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Now is time for the girls ~

Info(in order): 

Gem: Opal

Where lives: Earth

Pronouns: She/Her

Nickname: P.

Age: 6,200 years.

Height: 1,70

Personality: Sympathetic, friendly, extroverted. In the group, Opal is the gem that makes friendships faster

Hobbies: Write music, play violin.

Power/weapon: Knife; Healing powers.

Likes: Lisen to music, look at the clouds, fusions.

Dislikes: Storms, cry.

Fun fact: Opal was abandoned on Earth in the middle of a storm, that’s why she doesn’t like when it rains too strong.

Gem: Titanite

Where lives: Earth

Pronouns: She/Her

Nickname: Titan, Titanic

Age: 7,600 years.

Height: 2m

Personality: Silly, friendly. Titanite in the most sensible and strong gem of the group.

Hobbies: Gardening, teach.

Power/weapon: Shield; Float.

Likes: Meditate, cook, flowers.

Dislikes: Fights, technology.

Fun fact: Titan loves cook, even if Gems don’t need to eat. The others love her food.


Gem: Yellow Topaz

Where lives: Earth

Pronouns: She/Her

Nickname: Topaz

Age: 7,000 years.

Height: 1,73

Personality: Calm, friendly, gentle, cozy. In the group, Topaz is the gem that everyone treats like a mother.

Hobbies: Meditate, sing.

Power/weapon: Sword; Electrokinesis

Likes: Look at the ocean, silence.

Dislikes: Remember things from the past, messy places.

Fun fact: Topaz is the counselor of the group. When the others need help, she’s there for them.


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b&b prompt: ’I learned… a little. It’s just been… so long.’ + james/thomas

How about some more domestic!James? Set in peach verse.


It was during their quieter moments at the cabin that James had taken to teaching himself how to garden. Thomas, he knew, had become quite proficient as a farm hand on the plantation. He could have helped James with some basic knowledge, and yet James found himself wondering out to their new little garden alone. Sometimes he simply read from the herb and garden book he’d purchased, eyeing their patch of green and thinking. Other times he dared to plant seeds in it; just some carrots and squash to start with.

He wanted to do this by himself, he realized. Time away from the garden was spent with Thomas–nearly every moment because although they never spoke about it each of them was still terrified they might lose the other in one unsuspecting moment; Fate could be so cruel.

And yet as the days passed James felt this fear ease somewhat, though he suspected it would never truly go away. Which was fine because he never, ever wanted it to.

So the day finally came that Thomas stepped out into the garden with him and remarked about its progress. Thomas had taken care to keep out the weeds and to water it, but nearly everything else he’d let James do.

James brushed a thumb over the edge of the gardening book he’d been reading. Thomas stood next to him and James could feel that curious look on the blonde’s face without seeing it.

“When I was still a boy I would help my mother tend her garden,” he said. “I enjoyed it so much I claimed I wanted to be a gardener when I grew up. Of course I had no idea how silly that sounded at the time.”

He flashed a smile to Thomas, who returned it. “Seems less silly now,” he replied softly. James swallowed. 

“I’ve learned… a little. It’s just been… so long,” he said, looking out at their garden. Not everything had worked out and not everything had grown as planned. It was all every trial and error. And yet…

 He looked at the book in his hands. “But I wanted to know that I was…”

He frowned, suddenly unsure of what he wanted to say or why the hell it mattered.

“You wanted to know that you were still capable of learning something new, something…different?” Thomas offered after a moment. Those sapphire eyes again, seeing deep inside him. Different. Yes, different. Different than sailing a ship or yelling out commands or cutting someone down with a sword. Different meaning something gentle and quiet and honest. James considered this and nodded.

“Yes,” he said.

“And do you feel you’ve accomplished this task?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Then we should celebrate.”

Thomas turned and kissed him on the corner of the mouth, knowing that it always flustered James in a pleasant way, who raised his fingers to Thomas’s chin and kissed him properly. 

“Make me one of those peach cobbler pies?” James asked hopefully.


More au's that need fanart/fiction

Nightmare before Christmas

Pride and Prejudice

“You moved into the apartment next to mine and I can hear E V E R Y T H I N G you do”

“I was having a great day, then you football tackled me into a lake. I don’t CARE that I was almost assassinated, You AIMED for that lake.”

