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Move to Busan - an update:

* The kids are so cute I am dying, the (Korean age 5) year olds are so flippin’ cute and they say the most hilariously silly things ever.
*I am a little worried I should have chosen Seoul instead of Busan, but maybe it just feels like there is less to do because it’s winter and I chose Busan for the beach and mountains.
* The other foreign teachers are lovely but the Korean teachers barely speak to you.
*Korean lesbians either A) Are too nervous about speaking to me in English
B) literally can’t speak English (and I can’t speak Korean) or
C) Are into me because I’m a “pretty foreigner” 
*I move into my apartment tomorrow, I’m very done with this love motel.
*I need to make some friends, my favourite so far is the guy who I am replacing :(((
*I am going to start playing basketball against some Korean men, which Koreans are finding completely shocking, one lady actually said “will you be strong enough?”
*The food is amazing, I will probably get fat soon


Jeonju Hyanggyo: A Confucian school that dates back to the Joseon Dynasty.

The school was originally built in the 15th century, but after its destruction by Japanese forces in 1592, it was rebuilt in a different location in 1603.

7 Boys. 1 Girl. GOT7 FANFIC

Shorten summary:Y/n moves to South Korea to pursue her dream in teaching children English while also studying. Along the way she meets seven handsome boys that will change her life.

SUMMARY: Y/n is a foreign girl moving to South Korea to live. She has a stable job teaching children how to speak english this is where she meets Jinyoung her co teacher. When she moves in to her apartment she also meets Jaebum, her neighbour. One day as she teaches a students father comes and picks up his daughter early, the fathers name is Jackson. In her lunch break she go’s to a store and finds Mark at the counter reading a book, she didn’t realise how cute he was until he looked up. Y/n decides to go to a cafe near by. When she walks in a cute tall waiter helps her, “Yugyeom” she reads his name badge. Y/n isn’t only there in South Korea to teach, she is at a university studying Psychology with her professor BamBam. One day Y/n goes to the library to study, that is where she meets Youngjae. What will she do when they find out? Who will she choose?


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Do you know what makes for a terrible ending to the week?

Teaching five fifth grade girls about September 11, 2001. They weren’t even born when it happened, I was 13 and one of my uncles flies for American Airlines. I spent all day terrified, but not thinking I should go to the guidance office for an uncle. My stepmother used to work in the twin towers and still knew people there. I visited the memorial a year and a half ago when I visited New York City. This entire event shaped a lot of my life, even in small, minute ways.

This lesson (the article in the book) came complete with information about flight attendants getting stabbed, people jumping out of windows, and volunteers sorting through debris for human remains.


Do you understand how hard it is to make ten-year-olds understand that there are people out there with beliefs so extreme they are willing to die for them? And take thousands of people along for that unwanted, hellish ride?

And I was teaching this in their second language.

I’m dying to pay off my school bill and get started with my life

My dream since I was 16 has been to teach English in South Korea, and I’ll be able to live that dream once I pay off my bill

I owe my university $6000. I’m willing to do anything to pay that off, but there’s only so much I can really do.

If any of you are looking for help writing essays, doing homework, or would like a story written just for you, I can do that!

If anyone is interested, please message me. I could really use some help and I’m willing to work for it!

  • Name: Han Nari
  • Age: 56
  • Species: Human
  • Face Claim: Song Ok-sook

Born in South Korea, Nari grew up with the same principles she later instilled into her son; one of the primary being an adventure seeking mind that wanted to, when she was younger, see the entire world. During her adolescence she was focused on her studies and had plans of studying medicine abroad; she believed that if you wanted something, you would get it with a go-getter mentality. Things did not fall into her favour unfortunately after meeting who she believed to be the love of her life and settled with the idea of being a housewife. Together, they applied for citizenship in the States and moved. Shortly after, she gave birth to Reed in New York City. When he was five, her husband (Wook) quit his job at a local university teaching mathematics and returned to South Korea as a full-time resident in his home country; the couple became separated and Nari was devastated. Communication ceased between her and her ex-husband, despite this Nari continued to remain open and honest to Reed, explaining what happened and answered any questions he had. 

