with Negan, but you had to ask, or the question would’ve tormented you for days on end.

You heard Negan groan softly as he shifted on the bed, prepping himself up to see you clearly. “What on earth are you talking about?” He asked, frowning at you, his eyes fixed on you. You didn’t speak, you just shrugged your shoulders, feeling stupid you even asked the question. “Babygirl,” his voice was stern and serious, making your skin grow cold, but you loved it because it showed how much power he had over you, “before you, I didn’t care about finding someone to love. Sure I had my ‘wives’, but that’s done, they mean nothing to me now. You opened my eyes darlin’, and I love what I see in front of me. Heck, I’m gonna love that gorgeous face of yours until the end of time. So, if you ever start doubting yourself like this again, I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson. Got that, princess?” You nodded, sighing realising it definitely was a stupid question, but it was worth it because you could tell he was getting defensive about you.

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Negan suddenly slipped away from you, picking Lucille up to put her away. You still felt rather insecure about it all but tried to accept and trust that nothing would change, even though you feared it would in the future. Maybe the saviours will find more people to join the group, and another girl, prettier than you will turn up and- Your thoughts were interrupted when Negan spoke. “Do you want anything to drink? I’m getting-“ He stopped when he realised the uncertainty plastered across your face. Negan’s jaw became tensed and he groaned lowly, bringing Lucille up onto his shoulder. Your heart on fire, as you realised what he was about to do.

Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

“I’m sorry. I believe you, I’m just doubtful sometimes…” You said trailing off and he raised his eyebrow. He stood tall, holding Lucille tightly, a smirk etched onto his face before he began to chuckle.

You couldn’t take anymore. Realising just how electrified he made you feel, you bit your lip, watching this man as he lowered Lucille, dropping her to the floor. “I just told you, doll’. Stop doubting yourself, or I’ll have to teach you a lesson. Guess you’ve gotta be shown now, huh?” He walked towards you and smirked, loving how much he made you all hot and bothered. He crawled onto the bed, hovering over you. His hands firmly on your waist as your breathing became heavier, your legs were tightly closed, evident that he was making you go crazy.

He moved a leg to separate your own legs and once he did that you surrendered. You bit your lip as Negan moved down to whisper in your ear. “Are you gonna listen to me, Kitten? I love you, no one else. Understood?” You hesitated to answer, purely because you didn’t want your voice sounding high-pitched due to the fact your breathing pattern was now uneven. When you didn’t answer he moved his hand to your chin, making you look at him, when he asked you again. “Understood?”

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All you could do was nod and then he grinned once again before moving down to kiss your neck. His hand moved from your chin to your neck, then down to your stomach, his hand reaching down to your t-shirt, pushing it up slowly. You anticipated his every move, driving you insane with how much he was teasing you, but he loved to see you at his mercy, letting him do whatever he wanted to you.

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You and Negan had already confirmed that he would only do to you what you allowed him to, and would never do anything to you which you didn’t want him to do. He was a gentleman, who knew when not to be gentle.

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Negan paused to pull off your top, sending a wave of chills over your body from the cold air hitting your skin. However, this was quickly resolved when Negan placed his warm hands on your waist, moving up to unfasten your bra. He paused before unclipping it, raising his eyebrow at you, waiting for your response. You nodded and he took it off, sending another wave of chills through your body.

You moaned lightly at the way he held you as he leant down placing kissed along your collarbone down to your stomach. As he did this he undid your jeans, sliding them off gracefully as ever, and it suddenly became clear how much you wanted him. His hand moved down to your panties and he brushed across your core lightly, causing you to bite your lip once more, uttering his name under your breath. “What’s that doll?” He said, looking up at you, smirking. “P-please, Daddy…”

“That’s my girl.” He smiled, pulling your underwear off graciously. He leant back up over you, one hand over your core, the other moving up to your breasts. As he rubbed you slowly, teasing you, your breath became irregular, making you want him to hurry up. “D-daddyyy.” This was clear to him that you couldn’t wait, and by the evident bulge in his pants, neither could he. He quickly undressed and hovered over you once more, teasing you for the last time before he finally gave you what you craved. He entered you slowly, making you bite your lip for the hundredth time. You moaned softly as he picked up the pace and you reached up to hold his arms but he quickly pinned your arms above your head.

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Holding your arms with one hand and his other hand on your neck, he leant down to kiss you, picking up the pace even more. You could hardly think straight, let alone kiss him properly before you moaned louder, both of you feeling your climax begin to reach a high. “Ah, fuck. Fuck, Princess. Hmm, Daddy loves you more and more each day.” He groaned, kissing you softly and you lay, submitted beneath him.