“I’ve noticed how much you love your garden and all your plants, and I don’t know how to flirt like other people so I may have accidentally asked you to teach me how to garden, but it’s the best part of my week.”


wanna know how much i love the Vault-Tec guy?

i didn’t just “give him a job” in Sanctuary, i built him his own little pub.

AU  i will not give up on:

Instead of taking the Ring to Mordor, the Hobbits eventually invite Sauron to the Shire. They give him food, try to teach him to garden, drink, and generally refuse to take his dark lord shit until he gives up. it may or may not be because he got stuck in one of their homes and they refused to help him until he calmed down. afterwards they gave him tea and scones. 

he does not live in the shire, but he does visit. when he crosses paths with gandalf, he punches him in the face. the hobbits do not approve, but ultimately decided its progress. or maybe just some weird ainur tradition. 

it’s not so much that he “sees the light” but cannot understand their resiliency and their refusals of immense power. it’s more of an impasse than a win. he cannot understand why their prime use of his ring was for pranks, but he begrudgingly accepts it.  

his invitation was a little gift basket and a fancy hand inked card. the courier met the mouth at the gates of mordor. wasn’t really sure what to do. none of the orcs really knew, either. nobody sends gift baskets to mordor. they give it to their master. no one invites him anywhere, so i guess. i mean. ???? why not accept. he does appreciate the politeness after all. 

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What if the leader old lady from the engineering forest planet being Pidge's nursery teacher in ur children au?

Ahh!! That’d be really cute! And she could teach pidge how to garden!!

(someone else asked me about some other aliens as humans… maybe I should do more..)

The Domestic Garden Witch: Playtime for Witchlings!

So maybe you’re a college witch with limited space and money, limited to the one window in your dorm. Or, maybe you’re a witch without extensive backyard space who wants to start up a magical garden. Perhaps you’re a kitchen witch who wants the freshest herbs right at her fingertips.

For many witches, having a garden seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. After all, plants and magic go hand-in-hand. Plus, when thinking of a witch, it’s hard not to think of a cottage in the woods with a little vegetable garden out front. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our cottage in the woods is a tiny flat, and our garden out front is a windowsill with limited space.

This is when it comes time to embrace your craftiness and bring your garden indoors! Not only does it place your garden in a convenient location, it also allows you to freshen the air, recycle what would otherwise harm the earth, and embrace your witchy green thumb!

Garden Witchcraft for Families

While not all of us have children, those of us who do certainly enjoy bringing a bit of happiness and engagement into their life! And for some, witchcraft can be a point of bonding for parent and child. As in any activity, we want our children to learn, and creating this tub garden teaches about responsibility in growing plants, as well as keeping their imaginations active, and if part of a witchy family, can teach them how to have a bit of a witchy green thumb, as well!

This project is fairly simple, requiring only a decently large tub, gravel, a drill, a few plants, soil, and a bit of mulch and water.

Start by drilling a few drainage holes into the bottom of the tub, then add a layer of gravel to help promote drainage. Then, fill the tub with a decent layer of soil and add your plants! Water, then add a layer of mulch, as well as any decorations you might want!

It’s best not to place too many plants, as the idea behind this garden is to give kids the option of playing with toys inside of the tub - their own fantasy forest or jungle that they have access to.

How Can I Witch This?

The possibilities are near endless, but the greatest witchy benefit here is sharing it with children. Use the tub to help teach them about different herbs and what they can be used for! If they help make the garden, guide them in creating a sigil or symbol for health, prosperity, and growth for the plants. Decorations are just as varied, but if you want to go with a faerie garden, crystals are ideal! Teach about what the different crystals mean, and urge the kiddo to create his own crystal grids in the garden!

But the greatest magic of all in this project, I feel, is allowing a child to know that it’s good to embrace his or her imagination. Encourage that creativity, and take joy in the pleasure they gain from playing in their own homemade garden!

Blessed Be! )O(

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Medieval au fluff any member plz sorry

I went with Jun! medieval AU is a broad concept so I hope you like this mess..? 😘 ♥ bullet points just because I can. 