Despite the estrangement, Nari was determined to keep herself and her son afloat in a new country; wanting a new place to live and new sights to see, she and Reed packed what little of their belongings they had and moved to Chicago, Illinois where Nari continues to reside today. There she worked anywhere between two to three jobs at a time throughout Reed’s life in Chicago. Nari wanted the absolute best for Reed, that included going from living in an apartment in New York City for the first seven years of Reed’s life to buying a small house in Chicago. She supported his dreams to become a major league baseball player for the L. A. Dodgers, tried to attend all of his practices and matches, and every kind of important ceremony or event he had in his life; work made this impossible sometimes and finding vacation time when money was always being grasped at made this challenging, but Nari refused to give up, she always found a way to make things work out. She encouraged and continues to support Reed, even his move to California for his studies then to Maine.

Additionally, because she comes from a traditional family and a different culture, Nari has raised Reed how she was — making sure he could embrace the Korean lifestyle (albeit in a Western society) with an open mind. They primarily spoke Korean in the privacy of their home and do so to this day over phone and video calls; as such Reed is familiar with traditional Korean practices despite never having gone to his mother’s home country. She raised him to embrace people of all walks of life and to be open to their own traditions. Nari and Reed are very close and communicate on a near daily basis. 

  • Traits: Intelligent, nosy, wanderlust, determined, openly honest, stern, friendly, playful, patient, protective, optimistic 
  • Also fluent in Korean and English
  • Well versed in Korean folklore/supernatural
Let’s Be Lonely Together

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Genre: Fluff, AU

Word Count: 2,157

A/N: Alright! Here’s my first Fanfic on this blog! I guess now’s a good time to ask you to send in any requests you have so I can write more! Enjoy! <3

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i was tagged by @viktor-vkusno​ to do this meme, and as usual, i tag everyone else who wants to do it~

what’s your age? 22
what’s your current job? i don’t work during the school year, but for the past few summers i’ve worked full time at the community center in my hometown, and i’m thinking of teaching english in south korea for a year this september…
what is a big goal you are working toward (or have already achieved)? getting the teaching job in south korea mentioned above
what’s your aesthetic? irl anime girl, lots of pastels, lace, florals, sometimes a little punk
do you collect anything? i’ve been collecting my little ponies for more than a decade now. i have a few hundred, some of which are pretty rare.
what’s a topic you always talk about? animals. i am that person who will completely stop whatever she’s talking about to point out that there’s a dog nearby.
what’s a pet peeve of yours? when people pause like they’re done talking and then start up again right when i’m about to reply to them. also slow walkers (assuming they aren’t elderly and/or disabled).
good advice to give? don’t hold people to unrealistic standards and then get disappointed when they don’t live up to them. nobody is perfect, and you need to learn what is and is not forgivable.
what are three songs you’d recommend? uhhhh these 3 love live! remixes are pretty cool: [1] [2] [3]

Hetalians as Parents - Part II







Italy and Germany:

Romano and Spain:






Liechtenstein and Switzerland:


Estonia and Ukraine:



Sweden and Sealand:


Norway and Denmark:


Hong Kong:



South Korea:

Grandpa Rome:

Scotland teaching England to swim:

Here is part 1

dean/cas fic: heartstrings (2.3k)

heartstrings; 2.3k, pre-coda, angst and Lucifer, inspired by the 11x11 extended promo.

“Follow your heart,” Mildred says, patting his chest. “You do that… all the rest just figures itself out.”

Dean makes himself smile.


The spook turns out to be a guy named James who spent the last decade of his life at Shady Palms. He’d died in his sleep at the age of ninety-four, outliving all of his family except a great-granddaughter who’d moved to South Korea on one of those teach-English-abroad deals and never came back. No messy murder, no unfinished business, no enemies. The best Dean can figure is, James just hadn’t wanted to leave a place he considered home. He’d stayed with his friends instead of walking into the light.

But eventually, those friends had died. They’d been replaced by faces James didn’t recognize, and without a tether to his old life his spirit had gone straight off the deep end. His victims were all newcomers who’d intruded on his usual stomping grounds– his apartment, his favorite table in the cafeteria, his favorite chair in the day room.

