teach her that

Lets commend the boys for how genuinely kind and understanding they are of Webby in the Daytrip of Doom!

Webby believes she isn’t invited on the daytrip. 

Dewey immediately invites her. He understands she’s lived a sheltered life in the mansion for years, and yeah, there’s going to be a clash of mansion life and outside life.

Webby is embarrassing. It is embarrassing, but when they’re waiting for the bus, none of them say anything to Webby at this point. Louie covers his face for his hoodie, but he doesn’t say anything directly to Webby.

Huey takes Webby to the side and goes protective big brother with the rules. Don’t talk to strangers, don’t lick anything, don’t go near the emergency break.

Webby breaks every single rule and gets them kicked off the bus, but the boys are still patient with her despite getting annoyed. 

Louie tries to teach her the rules of flattery. It goes about as well as you expect, and yes, he does give her that annoyed line, Thanks Webby. But I think it’s understandable. 

Dewey’s game is erased. He doesn’t say anything to Webby about this, at least not directly. He’s simply lamenting the loss of his high scores —  not talking about Webby. 

My only criticism is the lack of Huey in this equation where he is directly interacting with Webby at Funso’s. We do see his reaction to their permanent ban. I would’ve preferred to see how Webby ruined his game time, and what kind of games he likes to play. 

Yes, Louie does run out of patience with Webby, and does blame Dewey. But other than that, the boys remain genuinely kind to Webby.

At the end, they encourage her they don’t need normal. They need and want Webby normal. Letting her pick the next game highlights this; of course, they all want to be on Webby’s team, so I’m curious how that game plays out.

The boys aren’t perfect. They’re far from it, but they’re definitely good kids. They’re going to make mistakes. This is the same for Webby. But I love the sibling relationship their building, how she’s getting included in their lives just as they’re now included in hers. 

Tom being a single dad

Okay so I’m working on some requests and I’m sorry it’s taking a minute but I’ll have them done soon I promise

•okay so she would be a total daddy’s girl
•he gave her everything tbh
•he would dress up with her and be her prince
•his favorite thing to do is read to her
•she loves when he does his American accent
•he put up a poster of him as Spider-Man in her room
•he cried on her first day of school
•he makes her lunches and leaves little stickers on her sandwich bag
•he watches tons of YouTube videos on how to do hair
•teaching her how to dance
•one night he went to a meeting for school filled with just moms
•they all flirted with them
•lowkey everyone thinks Tom and Harrison are together because they both show up to events together
•she is his date for premiers
•he always matches his tie to her dress color
•he is a super overprotective dad when she brings a boy home
•the Dad talk
•he loves her more than life it’s self

•okay so his room would be decorated with Spider-Man stuff even tho he lowkey likes Superman more
•tom would teach him how to do flips and play sports
•he’s his little man
•and his new wingman
•Tom teaches him how to be a gentleman and how to treat a lady
•he takes him to premiers as well but they have matching suits
•they basically twin 100%
•when he grows up he looks just like tom
•he’s a ladies man
•but tom knows something is different
•his boy wasn’t much like him
•he wasn’t into sports, acting, dancing..etc
•but he didn’t really care because his boy was top of his class
•his son tried to hide it but Tom was okay with it
“I know son”
“I’m sorry Dad”
“There’s nothing to be sorry about, you love who you love”
•tom is such a good and gentil dad
•when his boy brings home a boy he gives the Dad talk
•he gives the Dad talk to everyone
•even Harrison
•also toms Dad jokes would be so stupid but hella clever

Overall I think Tom as a single dad would just be so soft and amazing. I feel like he’d give his kid everything they ever wanted and needed😭

You know what really stinks?

I’m always seeing posts on Tumblr about dating and romance and everyone’s inability to love. Stuff joking about how people want to date but are terrible at communicating or about how they want a boyfriend but hate everyone in their lives — you know the posts.