  • right so you’re a part of the nobility and your parents work for the royals in such positions that you, along with your siblings, live in the castle
  • you’d honestly be pretty good friends with the princesses and other nobles like yourself, and generally everyone in the castle has taken a liking to you, especially the ones who have seen you grow up from a 2-year-old toddler into a gorgeous young lady
  • when you were younger you probably didn’t pay that much attention to all the people in the castle, especially those of a lower class than yours because that was how you were brought up
  • but then comes the day you’re out with two of your fellow nobles, walking in the courtyard, and see a handsome young man chopping wood
  • his hair is dark brown and a bit messy, and his upper body was toned from likely years of physical work, which you could tell all too obviously with him wearing no shirt
  • you’re barely able to hold your tongue when you’re already asking, “Who is he?”
  • one of your friends smiles at you and places a hand on your arm
  • “I think his name is Junhui? He’s a new hire, who does practically anything, I’ve heard. He may be handsome, but… that’s about all I know, my dear.”
  • you find yourself nodding, but there’s something about Junhui that really piques your interest, and it’s not just the playful look he gives you when he wipes sweat off his forehead and notices that you’re staring at him
  • while you hadn’t noticed him before that - part of it being because he was indeed new - after the first sight, you were unable to not see him
  • it felt like every time you as much as looked out of the window of the hallway, he was there, doing whatever work he could get his hands on
  • and even when you went outside, you felt like you always ended up where he was working
  • it’s not that you minded, really, but it only made it so much more difficult to ignore him
  • he’d get a lot of praise from practically everyone for his great work ethics and amicable personality, and every now and then you’d hear snippets of stories about him
  • most of the time you’d find yourself smiling a little as you listened to those, because the more you heard, the more he seemed like a good guy
  • unless it was one of the older noble ladies expressing their desire for him, which never failed to make you feel ill
  • one day you’re seated on a bench in the courtyard with a cross-stitch on your lap, trying to focus on it more than the fact that Junhui is approaching your direction with a large tub in his hands
  • however, when he’s about to pass by, you put your work down and stand up
  • “E-excuse me,” you begin, your heart beating rapidly in your chest, and it definitely doesn’t calm down when Junhui turns around and gives you a sweet smile with a playful glint in his eyes. “I was just…”
  • “Is there something you need, milady?”
  • you feel so intimidated, so exposed under his mischievous stare, but somehow manage to blurt out, “I was thinking if you could… uh, teach me about the garden sometime. I’m interested in the flowers.”
  • Junhui quirks his eyebrows and takes the smallest step closer to you. “A noblewoman who wants to learn about gardening?”
  • you give him a quick nod, at which he chuckles
  • “As you wish, milady. I’ll see you around, lady..?”
  • “Y/N,” you say quickly, your cheeks undoubtedly heating up, and force a smile
  • Junhui nods and with a quick wave, continues his way to the shore, where he’s already got a big pile of laundry to wash
  • and it’s just that much more difficult to focus on your cross-stitch when you’ve got a drenched, handsome young man like him nearby
  • it only gets worse when he takes off his shirt and your eyes just happen to be aimed at him a lot more often than on your work
  • it’s at that point that you decide to move back into the castle, so that you could both finish your work (and before your thoughts could go any further)
  • Junhui would’ve noticed approximately all of the glances you threw at him, because he was stealing some at you, too, and so when you left, you left behind a widely grinning, jolly worker who still had many hours of laundry ahead of him
  • but those hours in all honesty go by faster than he expected, because he spends most of that time thinking about you
  • one of the next days, you’d finally spot him in the garden and, without much of a second thought, join him there
  • “You really came,” Junhui says almost incredulously when he notices you, and turns to you
  • “Of course I did, I take pride in keeping my word,” you say a bit defensively, which earns you a chuckle from Junhui
  • “I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry if I upset you, milady,” he says, his voice a bit softer than earlier, and you find your heart melting just a little