You smiled to yourself, kissing his cheek before he moved away from you. “I love you too Daddy.”

He looked down at you, grinning wildly. You realised he would never leave you. You felt pure happiness, watching him as he got dressed. You realised being with him were your only real happy times, and you’d want nothing other than spending the rest of your life with him. You loved him, and even though you’d always have doubts, Negan never failed to show you how much you mean to him, and that you’ll always be his Princess, not matter what.

Seokjin Scenario: Follow My Lead.

Request: Could i request a cute/romantic scenario where Jin is y/n first boyfriend and isnt sure about how to handle all her firsts (first movie date, time together etc) including the kiss where Jin has to actually teach her and grade her in a teasing way until she got a hang of it and shes comfortable with all the other skinships. It would be nice if Jin was a little mischievous but still gentle with her. Thank you our fairygodmothers ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

Genre: Fluff / Romance

Every day was a brand new discovery, or so you described it to him. Each time you got too close and he reached out for you, you either got flustered or giggled until you were getting a little red and precious and if Jin was honest with himself, he just loved each step of being a part of all this. He hadn’t believed that he was really your first boyfriend, you were playful and flirty even if you sometimes didn’t notice it yourself, you were still so innocent beneath all that confidence you had that this was also practically a first to him, being with a girl like you.

He leaned back on the couch with a smile on his lips, waiting for you to be ready. You were going to watch a movie that night at an outdoor cinema and you seemed pretty excited about that idea which was relieving since sometimes he felt like he didn’t know the right ways to go with you to make you feel comfortable enough around him, he’d been thinking a lot for things that you would enjoy without feeling overwhelmed or that he was going too fast because he didn’t want that, he was taking his sweet time with you and actually enjoying it.

–I’m all set! I believe…– you entered the living room with sparkling eyes and looking every definition there was in the dictionary for gorgeous, with tight high waisted black jeans and a light pink cropped sweater that left a bit of your waist exposed. Seokjin walked towards you praying to all the gods he didn’t look like the things he was thinking. –Should I take a jacket with me Jin? I wasn’t sure…–

You were too beautiful and too attractive, if it was for him he would jump right into the part when he could teach you how a good kiss was given, but he just settled for a light kiss on your forehead, you liked those, he could see it in your face whenever he did so, in your body language and the little smile you couldn’t fight away, the same one that bloomed on your lips right then.

–If it gets cold I’ll keep you warm – You giggled, averting your eyes from his and nodding, looking a little flustered but you held his hand and intertwined your fingers with him, which was a nice advance, now you reached for him more often without asking if you could, just because you wanted to and Jin felt proud. –You’re so pretty, did you doll yourself up just for me baby?–

He smirked when your eyes found his again, he made you do a little around for him and then tugged at your hand to pull you closer until you were pressed against his body with one arm sneaking around your waist. You stood there looking at him with big eyes until you brought your hands up to your face to cover half of it, you were laughing cutely. –Well… I, I just…–

–I like it Y/N– he whispered really low, moving his face closer to yours as if he was going to kiss you, but he just stayed with his lips in front of yours, you closed your eyes and he observed your pulse on your neck speeding up and he smirked a little wider, moving to speak next to your ear. –I like it a lot – he said at last, leaving a soft kiss on the place below your ear.

You opened your eyes then, taking a deep breath and biting your lower lip before giggling, you tended to do that a lot when you were nervous and it was cute. –Um… let’s get going, if not we’re going to be late and we don’t want that right? right… –

You laughed some more, turned around and fanned yourself a little and he pretended he didn’t see you do it, your hand kept holding his while you rambled a little, speaking too fast. You raised such tenderness in him, and at the same time Jin was sure you could drive him crazy without even trying to. Seokjin was really into you already, and now tonight than ever, he was up to teach you a few things.

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Newbie (Harry Hook x Male Reader)

Summary: You joined Uma’s pirate crew and caught the eyes of a pirate.

“Okay people, today is your first day. We don’t play around here. What we mean is business. You don’t pick just anyone so consider yourself lucky you are even standing here.” Uma started. “I’ll assign people to come and get you started on your duties.”

You were biting your lip nervously. You weren’t really that special. You were just walking home from school when Gil came towards you. Harry was pacing back and forth in front on you newbies.

“For those of you whom I personally came to, you will be my fighters. You will train 8 hours a day. You will improve your combat skills and you technique. You shall follow me to your location" Uma said. A third of the people followed Uma. You bit your lip nervously. Harry then stopped pacing and stood in front of you.

You couldn’t believe how close he was to you. You heard so many stories of this pirate. His sharp jawline, his chiseled face, his gorgeous ocean blue eyes.