What’s hard for me is that, frankly, I don’t feel like any of those things apply to me. I can’t blame my lackluster dating life on any one quality of mine that I’m able to work on and fix.

My crush has described her ideal boyfriend to me on multiple occasions: He’s gotta be someone smart, someone who’s able to teach her stuff, someone who shares her interests, who’s great at communicating, always good at holding conversation, and someone who’s, above all else, kind. She said that looks don’t matter; personality’s what’s important.

So I sit, my phone in front of me, wondering if she’s dropping hints or something. I know she tends to do that. I mean, her “ideal boyfriend” … He sounds an awful lot like me. Do you think…? She can’t. Of course not, no, no. There’s no way she likes me back.

But we do text all the time. Every day. We FaceTime after school, even though we just saw each other ten minutes prior. We’re into all the same stuff. I’m great at holding conversation with her — we never run out of stuff to talk about. I’m smart. I teach her stuff a lot, and she also teaches me. And I’m definitely kind. She’s told me that I am. I give her advice every day, and she tells me how helpful it is. My dating advice. Advice from someone who’s never been in a relationship. And I help her so much. Because I’d rather her be happy with someone else than sad and alone.

Sure, I’d rather her date me. Absolutely I’d rather that. I mean, don’t we sound perfect for each other?

Yesterday I asked her about what she thinks her future will be like. She told me she wants a “picket fence” family. She wants a husband and a stable job. She wants three of her own biological kids; they’ll be smart and loving and amazing in every way.

I put my phone down. I drop my head into my hands.

I’ll never have a picket fence family.

I’ll never be able to give her what she wants.

I’ll never be able to marry the love of my life.

I’m transgender.

And I don’t care how much of a man you all want to believe that makes me. It doesn’t. I’m not. I’ll never be able to live happily ever after.

I’ll never find love.

I’m trans.

Teach Me Tonight

Since I wasn’t flamed for this on Archive, I’ll share here! lol.  

Summary:  Betty asks Jughead to teach her how to kiss.  Things escalate from there.  Minimal plot and moderate smut.

Since she was six years old, Betty had always been sure of one thing.  Archie Andrews was the most beautiful boy she’d ever seen and one day, in her parent’s backyard, she was going to place her hands in his and call him her husband.   It was one of those certainties that she didn’t really even think about because it was such a given.  Her and Archie were meant to be together.  How could it be any other way?

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Murky Waters

Finn is a lonely young Lighthouse keeper. Rey is a mermaid who cannot speak, but longs to communicate with the handsome landwalker who fishes every early morning.

The two meet. Sparks fly. Finn teaches her sign language. They spend hours together talking and kissing. 

She swam forward. Her gaze was tentative, uncertain, when she put her hands up through the space between them, drew them around his neck as if he might flee. Rey gently pulled his head down, and craning her neck, pressed her wet mouth to his. Her lips were salty, her tongue cold and smooth and soft, and Finn realized his hands were upon her slim waist, drifting lower until she was pressing herself urgently against him.

Heat rushed through him, and he felt his toes upturn, and she smiled a little against his mouth, sharp teeth gently nippling his bottom lip. “I love you,” he whispered and her smile widened, brown eyes sparkling in the light of the sun.

‘I love you, too.’


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kitchen and attic Cass

What is the character’s favourite food?

A really good veggie pizza

Are they good at cooking? How good/bad?

She is in the process of learning to cook. Alfred teaches her what he can when she has the time but she isn’t a great cook. She isn’t bad either, she is a neutral cook. She can survive but it’s nothing fancy.

Do they leave the dishes out?

No, and she is super paranoid about this. If there is room in the dishwasher she hand washes her plate

What kind of food is in their refridgerator?

Ingredients to make things, bottled water, health drinks, various kinds of fix ins to make a salad, left over pizza for when she wants to treat herself

Do they cook, eat out or get take-away/delivered food more?