  • “You didn’t,” you say hurriedly and avoid his gaze because how is it so piercing?
  • he proceeds to lead you further into the garden, and you listen in fascination as he tells you little facts about each plant and flower while tending them
  • there’s something about his voice and the way he smiles every now and then that really gets to you, and you honestly never thought you’d be as eager to hear about flowers as you are then
  • you’ve gone through maybe half of the garden when Junhui stops and turns to you, smiling
  • “Should you really be spending this much time with someone like me, milady?”
  • you blush a little and turn your attention to the flowers
  • “I don’t… see it as a problem. I like learning.”
  • he chuckles and turns to the flowers, too. “But really. A noblewoman spending hours in the garden with a worker? Do you know how many eyes are on us at this very moment?”
  • your eyes widen at that, because he has a point, and you should’ve realized it all much earlier
  • and yet there is no denying that there was something about him that has caught your interest inevitably badly, and you don’t want to simply stay away from him
  • as you remain silent, unable to say anything, Junhui chuckles and carefully cuts a rose from the bush in front of you, bright red in color
  • “This is for you. Consider it a gift of gratitude for keeping me company. It’s been a great pleasure, Lady Y/N.”
  • your eyes slowly move from the flower to Junhui’s eyes, and you’re met with an amount of warmth you were definitely not expecting
  • “T-thank you, Junhui,” you manage to say and begin to leave the garden
  • he follows you with his gaze, and the smallest of smiles plays on his lips
  • there’s definitely something about you
  • after that, the two of you spend more time together - much more than a noblewoman like you should be spending with someone like him
  • but you enjoy his company, so you defy all the judging glances
  • besides, you have assured your parents nothing would happen between the two of you, so in the end your conscience is clear, even if they still don’t approve
  • you’d often be doing your own work while he did his, and you’d talk about a bit of this and that, little by little getting to know each other
  • sometimes you discuss your lives, with Junhui sharing the hardships he’s come past and you sharing some of your experiences in the court, but sometimes you discussed something much less serious, such as court gossip or what you were looking forward to when seasons changed
  • the more you learn about him and his past, the more fondly you think of him, and the more he learns about you, the more he finds himself looking forward to being with you
  • needless to say, you’re at your most distracted whenever Junhui does something physical, because that was exactly when your eyes couldn’t help but move up and down his body, observing the way his muscles move
  • Junhui chuckles every time
  • “You might want to be a bit more subtle, milady, as flattering as your stare is.”
  • you blush furiously, and through your stammering Junhui’s only able to make out “I didn’t”, which he laughs off, because yes you did
  • your promise to your parents is on some very thin ice, because the more time you spend with Junhui, the more you wish something did happen between the two of you
  • and your heart only beats more for him at the times when you enter your room and see a bouquet of flowers on your desk, beautiful yet simple, with a note from Junhui that either had a small poem or a short message
  • even if the voice at the back of your head nags about how you’re supposed to marry well
  • it’s early spring when you join Junhui for a trip to the village
  • you take a horse, with you sitting in front of him, and it’s quite likely the most exciting yet nerve-wrecking time of your life when you practically have his arms around you
  • you buy some essentials he needs for his work, and you give in and give some money to some poor families, which Junhui observes in curiosity
  • before you leave the village, Junhui takes you between two buildings and, bolder than ever, takes a hold of your hand
  • “Junhui?” you ask, your heart hammering inside of your chest, as you look into his unreadable eyes, closer to yours than they had ever been
  • “I have a problem,” he starts, his voice sounding thick, and there’s a sad hint to his smile. “Milady, I’m afraid I feel more for you than I should.”
  • and you honestly feel like your heart stops in that very moment
  • you’re about to say that he’s not alone with that issue, but Junhui lets go of your hand and gently brings his forefinger close to your lips, not daring to touch them
  • “Don’t say anything.”
  • so you don’t say anything
  • and instead wrap your arms around him and hide your face in his chest