“Those of you who I came to. You guys will become our raiders. You guys are quick and sneaky. I will teach you how to polish your skills.“ He said. He began to walk. He turned around and saw no one following. He used his hook to motion them to come. Gil then took the center stage.

“Um, hi guys. You will be cleaning and fixing things around. To be honest, I had no idea why I’m leading. Most of you guys are brawn.” Gil giggled. You sighed in disappointment. Gil taught you guys how to do the ropes and sails. After cleaning, you prepared to go home.

The next morning you went to school. You were running late so you stole an apple on the way there. You bump into someone. You quickly apologize putting an innocent act.

“I am so sorry. I did not mean that at all.” You say taking their hand. You then slide your other hand and slide it into their pockets taking the first thing you could grab. You then turn around and make a run for it.

You made your way through the Isle and into Serpant Prep. You went throughout your day when you arrived to your last class. You sat there and tried to make mental notes, yet you couldnt dismiss the fact that someone was watching you. You look around and saw the infamous Harry Hook. He looked at you and gave you a smirk. You rolled your eyes and turned around. You then felt someone sit beside you.

“That is a pretty cool watch you’ve got there. Where did you get?“ Harry asked you. You tried to focus on the teacher. Harry Hook then leans closer making your breath hitch. “I think it is wise giving me my watch back. Unless you want to be hooked.”

You look up from your position and looked at him. Harry began to giggle like a maniac. You did not want to be belittled by him, so you gathered up your courage.

“Being hooked by you doesnt seem that bad. Maybe I should try taking your father’s hook next time. Make this game rough and dirty.” You said with a wink. Harry stopped giggling. Gil laughed from behind as Uma snickered. Harry was quiet impressed with the newbie. He didn’t know how to respond.

The second the bell rang, you bolted out to go home. You were almost close when someone walked in fronr of you. You fell on your butt and groaned from the impact. You look up and see Harry. You let out a sign and got up.

“Not happy to see me baby boy? Aw, I was hoping to have fun with you.” He laughed. You tried to pass by him, but he mockingly blocked the way.

“What do you want Harry?” You askes. Harry tsked at you and held the hook to your neck. He walked towards you until your back hit a wall. It was as if time stopped. His moves were unpredictable. Harry than began to lean in.

“I want my watch back.” He said in a raspy voice. Your breath hitched. Harry then aligned so your eyes would meet. You tried to guess what he was going to do next. You place your hands on his chest and went for it.

Harry grabbed you by the waist. He brought you closer. Your hand flew to his hair. Sparks were flying everywhere.

You and Harry parted. Both of breathing heavily. He rested his forhead on yours. He then got up and adjusted his hair.

“I’ll make sure to have you on my team. I would love to get to know you more, darling.” Harry said with a wink before walking away.

“What did I just do.” You breathed out holding your beating heart. You just kissed Harry Hook.

Happy Birthday Roman!👑♥️

Happy 32th birthday to my shining light, my biggest inspiration and my source of happiness💖 Thank you for teaching me to never give up, enjoy life, appreciate the little things and so much more. You became so fucking important to me that I don’t know how to live without you. You’re such an amazing father, husband, brother, cousin, friend and idol. Thank you for being a beautiful person; always kind hearted, caring, lovable and sweet to others, it only makes me love you more. You’re gorgeous from the inside and outside. Thank you for making me smile every time, doesn’t matter what you do. 
I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished, I’m so proud of the amazing individual you are, I’m so proud to say that you’re the one I look up to. 
Thank you for just being you, never change. I love you so much Roman♥️

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Random Things

I just want to like, drag a pretty girl (or boy) onto my lap and make out for days right now. My couch is perfect for that sort of thing.

Now that I’ve finished Spideypool and am just editing I am falling even more in love with certain parts of the story and it’s awesome

Why are boys who wear eyeliner SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL?? I can’t stand it! Gorgeous, pretty boys ugh. Slay me.   

Also, will someone teach me how to wear makeup? Because I literally have no actual clue how to apply it. Or even own it. I own zero makeup. Im actually terrifed to buy it. There is so much make up out there its horrifying.

Misha has taken to perching her fat ass on my neck, balancing her (very clawed) paws on my chest and then leaning down to put her head under my chin so I can still write and snuggle her at the same time. Such a worthless kitty oh my god.

I’m watching Sherlock (BBC) again because Martin Freeman is the cutest thing in the world and Benedict Cumberbatch in those suits just slays me.

I have an insanely awesome idea for my 2000 follower celebration! And Im so excited about it! We are right around 1850 I think? So whoohoo for almost 2000!

Alright, thats it. Im done. Have a good day, guys.