Cass likes to cook when she can so she mostly cooks. She likes that it is a simple task and doesn’t require that much brain power. When she cooks, her brain goes on autopilot

What is the character afraid of?

She is most afraid of ending up like her mom, a villain 

How do they deal with bad memories?

She crawls into Steph’s bed and closes her eyes while Steph holds her tightly and tells her everything will be okay

What is this character’s role in a horror movie?

She is the die hard survivalist who knows how the game is played and tries to play the killer/ghost/demon/whatever she is up against

How do they hide their secrets?

By not talking about. She doesn’t keep any physical evidence of her secrets and when asked about them she goes silent so people learn to not ask about them

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins does the character relate to most?

Pride because she holds herself to a higher standard then those around her. If Damian is sparring for 3 hours she goes for 4. She is too proud to lose a fight and has a hard time she is admitting she is wrong. She needs to the best

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since your up for some hc requests, do you have any Davenchurch hcs?

Of course! Davenchurch is one of my fav non-canonical ships. I have a ficlet in the making ;) 

  • Davenport and Merle are both beach buddies, they like to lay out in the sun and tan up. Thankfully these days whenever Merle falls asleep on the sand Davenport wakes him up before he gets too terribly burned
  • Davenport is also great with Merle’s kids, he uses illusions to keep Mookie busy. Mookie tries to tackle him and its just and illusion this game goes on until Mookie is beyond tired and Merle is thankful someone can tucker his lil guy out
  • Meanwhile Davenport and Mavis have long talks about the world, Davenport teaches her all sorts of boat termology and even teaches her how to sail 
  • On Davenport’s adventure around the world with his memories and mind in tact the only person he really keeps in contact with is Merle via post cards and trinkets 
  • Davenport (aside from Lucretia) kept his present from Merle and wears it a lot 
  • Davenport and Merle have a sort of unspoken relationship that has been going on since the stolen century
  • Their first kiss was over a card game 
  • Merle talking dirty to plants is nothing like Davenport sensually waxing his boat, they both have very strong connections to their favorite things

Sidenote: I also ship Lucretia and Merle, Davenchurch and Lucretia and very short and tragically John and Merle. (I also hc Merle has being pan and polyam soooOoooOOoOoo, yeah just love this hippie dwarvian goof because I do) 

I was holding my friend’s (who’s daughter I teach) baby for her as I was introduced to the new office secretary and halfway through the conversation I blurted “BY THE WAY THIS IS NOT MY BABY” and the regular office worker burst out laughing for a solid 5 mins

my mom is really mean and thinks b/c she was hurt and traumatized and has seen a lot of the world she can say and do whatever she wants :( idk how to teach her differently but at least i can learn from her SHIT example

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Just an idea that you could incorporate in a story some day, if you wish to: I would love to see Dany learn how to sword fight. I mean it would make sense with the oncoming war for someone to point out that if she falls off the dragon or find herself on the ground somehow, she is entirely helpless- so she should learn the basics at least. And maybe Jon could teach her, hehe

how about this and this 

And I agree-I need this in season 8 (although I’m not holding out much hope for it lol). It’ll probably just end up being one of my headcanons ^-^

Quick Thoughts on TRR Book 2 Chapter 1

• Number of people surprised that Bertrand Beaumont stood up for the MC? Zero. I love you muchly, you old bastard 😊

• Maxwell’s mention of the Cordonian Waltz while teaching her the quickstep was a nice touch I think. The Beaumonts didn’t go into the social season very well prepared, but now they’re stopping at nothing to make sure she will kill it at court.

• I legit thought Eye of the Tiger was going to play at the start of the Maxwell MC running scene 😂

• In the scene where Maxwell and Bertrand are showing the MC her clothing options, I’ve noticed that Maxwell had begun to take charge in quite a few things. He insists this time that they fund her expenses and Bertrand lets him. This is not so surprising, considering that when Bertrand and the MC discuss why he took Maxwell’s advice on sponsoring her, he admits that he should really start trusting Maxwell’s decisions more. This also tells me that Maxwell feels personally responsible for her and wants to set things right this time. Remember, in his diamond scene he tells us that he wished he could have showered the MC in fine clothes and jewellery since she more than deserved it.