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Do you have any head canons about Reyna and calypso being together?

Our Reynalypso Tag

  • They are the purest girlfriends ever
  • Like they’re both tough af on the battle field but when they’re alone together they’re….so in love 
  • Calypso will often catch Reyna sneaking a not so subtle long glance at her with the widest eyes and the cutest little smirk. Calypso will just smile and kiss her girlfriend.
  • Calypso will go out of her way to touch Reyna. She’s proposed more hair braiding than Reyna could count. Reyna always gives in though cause she loves the feeling of Calypso’s hands holding hers or in her hair. 
  • Calypso teaches Reyna how to garden, which she never really liked much before Calypso
  • Reyna calls Calypso “Callie” 
  • They always look like they’re planning something and the other campers are afraid
  • Calypso pulls Reyna closer with her braid and kisses her
  • She also makes flower crowns and Reyna loves them. 
  • Reyna overheard someone make a joke about how “Calypso was way too soft for Reyna, she was softening her too.” The girls had to hold eachother off. How they did that nobody knows. 
  • Although still mortal, Calypso retained her magic and Reyna is mesmerized by what she can do. 
  • The first time Calypso saw Reyna her face was redder then it had ever been. 
  • Calypso: Why didn’t they send girls to my island? Were they too stunning?!
  • Leo: *laughing uncontrollably* you’ve got it bad my friend
  • They forehead touch aLL THE TIME 
  • And forehead kisses…those are a good 
  • Calypso: If I run and jump at Reyna, she is sure to catch me 
    Reyna: NO I’M HOLDING COFFEE *proceeds to catch Calypso and drop the coffee*
  • They both dressed up in Roman togas for Halloween night at CJ. It wasn’t long before someone found them making out with a toga sleeve slipped over their shoulders behind some decoration. 
  • Calypso writes poems and Reyna could listen to them all day 
  • Reyna’s been through a lot so on days when she’s not feeling that good Calypso puts in a movie and cuddles with her under three blankets. (with a lot of kisses too)
  • They win “Cutest Couple At Camp Jupiter” like…every year

Hope you like these!


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What if Jim threatens to quit one day because everything feels like too much and his crew/family is there for him? + Mckirk?

