teach in asia



these whites only wanna talk about how immigrants allegedly steal their jobs but none of em wanna point out how whites teaching english in e/se asia takes jobs away from actually qualified locals lol!

More good news!

I went out to check the mail today and I discovered that I had FINALLY received my FBI Criminal Record Check with the Apostille.

(Photo credit to Kimchi Teaching since my camera battery died) lol 

The biggest hurdle in my document collection process has finally been completed. My FBI CRC will be good until August 21, 2013. This will be perfect for my visa application should I be chosen. My interview date is of course April 1st (KST) at 9:20 AM however, for Pittsburgh, PA the date and time is March 31st at 8:20 PM. So don’t forget there is a time difference so you must calculate the time so you don’t miss your interview slot. I am just very excited and happy with how things are going right now. It is so nice to see all the hard work start to pay off. When going through this process you just need to realize there will be doubts, struggles, but there will also be success and happiness. So don’t give up if this is something you are interested in!


Initial FBI CRC Application Sent In: January 28, 2013.

Received by the FBI WV Division Office: February 5, 2013

Credit Payment Processed: February 19, 2013

FBI Criminal Record Check (CRC) processed: February 20, 2013 (Valid for six months)

Received My FBI CRC Back in the Mail: February 21, 2013.

Sent it in for the apostille: February 22, 2013.

Received it back with the apostille: March 16, 2013.


Deskwarming and Language Exchange Cafe!

Hello everyone so I am deskwarming away. I even brought my fluffy blanket to work with me so I feel quite cozy! The weather has definitely become much colder now that it is November but of course it isn’t even the start of the bitter cold that I expect this winter. I will just have to bundle myself up! February will be here before I know it and then my mom will get to experience the cold too! She will be coming to visit me so I can’t wait! : ) 

Tonight I will be going with my friend Soo to the Language Exchange Cafe in Gangnam. It should be a lot of fun. I really want to learn Korean. Its important to me to be able to communicate more comfortably with people around me, my co-workers, and of course the kids when we aren’t in the English zone. I want to move past this feeling like I am burdening people when I go into their restaurants or other businesses lol. Well hopefully it will be helpful. I will put up a post about it later!