• In my playthrough, Kiara wasn’t exactly rude, but sounded more uncomfortable and insistent that Penelope and herself not be seen talking to the MC. She seemed really… nervous, shall we say. She mentions the possibility that they will be seen and judged for fraternizing with the enemy, so to speak. As far as I am concerned, Kiara only seemed to be interested in an alliance once she recognized the MC had a sureshot chance, and doesn’t want to spoil her chances in court. I think since she and Penelope have the inside track on Madeleine, they could be great allies this time around once we manage to get them to the MC’s side.

• Given how much the Beaumonts were discussing Tariq, Pixelberry is going to make us run for our money to find him and keep it that way till the end of the book.

• I’m not going to mention Liam even once here, because there’s an essay I’m planning to do on the diamond scene tonight. I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY OMG.

• I know this chapter will be a bit disappointing for Hana and Drake fans, but I feel it’s mainly to heighten the drama so their eventual entrance is with a bang. Hana will have fought with her parents and made it back to support the MC, by deciding to be part of the Cordonian court. Drake is probably in on the investigation with Liam since Liam does tell us it was Drake who spilled the beans about the lock. Liam will still need Drake to help the MC in different ways since he now has even LESS opportunities to be with her in public. My bet is that the person at the door could be either 1. Hana, or 2. Olivia, both of whom will be required to be a part of the court.

Basically I loved this chapter and I really hope I end up loving the book just as much.

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general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

best quality: how she doesn’t give a fuck who Sartaq actually is and how curious she was about Falkan (she reminded me of Aelin annoying Rowan The Bird)

worst quality: pretending to not be totally and helplessly in love with Yeran lolol


brotp them with: Sartaq and Nesryn. When she asked Nesryn to teach her archery omggggg

needs to stay away from: Northern Continent because if she dies I swear to god

misc. thoughts: I just wanted to point out that when she stared after Yeran when he flew away and then saying bastard… NESSIAN AF!

send me a character!

i feel like people dont understand how happy i am that a child looks up to me.. my whole life i always felt worthless, but im changing the life of someone who is close to me and teaching her. she likes being around me. she looks up to my drawings and just wants to watch and do everything i do… its. so weird im tearing up

I think that one of my favorite things as a kid was right after a powwow my ma and I decided to go with her then fiance to an ice cream shop with some of our regalia and leathers still on. Out of nowhere a little girl comes out, points and yells:


My ma without missing a beat turned around, pointed at her and screamed, “LOOK JEFF! A WHITE GIRL!”

And I think about that moment a lot.


Lance pokes fun of Shiro being a merman (not an actual merman unfortunately), and pidge and hunk, defending their father’s honour, dares lance to take some of Shiro’s classes (he teaches people how to become merppl n all that w allura). 

Lance takes the dare and finds out this guy from one of his classes, whom he has a one-sided rivalry with, goes for mermaid lessons as well and *insert oh no he’s hot moment here*

anyway there’s lots of pining and swimming and mermaids and keith being obsessed with the mythical merpeople n lance finding it endearing as hell

[edit:] I’m not planning to write this however I will be building upon this au If you wanna write this or whatever could you link it to me? I wanna see it :D

okay but what I really wanna see in infinity war is someone takes Wanda’s powers away and they start cackling (because everyone fucking says Wanda is shit without her powers) but then she flips back up into a fight stance and her opponent looks horrified and starts swinging, she starts fighting back because holy shit she’s been trained in hand to hand combat just like any other avenger should their main weapon get taken from them wow isn’t that a thought

also Clint standing somewhere off, clapping wildly and tears of joy springing from his face