  • It doesn’t happen often, but Jim is just so tired. After everything they’ve been through, sometimes it’s just too much. He remembers the names of every crew member who died under his command, and though he’s okay on most days, there are nights when these dead crewmembers haunt him. Relentlessly, all night, keeping him awake. The one thing that calms him down is when Bones turns around in bed, and Jim finds an arm around his waist. Most nights, finding Bones press himself against his back is enough to have him calm down. But sometimes, that still doesn’t stop him from staring out the bedroom window at the passing stars, guilt bothering him until morning.
  • It all goes spiraling out of control when the Enterprise is under attack again the second time York Town is under fire by a violent alien race - hellbent on destroying that “giant floating snow globe”. It’s not just his crew that suffers, a lot of people die that day. They save the city, but it’s a hollow victory. Being called a hero doesn’t feel genuine when so many people didn’t make it. Jim Kirk’s not a hero, he just happened to stop the bad guy. A little too late, but he stopped him nonetheless.
  • “I got a job offer in York Town,” Jim says. Bones is reading a book next to him. “You get job offers all the time,” Bones says. “I’m thinking about taking it.” “Sure you are,” Bones says, and Jim frowns. “I’m serious.” “Uh-huh.” “Bones,” Jim stresses, “I need you to take me serious, here.” At last, Bones puts his book away and sits up straight. Studies Jim’s face for any sign of a joke, or something. “Why would you want a stationary job?” “Too many people died. I think maybe I’m not fit to be a captain anymore.” “What? Jim, none of those deaths were your fault.” “You say that,” Jim says, “but we suffer so many more casualties than any other ship. Maybe it isn’t a coincidence-” “You’re damn right it isn’t. It’s because we keep being assigned to the most dangerous ones, since we’re among the only ones standing a chance of actually making it through in one piece.” Jim smiles lightly at that, and Bones leans in to kiss his forehead. A gentle gesture, but one Jim really appreciates right about now. “If you really want to resign, then you should. But think about it, first. Make sure you know what you want.“
  • Spock is surprisingly gentle with Jim their next shift, and that makes Jim wonder whether or not Spock and Bones talked. Bones loves that kind of gossip, after all. But as endearing as Spock being gentle is, it doesn’t feel home. Not until he says something so illogical that Spock kind of bursts and lectures him about his leadership choices for at least an hour. Jim’s initially annoyed, then thinks about how hard it would be to give this up for a desk job somewhere safe.
  • Bones has a night-shift and leaves Jim by himself one night, but then Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu show up in his quarters and refuse to let him sleep early. The four of them drink and watch movies together, though they’re mostly gossiping about husbands, boyfriends, and, in Chekov’s case, whichever alien he’s dating now. Sharing popcorn, stories, and watching old clips filmed by Uhura and Chekov, seeing as both of them like to record even the most mundane things. From Sulu teaching Spock and Uhura gardening skills, to Uhura catching Bones and Jim quietly enjoying a beer in the bar. “I know you are all doing this to keep me here,“ Jim says, and Chekov shrugs. “No,” he says, “we are to spend time with you, in case you do leave.” “What are you going to do exactly when you resign?” Sulu asks. “Admiral,” Jim replies. “That’s not a bad position to have,” Uhura replies, “Pike was very good at that job. You’ll be, too.”
  • Jim thinks about Uhura’s words later that night when he’s in bed by himself. She wasn’t begging him to stay, just… knowing that they’re there for him, regardless of what he chooses to pursue in the future. And just that is comforting to know, though it simultaneously makes the decision making process much harder. He doesn’t want more deaths, potentially​, but he doesn’t want to be without his crew, either.
  • He pretends to be asleep when Bones gets back, just because then he can quietly enjoy the sight of Bones tiptoeing around, getting undressed and freshening up for bed. Only when Bones slips in bed with him, Jim turns around to look at the other. He smiles lightly, sliding an arm around Bones’ waist. “Long day at work?” “You’ve got no idea,” Bones says, “if I have to listen to Spock complain about my methods one more time I might throw him out of an airlock.” Jim laughs at that, smiling fondly as the other cups his cheeks and kisses him. “So,” Bones continues, “we arrive in York Town tomorrow. What are we going to do?” “We?” Jim asks. “If you resign, I relocate to a stationary position in York Town, too,” Bones replies, “you don’t think I’m going to go out into space while you’re out here, enjoying faux-fresh air, real food, and bars that don’t run out of alcohol?” He asks, and Jim huffs. “You belong on the Enterprise, Bones.” “No more than you do,” Bones replies, “home isn’t where I am, it’s who I’m with.” “You’re so cheesy,” Jim laughs, running a hand through Bones’ hair, before settling in a comfortable position, closely pressed against the other.
  • “Have you given our offer any thought, Mr. Kirk?” Commodore Paris asks him when Jim’s arrived at her office. He’s been looking around, taking in her office. He could own the same thing. Windows overlooking the city, a big desk, unfamiliar stats running down her PC screen. “I have,” Jim replies. “I understood you were more considerate of our offer this time.” “I took my time thinking about it,” Jim says, “too many deaths have been on my account-” “Even more might have been, had you chosen a different profession, James. You can’t blame yourself for situations you’ve got no control over. That won’t change in your new position, should you choose to accept it.”
  • Standing up, in front of the window, Jim glances outside. The bustling city life, still there because the Enterprise put itself between the space station and the enemy. “Do you think you could feel at home here?” Paris asks, and Jim smiles lightly. Thoughts of Bones, and Spock, of the nights with Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu. How Scotty drives him nuts on most days. But he really wouldn’t have it any other way. “I couldn’t. Home isn’t where I am,” he says eventually, “it’s who I’m with.”

Hey how about we erase the idea of Calypso and Annabeth hating each other (because girl-hate is just so unnecessary) and instead have them bonding.

Show Calypso feeling terrible for the curse she put on Annabeth, apologising through her tears as Annabeth holds her close and says it’s all in the past. Show me Calypso teaching Annabeth how to garden and truly sit back and relax. Show me Annabeth taking Calypso around the world, telling her all about the various architectural sites, and Calypso being enraptured by them. Show me Annabeth and Calypso working together to create a garden, having sleepovers while they work out what will go where and what flowers to use. Show me Calypso holding Annabeth as Annabeth relives the horrors of Tartaurus in her nightmares and doing everything in her power to help Annabeth. Show me Calypso fussing with Annabeth’s hair since Annabeth never does anything with it, and Annabeth rolling her eyes but letting Calypso do what she likes. Show me helping Calypso when she has a panic attack because of how overwhelming this new world is, and finding ways to help handle this in the future.

