What the planets teach you...
  • Sun:how to be yourself
  • Moon:how to feel
  • Mercury:how to communicate and learn
  • Venus:how to love
  • Mars:how to act
  • Jupiter:how to expand
  • Saturn:how to discipline and respect
  • Uranus:how to rebel
  • Neptune:how to see the hidden
  • Pluto:how to transform
  • Chiron:how to heal
  • Pallas:how to create art
  • Ceres:how to nurture
How to Prepare for Long-Haul Study Sessions

1) This is tip one because it is the most important - keep a huge bottle of water near your desk at all times. Keeping hydrated is crucial. Your brain is useless if it’s tired and under-fed. 

2) This one kind of goes along with tip number one: have a healthy snack by your desk at all times too. Binge-eating may seem like a suitable reward for a marathon study session, but in reality it will only upset your stomach and make you feel like you need to hit the gym for five hours. No bueno, no healtho. 

3) Have a visual representation of your goal near your desk. It will help keep you motivated when you want to quit or take short cuts. 

4) Download an app on Google Chrome or Safari that blocks websites that you know you will get distracted by. My favorites is Procraster.

5) Make a to-do list and then enthusiastically cross off everything you’ve done. No explanation needed. Getting things done feels GOOD! Which leads me into my next point… 

6) Focus on how much better you feel when you’re productive, and how negative you feel when you have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind because you know you should have done something. As Nike says, “Just do it,” and you’ll feel better, I promise.