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You mention being "qualified" for SMOE. Does a BA in Writing, a TEFL certificate, and volunteering/tutoring hours seem like it would be a good enough qualification....or would having an education degree or certification be more the level of qualification that they're looking for?

Of course they always love someone who has a degree in education, but as long as you have a BA and a TEFL plus some in the classroom experience you should be good to go. Your qualifications sound good to me. Here are all of the requirements. Be patient with this site it seems to be running a little slow even when I tried Internet Explorer which is their default browser over there. (Click)


Info I’ve gathered from my experience applying for hagwons in Korea~


“I’m currently preparing for my teaching certification exam. At first I thought I would pass my exam right after I graduated. I studied so much for it, but I received notice that I didn’t pass. I really missed out on a lot of things while preparing for my test because I could only take it once a year. I had such a hard time when my results came back. I put everything I really wanted to do on hold thinking, ‘I don’t have any time. I have to study.’ However, I thought, I can’t waste away my youth like that. I can’t continue to put even more things off. So, I first put my mind at ease and started to slowly do more and more things I wanted to do. Street performing is one of those things.”

“지금 임용 고시 준비를 하고 있는데 처음에는 졸업하자마자 바로 합격할 줄 알았어요. 엄청 열심히 준비했는데 불합격 통보를 받았죠. 일 년에 한번 보는 이 시험 하나 때문에 엄청 많은 것을 희생하면서 살았는데 그런 결과를 받으니 너무 힘들었어요. 내가 진짜 하고 싶었던 것들을 ‘아직은 시간 없어. 공부해야 돼’ 라는 생각으로 다 미뤘거든요. 청춘을 이렇게 보낼 수는 없다는 생각이 들었어요. 더 이상 미루면 안 되겠다 싶어서 마음을 조금 내려놓고 하고 싶은 일을 조금씩 조금씩 해보기 시작하고 있어요. 길거리에서 해금 연주를 하는 것도 그 중 하나예요.”

“I liked math since I was young, so I’ve volunteered teaching math to kids. Doing so, I felt a sense of accomplishment and wanted to be a math teacher, but now I’m not sure whether I should continue that dream.”
“Thinking of students at my school, I guess working as a teacher is hard. Future students may not listen to me as well.”

“어렸을 적부터 수학을 좋아했어요. 그래서 아이들 수학 가르치는 봉사를 해왔는데 성취감도 들고 계속 하고 싶더라구요. 그렇게 예전엔 수학 교사를 꿈꾸기도 했는데 지금은 잘 모르겠어요.”
“학교 애들 보니까 교사는 너무 힘들 것 같아요. 나중에도 애들이 말을 안 들을 것 같은데…”


“(Teacher) I chose a career as a teacher. Ever since I was young I have liked working out. When I was wondering what sort of job I could do, I gave a lot of thought to something related to exercise and sports and entered into the College of Education. That way, I could naturally do exercise related things as a P.E. teacher, so that’s how I ended up becoming a teacher.”
“(Student) Teacher, you really aren’t good at doing interviews.”
“(Teacher) You’re right, I’m really not good at it.”
“When do you tend to get upset with your students?”
“(Teacher) When they don’t listen to me and when they are a bit defiant like this.”

“(선생님) 제가 선생님이란 직업을 택한 건, 어렸을 때부터 제가 운동을 좋아했어요. 제가 할 수 있는 게 뭐가 있을까 해서 운동 관련된 직장을 많이 고민하다가 사범대로 진학 했어요. 그러다가 자연스럽게 운동 관련된 직종 중에 체육교사가 있어서 선생님이 됐어요.”
“(학생들) 선생님 인터뷰 진짜 못 한다.”
“(선생님) 그래, 나 말 진짜 못해.”
“학생들하고 생활하면서 언제 속상하세요?”
“(선생님) 제 말 안 듣고, 좀 이렇게 반항할 때요.”


How to: Moving to Korea to Teach (by soju4two)