Just show me them bonding goddammit

FlintHamilton H/C

-Thomas playing with Flint’s beard, first when he was McGraw and had just returned to Nassau, and again after they were reunited. Both times have Flint closing his eyes on a sigh.

-Thomas using James’ hair ribbon to tie his wrists during some bedroom play.

-James and Thomas collapsing into bed, right in the heat of the moment, only for James to get the hard corner of a book jabbed into his back. Leading to first of many times James has chastised Thomas for leaving books lying around.

-Thomas making Flint a cup of tea, causing him to have flashbacks to when he had done the same for him back in London. Only this time Miranda isn’t there to enjoy it with him.

-Thomas teaches Flint how to garden. Shoveling and other labor, Flint can do. Nurturing and patience is something he still needs to learn.

-Back in London, Thomas insisted that any proper gentleman in his employ should at least know the waltz. Now, a decade later, Flint demonstrates that he still remembers the steps.

School Days

It was never easy telling someone their ‘perfect little angel’ was a bit of a monster. Especially when said ‘angel’ was likely this way due to improper parenting.

I knew this would be the case the moment I brought up Rachel’s behavioral issues to her mother, Eliza Jane.

Eliza was the daughter of a wealthy recluse, their family had been involved in medical business for apparently the last century. They owned several hospitals and even helped design some of the newest state of the art equipment. Things that could create the absolute smallest incisions with no scarring.

But with wealth can come pride. Entitlement.

“This isn’t a laughing matter, ma’am. We need to talk about your daughter’s behavior towards others.”

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Perfect (NewtxReader)

Pairing: Newt/Reader

Prompt: Even in war, Newt and reader tries to stretch their bond, with a forever promise. (Based on the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran)

Words: 1591

Disclaimer: Lots of fluff, mentions war.

In the middle of a war, two hearts trying to survive.

I found a love for me

He never understood humans beings, been more fond to creatures, but you were just… Different, unique, he could understand you, and you could understand him.

You two had something especial, a feeling that was stronger than a bullet, as soft as a petal, and passionate like an adventure.

You were in love.

Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Running out into the rain, mud getting under his shoes, but it didn’t matter as long as he was with you, holding his breath, you keep running, trying to keep envolved in the sensation of your hands holding, trying to hide from the catastrophic outside. Because war was cruel and dark, and he needed time to remember how peace was.

Soon you were in a little, slightly comfortable cabin, in the outskirts of the battlefield.

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet

He saw you smile as you hugged him, and he couldn’t help but laugh cupping your cheeks with his hands, happiness running through his veins, you were amazing because even in the sad and destructive setting of the conflict, you were strong enough to keep your light, to see him the same lovely way, to warm him up with your hugs, to kiss him like it was meant forever, and to smile with the innocence of a child.

Newt’s proud to call you, his.

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

He was seeing you directly at your eyes, and you knew how much that meant.

Caressing your hair as he kissed your forehead, Newt start to think about your past. Being kids since childhood, he never thought one day you would end up together, a good part of his life he believed that Leta was the one, guess he wasn’t seeing what he really had in front of his eyes.

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was

Truth was, it wasn’t that he didn’t loved you, he did, since the first day he saw you watching from afar at the Hippogriff in his yard. But he was too young, he always thought about you as his best friend, the one who would be always with him, it took him a time to realized how did he love you.

I will not give you up this time

Maybe in the past, he hurt you without intention, with his doubts and insecurities, but no more, today he was sure, today he was promising you a forever.

“We’re crazy” Newt whispered with a lopsided grin as he take out the rings from his pocket.

“No, we’re just in love” you laughed winking at him.

“(Y/N)… We’re getting married” his smile was the most big and beautiful you have seen.

“We’re getting married” you reassured kissing his knuckles.

He hold you closer “Oh, love, I want to make you a lot of promises… I will care of you like a Demiguise, and treasure your shiny beautiful heart like a Niffler” Newt flushed slightly, avoiding your sight for a second “I’ll be passionate as an E-Erumpent” you giggled caressing his arms “I want to protect you as mine, like a Bowtruckle, and I’ll trust you as a Thunderbird. But most important, I’ll love you with all my soul, my heart, my everything, forever.”