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Theme & Life Update

Well I think I have finally gotten my page that way I want it to look. I was struggling with finding a page theme that was user friendly with easy to find navigation. I think I finally found a good one so I promise I will quit changing my theme constantly now haha. I get bored easily what can I say. I also added a clickable image to the bottom right corner of my theme to make it easy for people to access my YouTube channel quickly since sometimes people just don’t feel like reading the navigation links lol. I get lazy sometimes as well so I understand. I have been able to keep up pretty well with the questions I get in my inbox so keep them coming as well as those video requests. I am in between temp jobs right now so I have some spare time. I am really getting into these blogilates exercises and I can already feel a difference. I am on Day 4 right now and it is KILLER. Haha. But it will be worth it when I finally get an awesome bikini body. In a few weeks my boyfriend’s Sci-Fi Convention will be happening so I will be there helping him out.

 Speaking of my boyfriend things have been alright between us. He hasn't been getting on my case too badly about Korea. It’s gotten to the point where we just don’t discuss it and we will deal with it when it happens… I haven’t really been keeping him up to date on my process since he just gets angry and flips out. I suppose the big conversation will have to happen when I get a Notice of Appointment… Yeah so not looking forward to that conversation. Oh well everything happens for a reason right? If we are not meant to be then we just aren't meant to be. Doesn't mean I love or care for him any less. I’d protect him like a momma bear before I’d let anyone hurt him. I've just begun to realize that we are very different. It’s mainly a compatibility issue. I’m very bright, bubbly, and I see the best in everyone and I want to go places and see new things. While he is more of a homebody, introverted, and more cynical. We are definitely an opposites attract kind of couple. We do have a strong love for each other but It’s just kind of getting harder and I know I haven’t helped the situation with this Teaching in Korea path, but to be honest we had issues before this. I want to feel happy and not like I am being held back or forced to dull myself down to blend with someone else by staying here. For god’s sake I’m a Sagittarius so don’t dull my sparkle! Lol. I am just trying to stay optimistic and positive. Hopefully some good things will come my way. Keep me in your thoughts. Best wishes.  

Taylor taylorswift ,
I remember hearing “our song” back in 2008. I was 8 at the time. My sister was the one who first showed me your music.

I was bullied throughout elementary school. It really started getting bad in 4th grade. I remember that I was teased everyday. I was bad at math at the time and didn’t really fit in or have a ton of friends. In 4th grade, I cut myself for the first time. 5th grade was a super rough year. I won’t get into details but your music was there for me when no one else was. In 6th grade, I survived the year. That same year was when I decided to not self harm any more. That day was December 31,2012.

I entered 7th grade thinking”new school,new people.” I didn’t make very many friends that year. My sister left for South Korea to teach that same year. That was really hard on me. My sister and I have a bond that is hard to describe. I was still bullied and teased a lot. In 8th grade, I lost was too many friends too count. They said rumors about me and that year was beyond rough. But I survived it and graduated 8th grade with honors and two years on the national junior honors society.

You announced “1989” at the perfect time. I remember hearing “Shake it off” for the first time and knew that song would be the song that I would go to cheer me up. I still do and I go and listen to “clean” when I need a reminder of how far I’ve come.

I’m in 9th grade currently and a bit more than half way done with the year.I’ve made some great friends so far. It’s still hard at times but I’m getting through it. I have high honors right now and I’m super proud of myself.

I suffer from depression and a mild form of anxiety. It is hard. Some days are great while others are super difficult. On December 31,2014 I celebrated 2 years clean.

This year, I want to find true happiness. I hope that I will achieve that but I’m not sure. You are the thing that keeps me strong. When I have a bad day, I blast your music and you make me feel for a bit. Thank you for being there when no one else is.

I turn 15 on June 11 and a little over a month later I see you in concert. You’ll be my first be my concert and I’m so excited for it. I fully intend on parting like its 1989 on July 18,2015 in Chicago.
“When I was drowning, that’s when I could finally breathe”

With so much love,


Fukkatsu Love TV debut on VSA! Gonna miss Junkun’s hair here as his new hairdo is BAD. Geeky styled for new drama 99.9% Keiji Senmon Bengoshi from Apr 17, Sun 9pm, TBS

MJ guested on Abunai Yakai to promote drama. J was pretty nervous when he appeared in the studio, and he used casual language haha! That’s when Shokun commented J’s nervousness… Last cap was SJ meeting Munekun who was a regular on Gakibara way back 16 years ago. MJ requested to see him and the staff tracked him down. The guy is studying in South Korea / teaching Japanese there now!!  caps credit to twi