“Newt…” just a single tear roll on your cheek, his words really had melted your heart.

“M-Maybe those weren’t the most romantic words or the most appropriated, but-”

You cut him off “Those words were the most amazing and beautiful vows I’ve ever heard, and I know how much they meant, I truly loved them Newt, I truly love you, every single detail of you.”

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own

And in your eyes you’re holding mine

You leaned forward to kiss him as you exchanged rings, formalizing your promise with the moonlight as a witness.

Soft sweet kisses you shared, like delicate flowing bubbles flying in the air, so natural, so innocent, so pure.

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

You two were humming the same song, the one you danced for the first time together at the Yule Ball, as your feet move slightly from one side to another, your skin heating at the touch of his, with your fingers brushing his hair, and Newt’s hands stroking your low back upside down.

The rest of the world disappeared, the fights, the screams, the memories, everything, it was just him and you, inside the bubble of love.

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

It didn’t matter to Newt if you didn’t wear makeup, or the fact that your hair was wet and messy. You were happy, smiling, looking at his eyes with love, and for him that was the most beautiful look.

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know

She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home

Newt blushed at the memory of Theseus’ teasing.

“So, when is (Y/N) moving into our house Newtie? Momma loves her!” He said smiling “Oh, but if she moves in, you wouldn’t snog her in peace!” Theseus bursted into laughs.

“What are you thinking about, Mr. Scamander?” You said playfully.

“In how much I want to snog you right know” he merely answered without thinking.

“Newt!” You giggled trying to hide a flushed smile.

Newt’s face was red “N-No I didn’t, I mean I wasn’t, erm, I…” he stutter ashamed but his mood relaxed when you put your lips on his.

Newt smiled in between kisses, strengthening his grip on your hips. You never make fun of him, always kind with him and his quirky characteristics, so patient and lovely with his love for creatures, so perfect.

I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets

To carry love, to carry children of our own

You weren’t just the woman he loved, his best friend, but the woman he wanted a home with, to watch your child running through the garden, teaching them about creatures and seeing them grow up, until you had grandsons to tell stories of his adventures while sitting in a rocking chair holding hands in the porch.“

When the war ends, Newt dreams about taking you to adventures, to live, to save creatures, him and you, loving each other in every part of the world.

We are still kids, but we’re so in love

Fighting against all odds

I know we’ll be alright this time

Darling, just hold my hand

Be my girl, I’ll be your man

I see my future in your eyes

You’ve choose him, even if you could have had every man you wanted, you chose him. Even if he wasn’t the most rich or powerful, he could be clumsy and cause a lot of trouble sometimes and he wasn’t the best at social interaction, but you loved him anyways.

And Newt was convinced to be the best for you, to cherish you as a queen and work hard, so one day he could give you the lived he thought you deserved, although the only lived you wanted was a one where he was with you, kissing and loving each other, being man and wife.

When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful

I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight

Maybe she wasn’t in a glamorous fancy wedding dress.

Or he didn’t wear tuxedo sweet.

You wear your last clean nurse uniform, Newt was in his dirty battle clothes, but you were immersed in each other, he was admiring you as the most beautiful creature he would ever seen, with the moonlight in your face, your messy hair, the way your face flushed as you see him, simply astonishing.

He felt so lucky, having you between his arms, dancing, your lips on his, what on earth did he do to deserve you? To deserve your love?

"I’m so blessed to have you, Mrs. Scamander”

“It’s my pleasure to be with you, Mr. Scamander”

I have faith in what I see

Now I know I have met an angel in person

And she looks perfect, I don’t deserve this

You look perfect tonight

In the middle of a war, two hearts trying to survive.

Loving in each other, in their own world.

They found the peace, in the middle of a storm.

A/N: It’s short I’m sorry 3 it’s more like a drabble (a li'l bit longer that a drabble actually) but it was more about feelings than an actually plot, although the backstory is kinda interesting, I may write an imagine about it (tell me what you think ;))

Also I’m considering about opening requests (I already got one actually (? JAJAJA) but I don’t know ('cause of collage) I’ll see. Also, I’m sorry for the grammatical mistakes

Hope you enjoyed it!

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